Chris Hemsworth: Marvel is Winning Superhero War Against DC Comics

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Maybe Chris Hemsworth should be cast as Captain Obvious instead of Thor since he’s just made a declaration that pretty much everyone, including merchandise-hungry children, knows: Marvel is kicking DC Comics’ ass at the box office.

Genuinely, at this point, it’s going to take a miracle for DC to pull past their rival and their upcoming film Batman vs Superman (or whatever they are going to call it), their best chance, could go horribly wrong. People are already freaking out about Ben Affleck being cast as the Caped Crusader (but I think he’ll be fine!).

Still, Hemsworth, who is currently promoting his film, Rush, felt the need to put DC in their place. In a recent interview he said (of Marvel): “We’re just winning, aren’t we? That’s no real rivalry”

He’s right and it is true in the opposite direction as well. With Wonder WomanThe Flash and Justice League staying in a perpetual holding pattern, it’s easy to believe that DC characters just don’t make the leap to the big screen as well as the heroes of Marvel. Let’s not even talk about the disastrous adaptation, Green Lantern

Again, thanks Thor for pointing out something entirely obvious to everyone and being a good sport about it. Maybe Batman vs. Superman will take on the challenge and give the Avengers sequel a run for its money!

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  • Aliz

    I can’t stand all these super hero movies coming out

    • Wally

      WTF who hates superheroes?

  • Sasha

    Batman vs The Avengers ? Let the box office be the judge.

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