Biker Jay Meezee Reportedly Paralyzed and in a Coma

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Earlier today, a colleague here at EveryJoe wrote an article admonishing the bikers who attacked the driver of a Range Rover. However, after looking at what happened to Jay Meezee (real name Edwin Mieses Jr.) and reading the motorcyclists’ side of the story, I’m going to have to wholeheartedly disagree with my co-worker.

Look below for 9 pictures of Jay Meezee, who the bikers are saying was hit and injured by the reckless Range Rover. He is said to have suffered a broken back and is reportedly paralyzed. His friends are saying he’s now in a medically-induced coma.

When not riding, he’s also an accomplished rapper His father, Edwin Mieses, is a pastor at a church, while his mother is a nurse.

If that driver ran this man over, the bikers had every right to chase him down. It was a cowardly act. I’d hope my friends would react exactly the same way. In fact, the man behind the wheel got off light by only suffering a few cuts and bruises.

Get well soon, man. And may the mainstream media stop portraying the motorcycle “gang” as the evildoers in this tragedy. They were simply protecting their brother.

Here are the images mentioned above. Click the right arrow to view all nine shots. The last pic in the gallery shows the point of impact — and I’ve also placed a link to the original story our website published on the final slide:

Edwin Mieses Jr. A.K.A. Jay Meezee

Edwin Mieses Jr. A.K.A. Jay Meezee

Edwin Mieses Jr. A.K.A. Jay Meezee

Edwin Mieses Jr. A.K.A. Jay Meezee

Edwin Mieses Jr. A.K.A. Jay Meezee

Edwin Mieses Jr. A.K.A. Jay Meezee

Edwin Mieses Jr. A.K.A. Jay Meezee

Edwin Mieses Jr. A.K.A. Jay Meezee

Edwin Mieses Jr. A.K.A. Jay Meezee

Click here for the original story!




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  • Beatrix

    This is horrible. I had read the police said he only had a broken leg. Why the cover up?

    • OSB

      I think you overestimate the speed with which multiple stories can be assimilated and actual events can be translated into a (relatively) accurate media product. Seems a bit silly to accuse anyone of a cover up.

  • Tin Elle

    Well, his helmet does say reckless..if he was the guy who cut him off and looked back as he wished to get rear ended…we’ll than there ya go… You mess with the bull, you get the horns! Plus your stay away from asian drivers, you’re a moron if you don’t know that!

    • hirschmead321

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    • StarrLady

      lol!! I thought that was only women Asian drivers….

  • Oh Well

    Shouldn’t have been there with a bunch of guys breaking the law. You can blame his fellow rider for the incident

  • oh yea

    this guy your talking.about jay is in the purple on the green bike on the other side of the suv

    • BklynNY

      The guy on the white bike directly in front of the SUV is Christopher Cruz, age 28, of Passaic NJ.

      Cruz has been arrested and “charged with menacing, reckless endangerment, reckless
      driving and endangering the welfare of a child. He was waiting to be
      arraigned on Tuesday.”

  • Scum Bag

    Now he can ride his new vehicle and act all tough – Stephen Hawkings style! Good Riddance.

  • Whatev

    The writer of this article obviously hasn’t done any research. The motorcycle “gang” (it’s not a gang, it’s a bunch of kids getting together acting stupid) were the one to instigate the entire thing by causing an accident with the SUV on PURPOSE. They then stopped the entire traffic to harrass the guy in the SUV. I say the guys on the motorcycles are lucky to be alive. Messing with a father while his 2yo is in the backseat is reason to get killed.

    • Farks Rose

      They bashed the side and back windows of the Family’s SUV where the baby was. Fragments of the glass got on the baby.

    • jrs505050

      This article isn’t even an article. It’s just bait. There’s no argument in this article. Just bait for people come to this website.

    • Just sayin’

      What REALLY disgusted me was a photo apparently taken from an
      apartment and shows when the driver eventually got stuck in traffic @175th St. In this photo you see the frantic young mother about to leap from the SUV to confront a biker as he starts to open the rear door where her 2 year old is strapped in a car seat. You can see the car window on her passenger side has been completely smashed and the front right tire
      which was previously slashed is badly worn down. While this is going
      on, her husband is or has been pulled from the SUV and is being
      beaten and slashed with knives.

      Bunch of punk cowards targeting a woman and a baby.

    • cecilia

      you should pray that these “kids”will play such game with you and your family, your children and your parents next time. good luck.

    • i dont like bs

      no bitch, i hope that these kids will play game with you and your family. it’ll happen soon, faggot.

    • stevebsr

      no, he’s a biased idiot only trying to reverse the actions of these low lifes. the kid thats hurt.. well the ones in this sissy group are the ones to blame not the people they attacked . this guys website is a joke

  • dantheman08822

    You can blame “Meezee” and his friends for this, not the driver. These punks are a bunch of terrorists, and this guy was part of the group. I don’t feel in the least bit sorry for him.

    • Gigi Ocasio

      Shut the Fuck Up

    • StarrLady

      Geeeze! Thank you! This is karma!! They had that poor man and his family cornered… you’d better believer I’d run ANYBODY over to get my kid to safety. He’s a thug, and this is his KARMA!!

    • jrs505050

      The writer of this article would go on YouTube and watch “Bully gets slammed by fat kid” and side with the BULLY.

    • John Miller

      Edwin E. Mieses, 26, of 17 Bernard Ave., Nov. 28, charged with operating a motor vehicle after license was revoked, illegal possession of a Class D narcotic, operating a motor vehicle with defective equipment and on five outstanding warrants;
      Arrested Again in May, Since 1999, he has been ticketed by police 16 times, in Lawrence, Methuen, Roxbury, Andover, and New Hampshire, according to registry records.
      In June, the Registry notified the National Driver Register that Mieses was a habitual traffic offender whose right to drive in Massachusetts was revoked until 2017, records show.”

    • Peter

      No surprise. Him ending up in the hospital was no surprise too. Was going to happen sooner or later with that kind of driving record.

    • Jumbo175

      Saw the same article in today’s Globe. Convenient how Everyday Joe ( whatever the heck that is) makes no mention of the troublemakers history. This is the definition of “Karma”.

    • John Miller

      As to Everyday Joe they are like the majority of the bubble gum media, pushing someones agenda like crack on a Harlem street corner. Anyway all lies by omission Jumbo.

    • righteous

      i wish the asian man, obviously a producer and not a taker like this gang of scum, had taken out more of them. Too bad some didn’t die. Why is this not being pursued as a hate crime, because the victim was not black?

    • i dont like bs

      if the asian man was a reckless driver, he should have KILLED MORE OF THESE FAGS during the whole 5min chase.

  • liveleaked

    Mess with the bull, you get the horns. Should not have attacked the poor man and his family.

  • irritated

    You (the author) have read “the bikers” side of the story? Care to tell at what point Jay was hit? If the riders were trying to stop the SUV because he ran over someone well before the vid started, then yes, it changes the perception of this whole mess. Slightly
    If he was run over during the escape attempt, then I feel bad for him, but don’t lay any blame at the feet of the driver of the SUV.
    You can’t go start a fight with someone, get your tail whipped, then blame the person for whooping your as. if you hang out with people that lime to start drama and act like wanna be tough guys, you’re eventually gonna get caught up in their bullshit. People gotta be responsible for their choices and actions. Both in what they do, and who they associate with. Common sense in my book.

    • emily

      100% agree…. he made a choice, and now he must live with it… even if he was’t the one who started it… if i get into a car knowing the driver is drunk, and i end up paralyzed due to an accident, the only person i can blame is myself… Granted it sucks, but as a father of 2 kids (from what i just read) he should have made a wiser, more mature, more responsible choice than to go out riding with a group of wannabe though guys, driving illegally (side walks, running reds, stopping traffic on a highway)

  • InstantKarma

    “When not riding, he’s also an accomplished rapper”
    Haha! DON’T YOU MEAN: “When not intimidating small children and their parents, he’s also an accomplished CRIPPLE.”

    All I can say is GOOD.. serves that fat fuck right. In fact, its unfortunate the Rover didn’t give him a FULL FACIAL RECONSTRUCTION. His father is a Pastor, and he should have known better. Not only has he played a part in destroying the lives of an innocent family and traumatising a young child and woman, but the coward has disgraced his own father and contradicted the values his father has spent his life “preaching”, and as par for the course has destroyed his OWN family. Instant karma delivery.

    I hope we are not supposed to feel sorry for that savage. Lets all hope he never wakes up, he never walks again, his dick never works again so he can never have his own children. I probably speak for the majority here: Let the idiot rot in his own shit and piss in his hospital bed.

    • Alexandra

      He already has children — two of them. A 15 year old boy and a 9 year old girl. He’s a family man. He was out of the way on the side (he’s not the biker who was cutting off the SUV) when one of his fellow bikers got clipped by the SUV. He went to help, and got ran over. That doesn’t make him a savage. It’s an unfortunate situation all around.

    • beaverdams

      Thank you for clarifying.

    • drwalterbishopfringedivision

      No, apparently you failed to watch the video. He was parked IN FRONT OF the SUV when he got ran over…ergo he was a willing participant in this pack of animals. If he was truly an innocent bystander, why was he blocking the SUV instead of pulled to the side of the road?

    • Alexandra

      You are looking at the wrong bike. The guy that got run over is not the one that was “parked” in front of the SUV. He’s the one on the green bike on the side.

    • Kevin

      And that matters why? It’s was the choice of the people he was riding with to do what they did, the situation then resulted in the truck trying to get away from a possible beating. With that being done, it just happened that this guy was in his way of trying to get the hell out of there. So if they want to blame anyone, blame the dude that started the whole thing.

      going about your business on a highway then having bikers come up and try to own you and make you come to a dead stop on a highway…. that’s both dangerous and irresponsible. He could have kept riding.

    • Corey A.

      It matters because he said “He was parked IN FRONT OF the SUV when he got ran over.” — and that’s not the case.

    • Kevin

      Look, bottom line. The guy was getting out of a situation that he was being threatened. This guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The fact he stuck around with them while they did what they were doing was a dumb move to begin with. You can pick and chose the situations that will play out. Stay, you can face the police, leave and you get away from the gang of bikers trying to beat up on the man. Sorry but he had a choice. Laws were being broken before the man went over him.

    • Lewin

      If he did not want to get involved he could have

      1. kept driving, not stopping to gang up

      2. Not have been in a twat biker gang anyway, have you seen the things they do? (HollywoodStuntz is the name)

    • No Limit

      Ghetto mezee was obviously RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE SUV when he got ran over, or he wouldn’t have gotten ran over. Every effing one of these ghetto pieces of chit should have been ran over.

      Don’t eff with law-abiding citizens on the road – they’re lucky the driver of the suv wasn’t actually trying to take them out (I would have covered a few lanes & utilized reverse if the ghetto pieces of chit had tried that w/my wife & child in the car.


      yes. Me too and I ride. I stay away from mc’s and any patches, etc. bad news. I ride a BMW sport bike but i side with the poor Asian man. Hope he heals fast

    • Tim Anderson

      If you watch the video the driver was trying to go around the bike that stopped and in the process hits other bikes and this man. He didn’t go out for a Sunday drive to run over bikers, if that was the case he could have took a lot of them out. This guy was a part of a group of child thugs and shouldn’t have been at his age. I have ridden bikes for over thirty years, done some stupid stuff, and had some wrecks. I’ve never ridden in a gang for this reason. It’s called community responsibility. That “gang” is a community, he joined it and is responsible for the results. ALL of the bikers in that group are. Don’t believe me? Try riding with someone that robs a store and kills the owner, even if you don’t pull the trigger, your going to jail for it. Bottom line, each person is responsible for who the associate with, period.

    • Amazed

      Well said!


      who gives a shit. He was there and a willing bag of shit participant. He got off light, too bad he lived. Im sure he doesn’t have insurance. He’ll probably sue the poor Asian man and win for damages.

    • TC

      Alexandra you are a fucking idiot. How do you think any of the bikers in the video are not savages? I would’ve run your ass over.

    • Guest

      You must be fucking a thug. I’ve seen this before with other stupid bitches. It’s a kind of Stockholm Syndrome. But then, I don’t expect you to know what that is, you simpleton.

    • nearboston

      Obviously he was in front of the SUV. How else could he end up getting run over?

    • Noneya

      if he had no part of it, he wouldn’t have stopped at all, Get a clue!

