Killing Wasn’t Enough for Matthew Cordle, Now He Wants Notoriety

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While a lot of people are giving Matthew Cordle credit for making a YouTube video to admit he killed a man while driving drunk back in June, I’m not one of those people. In fact, I think he’s even more of a loser now. Not only did the 22-year-old kill Vincent Canzani, now he’s using the death to get his 15 minutes of fame.

Look below for 9 pictures of Matthew Cordle. At the end of the gallery, the video where he admits to the DUI murder is embedded.

Everything about this just rubs me the wrong way. If he was sincerely a person trying to right a wrong, he should have just gone to the police department and quietly turned himself in rather than create this hoopla. Additionally, in the video he makes a few subtle excuses — including whining about depression as the reason why he drinks.

R.I.P. Mr. Canzani. Hopefully your loved ones can rise above this fame-seeking egomaniac who insisted on rubbing salt in the wound.

Here are the images mentioned above. Click the right arrow to view all nine and then watch the video:

Matthew Cordle

Matthew Cordle

Matthew Cordle

Matthew Cordle

Matthew Cordle

Matthew Cordle

Matthew Cordle

Matthew Cordle

Matthew Cordle




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  • dale

    Your clearly very uneducated hes passing on a message ‘Dont drink and drive’ you fool!

    Full respect to him.

    • susan

      Protip: If you want to call someone uneducated, you shouldn’t riddle your rebuttal with grammatical and spelling errors starting with the very first word.

    • MJK

      Spot on, Susan…well stated!

    • Isla

      Way to go , Susan ! Although this is no laughing matter, I laughed hard at that one !

    • LAW

      I am soooooo tired of people making comments about grammatical errors in posts…….who the F cares, there is a bigger picture here. Why don’t you waste your time now counting how many I have!


      Yea the bigger picture. Matthew Cordle is a spoiled RICH kid. His family owns Cord Camera. They have a lot of money for defense attorneys and I am SURE they are using it for this one. This video is just to help in court.

    • Annoyed

      Protip: if you want to fail at life, keep focusing on grammatical and spelling errors instead of focusing on the real issue.

    • Xtalline

      *Pro tip: If you want to call someone “uneducated,” you shouldn’t
      riddle your rebuttal with grammatical and spelling errors, starting with
      the very first word.

      Dale didn’t actually spell anything wrong,
      thus that attack is invalid; he misused “your” and should have inserted
      either a period or a semicolon before “hes[sic],” which contained
      another grammatical error, not a spelling error. You, on the other hand,
      erroneously believe that “pro tip” is one word, as do many others; you
      also didn’t use the accepted format for literary critique, which
      includes citation and quotation, since you’re critiquing the grammar,
      not the logic and/or rhetoric of the message itself. You also didn’t
      separate your clauses before the word “starting.” Instead, you made it
      appear that the “spelling errors” themselves were committing the action
      of “starting” something, rather than correctly implying that Dale was
      the subject of the progressive tense.

      Pro tip: Every time you
      post a comment, first, check to see if the person to whom you’re
      replying is making sense; if they aren’t, and the spelling errors muddle
      the message, then proceed to nitpick grammar to your heart’s content,
      only this time, make sure that your own post is 100% flawless. However,
      if they are, then post accordingly without grammatical attacks, for when
      you consider the amount of words and punctuation that the average
      internet user types in a day, then you realize just how high the chances
      are to make acceptable mistakes on an informal forum, simply due to the
      nature of the ‘law of averages.’ Also remember that there’s always a
      bigger fish; heed this if you don’t wish to be eaten.

  • Steve

    He wanted to have his 15 minutes of fame first, before he turned himself in.You’re right about him being an attention-grabber

  • Katie

    He didn’t need to turn himself in, he went to the hospital the night of the accident. The police knew who he was, and they knew he caused the accident. There have just not been charges against him as of yet. I’m not condoning his actions, and I don’t really have an opinion on the video…just saying you should know all the facts before you judge. I will keep the family and friends of the victim Vincent Canzani in my thoughts and prayers, and may Vincent rest in peace. I also do hope that Matthew is held accountable for his actions, and poor judgement.

    • sharon

      actually no. it was a hit and run . and for 2 months neither the police nor the family knew it was him

    • Danica

      Here’s an article from two days after the incident. They mention in the article that they he’s in the hospital and was “very, very drunk” at the time of the accident:

      “Police said the wrong-way driver who hit Canzani survived, but was injured.
      A search warrant reveals medical staff described him as “very, very drunk.”"

  • Kay

    No Steve he didn’t want fame, he wanted to make his story real and to help other’s to never drink and drive.

