Twitter Reacts to the Boobs in GTA V

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Soon Grand Theft Auto 5 will drop. And while there are dozens of reasons why gamers are excited, there is one reason that is dominating talk on Twitter: real, uncovered boobs! When gamers turn on GTA V for the first time, the first objective of many will be locating the strip club where the strippers are exposing their chest.

And I can’t blame them. Honestly, that’s what I’ll be doing too.

Look below for 9 pictures of Twitter reactions to this new aspect GTA V has to offer. While there have been dancers before in previous editions, they had never bared it all like this.

Here are the images. Click “Next” to view them all. At the end is a link to the uncensored version!

GTA V Boobs

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  • anonymous23412

    Those tits are rendered horribly but they’re still tits so = WIN

  • Anonymous553

    those are photoshopped to remove the nipples, the real ones look better

  • Strange Tamer

    I just jizzed all over my laptop! :(

  • Casanova
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