    • Jefrey With One F

      The vehicle moves forward, not sideways.

    • Shi Bob


    • TooRotten

      So, the bike that was in front did not get run over but te one on the side did…. Um… OK, if you think that is possible then do I ever got a bridge for you and some Ocean front property in Arizona!! And he teleported there by mistake also right? Because he was NATIONALLY banned from driving ANY motor vehicle (Motocycles included), until 2017! Is SEEN in te video DRIVING, yet he wasn’t in the act of just a few more felony driving offenses when he got a serious hit of Cosmic Karma?? Wow….

    • i dont like bs


    • schotts

      I understand he went to help his friend. However, the entire gaggle (not sure it’s a formal gang so…gaggle) was engaging in highly risking activities. They are breaking traffic laws, intimating other people, purposely causing an accident on a highway. If a person associates with others that engage in highly risky (think illegal in this case) activities, eventually, it’s going to catch up with them too. Doesn’t matter how many kids they have, what they do when they aren’t riding motorcycles, etc. This pack of wolves started the entire incident with the SUV.

    • PRDiddy

      Thugs hang out with other thugs….it’s as simple as that. These Meezie dude is a thug.

    • StarrLady

      and karma bit him on his a$$!! Sorry, that was sweet, sweet, justice for that terrorized family… and thugs? Stay out of NY… they gave out 60 summons and 55 lost their bikes. Kudos to the NYPD


      the only problem is that the NYPD cut these thugs out of T Sq and blocked them on Broadway but let them loose to terrorize the city. They and the city are to blame for the Asain man’s beating. I hate to say it, but i hope he sues and wins

    • Kevin

      Again, its called phoning the police and taking a plate number down.

      Either way, no sympathy after watching the way they ride.

    • Jefrey With One F

      Most of those bikes weren’t even street legal. There are no plates. Plus, he did call the cops. Over 200 people called the cops.

    • Farks Rose

      He may or may not be savage but his ‘friends’ caused his injuries not the driver of the SUV.

    • Bdub

      Ya helping out traumatizing an innocent family. They will all rot in hell

    • Positive Carry

      Well, he WAS part of a 100+ person mob that attacked a guy for no good reason at all. He may not have been the primary antagonist, and it’s certainly unfortunate that he is injured for life; but this wasn’t just a random bystander. He was absolutely part of the group violence.

    • cecilia

      sorry for his children, their dad has been suspended driver licen 10 more years ago, he is not driving instead of killing people and himself. He deserved all, but not peoople who follow up rule.

    • John Miller

      Edwin E. Mieses, 26, of 17 Bernard Ave., Nov. 28, charged with operating a motor vehicle after license was revoked, illegal possession of a Class D narcotic, operating a motor vehicle with defective equipment and on five outstanding warrants;
      Arrested Again in May, Since 1999, he has been ticketed by police 16 times, in Lawrence, Methuen, Roxbury, Andover, and New Hampshire, according to registry records.
      In June, the Registry notified the National Driver Register that Mieses was a habitual traffic offender whose right to drive in Massachusetts was revoked until 2017, records show.”

    • John Miller

      Yeah quite a family man concerned for his kids no doubt.

    • dieselman0007

      actually Alexandra, he is clearly seen on the front passenger side of the SUV. After the initial incident he parks his bike in front of the SUV and gets off it. Possibly to help the biker that got knocked down, or maybe to slash the front passenger tire. After the SUV takes off you can clearly see it run low on the front left, meaning front left tire is slashed.
      when the SUV comes to a final stop, you can clearly see there is no tire left on the passenger side.

    • NewYorker

      ” maybe to slash the front passenger tire.”

      Not maybe, known fact.

    • sertsj1

      No one was going to “help” the fucking SUV driver. Are you this fucking stupid?

    • toul

      Alexandra you seem to be a bit confused. Though unpleasant, I think you should take a another look at the video and link it to his reputation!

    • Rockit_Man

      He wouldn’t have got hurt if he wasn’t participating in that lawless ride in the first place. He wanted to play thug and he wound up playing speed bump.

    • Giggles

      Actually he’s a POS…. And got less than he deserved… But hopefully with time his body will atrophy and bed sores will become his grand fate in life.
      He now will have plenty of time to think of how dumb he was that day, hopefully he has use of his arms so he can stop his own uselessness. LOL.

    • Jefrey With One F

      The doctors didn’t want to fix him.

    • ed

      too late, he already bred and passed on his thug genes. these guys replicate quick, just like a virus.

    • Stan

      “Help”. Is that what they call it these days when you assist in detaining and terrorizing a motorist?

      The reality is, even if he wasn’t doing any of the terrorizing, he made a string of bad choices.

      The world is a harsh and unforgiving place. If you screw around, it will snatch up your life in a second. But Miesas and his friends were screwing around and being a-holes. If you make bad decisions being an a-hole, people aren’t inclined to feel bad for you. If you make bad decisions while being an a-hole and hanging out with a bunch of violent, criminal thugs, you’re endorsing their behavior, and people will be happy to see you get what you deserve.

    • Beach

      He was a part of a mob. He was just the unlucky one. Too bad! Personally I feel that if you have a family to support you probably should not be doing what this asshole was doing. I have a family to support so I ride responsibly. Nobody who watched all of the video footage from that day not just the SUV video but the one where they caused 200 people to call 911… would say he got what he deserved.


      you are out of your mind. If there was a traffic issue why not call the pd? He was is a punk dirtball, convicted fellon and piece of garbage. He was in front of the truck helping terrorize a good family. Too bad he lived

    • jimmy

      That’s what you claim but I don’t believe it. The video magnified shows the bikers damaging his car and trying to pull him out of his car when he stopped the first time on the west side highway.

    • Ed

      ya, its unfortunate he passed his genes on, because his 15 year old boy is going to terrorize your kids one day.

    • April Day

      Meezee’s a family man? Surely you jest!

      He was driving without a license. He was a habitual offender whose driver’s license was revoked until 2017.

      I read that he had a long rap sheet beginning that began when he was 12.

    • Tommy Guns

      you have the same mentality as this mob what makes you any different ?
      Americans make me sick.

    • mlb77

      Mr Miesas didn’t have a license to operate a vehicle, he made another bad decision to get on that bike and ride to NY.

  • BrklynNY

    Okay, what is this aspiring rapper Jay Meezee’s real name: Edwin Mieses Jr. or Jeremiah Mieses? The Rev. Mieses has six kids including an Edwin as well as a Jeremiah. You claim he’s Edwin Mieses Jr. but other reports have ID’d him as Jeremiah Mieses. Which is it?

    No doubt you’ll agree it’s important to give credit where credit is due.

  • c. mcnally

    Phuk this guy. I hope he dies. Personally this is why i have guns. Id have ran over as many as possible and shot the rest dead. Worthless F’n trash. I wonder what he raps about? Ho’s drugs and gangs? I hope he dies a very painful death.

  • Anonymous

    Watch the video. The first vehicle-to-vehicle contact was a biker lane-sharing with less than 3 feet between his rear tire and the RRs front bumper. The biker looked over his shoulder and brake-checked, hard. A Range Rover is a large vehicle, it would have been impossible for it to brake as quickly as the bike even if he’d know it was coming. The RR was merely traveling at a normal rate in the middle lane. After the contact, the bikers and RR stopped. The driver of the RR was in the vehicle with his wife and 5 month old baby. In the video, you can see people swarm the RR. He obviously felt threatened by the 50+ bikers surrounding him. So he gunned it to escape. I would have done the same damn thing. Given how the police haven’t pressed charges against him and have arrested 15 bikers, I think that the police feel his actions were justified as well

  • Sax1031

    it takes a special kind of stupid to brake check a cage while on a bike. hopefully the reports are true and this idiot will never walk again. new york roads will be a little safer.

    • solly

      good point. if he is paralyzed, he won’t be able to attack women and infant children again, so that is a win.

  • Wendy Taylor

    I have rode with many different motorcycle club in many states from ohio to texas .people in cars don’t watch for bikes . As a ride stop bein judgemental most we are out to blow stress or clear our head . They are not the old hell angels , outlaws or worst . Just a bunch of guys riding. In texas we ride 80 to 100 deep. Some are lawyers , dr police office we block roads so we are safe . If 1 goes down we all stay together untill or truck pick them up.

    • Sax1031

      how many of you all are dumb enough to brake check a cage?

    • mmartin

      Well said. I can’t believe how people on here are cheering the fact that the biker is paralyzed. Its disgusting to read some of these posts. Regardless of the situation, wishing and hoping bad upon someone is horrible. When has riding a motorcycle automatically make you gang-related, or a punk, or some type of menace to society. Its an unfortunate situation and only those that were there know what truly happened. On another note, just because this man had his child and wife with him does not make him a loving innocent family man that was victimized. Don’t assume that he wasnt at fault. Don’t assume the biker is to blame. You can’t tell me that everyone whose a parent or spouse can do no wrong. In a world that is so accepting of different lifestyles its hard to believe that so many are closed-minded and judgemental towards this incident.

    • Rockit_Man

      These thugs attacked a family who’d done nothing to them. They all deserve what this one punk got.

    • LetsHopeHeDies

      Everyone here is happy he’s paralysed, because everyone here realises he’s just a thug that’s out to harass others. And if you don’t comply with their demands? They group assault you. Woah, you’re real heroes.

    • skfa

      When you have a mob crowd that is attacking a man and his wife and baby, then they all deserve to die. I hope you are attacked by a mob. See how your paradigm will change very quickly.

    • drwalterbishopfringedivision

      Do we cry foul when a rapist is attacked in jail? No. Do we feel bad when a convicted murderer is executed? No. Please explain to me then anyone should feel the slightest sorrow for a thug who participated in a vicious and traumatizing attack on an innocent family? He got what he deserved and NOBODY here is wrong in being glad that a bad guy finally got a taste of his own medicine.

    • BizzyM

      mmartin: “When has riding a motorcycle automatically make you gang-related, or a punk, or some type of menace to society.”

      When you ride with 50+ and start harassing and intimidating other drivers. That’s when. And people have always been closed minded towards violent groups. And if the SUV driver was guilty of starting this mess by cutting off or clipping another bike, then fine. But that’s no excuse to take the law into their own hands and chase this guy down.

    • LetsHopeHeDies

      You’re not allowed to block roads. Who the fuck do you think you are? You little shits deserve to be paralysed.

  • solly

    The driver ran over Jay Meezee because he was about to be attacked. The driver of the SUV, a man with his wife and infant child in the car, was surrounded by 100 bikers and stopped on the highway. The bikers then proceeded on foot and tried to gain entrance to his vehicle. They were throwing bike helmets at his vehicle and trying to open the doors to attack his family. All of this occurred *BEFORE* the driver ran over your friend. Only then, *AFTER* the bikers tried to enter the SUV did the driver run over your friend as a means of escape from a likely attack. It was an act of self-defense by a victim, from your friend, the attacker. Watch the video for yourself. Don’t want to be run over and paralyzed by an SUV? Don’t attack families. Don’t attack women and infant children. I have no sympathy for your friend at all. He is going to hell.

    • Sammy


    • StarrLady

      I definetely would have rolled over the bastard to save MY kid!! No sympathy here… he got what he deserved.

  • Ryan Robart

    Cmon really! your going to tell us that if a gang of bikers (forget the stigma). Men on bikes,surrounded your vehicle with your wife and child in it you would sit there and let them kick your backside all over the place?…..your a bigger idiot then your article makes you look, if in fact that is the case.

  • Ryan Robart

    Forget this writer he’s just hoping to get sensational points for his ignorant article. Leave it alone and he will have to go away.

  • solly

    I am sure the SUV driver took his wife and infant out that day to go look for bikers to run over. I am sure that was his plan. Your argument is pants-on-head stupid.

  • P W

    The driver of the Range Rover feared for his safety and the safety of his wife and little girl. Act like a thug and sometimes it comes back to you. The bikers are the ones who are at fault. F them.

    • StarrLady

      and next year, stay out of NY! NYPD got them good with 60 summons, 55 bikes taken away… burn ‘em!!

  • Jf

    This punk deserves to be paralyzed.

  • dc

    I pray for “Meezee” that he will find it in his heart to forgive the driver and if he was participating in this cowardly act that he ask forgiveness from the driver. We all need to Love one another! I am sorry this happened to you but we reap what we sow.

