What to Do When Your Favorite TV Series Ends

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When Your Favorite Series Ends, Keep Chasing That Feeling With Other Quality Programming

It’s sad to say goodbye to a beloved television program and the characters it developed. You laugh, cry, commiserate with these fictional creations until, in some ways, they really do exist. When shows like “Breaking Bad” and “Dexter” come to an end it leaves a void in your DVR slot, bundle.tv package and for you personally. Follow your series to the end, but once the last credit rolls, be ready to find a new television passion piece from the archives.

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“Damages” — A Drama William Shakespeare Would Have Watched

Glenn Close and Rose Byrne played an exquisite game of cat and mouse in this law drama series from the F/X network. With intriguing flashbacks, time jumps, betrayals, back door deals and more, this series keeps you guessing throughout each unique season. The entire cast was stellar, featuring Ted Danson, William Hurt, Marcia Gay Harden, Campbell Scott, Lily Tomlin and Tate Donavan.

“Battlestar Galactica” — A Sci-Fi Series Worth Calling in Sick For

Well, the characters in the “Portlandia” sketch actually went so far as to lose their jobs and their home to forge their way through this addicting series, non-stop. You might want to take work and shower breaks, but outside of that, you won’t want to leave your sofa when this series is airing. Watch the valiant fight for the last of humanity in this beloved series starring Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell and Tricia Helfer.

“Six Feet Under” — Gone But Not Forgotten

With a “cold open” that featured a new death every episode, it makes sense that “Six Feet Under” approached death with a darkly comic edge. Follow the travails, loves and many losses of the Fisher family who run an independent, family funeral home. The series itself begins with the death of the family patriarch, then proceeds to follow Nate Fisher’s return home to help with the family business. Starring Peter Krause, Rachel Griffiths, Frances Conroy, Michael C. Hall and Lauren Ambrose, the cast brings depth and turns of humor to these troubled characters.

“Freaks and Geeks” — Go Ahead, Be Both

Maybe you were a freak, geek or something in between in your high school years, but this series is a fun throwback to the early 80s where cutting gym class was a thrill. The beauty of this series is the respect that each group has for each other. Where so many shows would have freaks giving geeks swirlies, this thoughtful show was more apt to reveal a freak’s longing to make the grades that a geek made. Most of the series was about bridging the distance between these “types.” Judd Apatow pulled together an excellent cast that has gone on to great success in Jason Segel, Linda Cardellini, Seth Rogen, James Franco and John Francis Daley.

“Boardwalk Empire” — Get Addicted to this Prohibition-Era Bootlegging Series

Watch Steve Buscemi take on a rare leading role and own it on “Boardwalk Empire.” Buscemi gives nuance and depth to his role as gangster Enoch “Nucky” Thompson that might be attributed to his long history as a character actor. If you enjoy programs like “Breaking Bad,” “Weeds,” and “Dexter” where characters work off-grid and think out of the box, as well as participate in illegal activities, “Boardwalk Empire” will help fill the void.

Eric Gill has his finger on the pulse of the comic book industry. He’s been reading them since he was 6. He’s also a fan of TV, both new series and old classics. Eric is also a dad to three school-age kids.

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  • Isla

    Being the sci-fi fan that I am, I religiously watched Battlestar Gallactica . When the series ended, I quit watching TV , just like that

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