    • no sympathy

      If this were true, why use his name? He could have made the same point while staying anonymous.

    • sweetlotte

      Do you really think he wants to be known as a loser who drinks too much and killed a man – do you really think he would choose to state his name and therefore bring negative shameful attention to bear on his family aswell by doing this so publicly & giving out his name? Do you find it so farfetched that a young lad who killed a man would feel guilt? Wouldnt that sort of thing make you full of guilt and remorse? Wouldnt it scar your conscience and make you want to in some way stop others having to deal with a similar black mark on their souls & apologise publicly to the victim and the victims family, and make you want to be punished? If you dont think it would make you feel & behave like that – then I feel sorry for you,

  • Laura

    He wanted to pass a very strong and courageous message. “Save the Victim” “Don’t drink and drive” Ill pass this to my kids and all kids I know, so its powerful and direct.

  • Inquisitor_Cortez

    So you say he’s seeking his 15 minutes of fame? Looks like you’re happy to give it to him by writing the article. Seriously.

  • Jen

    Listen everyone deserves a second chance. Sometimes one must hit rock bottom or have a life altering event. He is taking responsibility for his actions that cause the death of an innocent life. Everyone has something to say, but if it were you or your loved one you would be praying for a second chance. God Bless Mr. Canzani Family my thought and prayers to all involved.

  • Patty

    Not sure what the 9 pictures are meant to prove…i see a kid that liked to party! Had friends…and in the end he effed up his life as well as mr canzani…he wants to pass the message…it is an extremely hard lesson and he learned it the hard way and it will follow him for the rest of his life! Most people are more aware of not drinking and driving…but sometimes the better judgement gets away from you and you make a horrible mistake! Get over yourself!

    • family

      So if the Canzani family feels the same way as the article, we should just “get over ourselves” too?

    • LisaLynn1961

      I wouldn’t think the family is ready to be objective about this. My 20 year old sister-in-law and her best friend were killed in the exact same kind of accident In Dec 2001. The man who killed them plead guilty and took his sentence. I felt his willingness to accept his punishment showed true remorse, but it was years before my husband’s family could appreciate that. Several years ago my MIL met with him (in prison) and accepted his heartfelt apology. People do stupid things. Some of those things can have horrific consequences. We are a civilization that has always believed in the possibility of redemption. How can anyone say a 22 year old who drove drunk is beyond redemption?

  • Beth

    If you were thinking the pictures were going to somehow make us see this guy as a loser, you were wrong. They look like any other pictures of kids his age at parties or hanging with friends. As least he is trying to make use of his horrible situation to pass on a very positive educational message.

    • no sympathy

      We figured out he was a loser when he killed someone.

    • Judge yourself

      He is 22 I am pretty sure about 95% of Americans take a not so smart picture while partying at his age or at another point in their life. And those are his actions from the past…his whole video is admitting he made a mistake and taking ownership for them as most do not-like he explains that his lawyers told him he could do….and in addition to taking responsibility he is sharing his story to save lives hoping people will learn and think before they get behind the wheel after drinking….

    • Fuck Beth

      Actually, YOU are the one who is wrong. Most kids his age don’t go around killing innocent bystanders in drunk driving accidents. And YOU are a loser

    • sweetlotte

      …… no no no – stop – dont do that – stop calling people names on here – any person that writes on these comments boards personally attacking a poster and calling them names rather than respecting the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion whether you agree or not… those people are “losers”……….. and those that would do that and go further by giving themselves a user name which also insults/abuses another poster…. then those people are simply aggressive and immature and edging towards being a nasty bully – if you dont want people to think that of you then be nice, respect other commenters whether you agree or not; its only fair, they didnt abuse you!

    • amy

      So it turns out the writer of this article was exactly on point. Vincent’s own daughter is calling out this loser. I can’t believe Matthew didn’t even have the decency to go to the victim’s family first before releasing the video!

      What a shameful move by Matthew and that sacm non-profit organization that put this together. Oh, and all you in here defending him should be ashamed of yourselves. You people in here trying to make him out the hero are just emboldening the next loser who thinks he can get drunk, kill someone and make it all better by making a YouTube video.

      Disgusting, all of you.

    • Xtalline

      Yeah he’s REALLY making it “all better by making a YouTube video”….. what the fuck is wrong with you? I feel for the daughter in the article you posted, but she’s a fucking IDIOT if she thinks that will get him a lighter sentence. A confession of guilt, set to somber music or whatever the hell you want to set it to, is still a confession; when your also a lawyer, then you can call me disgusting, but until then I’ll lay it out for your uneducated, naive mind.

