Did Tommy Morrison Really Have AIDS?

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At one point in time, Tommy Morrison was one of the most well-known athletes on the planet. Not only was he reaching the top of the boxing world, he also played that unforgettable role in the Rocky movie. But, unfortunately, his fame evaporated shortly after he was diagnosed with HIV prior to a fight.

And now he’s dead. At age 44, Tommy Morrison has left this world. Look below for 9 pictures of this famous fighter who would have been even more of a legend if it weren’t for the incurable disease.

Then again, conspiracy theorists say that he didn’t really have AIDS. The loudest voice was Tommy Morrison himself. He insisted he was misdiagnosed and that his HIV test actually showed a false positive.

To his final breath, he totally denied having AIDS. The tale of the tape, though, says otherwise. In his final years, he looked like a man suffering from AIDS. To top it off, he died young.

So, yes, we can all safely assume the boxing legend had — and died from — AIDS.

Anyways, here are the aforementioned images. Please click the right arrow to view all nine:

Tommy Morrison

Tommy Morrison

Tommy Morrison

Tommy Morrison

Tommy Morrison

Tommy Morrison

Tommy Morrison

Tommy Morrison

Tommy Morrison

(source: facebook.com)

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  • Telly

    RIP… sad story. He could have gotten medication and lived forever like Magic Johnson.

  • Ann

    Whatever the cause of his death was, everybody should be aware of how to minimize the risk of contacting communicable diseases. Prevention is better than cure

  • Pablo

    Condolences to his family. So.. he never believed he had AIDS? Was he not getting treatments?

  • tweetit

    This is really saddening. RIP. You will be missed.

  • BSMob

    Whatever the reason for his death was, Tommy Morrison will remain one of our family’s idol. However, it’s best for us to keep safe at all times to prevent any forms of deadly diseases.

  • http://www.herpeswoo.com/ HerpesWoo.com

    Sad story.

  • Xaviant Haze

    Should have been a legend, unfortunatly aids was the least of his problems

  • ou

    How stupid can people be. He died from complications of AIDS.

  • mjr1515

    he refused his meds. He was a denialist unfortunately.

  • Stephanie Malouff

    Tommy Morrison death is contributed to “cardiac arrest, resulting from multiorgan failure due to septic shock caused by a Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection.” (www.widipedia.com). If you look up Pseudomona aeruginaso, you will find no indication that it is a complication of AIDS, or even HIV/AIDs related. I was HIV/AIDs Awareness Chairman for the San Luis Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross for two years and knowing what I know about HIV, if the Tommy and his wife had active martial relations, the likelihood she would not contract the disease from the time he was diagnosed in 1996 to the time of his death in 2013 is slim to none, especially if no protection was used and he was not taking antiviral medications, as indicated in one of the posts. Contracting HIV from a life partner is cummulative with the odds of contraction increasing each time the couple has relations.

    Trish Morrison still instists that he did not have HIV. Therefore, I feel that she would be the person in the best position to form argument on the subject, as she was married to him and, I would venture to guess, they continued their marital relations even after he was diagnosed. The only true way to find out is by an exhumation and retesting of his tissues and/or bone marrow for the virus; if applicable, due to the time lapse since death.

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