Bill & Ted 3? Keanu Reeves & Alex Winter Open Up

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After all these years, not only are Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter still friends, but they are also still talking about Bill & Ted and the possibility of a third movie.



The pair were spotted at Fantastic Fest where Reeves was promoting his directorial debut, Man of Tai Chi, and Winter was talking up his thriller, Grand Piano.

Both Reeves and Winter believe that their iconic roles resonated with fans and feel that it would be cool to see them as middle-aged men. Of the possible storyline for an upcoming sequel, Reeves said: “In the third one that’s been pitched and has been written they can’t come up with the song that’s supposed to change the world. They go on this journey to try and find the song.”

It sounds like they’ve got a solid idea in place and, really, they could take it in a million great directions but one thing is standing in their way: money. Currently, the writers are reworking the script in hopes of securing the funding they need to make the movie.

Hopefully, they figure it all out. Now that Dumb and Dumber To is being made, they might be able to make the case for reviving an old franchise.

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  • bad idea

    Meh, they’re too old. Wouldn’t work.

    • susan

      Agreed. Bad idea. These aren’t the 80s any more

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