Meet Nina Davuluri, Miss New York Becomes Miss America

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The new Miss America has been crowned for 2014. Nina Davuluri is her name and she’s beautiful. Let’s learn more about Miss New York and investigate her background.

While many people mistake her for being Muslim, Nina Davuluri actually practices Hinduism. She does Hindi dancing and her name offers clues, so we can safely say that’s her religion.

As far as her race and ethnicity, her family is from the country of India. In fact, she became the first Miss America of Indian descent. She was born in the United States, so her nationality is American.

It was once rumored that she called last year’s Miss America winner “fat as f*ck”. However, after an investigation by officials, she was cleared of any wrongdoing. Ironically, she once weighed 170 pounds and struggled with bulimia.

Here are 9 pictures of Miss New York that correspond with the info above. Click the right arrow to view the entire gallery!

Nina Davuluri

Nina Davuluri

Nina Davuluri

Nina Davuluri

Nina Davuluri

Nina Davuluri

Nina Davuluri

Nina Davuluri

Nina Davuluri




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  • Einstein

    Nina is not Hindi because Hindi is the national language spoken in India. A Hindu is a person that follows the religion of Hinduism. So her dance was not Hindu but it certainly was of Indian origin. Unless of course you believe that people perform Christian dances….most Indians are Hindu…although there are plenty of Muslims, Christians, etc in India. It’s very obvious from her name that Nina is Hindu. The person posting this article may not be a Fat F…k, but certainly is a Dumb F..k!

  • GDHJ

    Hindi is a language. Not a religion.

    You’re thinking of Hinduism.

  • concerned american

    I thought she was a terrorist. I can rest easy now.

    • Bob84

      Racism much?

    • tired of dumb liberals

      idiot much? You’re a moron with no sense of humor.

    • me2

      What’s funny about that at all? She’s a Hindu Indian from Syracuse. Egads, you folks couldn’t tell a Muslim from the President.

    • Chiryder

      You’re the one with no sense of humor. That’s not funny.

  • GoldieLane

    She’s beautiful. America is diverse and she represents diversity. Glad to see she won. I’m from North Carolina and I love my country! America is Beautiful! Congrats Miss NY.

  • prabhat kumar

    Everybody who is critisizing her as a terrorist considering her as a muslim,they should first know that not every muslim is a terrorist and most importantly that she is not a muslim but a Hindu, which is totally different religion than islam ,even more different than islam than christianity is different from islam. And have you ever heard of a hindu terrorist attack. And please stop this kind of racism.

  • James

    She is a Hindu, with a Hindu Indian name. She is not Arab, Muslim nor a terrorist. It’s shocking Americans don’t know this.

  • Gigi

    Regardless of what religion she is practicing, she’s still an American. Congratulations Miss New York, and may the gods of beauty be with you always.

  • Alice

    “She does Hindi dancing and her name offers clues, so we can safely say that’s her religion.” That’s not necessarily true–I have a lot of Indian American friends who are Christian but learn classical Indian dance as part of their heritage and have surnames derived from Hinduism.

  • Mark Gomes

    She is super hot hot hot!

  • Suzzie

    she’s as American as I am. My father was born in Europe and came to America when he was 6 y/o. She’s beautiful.

  • harsh

    I didn’t like the way it is presented here. Why do you guys have to play with words like this? Please, show some responsibility towards us.
    A news media should never deliberately use or even unintentionally use “religious remarks”. Although good, you could have take a little more secular move here such as at least mentioning something like: “this is purely informative, we do not encourage racism and religious discrimination”. To me, had she been a pakistani american or for that matter even an Arabic, she would be the same.
    Whoever thought that she is a muslim, well sorry! She’s American.
    For those who didn’t, well good news she’s still american and she’s beautiful !
    PS: No religion is terrorist, only people are.

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