  • Alexander Paskwalski

    What kind of a moron would brake check an SUV while riding a bike. Fuck these assholes, you don’t go off all “vigilante” after you start the conflict.

  • Rockit_Man

    The rider was a punk, out messing with people because he felt big and brave in a pack of thugs. He got what he deserved and it’s only too bad that the other two-wheeled vermin did not get the same thing. In most of the rest of America, they could have been shot for attacking that family like the bunch of savages that they are. I would have cheered that.

  • HitEmAllNextTime

    Noah you’re a moron…watch the video instead of reading the rants of other morons cowards that ride around with no regard to the law or fellow citizens…he should have hit more of them till they stopped chasing him

  • BigBearMike

    Hey…. Look what I found! If this is the same guy, he was out driving
    with a suspended license! Karma baby…. what a b!tch! Out breaking the
    law…. Again! LOL, North Andover, MA
    May 30, 2013

    Merrimack Valley Police Log

    Staff report

    The Eagle-Tribune

    —- — The following items were recently taken from area police logs:


    Friday, May 24

    Arrest: Edwin Mieses Jr., 32, of 478 Riverside Drive,
    Lawrence, operating a motor vehicle with a revoked license, subsequent
    offense, Haverhill Street, 1:48 p.m.

  • r0tten

    Guess this writer haven’t read how most of the bikers rather slash the tires of the range rover instead of helping Meezee which would probably scare the hell of the driver and his family who probably drove off because of that. Or how these bikers didn’t have a permit to do this rally and were causing mayhem in the streets of NY before this happened (riding on sidewalks, blocking traffic, running red lights). And those pictures the writer posts? One shows his actual injuries, one shows him wearing a helmet with “RECKLESS,” and how rest shows how proud he is of his fresh wounds and scraps probably from being “RECKLESS.” Feel bad for Meezee but seems like he likes playing with fire and finally got burnt badly.

  • 2wheels

    You’re an idiot.

    No one has a right to hunt down and viciously assault someone who has hurt their friend, that’s why we have a legal system in this country. Every biker who participated in that chase should be charged with a crime. You’ll notice that the cops are apparently not charging Mr. Lien… I wonder why? Even with video evidence?

    Here’s some questions for you to ask your buddies, the bikers.

    Why were these bikers harassing the driver of the SUV?
    Why did that biker cut off the SUV and slow down causing the SUV to hit him?
    Why did they allegedly slash his tires and beat on his car before he drove off, injuring several of them and wrecking some bikes?
    Why did they chase down and viciously assault him rather than getting his plate number and calling the cops?

    I also hope this “accomplished rapper” (that’s something to be proud of?) gets better, so he can be brought before a court to answer for his reckless actions.

  • Genghis Q Khan

    Thugs sometimes get hurt while pursuing their passion of intimidating and hurting the weak and defenseless. Who their parents are and what else they do in their spare time
    is irrelevant. Kharma’s a bitch.

  • Dan

    Hey. These were totally legit bikers following every law on the road and respecting fair use. Totally. See the link below. These bikers are maniacs. It is sad that someone had to get injured because a man felt his family was being harassed.

  • Eric

    Seriously, if this doesn’t portray them as a gang then I don’t know what does. You don’t drive down the wrong side of the road. You don’t drive on the side walk. You don’t weave through traffic to get ahead.

    How is this not a gang?

  • RR

    You mean the guy who was riding on a suspended license? The Edwin Mieses Jr that was reportedly arrested this past May? Commissioner Kelly has said the driver will not be charged… that should say something.

  • BobDole

    Attacking a family in their car and paying the price. It’s called Karma and he should have little remorse. That incident will haunt all their lives for a very long time. Motorcycle gatherings like this empower the riders to act differently. I know, I’ve been on rides. It’s horrible that none in the group had the guts to stand up for what was right and let the police handle the situation. They are all guilty of this crime. Make a statement against this type of action now or see it repeated.

  • mich

    Yeah…..agressive Ivy School Educated Chinese man with wife and child attacked gang of bikers. Yes….and the bikers were going to the candy store to get skittles and ice tea.
    If I was in the SUV things might have been worse for those bikers. Anarchy on the West Side Highway.

    • StarrLady

      lol, yeah, baby. With my kid in the car? Road pizza!

  • Threshold

    Lol, nevermind the fact that the bikers were already attacking the family in the Range Rover. Now we are supposed to feel sorry because some would be thug got his ass ran over when a man is trying to protect his wife and kid. Dude got what he deserved.

  • neapolis

    Had it been me I would have smeared as many of these thugs all over the black top until my vehicle would no longer move and if that didn’t stop the rest, my bullets would! I have absolutely NO sympathy for this thug! He was brake checking the SUV driver trying to start a fight! Good riddance to all of these punks. They are the ones who give bikers a band name!

  • BlackScythe0 .

    To the writer of this article. You’re a horrible person. These bikers attacked a family with zero provocation. He had no choice but to flee for his life. This guy who was hit? It was 150% his fault. They were the ones who choose to attack.
    The only problem I have with the SUV is he didn’t go into reverse after flooring it forward.

  • BlackScythe0 .

    Hey author, before you write more incompetent articles maybe you should watch some of the other videos these monsters put up before this happened where they used violence and intimidation against random people while violating dozens of traffic laws.

  • LetsHopeHeDies

    Author, we’re all happy your friend and ‘accomplished rapper’ will never walk again. We’re glad such a degenerate can no longer harass others with his darwinistic behaviour.

    The SUV should have driven over all of them.

  • Ashantis_Sideburns

    You are an absolute idiot, had i been the driver of the range rover i would of swerved across all lanes taking out these idiots. You think break checking a man driving with his family is cool? and then running up on his car to open the door on a highway? Don’t blame this man’s condition on the driver of the range rover, blame it on his and his friends idiotic ways.

  • Paul

    Too bad this guy is still alive.

  • Josh

    This is exactly why we carry guns. Feel terrible for the people in the SUV. After the video cut off they pulled him from the car and beat and stabbed the SUV driver in front of his family. If he had armed himself, or lived somewhere it was allowed he would have fared much better. To the bikers, especially the one in the hospital : Stupid games win stupid prizes.

    Maybe Noah Gulliver should watch the whole video before attempting this lame-ass stretch of journalism.

  • Henry James

    serves that biker right. harassing and ordinary american family for no reason.

  • drwalterbishopfringedivision

    Cry me a river…the thug got what was coming to him. Karma sucks, doesn’t it buddy?

  • Noah is a moron

    So, if you are driving with your wife and baby and are surrounded by 70 motorcycles that are apparently about to attack you, you are just going to sit there and take it? It’s called self defense, moron. I would have ran over the motorcyclist and then backed up and did it again. If these motorcyclist don’t want to get run over, then stop attacking people. I just wished he would have hit more of these motorcyclists.

  • Emily

    the SUV driver did nothing wrong… Chriostopher Cruz is the only one who can be blamed and should be prosecuted in this situation… Why did he feel the need to cut off the SUV and break at the last minute… any idiot knows this will most likely result in a collision. A childish, immature, idiot, macho (and i can’t say the rest) INFANT is the cause of Mieses injuries. If Cruz would not have caused this accident, other idiots would not have intimidated Lien who had a 2 YEAR OLD CHILD IN HIS CAR, banged up his car and slahed his tires, causing him to panick and hit the gas pedal…. I would have done the same thing…. And Mieses also has his own responsibility, driving among a gang of idiot motorcyclist (not the first time they have wreaked havoc in the city streets) and putting himself at risk of a situation just like this one… you wanna act like a childish thug then you should be able to bear the consequences…

    • Junior Santino

      Well said my friend … well said

  • voiceofreason

    you fucking serious? the idiot deserved everything that happened to him. next time tell him not to be such a goddamn idiot. i have a wife and kid and seeing the actions of these bikers made me sick to my stomach. what was the driver of the range rover supposed to do? the fucking idiots had him cornered. i would’ve done the same thing.

  • mobs arent cool

    Noah, I wonder what you would do if you and your family were surrounded and stopped by a mob of 70 motorcycles? Ha, I’m guessing you wouldn’t be saying “get well soon, MAN” to them.

  • Jersey Resident

    He won’t be riding and terrorizing anyone anymore Karma got his ass or should I say his legs…

  • psyco moto

    I love the fact that this character is all mangled!! I think any idiot that would play such games on a motorcycle should be punished to the fullest extent and if this is the fullest extent – he got EXACTLEY hat he deserved.

  • Pagan_Ranger

    Sorry, Noah, you have it wrong; These were not bikers, these were Douches on Bikes. They swarmed an SUV and a Douche brake checked the SUV. Then the Douches Swarm the SUV, start kicking and denting SUV and slashing tires. Fearing for his family, they guy tries to leave, but Douches have him boxed in. Dumb move Douches.

    Should he have got out of the vehicle to reason with this mob of criminals? (Yes, what they were doing was illegal in the first place). The Douche who did the brake check got charged.

    My prayers go out for Jay Mieses to make a recovery. However, just because he was injured participating in an illegal gathering of Douches, does not make him a hero.

  • ceazleo

    How could people over look the fact the driver of the RR was driving with his family before he got surrounded by bikers… If I have my wife and kid in my car… I gonna drive with that in mind… This driver is clearly reckless … People in cars cut other cars off all the time and slow down… What you do is pump ur fucking brakes and slow the fuck down… The biker didn’t come to a complete stop he just slow down that’s what you have brakes for…. as a family man… When your driving with you family in the car ….you should drive like you have your family I’m the car.

    • Don W

      Really? Did you not watch the video? The biker CLEARLY deliberately brake checked the SUV, thinking he is some kind of stunt driver. Maybe the SUV driver should have just gotten off the road when this mob of thugs showed up? Bunch of mopes are lucky they did not do this in Chicago. A whole lot more than one of them would have ended up in a hospital! Jay to the Z to M lucky he’s alive. Moron!.

  • Unbelieveable

    You’re kidding, right?

  • ceazleo

    I love how ppl make comment and have no idea wtf they are saying…. The bike that tried to slow down in front of the range rover was trying to bring the range rover to a stop because he had hit bikes just before the film started. This is why the guy on the bike started to film and why they kept trying to make him stop. Bikes don’t just gang up on ppl… This is 2013… This isn’t the era of hella angels and the pegans… These bikes were on an annual benefit ride…they aren’t savage criminals…the SUV got pissed off that he was stuck behind the bikers and started pushing his way through before this video was started… Bikers don’t just start boxing ppl in… They had a reason. Know the facts ppl before you chose sides. As for all you ppl stating family first. Why do you think those bikers acted as the did? Those were their friends and family who were brutally ran over and left on the road… As for the guy in the range rover if he cared about his family he wouldn’t of pushed through a pack of bikes and put his family in the situation in the first place..

    • Education saves the nation

      If in fact this was the case then the best thing to do is call the police and take down the DL number. You do not attempt to make the driver of the RR “stop” by brake checking him. For what reason? To have a pleasant conversation about the rules of the road?
      Make him stop then what? You are illogical and ridiculous.

    • Pagan_Ranger

      Wow, now you are really taking to a whole new level. Where was it reported or stated that the SUV Driver had hit bikes before the video was taken? I just re-watched the video and the “camera man” and the d-bag who was initially seem to be at the front of the pack and most douches on bikes were not paying much attention to the SUV. D-bag who first got hit was looking over at “camera man” to say, “Hey, watch me pull this totally douchey move and brake check an SUV”.

      Stop an SUV with a motorcycle? Ok, Mr. Wizard, you figure out the physics on that one.

      I am sure they where protecting their “family” when they chased him down, pulled him out of his vehicle, beat him and cut his face. Oh, and ran off before the police could arrive. Very brave and justified.

      Annual Benefit Ride? That is the first I have heard it called that. According to authorities, this was an “Unauthorized event called Hollywood Stuntz, where they intended to drive around Manhattan doing tricks”. Much like was done last year in Times Square.

      You can idolize the douches all you want, however, when I am on the freeway and some dumbass blows by doing a wheelie at 90, I have no sympathy. You reap what you sow.

      Having ridden for 20+ Years, I know who to ride and have been part of organized rides. ORGANIZED. This was just a free for all. I know how to ride and pulling a stunt like Christopher Cruz did was big time stupid.

      Prayers go out to all those injured for recovery. Still have to face the consequences…….