      It isn’t going to lighten his sentence by very much, if at all, depending on what the victim’s legal counsel suggests. He didn’t once make it seem like he’s “coming out of nowhere” like the daughter claims; he’s VERY clear in saying that he could dispute the charges, and was considering it, which is actually very easy in this particular case, cause the prosecution to offer him a plea bargain for a reduced sentence, and then serve a minimal sentence with probation. So what if he didn’t “contact the daughter” to make a PERSONAL video; he doesn’t need her approval, and knows that he’ll have to face her eventually regardless. I doubt she would have a different opinion even if he had contacted her or the other family members; it’s an invalid point. He was clearly in severe shock, possibly PTSD, following the crash, much like any non-sociopathic person would be, and he didn’t know what to do, while getting solid, but misleading legal counsel, until he got his head right and decided that he was going to man up. But to think that a video like this is going to “make all his problems go away” is a childish, immature way to see this as anything but a man taking responsibility for a mistake he made that cost another person their life.

      The only thing “disgusting” about anything here is the childish, Hollywood perspective of the way that the legal system works, shared by you and the daughter.

    • Michael

      Let the first person without sin cast the first stone

    • James Raulerson

      noone is making hm out to be a hero, but if his video confession, and plea for others to not drink and drive even saves just one life, well then it was worth it. As for his 15 minutes of fame, he will probably be getting 15 years in prison, well deserved sentence by the way, but i doubt he did this for fame. Those of ya’ll who are saying this would have probably took the other rout and lied to try and get off.

  • Kayzee

    I think there might be some grandiosity in his character (very common in alcoholics, shows up in narcissistic personality disorder; would certainly go along with the finger bombing in the photos). I doubt this is fame-seeking, tout court. I personally am glad he did it: (1) his court cases will go quicker, (2) big public message reminding people not to drink and drive, (3) very publically marked for future employers, neighbors, etc. I understand why the victim’s family is upset–they feel this undercuts their opportunity to rage against him. But rage away, folks!
    Interesting that he says his attorney wanted him to lie. Another public marker! Shame on that attorney.

    • sweetlotte

      uhm – so you think that every young guy that has a drink and then drives must be an alcoholic? Grow up! The point is that anyone can take a one-time risk and drink & drive with disasterous consequences – not just alcoholics!!!!!!! You undermine all drink drive campaigns with that narrow minded view!

    • Jonny Bernstein

      Sorry, being an alcoholic, I can say this guy definitely represents being an alcoholic, the reasons he drinks and how he changes once he does drink, those are the signs of an alcoholic, but you are right, anyone who has a drink can be the cause of such a tragedy.

    • sweetlotte

      …..being British I can tell you that people who binge-drink out with friends like he was doing and like the photos show is NORMAL in this day & age for people of his age group – and yes some drink to excess to make themselves happy when they dont feel that way a lot – but then most drinkers drink to make themselves feel happy – that does not make an alcoholic – that makes him the same as most young men in the UK. Alcoholism is something that most culprits use as mitigation on sentence – dont do that – dont make him out to be an alcoholic if he doesnt say he is – all you are all doing is giving him a reason & excuse for drinking when he hasnt asked for one!

    • Jonny Bernstein

      It is not the binge drinking, or the photos, that is normal, I agree, it is how he says he is not fun to be around when he drinks, he starts fights, and basically becomes someone else, that is not NORMAL as you say, and I never said he was an alcoholic, I said he shows the signs of being one.

    • sweetlotte

      ….in my experience its a 50 / 50 situation when people get drunk – some are what I call happy-merry drunks – and some are nasty drunks – the alcoholics I have met are neither as the alcohol doesnt affect them in such a strong way so suddenly as they tend to be drinking not vast amounts on a night out but instead drinking small amounts constantly on a top-up type system. Come to the UK – try Newcastle on a Saturday night – you will see all the nasty drunks out in their hundreds and none of them are alcoholics.

    • Jonny Bernstein

      You assume none of them are alcoholics, how could you possibly know that? I have been to England on a Saturday night, there are merry drunks and angry drunks, that doesn’t mean you are an alcoholic if you are angry, this kid may not be an alcoholic, but the description he gave of himself about when he drinks, he doesn’t even like the person he becomes, you are saying that is like everyone, I am sorry, it is not, it wasn’t some of the time, or just when he is angry drinking, he says whenever he drinks, it is the alcohol that has such an effect on him, not his temper, not his girlfriend, alcohol. Normal drinker can drink and just get buzzed or just be a little more social, not be Jekhyl and Hyde, you know nothing about alcoholism and just about Newcastle drinking, I wouldn’t talk like you are an expert. I was drinking in America with all my friends at the age of 11, so the age limit of drinking in England has no significance to me.

