Cristy Nicole Deweese is the Best Teacher in Texas

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A high school Spanish teacher in Dallas, Texas, is already a legend — and it’s only her first year on the job. Cristy Nicole Deweese can thank her past for the honor. Back in 2011, she was featured in Playboy and was given the title of Coed of the Month for February.

Scroll down to see 13 pictures of Cristy Nicole Deweese, who can be seen nude throughout the gallery. The 21-year-old is beautiful — particularly her lips and her backside. Wow!

Unfortunately, at least one lame parent is fighting the school district to get her fired. Honestly, that make no sense. She wasn’t breaking the law or harming anyone. Showing skin in a magazine years ago shouldn’t be enough to stop someone from trying to make a living.

Here are the images you have been waiting for. Be sure you click the right arrow to see all thirteen!

Cristy Nicole Deweese

Cristy Nicole Deweese

Cristy Nicole Deweese

Cristy Nicole Deweese

Cristy Nicole Deweese

Cristy Nicole Deweese

Cristy Nicole Deweese

Cristy Nicole Deweese

Cristy Nicole Deweese

Cristy Nicole Deweese

Cristy Nicole Deweese

Cristy Nicole Deweese

Cristy Nicole Deweese




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  • ferryman

    Um, she looks like she’s still in high school herself. How is she attractive?

    • Ray

      How is she attractive? Girls 16-22 are the hottest thing going. The younger the hotter.

    • Tigerclaw1

      Maybe her boobs are too big and her hips are too wide, and her shoulders not broad enough for Fairy-man lol


      You must have an asian fetish.

    • thekid

      how is she attractive comon chief shes probably the hottest girl youve ever seen half naked

  • Nic

    “years ago”? You make it sound like it was deep in her past. Don’t know about you, but I was roughly the same person at 19 as I was at 21…I could just buy my own beer.

  • Wank

    I don’t know a lick of Spanish, but if she accepted me as her student, I would prove myself to be her most cunning linguist.

    • Paul_Rand

      I am sure she would reward her brightest students accordingly.

  • S3xyS4xM4n

    i know spanish as first language but i would still sign up for her classes……

  • mraav

    I go to that school and it’s really sad and frustrating to listen to all the gossip about her past. She might’ve done something she regrets now, but why shouldn’t she be allowed a second chance? Guys run past her class all the time yelling her “stage name” and I really do feel bad for her.

    • JonnyCanuck46

      Look bud, you are living every highschool guys dream. dont screw it up.

    • NOYB

      typical guy response…it it was pornographic dude educating your daughter I bet you would not be saying the same. She’s a slut and a cheap whore. Stop trying to sugar coat it. Wow you are so frustrated because a whore is being called a whore….I bet you lose sleep over it. Idiot

    • Eric Martin

      I agree. They need to punish those punks. But is there anything to regret. She posed because she’s pretty. Same thing for models.

    • Wayne

      Sounds like there is a discipline problem in your school. Disrespecting a teacher should get detention and eventual expulsion. If children are looking at nude photos in the internet, sounds like a parenting problem to me.

    • hypocrite!

      You “feel bad” for her but yet here you are looking at her nude photos. I’m sure your boner feels real bad for her too.

    • thekid

      Dude if you dont stick it between her legs you got an issue. What am I kidding if you actually just wrote that your not getting in her pants anytime in the next century

  • JonnyCanuck46

    Its times like these I wish I was still in school :/

  • ILikeChristysButt

    Hopefully with her PBOY money she can buy breast implants so that everything actually IS bigger and better in Texas!

  • rob

    Error 404:
    Tits not found

  • Sports Panties

    welcome to Texas, home of the most conservative uptight a-holes on the planet. It’s ok for big business to screw the little guy here and destroy the environment. It’s ok for our education system and healthcare system to be the worst in the country. But, when it comes to a teacher posing nude in Playboy, which is perfectly legal, that crosses a line.

  • MiriamValleDeHernandez

    I don’t want to judge this girl, but did she think nobody would know, I mean is playboy. found more of her pics and info here

  • Robert M. II

    Is President Clinton of “of good moral character” ???? That fool was elected TWICE as our nations leader and some parents are concerned with her past being in Playboy? Really? That is absurd! Lets look at history, remember the ballot in California? The Briggs Initiative regarding banning employment of gays for California State jobs? It is the same thing. This woman has the right to earn a living and be left alone. If these teachers, parents, or whoever think this is a moral problem, perhaps they should not be reading Playboy themselves.

    • corinne27

      I bet you’re not a parent.

  • tony

    those damn lucky students

    • lol

      lucky? lol they got nothing to look at i had better looking teachers in my school days hahaha

  • BeaveVillage

    Wow, what a looker. I never had teachers that looked this good!


      No one ever did. This new generation is spoiled.