    • James O Donnell

      Plenty of helmet cams and cellphone cams in sight, yet not a single one of you biker douchebags managed to get video of these other bikes being hit?

      Yeah, I’m going to toss out the bullshit flag on this one.

      Looking forward to seeing more of you in Meezee’s condition.

  • Dr. Otto von Aspirine

    Coma? Broken bones? This effing jackass deserves it.

  • Ted S

    Rev. Edwin Mieses has a son that is a piece of shit little bitch who will now be poppin wheelies his whole life!

  • The Truth

    So picture one shows our poor innocent biker, who decided to brake check the SUV in a “coma”, yet picture two and four show our comatose biker fully alert, with no injuries to his face…

    I’m calling bull shit on this swayed article.And this biker, and the rest of his “gang” are just a bunch of idiots who have no regard for others, or others safety.

    I praise the SUV driver for his actions that most likely saved his wife, and baby from injury. Hopefully this idiot biker wont be able to ride again, and can dwell on that for a lifetime… Go rap about that!

  • HomieGoSplat

    Mess with the Range Rover, deal with the tires.

  • DieJayMezee

    Fuck this punk, he got what he deserved.

  • HomieGoSplat

    Good news is, now he can ride in a cute lil side car with a special helmet on.

  • WheeliesinWheelchairs

    Wish I would have been there in my truck, it would have been like bolwing pins

  • HomieGoSplat

    Anyone defending the bikers should be pelted with rocks and garbage. Just sayin.

  • HomieGoSplat

    2 year old daughter strapped in a car seat = license to squish as many savages as necessary.

    Case closed.

  • Joe

    This asswipe got what he deserved. Start saving up for adult diapers, you are going to need them.

  • WSS

    It is sad to see this man suffer but ultimately this man and his gang are responsible for the consequence. When the SUV driver hit one of the bikers, as the bikers are claiming, the correct thing to do would be to take his license plate # down and call the cops. They would have had 40+ eye witness and the SUV driver would have been charged with a hit and run if their story held up. Instead, they decided to chase the SUV driver down, forced him to stop in the middle of the highway and started assaulting him and his vehicle. When they did this, and took matters in their own hands, all bets were off. The SUV driver had every right at this point to defend his family in the SUV and anyone would have done what he did.

  • WSS

    The bikers need to take Physics 101. SUV vs a Bike in a collision? SUV will always win. Its called momentum.

  • Mary Queen

    Jay Meezee can only blame Jay Meezee for his injuries. I hope the cops find and charge everyone in the video who got near that SUV with attempted murder on the SUV driver.

  • Roger Doger 66

    Clearly it’s the Chinese guy, his wife, and his infant’s fault. We need to start “stop and frisk” with Asian families and stop with the harassment of accomplished rappers such as Jay Meezee.

  • normal human

    Hey Noah – with your attitude, it’s only a matter of time before you too end up in a hospital bed, or worse. You can choose to join the human race…or not, up to you big boy. Take some notes from Meezee’s dad, or crawl back under the rock you came from.

  • TheOriginalBigHair

    He paid for his “brothers” recklessness. Are you some kind of idiot Noah? Or do you think a fender bender is a just cause to terrorize someon ein front of his wife & daughter? Jay Mezee can carry his crew’s flag from his wheelchair, as a constant reminder that there is karma left in the world. I’d've run him down, stopped & run down his friends, then put it in reverse and made sure they were dead.

  • Harbs

    Noah Gulliver…. You complete f’ing idiot….

    You didn’t see in that video, Mr. Cruz cut Mr. Lien off with his motorcycle and then brake hard?
    You didn’t see all of Mr. Cruz’s “friends” surround Mr. Lien’s car?
    You didn’t see them start hitting his car with their helmets?
    How did the Range Rover’s tires become flat? Maybe someone from that peaceful riding group slashed them?
    Do you think Mr. Lien should have stayed around to exchange insurance information with Mr. Cruz? I’m assuming those bikers have good insurance… that would have worked out well.
    Why was Mr. Mieses standing in front of the car? Was he one of the “nice” people there to help?

    This was a group of thugs causing chaos…. I saw them driving up Amsterdam Ave. just before they got on the West Side Highway…. None of them stopped for red lights. I watched at least 25 of them go right through red lights on Amsterdam. If a driver had been crossing the road (on his/her green light) and hit one of the bikers, I’m sure the situation would have ended up with similar results.


    • James O Donnell

      Some of the other videos posted by these thugs on Youtube show another car being surrounded and beat-on by riders because the driver thought having a green light meant he was allowed to proceed into an intersection.

  • Joe Blow

    If the driver of the SUV had maliciously and without warrant did something to cause the motorcyclists anger, they should have reported him to the police. That’s what civilized human beings do… not chase him down like a pack of wild dogs. Regardless whether or not Edwin Mieses Jr. had anything to do with the attack, he was with them. If you are with someone who murders someone else, you are an accessory. Same with this guy. Rules don’t change just because he’s your son.

  • Leonard Ray

    The moment Meezee decided to block the SUV’s path, that’s exactly the moment he decided to forfeit his life. Then again, the same line of thought could be applied by his piss poor choice for riding gear or lack thereof.

    Good freaking riddance.

  • JP503

    That’s what he gets for brake-checking the car and starting the whole incident to begin with. Someone please take him off the ventilator and let him waste away like he deserves. This is why New Yorkers should be allowed to carry guns, to protect themselves from garbage like these bikers. You say that the man was a coward? How about a hero for trying to get his family out of that dangerous situation?! These bikers are cowards since it took a pack of more than 30 of them to chase him down. Not one of them would have attempted that if he didnt have the rest of them behind him. They should all be thrown in jail and I just wish that the man would have run more of them over. They are all a waste of life and deserve to be beaten like they did to the victim. It is ridiculous that terrorists like this are walking the streets and even worse that no-one apparently tried to step up and defend this man.

  • drew7787

    You’re a fool if you’re blaming the guy in the range rover for protecting his family. The idiot kid was breaking the law, threatening the driver,. driving recklessly and endangering the welfare of a child. The bikers were punks. Pull a stunt like that in a state like Texas and see what happens. The guy should be thanking God that the worst thing that happened to him was becoming paralyzed. I don’t feel sorry for the guy at all.

  • PRDiddy

    He’s still alive? Too bad.

  • JP5031

    Agreed. It is unfortunate that Darwinism didn’t prevail on this one. However, that would have meant that somehow all of those bikers who were involved would be dead.

  • NO

    Gulliver, you are a fool. You have actions and consequences reversed. These photos are BECAUSE OF this thug’s actions. He is the one responsible for the consequences coming from his actions. Don’t victimize this assailant.

  • TonyMSP

    Watch the video clip and see the jackazz hit his brakes in front of the SUV, causing the crash in the first place!

  • PRDiddy

    He got what he deserved.

  • TonyMSP

    And your colleague was right!!! You can disagree with your co-worker as much as you like, but I think the 99% would disagree with you! I think picture number 3 of the 9 speaks volumes!!!!

  • OuchThatHurt

    Bully wannabe gangster (or rapper) mentality. Driver did what any of us would have done when being attacked and as others have pointed out, could have done more and been justified.

    Sorry “meezee” next time (oh I forgot there won’t be a next time, perfect!) don’t terrorize a family out for a Sunday drive, you might not like the outcome.

  • Daniel Shin

    You have done little to no research on this topic if you believe that this was the fault of the driver. One member of this cowardly “gang” decided to brake sharply in front of the SUV, who had no intention of hitting the motorcyclist’s TIRE, which ultimately ended up happening. All the motorcyclists stopped to harass the driver who had his wife AND his 2 year old child with him. Fearing for the life of his family and his own he attempted to escape, which inevitably ended badly for one motorcyclist who decided to stop his bike in front of the SUV to block it off. So what you as a writer are telling me is that if placed in this same situation, with your wife and 2 year old child, you would fault yourself for trying to escape this cowardly bunch of people who only have intimidation by numbers to show for themselves. Do your research before you try to post this garbage.

  • TonyMSP

    Makes one wonder if the writer of the story was on one of the bikes and is trying to push a different story to cover his a$$!

  • curtis

    The inital biker to be hit is the true at fault person here he was not focused on the road at which caused the accident. Its sad that meezee had to be injured the way he was but ifhis “friends” would not have attacked a parent fearing for family and self. This would never had happened…. his “friends” should be the ones held resposible for his injuries not the person protecting his family

  • Emma

    And youre a writer? These bikers were BULLIES! There was a baby in the car for Godsake. What was this driver supposed to do? Did you see how many bikers were after him? Did they have to smash his window, pull him out and beat him up when his wife and baby were in the car? I bet you anything if any of these cowards were alone, they would not have gone after the driver.. THEY ARE BULLIES! I dont feel sorry for this man at all!!! If youre going to act like an a$$hole be ready to deal with the consequences! I feel bad for the driver of the SUV and his family. I also feel bad for you if you call yourself a writer or journalist.. Ill give you a tip… RESEARCH before you write!

  • mad as hell

    What these guys did is totally despicable! It’s hard to feel
    sorry for the jerk that’s in the hospital. The guy that slashed tire and the
    wimpy guy that beat the guy up should pay big time! I’m sure most of America would
    like to have a crack at him and give what he deserves! What a wimp!

  • melkor

    I just want to thank the writer for writing this article and enlightening me about this situation. When I first heard about this incident I was sick that this could happen in this country, that the moral fabric of our nation was this bad off. The comments have restored my faith in the American people. It is obvious that the majority of people see this situation for what it is, bullying. I hope everyone of those”biker wanna be’s” end up the same way as their friend.

  • Sam

    the driver felt intimidated so he fled, I would too. Perfect example of why folks should carry guns. He should have capped their ghetto asses. Get off the road you don’t own it losers. “rapper” really..ugh. Got what he deserved. Next time get out the way. BULLIES. I hope they all go to jail. Get a real hobby you make me sick.

  • Sam

    I like the other article better..retract this shit..its garbage. Dude had it right the 1st time. this loser is NO victim. Prayers to Mr.Lien family. I hope their little girl recovers from that trauma.=( Loser bikers..take that shit to the track. You aint cute..and we dont wanna see your “stunts”.

  • JJ

    The author of this article is Noah Gulliver. Maybe he should be renamed Noah Gullible? It’s clear in the video that Christopher Cruz stopped in front of the SUV intentionally so he would be rear-ended by the SUV driver. In other words, Cruz picked a fight with the SUV driver. The SUV driver stopped and was instantly penned in by the other bikers. When the bikers started to hit his vehicle with their helmets and slice his tires with a knife, Lien stepped on the gas to get out of there, running over “Meezee” in the process. If “Meezee” were a sweet and innocent man he would never have associated with thugs like these bikers. He will now suffer serious consequences for his poor decisions. People always act differently when in a group than when they are alone. They develop a false bravado and stupid young men like this do even more outrageous things to try to impress their friends. I doubt any of these bikers would act like they did (like they were acting on the video) had they been riding alone. There are various versions of the video, but from what I can tell this one most clearly shows what happened.

  • Josh

    You mean grabbing a handful of brake lever right after cutting off a car in traffic is a bad idea? Who would have thought? Looks like the bikers thought they owned that road and ended up getting taught a lesson.

  • TC

    Who wrote this article? NO SYMPATHY FOR MEEZEE. You don’t mess with a man and his family. He has every right to get the hell out of there. It’s his fault to stand right in front of the SUV while his “friends” were scaring the hell out of the family.

  • Guest

    What a pity.

    (Pity the driver didn’t back up over him too.)

  • YourWifeIsMyLife

    What a pity.*
    *Pity that the driver didn’t back over him as well.

  • Fuckallofyouunhappyfucks

    Everyone of you need to grow the fuck up and need to think of this happening to one of your family member Becuz I know for sure you won’t like me saying I’m happy your mom is dead or something worst should’ve happen to your father this is why this world is so fucked Becuz of all you ignorant fucks I hope all you one day realize how to actually love life and stop being to selfish I bet half of all you talking all this crap are white they both could’ve acted different but the one guy that got hurt just went to help his friend that’s all he got of his bike to help a fucking friend had nothing to do with it a innocent man is in coma and you saying that’s great you hope he never wakes up really that’s how unhappy your Going to be for the rest of you life don’t argue back Becuz he’s my uncle and I know what really happen so all you go hug your uncle but then again you maybe have a horrible family Becuz your able to talk about someone this way have a great day

    • AmicusBrief

      Normally I’d say something like “maybe you’ll follow in your Uncle’s footsteps” but that’s not likely, now is it? Perhaps, “drag marks” would be more appropriate.

