Top Strategy Video Games of All Time: #3 Civilization IV

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Created by Sid Meiers, the Civilization series has long been a strategy fan favorite and the defining example of the 4X genre. Civilization IV, along with all of its expansions, takes everything that made the series great and refines it to perfection. No other game is more likely to cause one-more-turn syndrome in its players than Civilization IV: before you know it, you’ll have played deep into the middle of the night, only stopping when you realize that you have to be at work in two hours.

Civilization IV


There’s something very entertaining about growing your chosen civilization from its prehistoric roots all the way to global domination in the space age. There are plenty of ways to win, be it through military conquest, diplomatic cunning, technological supremacy, or cultural ascendancy, and each avenue to victory is as satisfying as it is difficult to pull off. Along the way, you’ll negotiate with a particularly strong AI that is just as likely to nuke your capital than open up a trade route with you. Civilization IV is a masterful game that every gamer should play.

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  • FatCat

    This game really rocks. I have been playing this game ever since Civilizations I came out and I am still playing it until now. The only game I find better than Civilizations IV is Civilizations V. If you don’t find Deity mode challenging then I don’t know what will.

  • Rob

    When this game was first released, I was still all of 13 years old . I remember playing this game with my VGA color monitor and until now, I’m still a loyal fan.

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