Meme Madness: Zac Efron and the Bisexual Rumor

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The latest rumor spreading like wildfire purports that Zac Efron has confirmed that he’s bisexual. Video of the alleged admission is said to have appeared on CNN. While we know he’s been in drug rehab for cocaine use recently, did he really drop another bombshell by saying he sleeps with both both women and men?

Check out this gallery of Twitter reactions to this possible Zac Efron news. At the end, we’ve included the results of our analysis on the matter:

What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  • Frederico

    LOL I don’t see why this is news. If the guy is gay, straight or bi, unless you are banging him, you shouldn’t care

    • GURL

      i think they point is everyone WANTS to bang him

    • aweto

      hilarious… but i think that true

    • Anton C.

      I don’t want to bang him; only to suck him….LOL

  • Fo Realz

    Even if he’s not bi, he should play both sides in the media — it’s good publicity

  • Mattie

    I don’t know if he’s bi or not, but he’s fricking hot

  • Nikki

    Oh the power of gay. Hooray for Rainbow feels


    Zac Efron is G-A-Y.

  • batobatoSalangit

    SUCK Efron is happy and GAY????

  • let-it-be-extraordinary

    Guys i actually think it’s very important if he does come out as bi because bisexuals are often erased and marginalised even within the lgbt.etc. community. Like we’re seen as having “the best of both worlds” or faking it for attention or being just too scared to come out as gay. So it’s super exciting when well known people come out as bi. I’d like conclusive proof though, and this article definitely isn’t.

  • Nick

    “by saying he sleeps with both both women and men?” let’s please remember to stop perpetuating the idea that bisexual means bangs both sexes. Often we forget that sexual orientation means romantic attractions outside the bedroom. Just saying.

  • Rory

    “sleeps with both men and women” shut the fuck up… right now… just shut the fuck up. As a PANSEXUAL myself (No, i don’t “sleep with” anything that moves) i can fucking verify that it does NOT mean he simply “sleeps with” them. it’s called a relationship get a fucking clue.

    • Kuruku


  • MollyStyles

    Who cares if he is straight, gay, or bi-sexual, he is da hottest and sexiest living person. Damn I love him!!!!!!!!!!

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