Controversial Scene in Downton Abbey Has Fans Seething

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It appears as if Downton Abbey has a full-blown controversy to deal with. Fans of the television show are outraged after a needlessly brutal rape scene aired. It featured Anna Bates, a housemaid, and Mr. Green, a new character. Viewers are so furious that some are even calling for a boycott.

Look below for 11 pictures from the Anna Bates scene in question. At the end of the gallery, we have embedded the video.

Honestly, it’s extremely difficult to watch. One has to wonder why the actors involved — Joanne Froggatt and Nigel Harman — signed off on it. Showing the savage attack doesn’t appear to be vital to the plot. Instead, it appears as if Downton Abbey did it simply for shock value. If true, that’s reprehensible and irresponsible.

Here are the uncensored images of the assault. Click the right arrow to view all eleven plus the video at the end. Be warned that some of the shots are disturbing. Proceed with caution:




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