    • umno

      And if the roles were reversed? If your uncle had been in the car surrounded by people who were threatening him? You were 2 years old in the back seat and people were trying to smash the windows? What do you think your uncle would have done? Probably speed away to protect you and himself, possibly running over some of the people surrounding the vehicle in his haste to escape.

    • Vadicoff

      You are not helping your uncle’s cause with a post like this. Your Uncle was in the wrong place at the wrong time and should not have been part of that motorcycle gang. It truly is a series of unfortunate events and I’m sorry that so many are suffering from this. I do hope your uncle fully recovers and is recognized for trying to help an injured friend.

    • Karma Exists.

      Buddy, I wish what happened to him hadn’t happened. But be fair to yourself and your family.
      What would you do if you were in a car and a group of men tried to open your door to beat the shit out of you?
      Would you have sat there and let it happen? with your wife and 2 year old sitting inside?
      YOU are probably not old enough to understand but the rest of your family should. The only reason I say I hope your uncle gets better is because I truly don’t know if he started it, or if he was only trying to help his friend.

      I hope it was the second, because if it was the first, your uncle got what he asked for.

    • James O Donnell

      Hope you get to spend years changing your uncle’s diapers.

      But you’re just more irresponsible scum from a family of criminal losers, so you’ll leave him for the taxpayers to take care of.

  • DavidMBrooks

    “Jay Meezee” was part of a criminal mob on wheels, terrorizing innocent motorists. And “accomplished rapper?” On Twitter he had 7 followers, it clicked up to 8 while I read his tweets. On SoundCloud I found “It’s Nuttin” one of his raps, the words I could understand were “I cut your face” and “I kill your kids” — the Range Rover driver was under attack, and very lucky to escape before “Jay Meezee” got to him.

    • James O Donnell

      Wow, that is some comically sad shit “Meezee” was putting out.

      I really liked his “Play razor tag wit yo face” line. Too bad his intended victim played Michelin tag with his spinal cord.

  • Karma

    Thanks for the great pics, Noah. You made my day.

  • Totally

    lol he likes wheels so much he’ll spend his life on them

  • Totally

    lol he likes wheels so much he’ll spend his life on them

  • Alex H

    Sorry, but even if your friend is involved in a motor accident that does not give you the right to assault the other party. If the driver was attempting to flee the scene of an accident, take down the license plate number and report it to police, the driver will be arrested shortly. If the situation actually is as the writer describes it, the only thing this guy’s friends accomplished was making sure nobody gave a fuck that he’s now a paralyzed vegetable, and ensured the driver will never face any justice (if deserved). Basically the worst thing the friends could do.

    This writer is a jackass.

  • Karma2

    They are lucky that the SUV driver wasnt driving a Snowplow!!, Which He should have!! I ride and own Sport Bikes like they were riding, and It disgusts me the way the Punks acted

  • AmicusBrief

    I don’t see the problem…being an “accomplished rapper” is good enough reason to run over him. Personally, I’d have tried for a higher body count.

  • range rover fan

    ènjoy your new wheel chair bub.lets see you get in front of a range rover now ;)

  • Gabriel Pichardo

    That’s what this stupid motherfucker gets for thinking he could take on an SUV with his little rice rocket.

  • Eg

    Fuck all those bikers

  • Sick of the victim mentality

    Mieses is a thug who chose to terrorize a family because a fellow biker thug got stupid, misjudged where he was and cut into the path of the SUV. Get one thing straight: the maggot bikers who terrorized this family should ALL have been run over and squashed like the maggots they are.

  • Johanna Maria

    I have a big issue with the way the news is reporting this motorcycle suv incident. The news is making it seem like a motorcycle gang chased down a man, his wife and child just for craps and giggles. This is their friend, that they just witnessed get ran over by the SUV, I don’t know but if someone runs me over please someone chase them and kick their butt!! Also the high speed chase went on for some time, if the man was truly trying to just get to safety and not just flee the scene why didn’t he call the police and say he was being pursued by angry men on motorcycles.

    • umno

      Use your Google and learn the full story. He called 911 as soon as the brake-checking-like-an-idiot-incident occurred. Then the other riders started smashing his vehicle like lunatics and slashed his tires. You can see clearly that his tires are flat during the chase. A piece of his tire comes off on the road.

      Obviously, he couldn’t wait there for the police and reacted on instinct to protect his person and his family. He probably didn’t even realize that there was someone in front of his vehicle because gee, maybe a crying baby and screaming wife distracted him. Or maybe the people attacking his vehicle were distracting him. Or maybe he was boxed in and caged like a cornered animal.

      Imagine yourself in the exact same situation and then tell me what you would do:

      - Wait for the cops while psychos try to break into your vehicle to physically attack you?

      - Hit the gas and try to get the fuck away?

    • umno

      Also, since when is it rational, sane behavior to physically beat someone who flees an accident? Wouldn’t it be more rational and sane to follow until you capture the license plate on the helmet cam and then call the police? What would stop the SUV driver from being apprehended if they just got the license plate and fucked off?

      No. Mob mentality made them behave this way and it is totally unacceptable in normal society.

  • Eg

    Boo hoo fuck “meezee”" and all those coward fucks for being nothing but a bunch of bullies ganging up on a family shame on all those pieces of shit who were participating you should all have your family beat up by a group of thugs and see how you like it, poor family .why aren’t all these stupid fucks mad at their fellow biker “”cruz”"who started all this shit and is the real reason his stupid rapping buddy is paralyzed.if you ask me these assholes seem to use this rally as some excuse to cause trouble and how about that coward who pulled the victim out of his car would that punk bitch have done that if his biker buddies had not been there to back him up. Give yourself up bitch you ain’t nothing but a coward . I’ve had responsible friends die because someone else mistake but to purposefully cause an accident by pulling out in front of an SUV thinking you can do what ever the fuck you want , Cruz should be the one paralyzed but his buddy got it instead good job you stupid fuck live with for the rest of your life.Meezees family needs to stop acting like their baby is innocent he could’ve not chased the SUV , you know exercised some reason and still have his ability to rap like shit … Dumb fuck I hope it was worth it!

  • bsstory

    You all should be ashamed of yourself….regardless of what the situation. This Asian young man still should pay for what he did. The video is chopped and screwed for us to see pieces!! I’ll wait to see and hear the entire story before making any statements. No one won here. There are serious injuries. This young man still has a family, and didn’t ask to be in this situation. He was riding with his crew…yes, but never expected the actions of his fellow riders would cause this to happen.

  • Eg

    Perfect situation for stand your ground … No jury would convict you for defending yourself in this situation…

  • Eg

    Perfect case for stand your ground and blast.

  • Tsk.. Tsk boo time

    Mieses jr do your ” crew” a favor and don’t wake up!

  • your daddy

    The nigga got what he asked for. Hope the animal suffer constant pain for the rest of his pathetic life.

  • cnncomment

    I liked the part where they let the janitor try and write an article, and when he tried to bro-up the entire internet destroyed him in the comments section of his own article.

  • Bobobblob

    Seeing his mashed up face and retarded body is wonderful. I hope he lives a long life, but can’t move ever again. Have a nice life, fucker.

    • James O Donnell

      Hope his thug-enabling mom and wife get to split diaper-changing and drool-wiping duties for a long, long time.

  • umno

    Right. Explain to me again why I should feel sorry for someone whose own reckless actions led to dire consequences? I should feel sorry for the dude whose pictures show him proudly showing off his injuries from riding, as if his stupidity is a badge of honor? I should feel sorry for the guy with the helmet that proudly has “reckless” written on it? I should feel sympathy for the guy who was arrested in May for driving without a license?

    At 1:48 p.m., Edwin Mieses Jr., 32, of 478 Riverside Drive, Lawrence, was arrested on Haverhill Street and charged with operating a motor vehicle with a revoked license, subsequent offense.

    From this link:

    Gee, I wonder why his license was revoked in the first place? Perhaps it’s because he’s put other drivers in danger before? Maybe he did get off his bike to help the other rider who was driving like a goddamn moron and endangering not just himself and the family in the SUV but every other person on a motorbike that day. Or perhaps he got off to help smash the vehicle with his helmet and slash the tires like a fucking psychopath. You can’t really tell from the video. But perhaps participating in caging an huge Range Rover, then putting traffic at full stop on a highway and standing in front of said vehicle while your fellow d-bags attacked the vehicle is the reason dude is now in a medically induced coma and facing a life of paralysis.

    It’s called the consequences of behaving like your invincible.

    The only people I feel sorry for are his family, his wife and his children. I hope his wife comes to her senses and realized her husband did this to himself.

    • umno

      you’re* I get all grammatically retarded when I’m livid.

  • hhh

    hope he dies, he deserved it

  • Ugh

    This article is insanely dumb and the sympathy is misplaced. If you don’t want trouble, don’t go out looking for it. Everyone knows not to corner an animal because it’ll panic to defend its life. The same goes with people, especially if you’ve given them a reason to fear for their family’s safety as well.

    • SlaveToTruth

      Don’t the ghetto rats have a saying? Don’t start none, won’t be none.

  • SlaveToTruth

    The author of this article is apparently saying law abiding citizens have to submit to gang bangas and let them attack his car and not flee. Jay was blocking the SUV’s path and possibly menacing the SUV, certainly others were menacing the SUV. And we see what happens when they finally get him stopped, they assault him and cut him with a knife. You the author of this piece are defending thugs against law abiding citizens. You are scum. Jay is scum and everyone on that ride was engaged in criminal behavior. I don’t take moral advice from scum.

  • Echo Yanky 5

    Hahaa! Jigga got ran the f over! His fellow bikers should pay for his medical and hospital bills.

  • yerbullshit

    Lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas!

  • yerbullshit

    I think he showed awesome restraint!! I would have been swinging side to side trying to run as many of those 2 wheels assholes over as possible!! Don’t attack a guy who’s got to protect his family. No sympathy for maggot bikers.

  • lien


  • lien


  • lien


  • lien


  • Farks Rose

    No you do not have the right to chase him down. You have the right to follow him at a safe distant and speed, while calling the police. The police had over 200 calls that day regarding the bikers. One of those call was from the Liens. None of which call were from a biker. Team Rover!

  • Jason Simpson

    God I wish I was there driving that SUV. That Range Rover is great for running over dead biker thugs over and over and leaving them for hamburger meat on the pavement!

    While I’m busy running them over, I’d pull out my shotgun and glock and alternate target practice on those thugs!

    I hope Edwin Mieses dies a horrible painful death! I want that thug dead!

  • invain

    nicely done

  • Mocking Bird

    Noah – you are a wussy stupid tool if you believe the bikers were in the right.

  • Dub

    This guy deserved every bit of what he got, it’s too bad only one got it bad they all deserved to get ran over. I’m a biker myself and these guys are a disgrace to bikers around the country

  • Rabbi Pedro Goldstein

    Get bent. He was a loser, welfare Nigger who just liked to fuck ans make more welfare babies. If he was so wonderful why wasn’t he home with his family?

  • Rabbi Pedro Goldstein

    I see a “Little Rascal Scooter” in his future

  • lol

    I really hope this pathetic fuck lives a very long life in a wheelchair and in constant pain.

  • Range Rover

    This is an awesome commercial for a Range Rover, too bad it wasn’t also commercial for Smith & Wesson.

  • Jimmy

    Why was Jay driving without a license?



  • BikersAreFaggs

    You are a complete moron. No wonder you’re “writing” for this useless obscure rag. Please kill yourself.

  • BikersAreFaggs

    Oh and what an “accomplished” rapper.

    Lyrics about selling crack:

    The only thing this piece of garbage accomplished is reinforcing a stereotype.
    He absolutely deserved what happened to him, and we’re all better off if he never wakes up.
    Suck it, you HACK!

  • fagkiller


  • John Bond

    The bikers should have killed the driver of the SUV. Arrest ALL of the police that failed in their duty to serve and protect.
    They arrested the wrong people and for that, they should be run over just like the biker was.

  • John Bond

    Why were the bikers not carrying?
    One well placed round to the head of the driver would have stopped him dead.
    Police do it all the time. Time for citizens to act accordingly.

