GIF: Brandon Meriweather Dishes out Concussion, Suffers Instant Karma

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Sun, Sep 15 - 2:22 pm EDT | 5 years ago by
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While we obviously hope Brandon Meriweather will be okay, we witnessed some instant karma on the football field today. After the safety for the Washington Redskins knocked Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy out of the game with a concussion, he tried a similar hit on backup RB James Starks — but this time, he was the one who suffered the concussion.

Here is the first GIF:

brandon meriweather eddie lacy concussion

This was a dirty helmet to helmet hit. In fact, Brandon Meriweather will probably be fined for it. However, before Roger Goodell could out, karma struck.

Check out a video of the second hit:

This is why you don’t lead with your helmet when you tackle. Not only can you injure your opponent, you can hurt yourself.


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  • redder4better

    Harsh but true. I’m a redskins fan and I can’t condone those hits.

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