Free Rodney James Duve: No Prison for Corpus Christi, Texas Death

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A shop owner in Corpus Christi, Texas named Rodney James Duve is shockingly facing a murder charge after shooting a thief who was robbing his store. Texas is supposed to be the land of lax gun laws but the police have been quick to throw all the blame at a man who was simply trying to protect his business.

If the law allows individuals to carry guns, they should be allowed to use those guns for protection. And that protection should extend to personal property.

If Rodney James Duve was at his home and he saw someone stealing from his house, he would have been able to shoot and kill the criminal without facing any repercussions. That same logic should extend to when he’s at the shop that he owns.

Don’t want to get shot? Don’t be a thief. It’s that simple. Be a useful part of society and you won’t have to be worried.

The only good thing out of this story is that the next time a robber thinks he’s going to steal something from a shop in Corpus Christi, he’ll think twice.

Do you agree that Rodney James Duve should be freed? Let us know in the comment section below.

rodney james duve

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  • Fo Realz

    I’d like to know more specifics on this. Was the assailant armed?

    • Red Neckerson

      Does not matter, he was stealing. Society was the beneficiary and now the benefactor is being maligned, persecuted and abused by a bunch of looney left wing nuts.

  • Alan T

    You can’t just shoot someone in the head over a 6pack.

    • Switchy

      It was a 12 pack, so it’s TOTALLY justified!

    • Red Neckerson

      Why not, there is no difference in my opinion between a horse thief and a six pack filcher, both are thieves, a blight on society and worthless lowlife scum sucking snow pimps. A $0.50 bullet is a lot more economical for the taxpayer if you check the drifty liberal interference.

    • Steve Smithwick

      No it isn’t, because now a manslaughter or murder case will have to be tried, and that’s actually far more expensive for the tax payer to pay for than a very simple ROR for petty theft. Now there’ll be a bunch of evidence gathering, police man hours used, lawyer deliberations, jury selection, etc. Tons of money spent when it doesn’t have to be, because a redneck idiot had a gun hard-on.

    • John Avignone

      There is no difference, in my opinion, between you and a horse. At least as far as cognitive processing skills go.

  • John

    You think someone’s life is worth less than a $10 12-pack and that people can be right shot in the head over petty crimes. Got it.

    He deserves jail time.

    • robert gould

      Apparently the crook though the beer was worth risking his life for.

  • Jerry T

    Someone was stealing his property. He has every right to defend his property. Maybe the thief shouldn’t be stealing.

    • Jake Simpson

      Yeah Jer? And if old trigger happy Duve THINKS someone stole a candy bar because they LOOK LIKE a thief? Is it OK to shoot them, because Duve just knows they will sometime in the future. Thats why there are LAWS for gun happy doobs like you and Stevey. In most states.

    • Brian Smith

      and we have every right to string you up by the balls and beat you senseless.

    • sertsj1

      Do you actually want someone to get shot in the head over a 12 pack? I mean, really? I’m all for defending yourself and your property, but C’mon man. The dude wouldn’t even have gone to jail over this.

    • Red Neckerson

      All the thief had to do was not steal. Very simple concept. If you allow summary execution of thugs then you reduce their population and provide a major incentive for those considering such action to avoid engaging in anti-social behavior.

    • Steve Smithwick

      All the store owner had to do was not shoot him. Very simply concept. If you lock up murderous right wing douchebags then you reduce their population, improve our democracy and take votes out of the hands of murderous, violent idiots.

    • Templeton

      Dumb troll. Who educated you on the law? Or morality?

    • Steve Smithwick

      Nobody. That’s part of the problem.

  • Jim

    Fuck you Stephen-You are the kind of scum that would step over a dying old person in a doorway. Shooting someone over some beer is the kind of thing that you hear about in the projects-this incident is the kind of thing that the Republicans wanted to have happen when they started whittling away at gun laws. This asshole will probably get off because he did this at night because of that stupid night time murder law that freed that Mongoloid in San Antonio a while back. The best one I’ve seen though is the two tough guys that shot each other in that car wash in Michigan, for really nothing. Good riddance.

  • Bill_Swensen

    YOU probably don’t want to get shot either Stephen Kersey. Then don’t be an offensive fascist douchebag online. It’s that simple. Don’t regurgitate fascist goat vomit and you won’t have to be worried.