    • sweetlotte

      I didnt mention anything about the age limit for drinking and no that isnt an issue but unfortunately you are proving the stereotype true that the British think that Americans class anyone who drinks heavily once a week or at weekends as an alcoholic. I realise you find it comforting to see that other people are alcoholics and not just yourself but I strongly suggest that you read up on and understand the difference with Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. And I am afraid that I DO know what I’m talking about I am a criminal defence lawyer and see it every day & have close involvement with Drink Rehabilitation Requirements with criminals over here that are both alcohol abusers and alcoholics. And if you feel that someone who drinks with friends at the weekends but is a nasty drunk is an alcoholic then I am afraid that you are basically saying that anyone who drinks even just once a week but isnt a great drunk is an alcoholic and that isnt true. Perhaps you ought to spend a little time accepting the fact that just because you couldnt handle drink and became an alcoholic not everyone who drinks will succumb to such an addiction,

    • Jonny Bernstein

      One, it has nothing to do with how often you drink, being a nasty drunk on the weekends doesn’t make you an alcoholic, like I said, becoming someone else when you are drunk, is what they call an alcoholic. Second, I do drink and can drink because I overcame alcoholism which people say is impossible, it is not, it just requires conditioning, when you drink until black out every time, that is an alcoholic, that is what this kid does.

    • sweetlotte

      You are an alcoholic who is cured and can now drink sensibly? Okay wow – I guess you really must know all about alcoholism seeing as you go against all medical & psychological experts in the field. I wont being continuing this dialogue with you as I now know there is no point or benefit in doing so. We agree to disagree & I wish you the very best.

    • Jonny Bernstein

      Thank you, I appreciate all you have stated, no need to continue the dialogue, just understand, I never said the kid was an alcoholic, I merely said he demonstrates alcoholic tendencies, no one can be an alcoholic unless they admit themselves that they are one, being an alcoholic does not adhere to a fixed definition, nor is there medical evidence of an ‘alcoholic gene.’ Thanks for the dialogue, I wasn’t arguing you, I appreciate your comments and agree with the majority of what you say, drunk driving can be done by anyone, not just alcoholics, all I was trying to suggest, was that many young kids disregard the notion that they could be an alcoholic on the grounds that they are just partaking in normal youth drinking, which most of them are, but when you are 22 or 23 alcoholic drinking gets unnoticed under the disguise of ‘just normal party youth drinking.’

    • Jonny Bernstein

      Thank you, you as well.

    • Jonny Bernstein

      And there are many types of alcoholics, someone who can’t control their drinking or themselves when they are drunk, is what is termed an alcoholic, not just people who drink constantly, for instance, someone sober who doesn’t drink because they used to drink like an alcoholic is still an alcoholic even when they haven’t drank for years. But I also, believe alcoholism isn’t a disease like people say, it is something you can overcome, because I have.

    • Jonny Bernstein

      Attorneys are forced by law to do everything in their power to get their client the best possible outcome, regardless of the truth.

    • sweetlotte

      Not true. Criminal defense attorneys have a duty to zealously represent their clients and guard their confidences. However, they also have a duty to the court not to present evidence that they know is false, fraudulent, or perjured, whether it’s coming from the defendant or a witness whom the lawyer knows intends to lie. A lawyer who knowingly uses or presents perjured testimony risks serious consequences. Under the profession’s code of ethics (the Canons of Professional Ethics of the American Bar Association), doing so subjects the lawyer to discipline—and disbarment.

  • Rebecca

    I’m sorry, but if anyone is looking for “15 minutes of fame” it’s you by writing this awful article. You clearly missed his message when he said “I’m BEGGING you not to drink and drive” what he did was honorable, he very easily could have lied and gotten out of the charges. But he said that he didn’t want to DISHONOR Mr. Canzanis family like that. This is a disgusting article.

    • no sympathy

      Safe to say he dishonored the Canzani family when he killed him. Too late now.

    • Jonny Bernstein

      You have never made a mistake? I doubt it, at least he has the balls to admit his flaws, and he is taking the sentence, that is more than anyone else I have seen do in this situation.

  • Gerardo

    I agree with this article. Blaming his DUI on depression and then painting himself as a hero who went against the advice of unnamed “high powered” lawyers is weaksauce.

  • John Pinnick

    Stephen Kersey – The video was shot with him making the excuses as he was blurred out, this was the way most people would give an apology, so the point was that when the screen went clear and showed his face he was owning and accepting what he had done, killed a man. Not making excuses anymore.

