Exclusive: First Look at Monroe Isadore, 107-Year-Old Gunned Down by SWAT Team

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In an unbelievable story out of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, 107-year-old Monroe Isadore was killed by members of a SWAT team. Authorities are adamant that the man fired first and was actively shooting at police at the time of his death. However, that hasn’t stopped some of his loved ones from claiming foul play.

Scroll down to see the picture of Monroe Isadore, which was provided exclusively to EveryJoe.com by a family member. That family member, who doesn’t yet want to be identified, described him as a proud and loving man who worked hard throughout his long life.

SWAT officials are going to need to explain why they believed gunning down this man was necessary. Given his age, it’s quite possible he was ill, confused or scared. Ending his 107 years on this planet with a bullet is not a justifiable end to his existence, regardless of the circumstances.

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Monroe Isadore

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  • Sammie

    This is abhorrent. We need to treat our elderly with respect. What if the poor guy had Alzheimer’s.?

    • Shoshana Hantman

      Cops don’t need to respect someone who’s shooting bullets at them.

    • Guest

      Yes, they do. And we learn this the first 10 minutes in Police Academy, if we were too dumb to learn before.

    • Jamie R

      You are absolutely right. They should have assessed the situation thoroughly before jumping the gun too soon

  • Curious

    Gosh! Of what was Mr. Isadore so afraid, and why can’t I find any record of him anywhere before possibly 1930 in Leon, TX with what looks like a first wife, Jimmy, and a newborn son? The 1940 US census states he was born in TX. He states on the 1940 census he was in Arkansas by 1935. He signed up for the US draft in 1937 in Arkansas where he gives 01/20/1906 Oakwood TX as his birthdate and place and Ella Mae Isadore as his wife. He married Ella Mae Maxey in Lee, Arkansas on Oct. 2, 1937 and they were living next to a Maxey family in 1940. Where was he in 1910 and 1920? Was he the son of migrant workers who dragged him pillar to post with the seasons? Was he a young man who couldn’t wait to become an adult and put down roots, to settle, to have a home of his own? Who were his parents? Who were the two people who called the police? Why are they protecting their identities??? I’m thinking they are Social Workers, there to take him from his home to stick him in a home at the urging of nosey neighbors or his descendants too impatient to get their inheritance. He may have been perfectly fine living there in his own home. I’ve seen the photos of this gentleman and he was no gangbanger in his suit and tie. He was no criminal of any kind that I could discern. He was a farmer in his younger days and possibly a veteran. At over a hundred years old, how good was his eyesight and how well did he hear? We just need to know more about this. I’m afraid at this point I’m in the “why didn’t they just go away for a while, let things cool down, and then approach him in a non-threatening way if needed” crowd. What a tragedy.

  • John

    Too many questions, was that his home, who were the other two people involved?

    • dagwud

      According to reports, the “two people involved” are the regular residents of the property, a woman and her grandson. Isadore had only been staying there a few days. He pulled a gun on them which is aggravated assault. They called the cops, who called in SWAT after Isadore shot at the cops through the door – at least, that’s what the police are saying.

    • Willie Bradford

      What a travesty.. Being
      a 107 year old black man you can only imagine what this man’s life experiences were like and what he had to endure growing up in the early 1900s and as a young man in the 20s, 30s, 40, and 50s. and as an elderly man all in the South. Only to be gunned down at the hands of the police from a domestic violence complaint. “A domestic violence complaint”, are you kidding? What was the urgency? This man was in his own home, and no longer a threat to anyone. He has committed no serious crime and yet these trigger-happy cops felt the need to take his life. Where was he going? They could have waited him out.. Wow is All I Can Say!!!!!

    • dagwud

      As far as being “gunned down,” he pulled a Han Solo. He shot first. And he shot at them more than once. Mr. Isadore fired on the police. How was that justified when they’re responding to a call?

      Also, He was NOT in his own home. He was a guest in someone else’s home after moving out from his daughter and son-in-law’s house. And, as a guest, he pulled a gun on his hostess and her grandson. That’s why they called the police.

      He also reportedly stated that his daughter and son-in-law didn’t want him around, and the police would have to shoot him or throw him in jail before that’d happen. IF (and I stress IF) that’s accurate, he was already intent on not cooperating.

  • Ewanmax

    Sad, but what a way to go out.

  • It’s not fun to kill

    Old man, young kid or a teenager you point a gun chance is you will get shot. He may have been out of his senses, but when he is a danger to himself and other what decision would you make? If they failed to act and he shoot’s an innocent the cops have to live with that on their soul and the civil suit that will surely come next. So, you do what you know to be the right thing and live through the public opinion and Monday quarterbacking.

    • Chuck

      The deaf blind guy was in his room door shut from what I read. He might have thought martians, lions, or tigers were coming after him. Why not shoot him with a tranquilizer. All the officers could see and hear. I would not doubt if the swat team went in with all Ar-s firing automatic. The old man hit countless times. But I really do not know, and i doubt if the police want the truth known. This was handled poorly! I bet this swat team now has a spot in the Guinness Book of Records for the oldest person killed by a swat team. This group deserves a sign in front of the headquarters as a reminder. Then this kill would really be no fun.

  • Joe22

    I knew Mr. Monroe Isadore back in 2002-2003 when he was 96 and he would drive to my store and buy blank tapes to record his gospel music. He would sing and record the songs on the tapes and then sell them for a little extra money to support himself. I have one of the tapes somewhere in my house will see if I can find it today. He created some of the songs so it would be interesting to hear again.
    He was independent minded person who grew up during a time when farms were not mechanized, no plastic, no electronics, and no mass media drilling things into your head everyday, horse draw wagons and equipment were the norm, hard work and determination propelled a person forward. He lived his life by being active and outgoing. I would not believe the official story until I had proof. He was very gentle and respectful of others.

  • Bobbie Flowers

    Police in this country know it’s legal to kill a Black man…and need no excuse.

  • Willie Bradford

    I just refuse to believe that they had to kill
    this old man!!! Reason and logic says
    that this could have and should have been handled differently.. From the start…

  • Peter Webster

    I am viewing this from Sydney, Australia. My parents are both 85 and I cried when I read about this tragedy. It is so distressing that someone of such an age could not live out their years without fear and confusion. My thoughts go his family and friends for their loss.

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