Missing Since 1970, Trio of Teens Possibly Found in Lake

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Earlier today, authorities accidentally stumbled upon a pair of abandoned cars in the bottom of Foss Lake in Oklahoma while doing sonar testing. After they pulled the cars to the surface, human remains were found in each vehicle. While police aren’t ready to announce their findings, it’s believed that one of the cars carries the remains of Leah Gail Johnson, Jimmy Allen Williams and Thomas Michael Rios.

These three teenagers went missing all the way back in 1970. Leah Gail Johnson and Thomas Michael Rios were riding in the blue Camaro driven Jimmy Allen Williams. They vanished without a trace and everyone has been stumped for over 40 years — until now.

While it’s tragic that they’ve been found dead, the fact that their loved ones will finally get closure is great news. Let’s hope this news helps mend broken hearts.

Here are pictures of the missing teens who have by all indications been found. Click the right arrow to view all six images:

Jimmy Allen Williams

Jimmy Allen Williams

Leah Gail Johnson

Thomas Michael Rios

Jimmy Allen Williams

Oklahoma Teens Found



(source: doenetwork.org)

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  • family

    As family of one of the victims, I’m relieved and saddened too :(

    • curious

      I’m sorry for your loss. I’m curious…do you suspect foul play or do you think it was an accident?

  • anon

    How incompetant are the cops that didn’t search the lake for 43 years. It was obvoius they fell in water … how did they not check the first place to check. DUMB

    • Bob

      First of all before you jump to a conclusion you should try and examine the evidence and ignore your inner dolt. The vehicles are in amazing condition and devoid mostly of rust. This tells me that the vehicles were in “muck” which sealed them from oxygen. In other words they were in pretty deep away from any visual clues of their whereabouts. In 1970 police could not even posess a portable SONAR capable of locating where these vehicles were. Murky muddy waters would have made it impossible for even the most capable of divers to locate these vehicles. The DUMB award goes to you sir.

    • jgimar


    • Frank Comment

      As the cars are “dragged”from the muddy waters, the mud covers them.
      There is a slim chance the cars actually were submerged in the mud when found.

  • cincy heaven

    that is definitely a camaro in the final pic

  • Peace4all2013

    Jimmy looked so proud of that car. Sadly the pride and joy of a sixteen year olds life would tragically serve as his casket and that of his friends for 40 long years. They were out doing what 16 year olds do. Driving around, listening to tunes being cool. A split second was all it took for jimmy to lose control and careen into the lake. Although they screamed no one would hear them. The car made barely a sound as it slipped below the water that night. They struggled to get out but the pitch black and water gushing in was disorienting. They would die in that car. The next morning searchers frantically combed the sleepy town for any sign of the trio. No one ever thought to look in the lake. For forty long years they would be unfound. Jimmy’s mother died. Most say of a broken heart.

    • Louise Geez

      Fancy yourself a writer, huh?

    • Frank Comment

      This person makes it read like they were there at the time th ecar went in the water.
      Coult it be that you have some information as to what happened ? Were you there ate Lake Foss at that precise time ?

    • RPW

      How do you know that he “Lost control”? I understand that a road ends at a boat ramp. A young driver unfamiliar with the road could simply have driven to the end of the road, hit the ramp then into the lake.

  • Isla

    At least the family knows what happened to their loved ones instead of just wondering..Amazing how after more than 40 years, the truth has finally surfaced

    • Frank Comment

      They dont know what happened. All they know is they were found. The details havent been found yet as to how they wound up in the Lake.

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