    The police have already been involved, they know it was him, he’s already involved in the system with this. He didn’t need to go to the police and admit it, it had already been done. This was his way of getting a point across in a very effective way, do not drink and drive, rethink stupid choices, and maybe, just maybe, that alcohol is slowly destroying many peoples lives, daily, hourly even.

    You are clearly confused on what is going on here. Really? Go to the police and turn yourself in? You are clueless. Making excuses for his drunk driving? Really? Saying he drank because he’s depressed? The point was, Those aren’t excuses! You missed the whole point of the ad.

    Good luck in life, you’ll need it.

    • regrettle

      You say that as if this guy is the first person to ever say drinking and driving is bad. That is a fact that everyone knows. There are hundreds of examples per day of why driving under the influence of alcohol is a terrible idea. Matt didn’t have to grace us with his story for everyone to know it’s a bad idea.

      But what Matt did now is show drunk drivers how to kill a man, get famous and come out smelling like roses. You and the majority of the rest of the commenters are defending a murderer while throwing a journalist under the bus. Let that sink in for a moment.

      What Matt did was wrong. Despite the YouTube video it’s still wrong. The only people who have the power to forgive him is the victim’s family. I certainly hope he got their permission to make this video prior to using the name of a dead man that he killed in an advertisement.

    • John Pinnick

      Yes he did, actually. That’s the point of education. You don’t just get one persons example, you get all peoples examples. I know there are plenty out there who have gotten DUI’s and don’t kill someone only to do it again. This is him letting you know that next time it might be you, on either end of the stupidity.

      I am not defending his actions at all. You must be reading between some lines because I am preaching accountability and ownership of your mistakes. No one is making him famous, he is owning it in a fashion that todays society understands, he is educating more about the stupid decisions he has made and where it has gotten him.

      If you’re defending the writer for making comments like he should of “gone to the police department and quietly turned himself in rather than create this hoopla” and “including whining about depression as the reason why he drinks.” you obviously missed the point of the video. It was meant to show what people usually do and use as excuses, notice the blurry face. When the “bullshit” stops is when his face clears and he owns the tragic, stupid decision he made. And as far as the police statement goes, that’s the most ridiculous thing that multiple people are saying. The police are well aware of his plea and have been since he confessed to them months ago and had arrested him for drunk driving.

      I do not drink and drive and make sure no one around me does either. It is an unacceptable action in my circle and we do not tolerate that kind of stupidity. So no, he is not a hero in our world but he is someone (which there are few of) who has owned his stupidity in public, hoping that others learn form it.

      If you want to look at this You Tube video as 15 minutes of fame then maybe you are looking at fame different than the rest of us.

    • darthquixote

      Hahaha. “Journalist.” Please wait for me to stop gut-laughing.

    • amy

      Vincent’s own daughter agreed with the writer of this article. Stop emboldening criminals!

  • President Skroob

    I knew it! I’m surrounded by assholes! Keep firing assholes!

    • Jonny Bernstein

      He is an asshole, sir!
      I know that, but what’s his name.
      That is his name, sir, Asshole, Major Asshole.

  • sweetlotte

    If you hate the video so much why have you a) written this article and b) posted the video on it!!!! A terrible thing happened, a man died, and it appears that for 3 months the driver that killed him was not charged with the offence. Seems to me he could have carried on saying nothing and would not have been caught. Seems to me that he feels tortured enough to face up to his sentence – seems to me he doesnt want anyone else to be in the position he is in – guilt ridden and scarred with the memory of what he did. I personally dont care if his video is for notoriety or genuinely to warn about the consequences of drink driving – I think his video is both poignant and affective and instead of an awareness advert coming from the point of view of a victim or victim’s family, which is most commonly done, it is also showing clearly that irrelevent as to whether you are caught or not if you do as he did your life will change too & the guilt will not be easy to live with. I have learnt that there are two types of people in this world, Type 1= those with hope and trust and a kind heart sometimes a bit naive but mostly simply positive – Type 2 those like the writer of this article, full of hate and suspicion of all people and everything they read not only refusing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt or praise of any sort but simply jumping on anything they can twist, criticise and put down – the sort of people who see a celebrity doing a charitable act or trying to raise awareness of a disease and instead of saying well done to the celebrity for doing such things prefers to harp on about it being all for publicity. I am Type 1. The writer of this article is Type 2 – I guarranttee I am happier, and I also personally know loss at the hands of a drink driver!

  • Robert Higuera

    And maybe, just maybe he is trying to make some small form of recompense for the horrible thing he has done. I’ve watched the video several times now and all I see is a man trying to show and educate people on the dire consequences of drinking and driving. I honestly don’t see how he is getting any “15 minutes of fame” outta this when he is just going to end up in jail for years. After which, how many of us will remember his name? You (the author) seem like a “glass half empty” sort of person.