  • Bill_Swensen

    Stephen Kersey

    174 Spadina Suite 302
    Toronto, Ontario M5T 2C2

  • Ted Unlis

    Duve shot a misdemeanor theft suspect, not a robbery suspect. Anyone familiar with Texas Penal Code Chapter 9 and related case law knows that use of deadly force in response to shoplifting is not justified under Texas law and will result in the arrest, conviction, and incarceration of the guilty party. Duve will go to prison for murder as well he should.

    • robert gould

      TEX PE. CODE ANN. § 9.42 : Texas Statutes – Section 9.42: DEADLY FORCE TO PROTECT PROPERTY -:

      A person is justified in using deadly force against another to protect land or tangible, movable property:

      (1) if he would be justified in using force against the other under Section 9.41; and

      (2) when and to the degree he reasonably believes the deadly force is immediately necessary:

      (A) to prevent the other’s imminent commission of arson, burglary, robbery, aggravated robbery, theft during the nighttime, or criminal mischief during the nighttime; or

      (B) to prevent the other who is fleeing immediately after committing burglary, robbery, aggravated robbery, or theft during the nighttime from escaping with the property; and

      (3) he reasonably believes that:

      (A) the land or property cannot be protected or recovered by any other means; or

      (B) the use of force other than deadly force to protect or recover the land or property would expose the actor or another to a substantial risk of death or serious bodily injury.

    • John Avignone

      Thanks for proving one cannot legally kill someone for SHOPLIFTING. Actually, you didn’t prove anything other than you have no clue about the law, as the section you cited refers to property crimes, as in PERSONAL PROPERTY, not shoplifting, duh.

      Read the definition of terms at the beginning of the section, then give yourself 30 whacks with a stout clue-by-four.

    • Red Neckerson

      Typical mealy mouthed word parsing drifty liberal logic.

    • John Avignone

      Typical tea bagging stupid bleephole who can neither rebut nor refute anything with anything, nor offer up anything even remotely resembling logic. Did you have a point, stupid bleephole, other than the one on top of your head?

    • illinoisboy1977

      Retail merchandise is not the same as personal property, under the law. Because he was taking retail merchandise and was not actively threatening the safety of the proprietor, there existed no legal justification for the use of deadly force.

    • Red Neckerson

      Typical damn yankee comes south and proceeds to tell us how things should be. Must be a word parsing mealy mouthed lawyer. Yankee go Home!

    • illinoisboy1977

      Just like you didn’t want us yankees telling all you good southerners that claiming ownership of another human being is a bad thing? You people just can’t seem to get anything right!

    • IvanL

      Whether he will go or should go, are two different things, sir.

    • Red Neckerson

      Free DUVE! You shoul dbe allowed to defend your property. It does not matter it it is a rusty piece fo sheet metal. It is yours and not the community’s. Drifty liberla logic needs to be squashed.

  • RichardinJax

    NO he should not be freed. There is no room in America for this kind of bad-assery and where do you draw the line? Whats shoot them for breaking a bottle of beer in the store?

    Enough. Only a few phonies and gun nuts want to live in an America governed by cretins ( for God’s sake just look at this idiot ) with a gun.

    The man had every right to use that weapon to defend HIMSELF against threats of bodily harm..we all agree on that but this is a new thing..the death penalty for shoplifting. Soon it will be OK to shoot because “you felt” someone was going to steal. We have police and they have them in CC as well. You call them..give them the tag on the car the asshole drives off in and that is it. You do not murder over 2 cases of beer.

    Stop your God damn gun nuttery. They have a purpose ( I used one for a year in Vietnam but called it a weapon ) but this is not one of them. I don’t want YOU to be the Judge of my right to live. I don’t want your GUN to be used against my neighbors, friends or me. No one wants to take your guns away..that is conservative hysteria..but Ill be damned if I want gun nuts to continue to lower the bar on what is needed to shoot someone.

    • jump_off_obama

      Hey Dick…you’re a fag. F you Theodore…. Good job Duve!! Low bond = out today.

    • Oswald Carnes

      That must have been one diseased old whore you crawled out of.

    • Brian Smith

      I hear you like to be smacked across the mouth with a BBC

    • Ross Archer

      Idiot garbage like you is why everything thinks Texass is full of morons.

