GIF: Jason Witten Vomiting, Catching Touchdowns

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Sun, Sep 8 - 11:10 pm EST | 4 years ago by
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    Please excuse Jason Witten for multitasking during tonight’s NFL game between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants. In addition to catching a pair of touchdown passes, the star tight end found time to vomit on the sidelines.

    Check out the GIF of him throwing up:

    jason witten vomit

    The camera is focused on Tony Romo — but look in the background and you can clearly view his handiwork.

    There’s still a quarter to play in the game but, in addition to his oral projectiles, Jason Witten caught a touchdown pass in the second quarter and another in the third quarter. There’s a reason why he’s considered one of the best at his position in the history of the game.

    Well done.


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      • susan

        Gross. They shouldn’t have shown that on TV

      • Martine

        Yuck. There goes his sports drink and his previous meal. Anyone care for more gravy ?

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