  • Keeks

    You are officially a brainless moron. This guy is trying to make a shocking impact so that others DON’T DO THIS. I think it took a lot of guts. Way harder than sitting behind a keyboard and judging others. And your “blurred” pictures are useless and those in them can be seen. I sincerely hope someone sues you. Every Joe. Give me a break. You’re just an idiot.

  • Warvet55

    The writer of this article is a hypocrite.

  • Barbara

    This young man is not a loser, check his driving record, NOTHING. He made a mistake, I have known this young man all his life since the day he was born, he is not “crying” depression as an excuse, he stated he struggled from depression and that he would drink to get out of his head for awhile. If you know anything about depression that is exactly what happens……he confessed, he stood up to what he did, he is begging others not to think it can not happen to them. I can only pray that out of bad comes something good, and for a FACT I know this is a good young man that made a mistake, a poor decision. I actually wonder about friends that let friends drive drunk. Many people have gotten behind wheel when they should not have, this was an accident. He did this video to tell his story and to BEG people that watch it, not to Drink & Drive. This is how we learn unfortunately.

  • Elaine

    I saw the video before it was all over TV. We are constantly duped by people, with agendas so when I saw it I thought hopefully this is genuine. I believe it is. I believe he is one of the few people today who still has a conscience. I’ve had what was described as situational depression. That was the first time in my life I started drinking at 36. Just like he said to get out of my head for a while. A mental vacation if you will. I was always sure there was someone not drinking to drive me for the exact reason he should have done the same.
    Today I saw a clip about this on cable news. The defense lawyer was going on and on about why he is a nightmare for defense lawyers. I’m sure he is, because if more people were like him and took the hit for the crimes they commit we wouldn’t need as many defense lawyers. I’m from Cleveland where recently a city councilman was caught for his 3rd DUI. He was on dash cam and everything. Still he pled not guilty went to trial and was found guilty. He seems to be a decent city councilman, but elections are coming up and now finally after #3, the people in his district are starting to think maybe he needs to deal with his problem. Who knows they may still reelect him like they have in the past. He’s very lucky just like the first two times he was CAUGHT, he didn’t hurt or kill himself or anyone else. I doubt those are the only 3 times he has driven impaired.
    Hopefully this does reach people, and they do think twice about getting behind the wheel, and shame on defense lawyers. There family’s are on the same roads as these cowards they are helping to get away with murder.

  • joanne

    Why use his name? because most cases involving the death of someone due to drunk driving are forgotten within the first 48 hours. I would given anything for the drunk driver who killed my husband in May of this year to give this confession and end the pain and anger me and my children suffer, instead we are looking at at least two years spent in and out of court, fearing that what Matthew said could happen, will happen.

  • lisa cannon

    Matthew, the video you posted is what more people need to see, before they become one of the dead or the one going to jail, people are to fast to point and blame people for there mistakes but forget there also sitting in a bar or at home and decide to get in there car and drive, I know to well what your going threw. my story is a 20 year old young man just starting out his life decide after drink with friends to leave there to go to another friends house pick that person up and then drove him to get the pizza and my son. low and behold his bac was 2.24 when he took my son’s life along with 5 others, he life was spared along with the other driver of the car. this happened in 2002 and if there is anyone out there who really needs a reality check look it up happen on route 39 and lingelstown road in Harrisburg pa. 6 killed worst crash every. I have been a speaker to get the education out and I think what this young man is doing is great because people should hear from a person who was the one who took a life and lived, I have forgiven the young man who took my son’s life, but by me speaking and putting a poster and a video in the schools and anywhere where someone will let me hang them just to get people to realize it can happen to you. and yes you could be on either side, 6 feet under or sitting in prison. the young man how took those 6 lives is serving a 20-40 years. Matt your not getting 15 min of fame like some think and the ones who say the negative of what your trying to do is because there the ones who choose to drink and drive all the time, (just haven’t been caught or had a life changing experance happen to them.) to many people are losing there life to this kind of death. I will say a prayer for you, and your family along with the man who’s life you took. TELLING THESE KINDS OF STORIES NO MATTER WHAT SIDE YOUR ON IS A LIFE LESSON JUST WISH PEOPLE WOULD GET THE MESSAGE. DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE.

  • Mo

    Stephen Kersey is an idiot.

  • FA

    This guy made a mistake. A terrible mistake. But hes owned up to it when he could have lied for his own benefit. This is the most that Matthew can do – Mr. Canzani cannot be brought back. I hope his family feels the same way.