  • Guest
  • xxxxx

    The punks got what they deserved…let this serve as a lesson…don’t try to intimidate me on the road or you will end up the same way !!!

  • No Limit

    Just another “nolimit” getting his. Every effing one of this biker terrorists deserved to get ran over. No licenses, causing terror on the road – assaulting the passengers of the Range Rover….the only bad thing out of this is that the Taxpayers will bear the burden of supporting No Limit Meezee for the rest of his days (of course we were already footing the bill for the meezee family, so what else is new.)

  • Bill

    No, it wasn’t a motorcycle gang. It was a motorcycle mob which is worse. Edwin Mieses Jr. doesn’t even have a driver’s license and had no business being on the road. The bikers totally own what happened.

  • Ryder75

    call him by his real name and put his stage name in parenthesis… its obvious this glorified blog is written by some fanboy and completely disregarded the facts.

  • scott

    I can remember after OJ Simpson trial all the blacks celebrating him being let free when it was obvious that the man was guilty of killing two white people. when Trayvon Martin was killed in the process of beating another man every black motherfucker including the president of the United States jumps in and say “OH what a travesty!” Now this! This is why there is racism in this country! Jay Meezee got what he deserved its just too bad he is only paralyzed from the waist down I wish he had been paralyzed from the neck down instead! What is it? You fucking niggers just pissed because you didn’t get your forty acres and a mule????I can honestly say that the black race has made me this way these pieces of shit do not want justice they only care about their own race and that’s fine with me because only race that I don’t give 2 shits about is the black race Fuck You Very Much !Have a nice day!

  • 80sDweeb

    That’s not Edwin circled in the picture, that’s the Cruz guy who got arrested. Edwin was in front of the stopped SUV when his buddies started pounding on it with their helmets, after Cruz fell (uninjured) when he brake-checked the SUV (dumb!)

    Edwin has never had a drivers license (much less a motorcycle license), as when he had a learner’s permit in ’99 he got too many unpaid tickets. His record since then is such that his driving privilege is revoked until 2017 due to being a “habitual offender.” Anybody want to bet me that his bike was unregistered and uninsured when he was hit? No law abiding poster-boy, this Edwin fellow. And while it is a tragedy that he was injured, the blame falls on the biker buddies who attacked the SUV, not the driver.

  • Getwhatyoudeserve

    Only one police log of MANY. He was not a sait

    Jay Meezee aka edwin mieses jr

    May 30, 2013
    At 1:48 p.m., Edwin Mieses Jr., 32, of 478 Riverside Drive, Lawrence, was arrested on Haverhill Street and charged with operating a motor vehicle with a revoked license, subsequent offense.

  • me

    I disagree with this article. The bikers were bullying this man and his family because one idiot decided to get in front of a 3000KG truck on his bike….why?

    When the inevitable happened and he got knocked off, all the other idiots in the pack start banging on the truck, slashing tires, why in the hell would you get in front of that vehicle, would you never think that maybe this man may try to save his life? Even if they didn’t know there was a child on board, I sure as hell would have done the same thing Mr.Lien did.

    Good for this man, its too bad there wernt more bikers that got paralized from this incident. I’m thinking he shouldn’t have stopped in traffic, if there was space he should have backed up.

  • BrainlessBiker

    His mother is a nurse? Well, that will come in handy…

  • Otto von Schlunzenstück

    Play stupid game, win stupid prizes.

  • Keith Wright

    So they all left him? Some friends.

  • Paul Dumas

    It’s hard to feel sorry for a low life Thug. Karma is a bitch.

  • R

    I think you’ll fine no one to agree with your position (except the bikers, and probably not even all of them). So, when the whole world is saying one thing and you’re saying another, maybe time to reevaluate considering the whole thing is on tape and people have seen it. The last piece of real justice left is to arrest the biker who instigated this thing for attempted murder creating the situation that led to his friend almost dying.

  • guest

    TO THE WRITE OF THIS ARTICLE. YOU are a dumb ass. Literally. You should lose your job here for writing this article. When you don’t know shit.
    “After hearing the motorcycles side of the story”…. of course you fucking moron, did you expect them to tell you, yea we deserved it.
    I NEVER use cuss words but you dumb fuck deserve every one of them.
    Those bikers last year were reported to have TERRORIZED Time Square last year and so they had been banned. What a great bike gang huh?
    Dumbass writer. Do some research.

  • Jeferson

    Fck this fool he ask 4 it, this bounch of idiots should thanks god for unarmed suv driver

  • I’m with the driver

    We all make errors in judgment…I have compassion for someone in pain..but this punk and his buddies go what they deserved. fuck’em.

  • Carl Jr.

    Thugs – that’s what these bike riders are!

  • Scooter

    They were out looking for trouble. And that’s what they got> /just not what they expected. Same thing happened to me in CT. Except when I braked the bike behind me ran into me. I didn’t hit the guy in front of me playing games. When the proceeded to kick an bang on my car I took off to and called 911. That’s when they threw a rock threw my back window. One of them was in court yesterday thanks to the CT State troopers. Hopefully ill get the 4k in damage to my car paid for. By the way I’m a biker so I have no prejudice towards bikers jut Hoods and A holes out looking for trouble.

  • Harry

    I think it obvious to everyone that Meezee and his associates’ intentions were to intiminate and to cause mayhem. While I agree that motorist need to be aware of motorcyclist that does not excuse motorcyclist of reckless behavior. If watch the video seconds before the initial motorcyclist was hit, you will see that it was the motorcyclist who recklessly invaded the lane of the SUV before passing him. And it was the motorcyclist who was not pay attention when he recklessly slowed down in front the SUV to look at the cameraman. Also keep in mind at that time the SUV was completely surounded by motorcyclist and was unable to pay attention to all of them.

    Personally I’m just glad it was not me in that SUV because this story would have been about people dying and not about someone getting injured.

  • Sharron Needles

    Who wrote this, his mother? If he wakes up, I will enjoy waving to him as the short bus goes by…….

  • phil


  • Pumple Stiltskin

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Sucker got run over. Is he so stupid he didn’t know he could end up in a coma by getting himself run over? Too bad more didn’t get crushed. Let’s try harder in the future.

  • Crazy

    WHAT????? Meezee is not an “accomplished” rapper. He is a thug with a long criminal record in Massachusetts.

  • Quick

    The author of this article is moron. I’m glad this shitstain is hurt. I hope he’s paralyzed and can never get on another bike and terrorize a family ever again. His parents should be ashamed to even know him.

  • cecilia

    Mo Driouch:”As a trucker that would deliver in north jersey and New York I am familiar with these groups. I can hopefully clarify a few things. First the initial “accident” is part of a game they play. They ride in a huge group and will operate together to slow down traffic. Next they pick out high end vehicles targeting people with families in them, the targets will usually be white or Asian. Then one of the riders will do a “brake check” and stop suddenly in front of the target vehicle causing a minor bump. In some cases they will just roll back into their target vehicle. They will then mob the vehicle demanding money and or begin attacking the person inside. It is their practice to also slash the tires to prevent the vehicle from escaping. Truckers are well aware of them and are advised not to stop. You can clearly see in the video how they are well practiced in this style of attack. The police in NY have backed off them after an officer ran one down using his vehicle a few months back. The video was all over the net so I advise you to check it out. These “bikers” ride dirt bikes and sport bikes very few of which are street legal and even fewer have plates. They run red lights, stop signs, and have no regard for the law. If you are ever in this situation do not stop, immediately call the police and do whatever you have to to keep them from boxing you in. NEVER leave the scene of an accident if you are not under direct threat!!! Only run if you have no other choice, and again immediately call the police. This is not rare by any means, the only reason this incident got any attention is because of the helmet cam video being posted on the net. If you see anyone in this situation, call the police. Make no mistake confusing these punks with true bikers. You will rarely if ever see a member of these gangs on a Harley. Do not for a minute blame true bikers for this kind of behavior. Bikers like those involved in the 2 million Bikers to DC Rally are American Patriots and would be among the first to come to your aid. A final note, always be aware of motorcycles and share the road. Check your mirrors and don’t ride anyone’s bumper, motorcycles have a much smaller profile then a car and are harder to see.

  • cecilia

    Jay Meezee has been suspended driver licence since 2001, he also involved a few accidents in these couple years, you can check his DMV record. he is a murder actually!

  • cecilia

    Mo Driouch:”As a trucker that would deliver in north jersey and New York I am familiar with these groups. I can hopefully clarify a few things. First the initial “accident” is part of a game they play. They ride in a huge group and will operate together to slow down traffic. Next they pick out high end vehicles targeting people with families in them, the targets will usually be white or Asian. Then one of the riders will do a “brake check” and stop suddenly in front of the target vehicle causing a minor bump. In some cases they will just roll back into their target vehicle. They will then mob the vehicle demanding money and or begin attacking the person inside. It is their practice to also slash the tires to prevent the vehicle from escaping. Truckers are well aware of them and are advised not to stop. You can clearly see in the video how they are well practiced in this style of attack. The police in NY have backed off them after an officer ran one down using his vehicle a few months back. The video was all over the net so I advise you to check it out. These “bikers” ride dirt bikes and sport bikes very few of which are street legal and even fewer have plates. They run red lights, stop signs, and have no regard for the law. If you are ever in this situation do not stop, immediately call the police and do whatever you have to to keep them from boxing you in. NEVER leave the scene of an accident if you are not under direct threat!!! Only run if you have no other choice, and again immediately call the police. This is not rare by any means, the only reason this incident got any attention is because of the helmet cam video being posted on the net. If you see anyone in this situation, call the police. Make no mistake confusing these punks with true bikers. You will rarely if ever see a member of these gangs on a Harley. Do not for a minute blame true bikers for this kind of behavior. Bikers like those involved in the 2 million Bikers to DC Rally are American Patriots and would be among the first to come to your aid. A final note, always be aware of motorcycles and share the road. Check your mirrors and don’t ride anyone’s bumper, motorcycles have a much smaller profile then a car and are harder to see.

  • KSnow927

    Guess many dont know that Edwin E. Mieses was charged with with operating a motor vehicle after license was revoked, illegal possession of a Class D narcotic, operating a motor vehicle with defective equipment and on five outstanding warrants;
    Arrested Again in May, Since 1999, he has been ticketed by police 16 times, in Lawrence, Methuen, Roxbury, Andover, and New Hampshire, according to registry records.
    In June, the Registry notified the National Driver Register that Mieses was a habitual traffic offender whose right to drive in Massachusetts was revoked until 2017, records show.”

    His actions on Sunday against a man and his family show exactly what he and his fellow thugs are…dirtbags !

    • cecilia

      this man is a murder on road, he is not driving istead of killing. He deserved all

  • Tom Fusco

    The others were not “protecting” him…they were getting revenge after the driver took actions to protect his wife and family.

  • John Miller

    You fucking idiot.

    Edwin E. Mieses, 26, of 17 Bernard Ave., Nov. 28, charged with operating a motor vehicle after license was revoked, illegal possession of a Class D narcotic, operating a motor vehicle with defective equipment and on five outstanding warrants;
    Arrested Again in May, Since 1999, he has been ticketed by police 16 times, in Lawrence, Methuen, Roxbury, Andover, and New Hampshire, according to registry records.
    In June, the Registry notified the National Driver Register that Mieses was a habitual traffic offender whose right to drive in Massachusetts was revoked until 2017, records show.”

  • John Miller

    Oh you wont post here ill do it again….Edwin E. Mieses, 26, of 17 Bernard Ave., Nov. 28, charged with operating a motor vehicle after license was revoked, illegal possession of a Class D narcotic, operating a motor vehicle with defective equipment and on five outstanding warrants;Arrested Again in May, Since 1999, he has been ticketed by police 16 times, in Lawrence, Methuen, Roxbury, Andover, and New Hampshire, according to registry records.
    In June, the Registry notified the National Driver Register that Mieses was a habitual traffic offender whose right to drive in Massachusetts was revoked until 2017, records show.”

  • BuckNasty

    looks like J Meezee is going to having to change his rap name over to “Crazy Legz,” if I awoke from a coma I’d be upset to read about my wife commenting on trying to get money ASAP after the accident. Where are the police when these organ donors tool around?

  • James O Donnell

    Your no-talent thugg pal “Meezee” got what he deserved for being part of a gang that was assaulting an innocent driver.