    • jeremy

      He was protecting his property. Dont know bout you but I work hard for what I have. If someone was to try and steal something of mine I would do the same thing. If you call the cops its too late before they get there. The suspect would be long gone. Of course you could the license plate. Who is to say the car isnt stolen. Even if its a pack of gum. Stealing is stealing. Who is really in the wrong? Someone stealing or someone protecting what they spend their hard earned money on?? Lets say if someone entered your house while you were there. What would you do? Just watch them walk out the front door? How bout you hold the door open for them? Run and hide and call the cops and HOPE they get there in time? Take matter into your own hands? Ive had stuff stolen and done it the legal way. Have I seen the stuff that was taken from me? Nope. Cops said they will keep their eye out for it. Havent heard from them in 4 years bout it. Like the old saying says “when you want something done right gotta do it yourself”

    • Templeton

      What a silly comment. Your comment shows a total ignorance of the law, justice, and basic ideas of morality. You must be a troll. If not, you’ve never been taught basic logic or right and wrong.

      If your son, daughter, nephew or niece stole, would you be OK if they were shot in the head for taking gum?

      Do you think the police should have shown up, seized the thief, and executed him on the spot, without trial?

      Do you know anything about the laws of self-defence?

      Do you know anything about right and wrong?

      You sad little clown.

    • IvanL

      Yeah, it’s wrong for a gang member to steal beer, he learned that the hard way, eh?

    • Red Neckerson

      I would not be happy if my son or daughter was killed but the simple fact they did something spring loaded stupid is their shortcoming. If they engaged in such behavior then obviously I failed to properly instill the requisite morals for living in a civilized society. . The shop owner on the other hand did the taxpayers a favor and now the fog brained prosecutor is bent on making an example of a person defending their property. Very simple concepts really, don’t steal and you will not be shot for thievery.

    • Steve Smithwick

      Another very simple concept: Don’t shoot anyone who isn’t trying to kill you and you won’t be charged with manslaughter/murder. It’s not your job to shoot them, detain them, arrest them or harm them. Shut up, call the police, and sit down.

    • Steve Smithwick

      His life is worth more than your property. And if that’s actually your stance, his life is worth more than yours- the beer thief is a better and more worthy person than you.

    • IvanL

      A gang members life isn’t worth spit to me, I’m glad he got shot and killed for beer. Darwinism at its best.

    • Steve Smithwick

      Good. You want Darwinism? I hope you have kids and a gun, and your kid either: A. dies while mishandling your poorly kept weapon. B. Kills one of his friends or another member of your family while playing with your irresponsibly kept weapon.

      I stand by my statement. The gang member contributes more to society than the militant civilians searching for an excuse to kill people over $20.

    • Red Neckerson

      Uncivil slob. His child did nothing to date to you. You wish bad luck on someone who holds a standard of ethics for an improved society? Theft is theft, deserves harsh penalties and given it was beer, not food the killing is jusitifed as far as I am concerned. Pack your bags and go live with your “Love a Criminal” friends in New York City.

    • Steve Smithwick

      There’s nothing civil or ethical about what he said. What he said doesn’t improve society- it harms it. So I replied by not being civil or ethical. I replied by suggesting I hope something that hurts society takes place close to home. I was parroting him- acting just like him.

      I think it’s equally bad to wish death on someone for stealing a case of beer. I, once again, say the gang member is better than he is. He was better alive, and he remains better whilst dead.

      Theft is theft. It deserves weak penalties. Material things are never worth lives, no matter how expensive, rare or valuable. Criminals have more class and respect and honor than the people who think you should be permitted to shoot anyone who does anything illegal, no matter how trivial the crime. And yes, $20 of beer is a trivial crime.

    • IvanL

      “I hope… I hope…” really, that’s your debate? I have a child, actually, and I’m also a gun owner, but guess what, it’s safely put away and inaccessible by kids.

      “The gang member contributes more to society….” Please, do fill me in on how a gang member contributes to society in ANY positive way, I’m all ears.

      Point is, this lowlife made a choice, and every choice carries a consequence. His choice to be a thief cost him his life, end of story.

    • Steve Smithwick

      That’s fine. And Duve’s choice to shoot a thief makes him a murderer, and he’ll be destroyed in court. He should be proud of himself- the 10 years+ in prison he’s about to do should be easier if he thinks he ‘did the right thing.’

      Gang members contribute to the economy by buying frivolous things as a show of status. Some gang members buy fancy guns sponsored by the NRA and american weapons manufacturers. That helps the economy. Some gang members by rims and spinners. Some buy nice cars. Some buy jewelry for their spouses/significant others. Gang members buy things. Buying things is good for the economy. A healthy economy is good for society. Therefore, gang members contribute to things that are good for society. I guarantee you that gang members who sell drugs make and spend more money than you do, and their doing so is good for the economy. Thus, they contribute to our overall economic well-being more than you do. That’s one example.

