Amber Nicole Fox Allegedly Made Films with Dogs

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Mon, Sep 16 - 10:45 pm EDT | 5 years ago by
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A couple from Raeford, North Carolina was arrested today and charged with making adult videos. Amber Nicole Fox and Ruben Chance James Fox allegedly made these films and then uploaded the content onto the internet. Why the fuss? Dogs were involved in the adult acts!

Look below for 14 pictures of both Ruben Chance James Fox and his wife Amber Nicole Fox. At the end of the gallery is one of the videos that got them in hot water.

While we don’t condone such sex acts, it should be noted that she went to school to become a vet tech. Does that make this better or worse? I’m not sure but I’m going to reserve my judgement until we hear the whole story. Perhaps there’s a good explanation. Maybe it was a homework assignment gone wrong. I’m not one to judge.

Anyways, here are the images I promised above. Click the right arrow to view all fourteen. And don’t forget to watch the video at the end:

Amber Nicole Fox

Amber Nicole Fox

Amber Nicole Fox

Amber Nicole Fox

Amber Nicole Fox

Amber Nicole Fox

Amber Nicole Fox

Amber Nicole Fox

Amber Nicole Fox

Amber Nicole Fox

Amber Nicole Fox

Amber Nicole Fox

Amber Nicole Fox

Amber Nicole Fox




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  • Well Played

    Wow. That’s hot.

  • Allen

    This is horrible. Those poor dogs!

    • Really

      The dog got to do what men would line up for…yeah, the horror

    • Really2

      yeah, poor dogs…poor human guys who don’t get laid…

  • fightback

    Don’t know what happened to make her like that .. but.. she’s pretty in her wedding pics.. and so happy.. she was arrested last year for possession of a stolen vehicle and possession of stolen merchandise.. sounds like a drug problem..

  • fightback

    Today is Ambers birthday!! Happy B-day Amber.. famous at last.

    • erika761

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  • Gigi

    Such a pretty girl. But what she did to the dog was horrible. Maybe she has too much love for them .

    • Bill Obamabush

      Phhht. The dog probably loved every minute of it.

    • nikola

      exactly, and they just arrest people for doing that…WHY DON’T THEY ARREST PEOPLE WHO TORTURE AND KILL DOGS?! THE SYSTEM IS COMPLETELY WRONG….
      Well, at least that’s my opinion before seeing the video, which they say was uploaded on the internet, yet I can’t find it anywhere. Only if we could see this video, we could say if it was really wrong what she did, I’m standing behind the first thing I said, but you always have to be open for possibilities.

    • WaltMan

      She didn’t do anything to the dog it fucked her! Lol I just wish I could find the video!

  • Henrietta Hicks

    she a nice lookin yung lday, dont know why she want to fukk a dog. she a prevert and so dat wite dude.

  • nickoury

    Thanks for the great video
    It was a real treat to see two of them together.

  • Really

    Love is love. NOH8. In 30 years they’ll be having pride marches for people who want to marry therir dogs, calling everyone who disagrees with them, Caninephobes. So I guess we’ll have to add a letter “D” to LGBTQ? We live in a country where men can marry other men and you’re worried about a woman letting a dog lick her vag.

    • Fenris2010

      You’re absolutely right, just as soon as they figure out how to make a dog able to give consent to be married.

    • Just as bad as a gay, Sorry!

      This is an absolutely disgusting story but I agree to the comparison that it is just as bad with Men having sex with Men and Women with Women. That is not nature and you were not born that way. Your fucking brain is fucked up! Im sorry! (in general)

  • anom

    What video?

  • JamieD

    Is everyone just using their imagination? The video is Lassie. The pictures above are innocent. What gives?

  • JamieD

    Ok. I searched the web. These are some sick people. And everyone wonders how AIDs came around? Here is your answer.

    • Todd Randall

      AIDS? AIDS is caused by HIV, a human virus. What do dogs have to do with that?

    • Debbie Downer

      I’m guessing you’ve never heard of Debbie Downer and her feline aids statistics.

    • JamieD

      Bestiality in general, not Dogs specifically. The origin of AIDs has several theories including transmission to humans from animals. Similar strains are found in apes which could have mutated slightly once infecting humans. I know its Wikipedia, but see the info here:

      Transmission from non-humans.

