Tom Clancy Dies – What Killed Famous Author?

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As you’ve undoubtedly heard, legendary author Tom Clancy has died. He was just 66 years old. While an illness is said to be the official cause of death, that hasn’t stopped the internet from throwing around alternative speculation.

Could Tom Clancy have been murdered by people within the federal government? One theory goes that the author was too good at predicting events and had become a threat to the nation. This man predicted everything from 9/11 to the Bin Laden raid with razor-like accuracy. To silence him, the feds had him killed — and they did so during the shutdown of the government so that as few people as possible could potentially ruin the plot … so says this theory.

Or, could he have committed suicide? Maybe he utilized his amazing speculative ability and saw something disastrous coming. Thus, in order to avoid a more painful demise, he decided to bow out gracefully now.

Personally, I believe the official word that his health failed. Some say it’s fishy that this illness took him so quickly — but that happens all the time, unfortunately.

Regardless of the manner, I hope you rest in peace, Tom Clancy.

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  • texfat

    I think Obama and the feds murdered him. A powerful Republican who was one step ahead of this leftist government couldn’t be left to live much longer. What made him great led to his downfall.


    • Birther 2.0

      Oh for christs sake, get over yourself.

    • Spark

      A close friend of Tom Clancy, journalist and former CIA agent Dr Jim Garrow actually said this about Tom’s death: “By even writing this, I have invited the same fate as befell my friend
      Tom, who was working on a novel very “Manchurian Candidate-ish”. But it
      was replete with fact and exposed the Saudi Muslim plant in the White
      House and the direct funding that went into it. Birth Certificate? Want
      the real one? Tom had it…” The whole article can be read at So far 69 people with connections to Obama including all of Seal Team 6 have ‘mysteriously’ died, most of them whistleblowers. And by the way the family members of Seal Team Six insist that Obama involved in their deaths. A full list can be found here:

      Texfat is basing his conclusion on the evidence. Some people seem to think that politicians don’t commit crimes, especially when that politician is in their party. And then they call it ‘conspiracy theory’ as if two or more people conspiring to commit a crime could not possibly happen. Of course most people are sheep. They refuse to think.

    • susan


  • susan

    Stupid article. Let his loved ones grieve before stooping this low.

  • Bronson Justice

    Tom Clancy’s not dead. He simpy has gone into deep cover as part of a secret counter-authoritarian organization.

  • Bladehind

    Good timing by the Democrats… I really believe they murdered him there must be something he knows that should not be let known to the public

  • Sharon Knopic

    I’m not sure, but no one would love the conspiracy of murder theory better than Mr. Clancy. Rest in peace!

  • shrevport

    Whether you believe it or not, deaths do occur, especially in older people, without help from the Democrats, the Obama Administration or whatever convenient scapegoats the dumb-ass conspiracy theorists have lined up. It’s an argument ad absurdum just short of playing with one’s own excrement. Ridiculous article.

  • DarkShadowFox

    Poison his next book was about to reveal more NSA details! It wad a conspiracy!

  • Bob

    MRSA infected paper cut, a hazard of the profession

  • AG

    I’m speculating he was pricked with a poison umbrella…

    • Allahu Akbar

      Ahhh…the old ricin trick… ; )

  • johnnyboy


  • dginga

    Clancy wasn’t that old, so I’m inclined to think that maybe he died of a heart attack or cancer he didn’t know he had until close to the end. This is not that unusual, actually. A friend of ours was just diagnosed with lung cancer that spread to his brain. His only symptoms were fatigue, a small weight loss and a bad headache that wouldn’t let up. He went to the doctor, went through a battery of tests and they diagnosed the cancer. He was dead in two weeks.

    • littleblacksnake

      Could have been pneumonia look what happened to Jim Henson and he was only 54.

  • Ray

    Tom Clancy smoked 3 packs a day for 35 years. He only stopped a few years ago. I heard him say once in an interview that he smoked 2 packs for every 4 hours he spent on his typewriter. I would be a LOT that Lung cancer is behind his death, and that nothing “Black Helicopter-ish ” happened to him at all.

    • Jim Van


    • John Lowe

      ive smoked all my life and never had a problem ,wake up sheep Obama critics and bush critics have been murdered for years, they wont tell you that on fox or cnn.

  • Cybersleuth

    Even though Mr. Clancy has died, his books and personal artisanship will live on for many, many years, possibly centuries. Literary work is a wonderful legacy.

  • curtis

    Its sad to see an author as great as tom clancy go well all miss you

  • Jim Van


  • tommyb

    He probably smoked himself to death.

  • Saxon Revolt

    Jim Garrow Reveals Career As Covert Operative, Says Breitbart And Tom Clancy Murdered By Obama Administration

  • LostInOz

    If he died of a normal illness why would they leave it undisclosed?

  • Pete Bossardet

    Rest in peace Tom Clancy. I know that heaven will be full of new Tom Clancy books.

  • karol

    I met Tom many years ago, and we corresponded for quite awhile. We never talked politics, and I know he wanted to get into government. I found him to be quite naïve, and maybe what killed him was leaving Wanda and marrying another woman. He might have been a great writer, but you could tell when he went to Hollywood that he wasn’t very worldly. If no one knows what he died of, I am assuming the family felt it was no ones business.

  • John Lowe

    another Obama critic murdered ive lost count now how many have been silenced by bush Obama Clinton the jfk assassination 911 witnesses, etc..

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