    • IvanL

      Exactly. Had my motorcycle stolen, when I filled out the report they said they hardly ever recover bikes, given that they don’t chase them too often since it’s too dangerous for the rider. Oh, I was SO glad to hear they were concerned with the well being of the thief who stole my motorcycle. Never heard from them again. Glad he shot him, I’m sure this wasn’t the first time he stole or did something illegal, only a matter of time when he would have done it, or worse, again. One less to worry about, if you ask me.

  • robert gould

    I think more information is needed.

  • Oswald Carnes

    Thanks for reminding me that the only good conservative is a dead conservative.

    • Red Neckerson


  • Bronson Justice

    Personally, I think Stephen Kersey is too soft on crime. More guns, less crime, fewer criminals. Hoorah.

  • John Avignone

    Are you insane? OF COURSE he should go to jail! He shot an unarmed man over a case of beer, fer chrissakes. He killed a guy for SHOPLIFTING, a misdemeanor. It takes a special kind of stupid to argue that killing someone for shoplifting is A-Okay. Congratulations! See? Mom was right. You really are “special.”

    • IvanL

      Yes, yes, let’s focus on what he did AFTER a known gang member stole something, never what caused the reaction.

      You’re free to choose, but not free from the consequence of your choice.

      He didn’t HAVE to steal beer, but he did, that was HIS choice, and a bad one, if you ask me. Actually a good one, world doesn’t need scum like that guy.

    • John Avignone

      Luckily, half witted racist bleepholes like you will NEVER be asked, as reality is completely unaffected by whatever stupid bleephole nonsense you choose to believe or not.

    • IvanL

      I knew the second I started reading your reply, that it was going to be a good one, I mean, what says I’m a highly intelligent person with a valid point more than starting out trying to insult the person rather than address the content of the message, and failing miserably, I might add. While we’re at it, before you post next time, you might want to learn the definition of the words you use. There was NOTHING racist about my comment, unless you are now trying to classify SCUM, as a race.

      The fact is that a gang member, who by the way are known to be highly regarded members of society always serving the well being of their community, STOLE BEER, a choice he made. Now I don’t give a rat’s behind that YOU, clearly a smart person, (I hope you sensed the sarcasm since I laid it on pretty thick) think it wasn’t justified shooting him over beer, ALL actions in this world have consequences. If you don’t want to deal with the possibility of being shot and killed for beer, perhaps this will serve as a warning to others to not try and commit such foolish acts.

      So you can take your idiotic, bleedheart, argument somewhere else, because in the real world in which we live in, WE, as individuals, are accountable for our own actions.

    • John Avignone

      My argument? WTF are you bleating about, stupid bleephole? You’re the only one here making asinine arguments that fly in the face of reality. You see, stupid bleephole, the REALITY is the guy was arrested, will stand trial and will be convicted, period, EOS, move the bleep on, stupid peephole.

      You keep right on assailing reality, stupid bleephole. Do let us know should reality suddenly bend to your will. In the meantime, enjoy your prime seat on the wrong side of history.

    • IvanL

      You see, you f’ing d!psh1t, the REALITY is the gang member is DEAD, will be dead, and will remain dead, EOS, you stupid sh1t for brains.

    • John Avignone

      My, what an interesting way of saying, “Yes, I’m a delusional stupid bleephole, nothing I believe will come to pass and boy, howdy, do I ever know it.”

      Now, delusional stupid bleephole, wipe the flecks of foam off of your monitor. It’s unhygienic.

    • Red Neckerson

      Theft should be a capital offense, like it was for cattle rustling and horse theft originally.

    • John Avignone

      Stupidity should be a capital offense. Luckily for you, it’s not.

  • Ross Archer

    Fry the bastard or send him to mental facility for life. This is not Afghanistan or some idiot country.

    • IvanL

      Clearly it is if you think it’s okay for someone to steal, but not okay for the person to protect said property.

      Actions have consequences, stolen beer, action, dead gang member, consequence.

  • scallywag

    And let’s see why this crime went on to be perpetrated….

    Commentator one: Sorry….no sympathy for people who steal things that they didn’t work for. None.

    Commentator two: I agree. He was not a victim. He was stealing. Had he even home, or paid for the beer like normal people do, he would still be alive.

  • TimeToCleanHouse

    I hope they keep him locked up and he gets a needle in his arm. He is a back shooter, and a murderer.

  • Templeton

    “Stephen Kersey”. Who is he? Why can’t I find any information on Google? Why no profiles of this “writer”?

    I think Kersey is an alias, or he’s a fictional “writer” used for obvious click-bait like this disgusting, immoral and dumb post.

