5 Reasons Why the Apple iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner is Dangerous

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Diehard Apple fans are squealing with joy at the news of yet another iPhone model. True to their business model, the American company is set to release a modest hardware update for a hefty price tag that will fly off the shelves faster than you can say “Steve Jobs is dead.” The iPhone 5S comes bundled with a controversial feature that has people talking: a fingerprint scanner.

Here are five reasons why this seemingly minor addition could ultimately prove to be dangerous. Click “Next” to see them all:

1. Can I borrow your phone? No.

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What happens if a loved one wants or needs to borrow your phone for a little bit? Unless you’re with them at every moment, you’re either going to have to go through the trouble of disabling the fingerprint scanner or just decline their request. This could lead to some moments of being downright unable to communicate, which obviously could lead to unsafe situations.




(source: digitaltrends.com)

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  • jane

    I don’t wanna be walking around with just 9 fingers. This new feature is convenient, but could pose a great risk with all the information floating out there

  • Adam

    No one is going to take a finger to steal the phone.. C’mon now

  • Kyle

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. The author is clearly just an Apple hater because they can’t even come up with a reasonable dispute against a fingerprint scanner. An abundance of finger removing muggers? Are you serious?

    • James

      LMFAO! I literally choked on a brownie when I read your comment!

  • James

    Points 1,2,4, and 5 are all negated by the fact that if you swipe to the right you can just enter a pass code to unlock the phone. Number 3 is the only valid reason why the finger print scanner is a bad idea. Honestly I believe that is reason enough to fear it, but literally every other point you made was absolutely ridiculous. As my friend Kyle said…. “An abundance of finger removing muggers? Are you serious?”

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