  • Abe

    IDK I agree on most of the part and my own opinion of him but I disagree that he isn’t genuine. I think he is genuine but HE STILL KILLED A PERSON whether it was a mistake or not. At his age he has the choice to drink and drive or not. He should know that drunk driving may cause himself or someone else’s life. He made a MISTAKE but should praised for what he did. Yes what he did was a good thing but nothing to praise for. What if a mother wasn’t paying attention to her child and that child drowned in a pool. If she made a video of how she killed her child should we praise her? The action is done and the only forgiveness he needs is from the victim’s family.

    • sweetlotte

      He should be neither praised for the video or criticised for it – it should just be used to continue to raise awareness. His actions were bad, the result catastrophic – this video doesnt excuse anything and he doesnt appear to be trying to excuse his actions. We should all just take it as it is, a video that will be used to raise awareness and one that has a real impact when watching. The man doesnt ask for any credit for the video in any way & hopefully wont in the future – and we shouldnt give it – we should however still use it.

    • ianewsguy

      I couldn’t agree more. In this era when people make excuses for everything and use lawyers to weasel out of heinous crimes, he really “manned up” and owned the crime. I’m guessing the author of this article hasn’t ever done that, is always complaining and blaming others. Matt isn’t an angel-but he is an example of what to do when you screw up–own it, face up to the charges, and set an example afterwards

  • Derek

    totally agree with “Beth”….the pictures have zero relevance to the situation, he is a young dude (im 27) and he fucked up but he is asolutley owning it, he will forever have to live with what he has done, there is no need on rubbing it in his face, this is a situation that unfortunately in our society is reoccurring daily (however you never hear of apolgies) regardless of if people think he is trying togain fame or reduced sentences, he is gaining awareness to it(as we all talk about it) and it takes a big man to admit they fucked up, so as much as i have sadness for the family, i guarantee this kid will live the rest of his life remembering this day and wishing he could turn back the hands of time, however that is not a realistic world so as much as people may disagree..good on you matthew for owning what you created and hopefully the rest of people see your message for what its worth..

  • no escape

    God knows and sees everything. Technically not one person that lived will escape real judgment.

    • darthquixote

      check it at the door.

    • sweetlotte

      I agree – check it at the door!

    • sweetlotte

      I agree – check it at the door!

  • sls2000

    He should have turned himself in immediately rather than drag this family through hell for 3 months, and now a media circus. He’s an awful human being.

    • Xtalline

      That’s easy to say from your perspective. I’m willing to bet that you would have lied if you were in his position to save yourself. Yes, it’s tragic that he fucked up and killed a human being, but the remorse that he’s showing is admirable. An “awful human being” would have lied; he didn’t. A flawed human being, certainly, but he’s clearly not an awful person, considering that he actually stepped up. Think before you speak.

    • Abe

      Can we get your perspective to then on what you would do. If your willing to bet on a random person you don’t know who would lie to save himself what does that say about you. Right now your putting judgment on someone who differs to your own opinion. How do you know he wouldnt turn him/herself right in. Personally I would call the cops right there and then. Why because I “killed” someone not deserving to be killed for my stupid mistake. Then again I would never put myself or someone else in this stupid situation. Nothing admirable here. According to you though I might also be another person who you might bet on would have lied to save myself. Sorry to say but comments like yours has no thought into it.

  • Mom of 2

    Choosing to drink and drive was WRONG, killing someone while doing it was absolutely unforgivable. This young man chose to NOT agree with his attorney’s advice and take the high road, to ACCEPT responsibility for his actions. If you know any teenagers/young adults they love taking pictures of themselves doing “stupid a$$ shit” to quote my daughter. The pictures you posted make you only look more ridiculous. Mr. Cordle has accepted what he has done, and is doing his best to warn others of the dangers of drinking & driving.

  • gamers_bunker

    To Stephen Kersey: You are moron. The guy came forward and opened his heart to confess. You know how many hit and run happen every year ? What’s the point of the so called 15 minutes of fame if you are facing years of prison time by doing it. What you are claiming was never going through his mind. He wanted to pass out the message about his horrible mistake and he did it on Youtube.

    • Abe

      yes he confessed but he confessed after waiting for two months in a hit and run. The better person would of called the cops and admit what happen there. Also he was a suspect to the hit and run killing so to get a better sentence his lawyer most likely told him to confess and make a video so he at least comes out of it look better than he did before.