  • FuckTheWorld

    Where the hell were these fine ass teachers when I was in school!!!?? Lucky fuckers

  • silvio

    deu agua na boca, que delicia muito linda

  • john

    I hope that I can have parent-teacher conferences more often..

    • ffffff

      Private one-on-one that is.

  • asdf

    i would love to cum in her.

  • Andre Watson

    These are photo shopped so bad. like damn these are so obvious. I was hoping for better from playboy at least.
    2nd picture they straight took off about 5 inches off her waist……. it doesn’t look close to being natural

  • coast40

    Looks freaky. She has no nipples and a block box for her vag box. Can’t see how anyone would want to fire her. Take pity!


    If someday my kid has this kind of professor, I will make he doesn’t behave so I will have to meet her once a week. Wife won’t know.

  • Dolphinchik

    Which lame arse editor decided to sanitize these pictures. What a load of crap. Blurred nipples, blacked out clitoris, what a freak show. Lame lame lame

  • Jim Wellburn

    So her current students can find nude sexually explicit pictures of their Spanish teacher? Um…pretty sure she should be fired. Doesn’t matter if pictures were taken 3 years ago. They might as well have been taken yesterday. It’s a conflict of interest. Children shouldn’t be able to see their teacher naked; ever.

  • Eric Martin

    She could make so much more money internet modeling. Teaching is underneath her.

  • William Andrey

    The people that prejudiced. What’s her problem have done it 500 years ago. This is envious of people who do not have the body she has. Past is past. Only north americans don’t see this haha.

  • Elmiron

    ¿Porque censuaron las ultimas dos fotos? .|.

  • mark

    my spanish teachers never looked that good. no wonder after 4 yrs i cant speak any espanol

  • watagatapitusberry

    She literally has the smallest boobs I have ever seen. Nice ass, though.

  • Big D Don’t Mean Dallas

    A little disappointing. I was hoping there would be breasts, but all I see are peas on a breadboard. Pretty face though.

  • Alana

    Where are here boobs ? kkkkkkkkk

  • nipplesearcher

    Where are her nipples?

  • Mike

    To the parent whose child found out his teacher posed for Playboy. You and your child would never have known if you put some parental locks and filters on your computers and give him a little flip phone, a call and that’s all, cell phone. But naw, we all gotta keep up with the Joneses nowadays don’t we? Your argument..”he has to get in touch with me” Of course he does, and what better way than to CALL YOU?

  • Eliazar

    She can come teach me spanish anytime! I don’t see any problem with her past though and i think this is a big overreaction.

  • coqueton

    lets meet 8am Monday Frank Crowley courts bldg. Cafeteria on 1st flr. code name: Doll face

  • dan

    who the fk was the student looking through the magazines in the first place!

  • gunslinger1964

    Hot , Hot, Hot My computer just over heated what a babe !!

  • burnett

    i wish I was her husband.

  • lmao

    lol cut her hair and you’ll think its a guy lol wow only good feature is her ass chop everything else off and keep the ass and pussy

  • Yo

    Tits are way to small. She needs to eat a couple burgers or something.

  • Sane

    The only ones complaining about this are the women, and the only reason they are so uptight is because of there own self-asteem. People calling her a slut because she got paid to do half nude photos. Big deal. I personally find it more atrocious how there are so many young teens now days sending nude photos to there boyfriends and they aren’t even getting anything out of it accept some attention. That being said America has some serious problems with there self-asteem in general you people should visit Europe every once and a while. Nudity is perfectly normal, it only becomes an issue when you make it an issue. Trying to ruin this young women’s life just because she did a couple of pictures. And if your worried about your son who found out she did a playboy shoot, well if you didn’t want that to happen then perhaps you should have parental control settings on there computer. Besides that fact she’s not a “porn star” she did a photo shoot. Those are two entirely different things. There’s a fine line between having sex on film and doing a couple of half nude photos.

  • Warren Williams

    Wow, she has no tits, boring.

  • Calilife

    Hope she get the fame model and make a killing then become a old teacher who can retire in her 50′s. Sound like a simple good llife for a playboy model…

  • bobby-0

    so we came here for nudes…..

  • Tim

    You know that while all the mother’s are up in arms over this, most of the fathers have probably bashed one out over her in a crumpled magazine tucked away by their bed.

  • Stickman0

    Pechos pequeños!

  • another teacher disappointed

    ewww she has no freaking tits ….yeah they should keep her so students see ok to snap nude pics and put online …just asked those parents of high schoolers whose pics were recently found on porn sites…and the boys are loving it….flash forward 20 years …

  • andy

    Yeah, not attractive. Built like a 15 year old boy.

  • Daniel

    Honestly firing a teacher for sexy photographs she did while a co-ed? Too many people throwing rocks…what we need is more mercy and people minding their own business. I wish her luck in her endeavours…

  • Doogeruoy Sihtdaer

    Sounds to me like that lame ass parent got caught looking at porn and had to come up with this whole scheme of firing the teacher to cover their tracks. lol

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