Does Lamar Odom Smoke Crack Cocaine?

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A shocking rumor is beginning to spread like wildfire: Lamar Odom uses crack cocaine. But is it true that he’s smoking the illicit substance? The source of the rumor is TMZ, which makes this very likely to be an accurate story.

This is a major accusation and it would be expensive if they were wrong. Besides, they have a clear connection due to the fact that the NBA player is married to Khloe Kardashian — a TMZ favorite.

Amazingly, he’s supposedly been on the hardcore drug for two years. Then again, that’s probably why he has sucked so horribly his last two seasons in the NBA.

lamar odom crack cocaine


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  • chacha

    If the accusations are true, he better give it up asap. Let Whitney Houston, Heath Ledger, and other celebs death be a lesson.

  • Gigi

    When there’s smoke, there’s fire. He may , or may not be taking illegal substances but one thing’s for certain, doing crack cocaine never yields positive results.

  • malcolm dee

    Tsk tsk tsk. Rich fellas with tons of money with nothing to do with their life but try to squeeze happiness from illicit substances which brings them nothing but the opposite. Well if its ruining his life that he is after, then he is on the right track. Why bother stopping him?

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