Dumb Criminals of the Week: Kissing Cousins, McRobbery and More

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In the premiere edition of Dumb Criminals of the Week, we feature six crooks who will leave you shaking your head in amazement at their stupidity. Some criminals are masterminds — and then there are these poor souls.

Terry Antone Jenkins

Let us count the way Terry Antone Jenkins failed: 1) His girlfriend wanted to have a threesome involving her own female cousin; 2) He agreed to it; 3) He finished long before either one of the cousins; 4) He got mad that the cousins were still going at it; 5) He gets arrested for beating up his girlfriend in a desperate attempt to keep her from kissing the cousin. That's an epic fail all the way around.

(source: kctv5.com)

Ranya Al-Huthaili

Ranya Al-Huthaili is suspected of robbing five banks. Pretty impressive for a chick, to be honest. However, she didn't research enough about bank robberies because a failure to launder the money did her in. Cops were able to match the money she used to buy a laptop to one of the robberies. Crime spree over.

(source: startribune.com)

William Ogan

William Ogan was caught whacking his organ in Spokane, Washington adjacent to a soccer field. When approached by police and asked what he was doing, his responded by saying he was "doing the Lord's work" and "spreading God's word". The cops saw right through his holey excuse and arrested the registered sex offender.

(source: startribune.com)

Alisha Caroline Phillips

This 29-year-old was arrested after a driver spotted her performing oral sex on an 82-year-old man as he drove down the highway. Apparently, Alisha Caroline Phillips has a death wish. Octogenarians aren't the best of drivers even when fully concentrating on the task at hand. Add a handful of Viagra pills and an enterprising prostitute and things could have gotten hairy in a hurry.

(source: nuttynewstoday.com)

Felix Becerra

A McDonald's manager named Felix Becerra decided to rob a fast food joint. Out of all the fast food restaurants in the Bay Area, this man decided to rob the McDonald's he managed. He wore a mask and actually got away with it. But he pressed his luck by trying a second robbery -- and got caught by police. He eventually admitted to both crimes. Would you like fries with that fail, Felix?

(source: highstreetmail.com)

Heather Dawn Taylor

Heather Dawn Taylor is a real piece of work. This 37-year-old posted an ad on Craigslist saying she was pregnant and wanted to find an adoptive home for her baby. One problem: She wasn't pregnant. That didn't stop her from scamming multiple families for months on end. Police caught her after she stole thousands of dollars and she's now facing 10 charges.

(source: highstreetmail.com)


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    LOL. That was hilarious. I’ll bookmark tis page to be back for more!

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  • Gigi

    That was funny. But if you look at their pictures, they all have one thing in common. Creepy eyes.

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