    Hope he enjoys schitting in a diaper and staring at his dead ccok for a long long time. In prison.

  • Picazzo

    Ive been racing motorcycles professionally for well over 40 years…this guy is an idiot and deserved what he had coming….You dont short break a 5000 lb SUV…any novice rider knows this. Actually every one in the entire pack are idiots…It is illegal to ride with that many guys in one pack….you need a parade permit. I ride to Sturgis and Daytona bike week every year and cops will ticket you if you have more than 10 riders in a group.His wife needs to shut her mouth and learn from her idiot husbands lesson.Check the facts people this moron hes been ticketed 16 times and lost his license in 2 different states….a family man…..BULLSHIT…hes a dirtbag! I would have backed up the SUV and ran over as many as I could…dont “F” with a man and his family…You’ll get the crap kicked outta you….PROMISE!

    • Murloc Holmes

      The odds caught up with this clown. 1st rule of riding, might makes right. Stay the hell away from large metal objects.

  • VoiceofReason

    WOW. Clearly you don’t have kids of your own or else you’d understand. Poor Jay-Zee. He played the game and he got purr-ilyzed, and now his Mama’s being a little crybaby bee-yotch about it. He shouldn’t have been there in the first place. I would have taken them all out with my truck–call it the thinning of the herd. Update::WAIT! I just re-read your article and now it makes perfect sense since they were “protecting” their homeboy by going Mad-Max on a family.

    How do you sleep at night? I hope you die of Rickets in a sea of piss.

  • Butta Love

    And the Range Rover driver was just protecting his family!

  • Dios

    la ira de Dios

  • Dios

    justice was served! Meezee the punk b**ch had it coming……..Too bad the rest of those criminals did not suffer a similar fate.

    Noah Gulliver should stop making excuses for the thugs…you poor excuse for a reporter.

    I do feel sorry for the hardworking american tax payers….. we likely payed him welfare checks to buy the motorbike, raise his kids, rap studio time, clown mask, and now medical bills. Pull the plug and save our hard earned dollars!

  • AlphieBeta

    Mr. Author-of-this-article, you are an absolute moron. Total.

    • i dont like bs


  • justacitizen

    But according to the Boston Globe, Mieses was a “habitual traffic offender”:

    Though Mieses is a Massachusetts resident, he has never had a valid Massachusetts driver’s license for a passenger vehicle and has never applied for a motorcycle license, the Registry of Motor Vehicles said. Registry records show that Mieses applied for a learner’s permit in 1999 and 2000, but that he never obtained a full license because he failed to pay fines imposed after he was ticketed for speeding in Lawrence in 1999. … Since 1999, he has been ticketed by police 16 times …. In June, the Registry notified the National Driver Register that Mieses was a habitual traffic offender whose right to drive in Massachusetts was revoked until 2017, records show.
    Hes lucky the driver didn’t have a gun, or there would have been a higher body count and rightly so.

  • Rockit_Man

    The only sad part of this was that more of the marauding bike thugs didn’t get run over or shot for victimizing that family and countless other decent citizens on the roadways that day. This guy got what he deserved, though.

  • Sh&thappens

    The first picture is priceless hopefully thats the image his family will always remember pull the plug on the waste of human life. I am surprised they haven’t posted a picture of him from the the third grade like all the other parents of innocent kids do. Face it he is a piece of shit and got what he deserved.

  • Wha?

    So what is your REASON for disagreeing with your coworker? I dont understand, thisdude pulled in front of a moving vehicle and intentionally slowed dowed or hit his brakes until the driver bumped him. It sucks he got ran over and Mieses might be a good dude but he made a terrible decision and he was part of a group that terrorized a family.

  • samuel

    Serious ? The bike slowed on purpose to provoke the SUV. he was asking for trouble. I feel bad for him but he took the wrong gangster decision.

  • JT

    that “point of impact” is not the same person.

  • Brian Gordon

    WOW .. what an entitled society we live in.. No one is responsible for anything. It is tragic that this man was hurt but bottom line, he was somewhere he shouldn’t have been doing something he should not have been doing and he will suffer the consequences the rest of his life because of it. How dare you fools defend him. What about the family who were pulled into this by the actions of the THIRTY people surrounding their SUV and will live with it the rest of their lives. How about instead of making excuses for him because of his race you stand up grow up take some responsibility say its a tragedy and work in your own community to make things better.

  • Infotech

    This wicked individual got what he deserved. I only hope he is paralized from the eyebrows down…. ANd can’t reproduce.
    Bedsores area a BTCH! Enjoy the vent buddy and trips to the ICU for trying to harm that innocent family!

  • Infotech

    Bedsores and Aspiration pneumonia…. All so he could terrorize an innocent law abiding family…
    Absolutely DESERVING!
    Now an angry mob needs to round the rest of them up, one by one, and deal with them the old way…

  • Cuinhell

    He got what he deserved. All those bikers deserve the same. This author is a clueless moron. The driver stopped and fled for his and his families life, after the bikers intentionally caused the accident.

    Noah , I hope you’re not a parent like this guy was. All children deserve better.

  • Peter

    That guy you see above in the photos didn’t even have a license (the one you keep in your wallet). Look here: Lots of tickets too for speeding and traffic offenses. At least 16 since 1999. If he’s really paralyzed, I guess he can’t run that number up. Lesson to idiots: if you don’t have a license and don’t know to not brake-check, then stay at home or you might end up like this idiot.

  • James

    this writer is an idiot. it’s clear these bikers were to blame, just too bad more of them were not horribly injured.

  • Bro Bann

    hahahah….just deserts for a moron thug. yoyoyo, wat up now biatch!!!!

  • A father

    Noah Gulliver wait until you’re a responsible father and not a young foolish boy like these riders. Your idiocy will become crystal clear.

  • John Doe

    So if this happened to your family Noah Gulliver, you would happily get out of the car and speak to the Bikers damaging your SUV and slashing the tires with knives? Grow a brain and maybe get a new job whilst you’re at it. You disagree with your colleague because you’re clearly a moron. Guess that’s why you work Every Joe. Even stupid people have to have an opinion!

    • i dont like bs

      Noah’s gonna meet some nice bikers soon that will offer him tea =)

  • Stan

    Good lord, there’s just no cure for stupid.

    Jay Sleezee seems like he got what he had coming to him.

  • nig gie

    good, his father is a pastor? he can pray that he does not go to HELL…
    His mother can nurse him..

    He is nothing more than a terrorist like BIn Laden…

    This is why Black people have it hard.. idiots like these

  • Jessica

    This ghetto thug got exactly what he deserved. Now he will have to live with his stupid decisions. I wonder if he will still “rap”. LOL what a POS. He has been arrested countless times due to drugs, has never had a valid license, and much more, I’m sure. And his family is going to “sue” the Lien family ? HA -HA good luck with that., court will get a kick out of that! No one should defend this scumbag, he chose to be a thug and threaten an innocent family! They had bad intentions. I would’ve done the same if not worse , and run them over had my. 7 months old nephew been in the car with me!!! Fucking nigger- spic whatever the hell he is.. What’s it matter anyway! Hope he eats shit and. Lives in his own shit for the rest of his pathetic life

  • Johnny

    Sucks that the guy is paralyzed, would have been better if he had taken a bullet to the brain instead.

  • mark hauser

    eh… If he hadn’t caused the accident in order to scam the driver or whatever idiotic scheme he had in mind, he would still be fine. The SUV driver only sped off because the bikers were attacking.

  • Jeffrey

    If you support Jay Meezee you deserve to be run over or shot. I’m glad their family is suffering, infact it brings me joy that Jay’s family is suffering. I love slow painful deaths on criminal scum bags.

  • Jeffrey

    If you support Jay Meezee you deserve to be run over or shot. I’m glad their family is suffering, infact it brings me joy that Jay’s family is suffering. I love slow painful deaths on criminal scum bags.

  • noname

    It’s too late. Everyone already knows the scam you guys run. You target wealthy vehicles and box them in, slow the traffic down, and then intentionally brake check them or even roll your bike back into them so you have an excuse to terrorize them for money. You also slash the tires so they can’t get away.

    This has been reported many times before, and the video shows this is what went down to a T, perfect example of already reported incidents. Even the slashed tires.

    USA hates you now.

    • DerekCox

      This is one of the reasons why I have a CCW and am always armed. Wouldn’t think twice let alone lost an ounce of sleep over running that clown over for what can only be described as DOUCHEBAGGERY. Then about the time his friend smashed my window with his helmet threatening my kids would have been the last move he ever made on this earth.

  • You know what….

    law abiding riders….. sure.

  • Doubleutf

    Hey Noah Gulliver, get a life! These thug assholes got what they deserved. When ya’ comatose boy dies, bury him face down with his ass sticking out of the ground so his thug friends can us him as a bike stand…

  • Doubleutf

    Hes a rapper all right, got wrapped around a Range Rover bumper…

  • zx7man

    Edwin Mieses never had a driver’s license or learner’s permit for a vehicle.
    He had no right to be on the road in the first place. I ride motorcycles and would never ride with asshats like that. Pick your riding buddies wisely. As for the SUV driver, I believe he was in fear of his life and his familiy’s, so he did wat he had to do to protect his family from a mob. I personally would have pulled my glock out from the glove box and shot those riders.

    • HerrinSchadenfreude

      No you would have assumed the fetal and prayed for a passing cop, just like most internet tough guys who talk about what they woulda dun


    Are you kidding? The videos clearly show that the bikers were intimidating the SUV diver and allowed themselves to be bumped by him. Then they decided to surround his car. Any one of us, even all you dicks who are defending this guy, in a situation where you are surrounded by hundreds of bikers which have gang mentality (weather they are a gang or not) ready to possibly take you and you family out of your car and hurt you. Anyone would do what he did and get out of there and run over anyone in his way. This fool who got him self run over was obviously not helping anyone he was part of the group that was blocking him in. He shouldn’t have gotten in front of him. He dug his own grave, just like any drug addict would puts themselves in the hospital does. The driver did what he had to do. Look at the facts people, really!

  • Terrence S M Popp

    I am sorry for the biker who go injured so bad. But, the whole incident was cause by stupidity. If the SUV “bumped a biker” they could take down the plate and call the cops , just like every one else in america. The bikers chose to swarm the SUV which contained a mans wife n child. At that point the all terrain vehical did what it was designed to do. All before it became terrain. On a side note, when I was cornered on a side street, every one behind my suv would have also become terrain as I ran them over too. Bottom line let the police handle issues like this. The pack mentality got a dude perminatly injured possably killed.

  • Mickey Dineen

    Looks like Jay was just another Retard son of Obama too dumb to get a drivers license. It is too bad he wasn’t killed. Now he is an official ward of the state but he would have never been a productive citizen anyway.

  • Mike Lovett

    It is unfortunate this man was injured, but to call the driver a coward is wrong. He had every right and reason to flee as he did. This “gang” of cyclist have many videos online where they purposely take over roadways, rather than share them with other drivers. I have several friends in bike clubs and have discussed this with them in the last two days. All of them say this group is giving bikers a black eye. No motorcycle group should do what these selfish and arrogant bikers do.
    I have to consider this Meezee fellow collateral damage; wrong place at the wrong time. Fortunately, most all cyclist do not behave in this manner. If it were me in that car, I would have done exactly the same thing.

  • Isthis_RealLife

    Why is the driver of the SUV not being awarded a medal? Do you realize how many lives he saved by not taking out that entire biker gang with his Range? He is a national hero in my eyes. I’ve seen almost this exact scenario play out on an open interestate before and believe me…these bikers are not out to promote driver safety.
    This guy is a hero. He could have and honestly should have ran over all those idiots that tried to endanger other people and then wanted to enforce their dominance by grouping together to terrorize a motorist. I don’t care how loving of a person this dude was that got ran over…trying to assist a fallen rider haha if he wants to be part of group that does this to innocent people he deserves all four of those bridgestones running over his back. As do the rest of the people in the group. Regardless of their age, gender, nationality, religion, previous military service, heroric rapping skills, or service to their community/church (which I’m sure most of them have been forced to do at one point in their criminal past). The point is, don’t join a biker gang and you won’t be getting run over by a paniced family in their SUV on their wedding anniversary trying to escape said biker gang.

    • HerrinSchadenfreude

      You’re a pretty intellectually lazy individual. Of that I’m sure. I’d get more into it if I weren’t so sure you were typical as well.