    • Keyser Soze

      AIDS was spread to humans from vaccines that were grown in labs on contaminated monkey tissue.

  • peopleareweirdandwanttoseeit

    where is the vid

  • Stan Brock

    Only the most ignorant person in the world would make a comment such as “In fourteen years, people will be marrying their dogs”. Which trailer park did you reside in when you quit school in the 1st grade?? You should be forced to live the remainder of your days in prison for such “in-humane” comments!

    • Charles O’Meara

      i grew up in the sunny valley trailer park and i was thrown out of 3rd grade and i still want to see the video

    • Stan Brock

      My purpose was NOT to offend anyone who resides in a trailer park or who didn’t graduate from elementary school. Some of the most intellectual people help run this country and were raised/brought up from these residences. I was directing my view point(s) to the idiot(s) who were comparing same sex rights and marriages to bestiality. THERE IS NO COMPARISON and was simply an ignorant comment to make in the first place. Anyway, God bless!!


    she is sooo hot… very beautiful woman.

    • meso

      Only if you’re a dog…

  • me

    Where is the video?

  • WtfWorld

    Ok I’m curious to see the video where can I find it?

    • Charles O’Meara

      you’re barking up the wrong tree if you expect to find that video



    • facebook


    • Guest

      male dog doing female human while husband videos…what’s there to be “curious” about that you’ll discover in the video? You may want to talk to someone…just sayin.

  • releggneh

    Wow, kinda freaky people. Having sex with dogs and why is he always shirtless when he’s with a horse. Freaky!!!! Get some heip and quit raping your animals.

  • WffWffWrd0

    It sucks that people have to go down to shed light to something. I have read a paper Legal Prohibition of Zoophilia in US and Canada by Brian Cuttleridge and it presents a decent argument. I dont see anything wrong with some day defending what you do that only directly affects you; it is not destructive to society and animals cannot consent to many things like AKCS procedures for using artifical insemination practices for human financial gain. If there isnt deliberate or intentional infliction of pain and there is no evidence by which you are tracked it doesnt matter to me. Kansas recently repealed Bestiality, Article 125 repeal of sodomy or bestiality still stands. Animals can prefer or have an aversion to handlers.
    People think its sick, because they are posting online. But it is also sick to display straight human sexuality when I go on craigslist and see pictures of people posting penis talking about “dick cheese” we should ban the advertisement of straight sexuality because of it but we do not. In every culture has its corruptions but I think zoophilia reinforces the bond between man and animal it isnt for everyone but then again anal sex is displeasing and a turn off to many men and women and yet some still engage.
    And I really only think its illegal because US wont put a tax stamp on it and thats fine but I know a lot of other people are corrupted by sexual images of human fantasies do you think “Theres a black man in my mother” presents a good image about interracial couples? No.

    • Randjan

      You are very right.

    • aa2323

      you are both very wrong.. please stay away from animals

    • Robert

      I agree with the other two people and I couldn’t have said it better myself. Aa2323, you won’t get anywhere in life with your ignorant attitude. It’s people like you that are a nuisance to the world. Let people do whatever the fuck they want to do as long as they don’t hurt animals and people. Heck, let them smoke pot as long as they are minding their own business and are not harming anyone. You can put up an argument that allowing bestiality will cause more rape cases but people are still going to rape living creatures of all sorts regardless of the law. Some states even allow bestiality. Why is this? Because they have enough sense to know that this shit is going to happen regardless. If only people could be more advanced and legalize gay marriages. This will forever be in our society as far as I am concerned and you just have to fucking accept that. It’s people like you that don’t advance the human race as a whole.

  • Charles O’Meara

    ok we know about her and the dog, what’s the deal with him and the horse???

  • RNMurray

    Wait a min….there’s a horse…

  • seyss

    where is the goddamn video??

  • zzz

    where to find those vids ?

  • seyss

    where is the video??????

  • seyss

    where is the video ???????????????????????????

  • Steve Urkel

    Nasty, WTF

  • Gypsy Red

    I’m curious.

  • nightowl_8936

    The video, if it’s the YouTube one above, is now private and unviewable.

  • nightowl_8936

    Does anyone have an archival copy of the vid?

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