    Prove me wrong, Kersey! Show us your Facebook page! Your LinkedIn profile! Show us your bio and a list of all the things you’ve written.

    To the owners of Alloy/B5: just hope one of your kids or nephews/nieces doesn’t steal some gum and get murdered by a gun-carrying store owner.

  • Templeton

    B5 was a Canadian company. Alloy bought it and specializes in click-bait. This immoral post is a great example of their trash.

    And is “Stephen Kersey” a real person? I doubt it. I searched Google and found no trace.

  • Meanoldlady

    Well Zimmerman shot an unarmed teen for nothing and got away with it, why shouldn’t this guy when somebody really stole from him. Stealing is stealing period.

    • Jim

      You are well named you old bitch. Hope they get you for SS fraud.

    • Red Neckerson

      Hey, mean old ladies are nice compared to the above wench. She needs a close encounter of the third kind with a street thug, Betcha she would change her mind then.

  • jj

    Free him

    • Jim

      Fry him.

  • IvanL

    You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your actions. Don’t like the outcome, don’t commit the action.

  • Benjamin_check

    The real question is how sick are you to feel killing someone over beer is justified? I have no sympathy for thieves….but is a life worth a case of beer? You have to be in a really special place in your head to think that is an appropriate response to shoplifting. Might as well chop his hand off like they do in Muslim countries, yet to hear a Texas Christian tell it, the Muslims are savages. At least the Muslims let you live, most times today they just break your arm/wrist. These people are mostly just what I call “coward killers,” losers who have been waiting their entire life to have an excuse to kill someone, just so they can say they did it, yet never joined the military because they are scared to be shot back at. Like cops. Want some action? Join the 1st marine exp. darkhorse battalion. All the action you need…..Getting into a shootout over property is something my FBI hostage team and DEVGRU fire arm instructor told me he would never do. EVER. People who have never shed another person’s blood think killing is a game, or some great thing, you’re sick.

    • Red Neckerson

      Not sick at all, just pragmatic.

    • sirernestbarker

      The reports give no background, no context. So get off your high horse, it’s a game (theoretical) to you, too.

    • sirernestbarker

      If the dead man had simply opened a beer in the shop and consumed it, and the proprietor plugged him, it would have been unjustified, but the punk ran, and paid the price.

  • sirernestbarker

    Why did he shoot him in the head? I would have shot him in the body, or better yet, the punk’s knuckles – with luck, two quick. knuck slugs for a “knuckle sandwich” and the thirsty thief would have been goin’ “hands free” for his next few brew runs.

    • Red Neckerson

      No good deed goes unpunished. Taxpayers were saved the cost of trial and incarceration costs for the thug and now a dribbling liberal prosecutor is going to spend the money anyway that would have been saved. It is not like the thief was stealing food. Give the store owner a reward and make it clear that theft carries a harsh penalty.

  • Rockit_Man

    He shot a scumbag that society is better off without. Slap his wrist and let him go.

  • jonquimbly

    Kersey is arguing for vigilanteism. Should armed citizens become judge, jury and executioner? Bypass due process, make a snap judgement, then blam! One-man firing squad. For a misdemeanor theft.

    I’m not inviting Kersey to my pool parties, nuh-uh.

  • rocky

    He broke the law. He could use deadly force in Texas if it was aggravated robbery but not for shoplifting $20 of beer. Unfortunately Rodney did not know the law before pulling the trigger.

  • Rhonda Mullenix

    Remember folks that per the news stories, this was the second time in the same night that the thief came in the store and walked out with a case of beer. Mr Duve just decided he wasn’t going to put up with it the second time around. ALSO, the local police had been summoned to the property 13 times so far this year for robbery calls. I’m not saying this was justified but I certainly understand his complete and utter frustration with law enforcement.

  • Uncle Amos

    This guy needs to rot in prison. His life was not in danger, IN ANY WAY. The type of moron who thinks it is okay to shoot someone over a 12 pack of beer is WAY MORE of a danger to our society than the person who steals the beer. Rot mofo.

  • Mason

    Stealing is stealing. If you don’t steal you are a better cause to a piece of shit society. Dude died cause he didnt want pay for shit and be a piece of lazy fucking trash. Duve was in the right! Honestly I’d shot him somewhere that he could suffer and spread the word of actually working for a loving. All these lazy fucks think that they can do whatever because Obama can give them free phones and welfare checks. Ppl like you Steve are most likely lazy fucks. To the Duve family, love your family, they are the most down to earth people I have the honor to know.

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