      A bunch of people together don’t make a “gang”. A bunch of people riding in a club does not make that club a “gang”.

      There are all women riding clubs too. They ride sport bikes. Are they gangsters? You wanna kill them all too? Oh that’s right, you said you don’t care about gender either.

      Professional people either? Actors or famous musicians either, (cause Jay Leno rides. FoxLA Anchor Christine Devine rides. Johnny Gill rides). They’ve all ridden during rides with this many riders. They’ve all been to the Rock Store in LA, where they share roads with other sportbike riders. Wanna kill them too?

      Let’s hope you and your ilk get put down way before you ever get a chance to decide which of the people you are too entitled to consider deserves to die next.

    • i dont like bs

      shut the f up already hoe. you one of the riders? hope you get run over

  • chris

    he got waht he deserved – live like a thug – die like a thug

    • HerrinSchadenfreude

      Hey dumdum. He had nothing to do with anything except getting off his bike and going BACK to where the SUV was to check on whoever it was that got bumped. He was run over by the SUV on its way OUT, meaning it was impossible for him to have been one of the people this idiot in the truck was running FROM.

      Try using your head for something other than a counterweight.

    • Shi Bob

      we actually can’t tell what his intent was (help the rider, slash the tire, etc.) – what is clear is that he parked his motorcycle and himself in front of the car blocking it on the highway….

    • i dont like bs

      if you’re assisting a crime you’re an accessory, you f*cking dumbass. don’t block the road

    • DaddyPhatsax

      just like George Zimmerman

  • Mike Lovett

    I wanted to add, notice these are all guys on rice burners; this would never have happened with a Harley club.

  • John

    Another drag on society down. Too bad he didn’t get more. I say this as a motorcyclist who would never get caught up in that kind of crap. As Me Phi Me says, “You’re not my brotha, brotha”.

  • Dave

    Look at the authors other articles!!!!!! They are all pro-black and anti-white! This man is a racist. He should be slapped! Another case of a black sticking up for a black because of being black. His lack of research into the case is proof of this. Hope he gets his racist punk ass fired!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dangerclose07

    Sooo your entire basis for your disagreement with your colleague is that you looked a photographs of mr Mieses and that you heard the bikers side of the story? The incident begins and ends with a wolf pack of idiots on motorcycles. In simple legal terms but for the reckless behavior of these idiots this incident does not occur. Frankly every member of this loosely organized road rally group should be prosecuted under RICO fo the criminal enterprise of conversion of a public roadway, criminal restraint, and assault. Their motorcycles should be seized, they should be arrested and prosecuted and the key organizers should do prison time. I think that would send the message that needs to be put out there. This is not a case of some misguided kids, it is a group of adults engaging in highly dangerous behavior. You argument is devoid of fact and rational basis

  • Shi Bob

    when you see the pic of the biker TURN HIS HEAD AND LOOK BACK AS he’s brake-checking the SUV (and moments ago, switching lanes and cutting off the SUV), you know it’s his fault. FYI I’m also a biker and it’s a shame the rest of us get a bad rep.

  • Fred Milk

    I think the writer of this article was threatened by the gang to write this or else he was next!!!!

  • Blue Mann

    The clueless dummy who posted this article should change his name to ‘Noah Gullible.’

  • jimmy

    What your article failed to mention is that Meises Jr has a REVOKED LICENSE. He has 16 outstanding tickets/fines for speeding, reckless driving, running lights and never paid any of his fines. He is labeled as a repeat offender in Mass and license REVOKED. He is not allowed to get a license (there NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE) UNTIL 2017. NO LICENSE MEANS NO DRIVING ALLOWED, NO INSURANCE. The fact that he is driving without a license IS AGAINST THE LAW AND SUBJECT TO ARREST AND HAVE HIS BIKE CONFISCATED. You’re article also failed to mention ALL OF THE VIDEOS THAT LEAD UP TO THE INCIDENT IN WHICH THEY RODE ALL OVER NYC STOPPING TRAFFIC, HARASSING OTHER DRIVERS, RUNNING LIGHTS, RIDING ON SIDEWALKS FORCING PEDESTRIANS TO PRESS AGAINST THE WALL, ENDANGERING DRIVERS/PEDESTRIANS WITH THEIR STUNTS, TAKING OVER HIGHWAYS, RIDING UP THE WRONG WAY, ASSAULTING INNOCENT PEOPLE AND THEY DO THIS EVERY YEAR IN NYC. YOU ALSO FAILED TO MENTION MOST OF THESE BIKES ARE STOLE OR UNREGISTERED AND THE MOST OF THE BIKERS HAVE NO LICENSES. If you don’t respect the law and abide by it you get no respect from New York Residents who have to put up with this every year. I hope you get surrounded by 50+ angry bikers someday with your child in the car and get a taste of what Alexian experienced. Lets see if you get out of the car to “exchange” insurance info while they attack your car and you.

  • Kim sucks

    He caused what ever happened to him. Hell his helmet say reckless right on it.

  • joe

    too bad more of the aholes werent run over

  • beoytchplease

    riders in that large of a group should have a permit.
    who gives them the right to slow down traffic or block lanes to allow their buddies to pass ?
    shouldn’t the driver of the motorcycle have insurance and a license ? then his legal claim should be gone.
    who’s bike was he riding? how did he register it ? did someone lie to get it registered so he could ride ?
    he is an aspiring rapper (join the crowd), why didn’t he use his stacks to call Flo ?
    with them driving through stop signs, around other drivers in all directions, they could have caused another accident.
    not saying everything the suv driver did was right, but don’t know many that would want to get out surrounded by pissed off bikers.. especially with a wife and small child in the car.

  • Ravi32

    The author has never been on a bike. I have ridden a bike for 30 years. When you ride in a group that large you are the road hazard and we all know it.
    These bikers got EXACLTLY what they were asking for and what they deserved.

  • Olivia Wilson

    Looking at the picture of this monster sitting on a rock by the water with his pants around his thighs. One can only guess that he’s masturbating! Ugly, gross, stupid picture, but likely showing his rear end shows where his brain is! I’ll bed we get stuck paying his hospital bills, wouldn’t you agree?? Paralyzed? Good. One less thug terrorist off the street.

  • C Dawg

    To hell with all the biker c*nts involved, this comatose, paralyzed POS deserves every bump and bruise he got from riding, including this. I could not care less if he died, and if any riders want to try me I will blow your face off on our Texas Highway. Don’t mess with Texas, and don’t mess with a man and his family. Good day.

  • Libtardh8r

    So Edwin Mieses Jr was just trying to help, and George Zimmerman should have stayed in his car. Can’t have it both ways, libtards. Bikers took the law into their own hands by forcing SUV to stop, Mieses is suffering the consequences of that action. I’m not happy he is hurt, but not sorry either.

  • thatguymaddow

    Yeah, he’s a great guy. He’s an habitual offender whose license is revoked until 2017 and he has never even had a bike license. Then there are the 200-plus complaints phoned in by motorists who witnessed these cockroaches breaking every traffic law, putting other drivers at risk and intentionally attempting to shut down the highway so they could film themselves doing tricks. Apparently 98% of the world’s population understands exactly what these morons were doing, but the writer still doesn’t get it. Maybe they were shadowing the SUV, throwing the driver looks and brake checking him for his own safety. Maybe they swarmed the vehicle after the minor collision that they caused, to apologize. And maybe the deuce I drop next time I’m on the toilet will turn into a magic flying unicorn.


    I pray that Edwin Mieses dies a slow painfull death!!

  • stevebsr

    a bunch of thugs out to start trouble and they had it back fire.. the video shows the damage and attck of these chicken chits.

  • stevebsr

    and what moron trys to use his bike to stop a scared family in a suv… they were looking for trouble and these idiots give REAL bikers a bad name….. buy a harley punks and be a real biker.

  • Gizmosays

    Looks to me he was trying to show off by slowing down the Range Rover. Sorry you endanger my family and me and I will also run your ass over.

  • OU812

    Picture 3 Looks like someone’s been watching Dark Knight a few too many times.
    Picture 5 WTF does this dude live on Twinkies and soda.
    Picture 8 Shows how truly stupid this guy is.

  • Cathy

    The driver of the SUV was trying to protect his family. What happened to Edwin Mieses Jr. is a tragedy. One of the motorcycle riders deliberately pulled in front of the SUV and slowed down as the video clearly shows. When the SUV tried to stop, his vehicle was attacked. I would have done the same to protect my spouse and 2-year-old.

  • jamson64

    The author is a complete idiot. Screw you buddy.

  • jamson64

    What no license? And for years? Really? Sounds like a responsible family man… whatever .

  • DaddyPhatsax

    well, Mr. Noah Gulliver, judging by the comments, you haven’t managed to stir up much sympathy for this accomplished wrapper whose mom was a nurse and whose dad was a pastor.

    But I’ll bite: it was a cowardly act for the man with the wife and kid in the car to drive away from these nice young men.

    And sure, this so-called gang were just protecting their brother, when they rode down the SUV and dragged out and beat the driver.

    You have pre

  • dbm

    I wouldn’t be placing the blame of Edwin (Jay Meezee) Mieses jr’s paralysis on the freaked out Asian family of the Range Rover. The fault is squarely with Edwin’s friends for taking traffic laws in their own hands; let alone intimidating other drivers on the road to the point of surrounding and threatening a family for bumping into a fellow biker. Anyone expecting a calm response from the family to the irrational and dangerous actions of the bikers needs their head examined. And it doesn’t surprise me at all that the girlfriend has acquired the circus like talents of Gloria Allred. The intimidation of this Asian family continues well after the assault on their vehicle.

  • christine

    The writer of this article need to do his homework. He need to view the video before writing some BS like this. I would have done the same thing if anybody was to do this to my family. These moron bikers think they own the world due to their numbers and this time they lost. I hope the Asian man sue the city and some of these bikers and hope he wins.

  • MitchBaxter

    So basically, you’re taking the word of criminals who removed their license plates so they could ride on the sidewalks and run lights, then surrounded an SUV, staged a minor accident, then started cutting the tires and trying to break the windows? This ‘innocent’ victim is a menace to society with dozens of arrests and traffic violations, including cocaine distribution, and his right to drive has been revoked since 1999.

    And every hoodlum is a “rapper,” jabbering about what a badass he is. It’s not the same as saying someone is employed doing productive work.

    Sorry, EveryJoe, but you’re not an Everyman, because any other man in the same situation would hit the gas to protect his wife and child from a pack of thugs. Even outlaw bikers look at Stuntz bikers with disgust.


    Edwin Mieses Jr. Was part of what happened. His injuries are collateral damage. If he had minded his own business and not stopped with the pussies that started the whole thing he would be home healthy with his family. He was part of the problem not the solution.



  • Jeff

    Its a shame the SUV driver couldn’t have run over every one of these guys.

  • April Day

    In my opinion, the person who caused the initial accident is responsible for Jay Meezee’s injuries. If Mr. Cruz hadn’t “brake-checked” the Liens’ SUV , there would have been no reason for Jay Meezee to stop. There would also be no reason for Mr. Lien to panic and run over him.

  • U r a moron

    Noah, you are a complete moron. Do you research. Your credibility as a writer just went straight to hell. You need to be fired.

  • dolemite

    Noah Gulliver you are a piece of shit. Fuck you and your worthless family who obviously couldn’t raise anything more than a little BITCH.

  • Jay

    This coon deserved it, one less scum in America. And god these biker kids, they can’t even afford a decent bike (Harley, Ducati, Scrambler and etc.) !

    Sterilize and deport them to Mexico or Nigeria please, terribly unhealthy to both the American society and economy.

  • DaddyPhatsax

    Lyrics from Meezee’s “Nuttin’”:

    “Gonna cut your’ll be lying in the street in front of your kids.”


  • Rockit_Man

    Justice got served on this punk. Wheelchair basketball, anyone?

  • John Knox

    Noah Gulliver more like Noah Gullible.

  • He got what he deserved

    Whoever wrote this is a dummy. The man feared for his life when a biker gang surrounded and attacked his car. Serves him right for riding with a bunch of hooligans that want to run a muck on the streets of NY

  • Anon

    This guy was being stupid he was stopped infront of the range rover for so long clearly to piss off the driver I hope all his stupid friends learn their lesson and stop acting like stupid fools who think they own the road cus they ride cheap ugly bikes.

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