  • the happy camper

    being angry at someone because they want to pass a message along about there is no excuse for drinking and driving was the VERY clear message in his video so what if he mentions he suffers from depression it was no excuse and he recognizes the facts of what he had done and how wrong it was and openly admits that he is accepting full responsibility for what he has done it makes me sick that you are so angry at the world that u cannot see this, it is narrow minded people like the person who wrote this artical that cause millions of people to suffer and be depressed, your a bully and nothing but a looser yourself for saying what you did, i ask you this if you had killed someone while driving drunk would you have the balls to confess to your crime or would u hide behind the lawyers who say lie and we can get you off with no charges, you should grow up be an adult who ever you are mr kersey, and have some respect for the young man all he wants to do now is accept what he has done and try and help get the message out, that there is no excuse for driving drunk. i bet he will save more lives now with that message, then you could with your hateful attitude, you call him an attention seeking egotistical maniac but to me thats what your trying to do here is piggy back off what he is doing simple by tagging his name on your artical, why dont u go troll some 4 and 5 year olds like your good at instead of attacking a man with more guts then u could shake a stick at.

    • Abe

      Sorry it seems like you don’t know all of your information or your hiding all some facts to prove your side of the point. First of all the guy killed the victim two months prior to his confession. To answer your question if I would have “balls” to do what he did, my answer is no. I would not have the balls to hit and run, then wait for 2 months, and then confess. What I would have balls to do is not run, call the police right there and then, and admit to what happen. Now answer me this would you have the balls to hit and run a victim who died, wait two months and let the family of the victim suffer not knowing who killed their family, and make a video to make himself look like he did the good thing??? Are you fucking kidding me!!! All he is trying to do is present himself as a self righteous asshole so he can get a lower sentence. Know the facts before you try to argue with someone. All he was doing in video was trying to get some sympathy votes and make himself look like the bigger person. The video itself sends a good message but the action of this man is terrible. Nothing praiseworthy here. He deserves what he believes as well the maximum sentence. Also if you didn’t know the cop was on his ass and was going to soon catch him anyways think about that.

    • Gloria Paradise

      Yes it took two months for this man to “confess” as you say but in the video it also states that he had also blacked out from drinking prior to getting in his truck to drive. Hospital records state that Mr.Cordle was beyond the legal limit and had no recolection that he was even in an accident. So what did Cordle do after realizing this horrific tragedy that he admits openly to creating, he seeks advice of a lawyer before creating the video and im sure after weeks of weighing the options he chose to do what he thought was right. who are any of us to judge him, Do any of you commenting really know him or even know how it would feel to be in his shoes? If you did I dont think that you would be reacting to this story so harshly. I dont believe that anyone is calling him a “hero” but rather giving him credit for being 22 and trying to send out a very important message to everyone out there. I will bet anything that atleast 50% of the people posting on here have driven drunk or even buzzed. Even one drink could result in the loss of someones loved one. There are no excuses for what this man did but also on the other side of the coin there are no excuses for anyone out there whom drink and drive weather an accident happens or not. Who out there believes that it is ok if nothing happens as a result? No one im sure because there is always a result that person who drove home tonight after leaving the bar and makes it home safely now has the confidence to go out and do it again and will until reality slaps him or her in the face such as this man now having to fight with all of you whom are trying to decide why he did this video. heres a clue no one knows besides him why. Even if it was a ego trip or trying to get a lighter sentance if it makes ONE person who watched the video call a cab before driving home drunk than i congradulate him all the way. No one should let any body drive home drunk No ONE…

    • Abe

      I see your point but you said he blacked out so why did he decide to drive after that. If that was me I would not drive. I mean come on who blacks out and decides its good idea to drive. Also blacking out is no excuse. Just because you don’t remember what happen before all the action you have done at that state is still done by you. As you said no one should judge him but the victim’s family. Also when I drink with friends we make sure to have a designated driver.

    • In One of Those Pictures

      This was not a hit and run. Matt was taken to the hospital immediately after the accident- you can see in all the pictures that his truck was completely flipped over. We were told that he would most likely be arrested in 3-4 weeks once the investigation was through.. so while it looks like he was just taking his time to come forward, that really wasn’t the case. He didn’t need to come forward at all- there was never doubt that he was at fault and we were just waiting for the police to do what they needed to do and then come for him when they were ready. After two months (no idea why it was taking so long) he decided to end the waiting for everyone himself and voila- they charged him the next day and here we are.


    There is way more to this than what everyone is saying….I am sure the attorney told him to do it. The Cordle family has so much $$$$ I am sure Matthew will plea bargain it and do very little time. So for the “Barbara” lady who has known him his entire life, you failed to mention his family owns CORD CAMERA! I am sure lots of MONEY will be spent on his defense and this video will be brought into court. People with money think they are entitled to much more than poor folk.

  • Greatful Mom

    His reason for creating this video does not matter to me. I have something to show my children that could have an impact on their future behavior and save a life. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims family.

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