Mimi Faust and Nikko Make Steamy Tape

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If you’re a fan of the Love and Hip Hop show, you’ll be interested in this video clip. It’s from a sex tape reportedly featuring Mimi Faust and Nikko. While the participants in the romp haven’t 100% been verified as these two TV stars, it sure looks a lot like them. Even the tattoos are the same!

Look below for 9 pictures of Nikko and Mimi Faust. At the end of the gallery, we’ve included a link to the alleged tape that is being shopped around.

While we only see a few minutes of the action here, it’s extremely hot. Let’s hope Vivid or another company purchases the rights to the entire thing so that the whole thing can be released.

Here are the images — click the right arrow to view the entire gallery. The link to the tape is at the end:

Mimi Faust and Nikko

Mimi Faust and Nikko

Mimi Faust and Nikko

Mimi Faust and Nikko

Mimi Faust and Nikko

Mimi Faust and Nikko

Mimi Faust and Nikko

Mimi Faust and Nikko

Mimi Faust and Nikko

Click here to see the tape!


(source: instagram.com)

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  • scooter

    Id love to see that whole tape

    • Gman

      Today is your lucky day..here is one of the scenes… 30mins long. To me she’s a lazy fuck. She barely moves or throws it back. She can’t ride worth a damn..LoL!! For all the noise they making, you will think she can fuck like Pinky or Janet Jacme or Nyomi Banxx. It’s alright…here, you be your own judge: http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=1986876253

  • Aliz

    Does anyone think celeb sex tapes are ever really leaked or stolen? or do you think they all float them out there for free pub?

  • loveit

    Wow. That tape is so hot!

    • Brittany

      What is the link

  • Mike

    Where’s the video link

  • jen

    Well she was covering her breasts in every dhot..staged.

  • Shay


  • daddy dick

    I’d fuck her all night with the whole 12inches love to hear the screaming;)

  • FU Idntcare Smith

    Gtfo Mimi & Niko. This is funny… You bitchs so broke yall gotta make a sex tape to get y’all status up !!!! PATHETIC if you ask me. The link takes you to YouTube lmao y’all some fools frfr

  • Destiny

    Where is the link???

  • reallymimi1

    I am appalled by this MIMI but she has a daughter wow I lost all respect for her as a mom that really hurt my feelings seriously all I can think about in the future her daughter sees this tape and then what MIMI damn you didn’t even do that with stevie poor eva damn nikko got you out there bad….

    • ScoSco

      Stevie has one with Eve the rapper but i am sorry for their daughter

    • reallymimi1

      Yes exactly and when that kid gets older someone is going to send or show her that tape…Mimi think about ava

    • Betty Gill Byers

      There is not enough money in the world to make a sex tape for the world to see;and label her as cheap whole. I feel sorry for the kid.I always thought that MIMI was to classy for that. There are more ways to make a dollar ;an be in the spot light to.

    • v

      Hell, how do you think her daughter got here! What makes you think she didn’t do this with Stevie just because you haven’t seen it.

    • reallymimi1

      I don’t care how she got here the point is this if you have kids maybe you don’t I would not want my ass plastered all over the damn internet for my child to see and when she does go to school really who does that to a child fuck money its the root of all evil and I guess we will do whatever it takes to get it she has a business she is fine but to go out like that I am sorry as a black woman I have standards and I really looked up to mimi as a role model for young women seriously she is a grown ass woman to each its own I am clearly expressing my opinion on this matter at hand her child….I can care less if mimi ass stripped for a living be discreet about your shit

  • Nikki Gloom

    the typical sex tape – professional it could have been erotic and sexy IF YOU WERE PORN STARS…. but for black women it makes you look bad as so many women think sex and ass and tits is the way to get ahead. if thats what you must do to get attention or think thats respect its sad especially when you got kids ma… sad .

    • I’m just saying

      It makes all women look bad. They ALL apparently have the same thought pattern if they choose this route.

    • reallymimi1

      right nikki

    • micky

      There are plenty of white women who do the same thing to get ahead or for attention. Its not a black women thing, its a low self esteem whore thing. Get it right ma.

    • micky

      Did you forget about Pamela Anderson Lee?

    • Nikki Gloom

      in this yes i was replying strictly to the mimi- nikko issue but porn or not.. its a lot of women all over the world and some are forced into it. so speaking any race yes a woman might think of her choices since most of the porn stars i used to watch in my 20′s all now have kids but a few. they choose to do it and the ones in sex trafficking are forced. i know 2 women that were forced into sex trafficking and got low self esteem that way too. when you have 72 percent of black women unwed having kids out of wedlock some people can say something about that in itself. in any situation any color or race or nationality you have consequences.

  • reallymimi1

    It really make women look like sluts whores who don’t care about their bodies or their family or what would my parents think or what would my fans think. My children Geez I am sorry but to me women that do such a thing have no respect for themselves. And I don’t care what no one say Nikko azz is gay as hell. K Michelle radar went off and so did mines

  • superfuy

    Where is the link to the video?

  • Joy Lanier

    That’s so sad because kids be on facebook book. And should be ashamed of here self.Im 40 my self I will never stoop the low act your age and respect kids and the world they need too lock her ass up and he too for doing dum ass shit but claims that’s not here wow u already out there.


    Real Talk, I feel sorry for the little daughter, who just has innocence, and will have to deal with undeserved ridicule, now having 2 parents who aren’t worth a ish, With momma stooping to her lowest, sucking off dude , getting her guts pounded out, for some whorish attention and cash, which will never amount to the price of her soul, or her daughters peace of mind, with not only kids, but grown ass people teasing her about her slutty mom getting smashed on shower rod etc, Shameful!!

    • joyroad

      Man fuck mimi and her type she ain’t the first black woman to make a type that has kids ..shit by time her daughter gets old enough to understand what’s going on that type will b long gone ..want even b thought about…who gone show her her friends 8years from now lmao yall sound dum as Hell…..that’s jus like saying Kim k daughter gone see her sex type..not cause who the fuck thinking about showing her know body …..and shell never see it more then likely…so y the fuck is it gone b different for mimi….its not ….

  • DevilishDiva

    Tape would’ve done better if it featured Stevie instead.

  • Jamal Daniels

    Man nikko put that out there, gots to be mo careful boo lmao

    • cc

      Y’all know Nicole leaked that tape. What people do for money. What you think people are going to do to her child? Torment her.

  • respecturself

    Mimi used what she had to get what she wanted …$$$$$$
    Like they say ” use what you got. To get what you want. ”
    Mimi , sorry Nikko PIMPED YOU OUT. He won’t marry you. He got what he wanted . $$$

  • Gman

    I don’t see what the big deal is, she’s just a reality show wanna be star. It’s just disappointing and very sad her child will see this crap when she gets older. I mean, sex stapes and being gay are the new in thing..LoL! Being Gay / lesbian and sex tapes are the new trend. My only thing is this; if you’re going to make a sex tape, at least go hard on the shit, not some boring ass shit like this MiMi’s sex tape. The bitch can’t even ride a dick. She barely throws it back even in doggy style position. All she does is hold her damn tits.LMFAO!!!!. If you ask me she a lazy fuck but then again, not everyone can really fuck! See for yourself: http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=1986876253

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