Favorite Breaking Bad Characters: #6 Mike Ehrmantraut

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Let’s continue on our countdown of the best Breaking Bad characters. Don’t worry — we aren’t posting any spoilers.

Mike Ehrmantraut - Breaking Bad

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Grizzled Mike Ehrmantraut might not be in our top 5, but he’s still one of our favorite Breaking Bad characters.

Mike is the kind of guy that you want working on your side. He makes his first appearance after Jesse’s girlfriend Jane overdoses. Saul sends Mike over to clean up the scene, which he does with cool professionalism and a keen attention to detail. From there, Mike reveals that he has plenty more skills, including surveillance, poisoning, and holding people at gunpoint.

Although he is originally loyal to Gus, Mike’s allegiance falters after seeing how little regard Gus has for the people that work beneath him, but he still helps Gus exact revenge on the Mexican cartel. After Gus’s death, Mike is convinced that he should murder Walt and Jesse, but he instead ends up working for them, a mistake that leads to his death in a roundabout way. For being a quintessential badass with a rather tragic story arc, Mike deserves a spot on this list.

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  • Steve

    He would always be remembered as the guy who had to put up with Gus’ overbearing, pushy character. And that’s why he was shot in the end , for refusing to tolerate any more of Gus’ unscrupulous deeds.

  • loida dominguez

    He was such a boss and a real ideal friend. Hate to see him go. Him, leaving is just so depressing to watch.

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