Meet Samantha Scheibe, Possibly George Zimmerman’s New Girlfriend

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    Our friends over at the Daily Mail got the first shot of Samantha Scheibe, the chick who was with George Zimmerman during his latest altercation that involved his wife and father-in-law. Are they boyfriend and girlfriend? Most sources in the media say no. However, I’m not so sure.

    Look below for 6 pictures of Samantha Scheibe, who is obviously quite good looking. You can tell she’s smart because she has a pair of gigantic brains.

    A lot of people on social networks say there’s no way a girl this pretty would date the most hated man in America. I disagree. Chicks are attracted to fame, money and bad boys. Ol’ George checks all three of those boxes. While it may be unfair, the dude can pull a crazy amount of tail right now, which is probably why he has left his wife and is getting a divorce.

    Anyways, here are the images. Go ahead and click “Next” to view all six:

    Samantha Scheibe

    Samantha Scheibe?

    Samantha Scheibe?

    Samantha Scheibe

    Samantha Scheibe?

    Samantha Scheibe closer up

    George Zimmerman's ex fiance

    Samantha Scheibe and the ex share a common trait

    The soon-to-be ex-wife is also quite curvaceous




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      • Mario Mayweather

        Stop talking about Zimmerman – his day in the spotlight should be over.

      • Stanley

        Ugh.. she’s like a 5. But it’s George Zimmerman so he can’t get much better.

        • Waa Waa Waa

          Yeah.. like you could do better than this chick, “Stanley.”

        • jungledog

          I think maybe you have poor taste in women, Waa Waa Waa, because you say that as though the cow is some sort of catch.

      • jane

        The most hated man in America is also the most sought – after ? What’s up with these women ?

        • swtnips

          The same thing that’s always up with women whenever there’s some notorious guy who DOES get convicted, then all the fan mail, and eventually some crazy cat lady coming for a wedding behind bars. There’s ALWAYS a bevy of bimbos around every bad guy, in jail or out. That this even needs to be asked at this point is the truly amazing thing.

        • disqus_q4wJNBFGt6

          The most hated man in America? lol Do you know how much Zimmerman collected in voluntary contributions? Over 500K . Do you know how much was collected by Martin’s family? About 20K. There are a ton of people who believe that Zimmerman was railroaded by race baiting media. He might be guilty of domestic violence but he is sure as hell not guilty of murder

        • Justice Delivered

          “The most hated man in America?”

          Only in some circles of little consequence.

          Don’t forget, that the martin family shook the insurance company down for over a million dollars, a classic ghetto lottery example.

        • trayvonstraightthugmurderkilla

          Yup trayvon is just a thug he was out for blood and he forced Zimmerman to confront him he was so high on weed he couldn’t resist the urge to hurt people and he needed blood to mix with his Arizona and skittles to magically create lean

      • Lola Baker

        She’s get hers: What’s good for the goose…you know the rest.

      • El Guapo

        You’ve gotta be kidding me.

      • Truth as I see it

        Sleep with dogs and get a shotgun pointed at you.

      • GeorgeZimmerfag

        lol Blondes are dumber than rocks

        • Justice Delivered

          Blond IQ distribution is typical of Caucasians. I enjoy a good blond or lawyer joke as much as anyone, but they have little to do with reality.

          Asians 130
          Whites 100
          East Indians 90
          Hispanics 87
          Black Americans 85
          Black Africans 70

        • StormSpirit20 .

          I agree with your 1st sentence, however….You lose all credibility claiming Asians have an average IQ of 130. Please cite your undoubtedly non-existent source.

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