Ashley Doohen is the Mother of Adrian Peterson’s Son Who Died

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Sources close to the family have told exclusively that Ashley Doohen is the name of the mother of Adrian Peterson’s son who is currently hospitalized in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Tragically, the two-year-old boy isn’t expected to make it through the night. (Update: Sadly, the child has died.)

Look below for 9 pictures of Ashley Ann Doohen, who family members say is a great mom who showered her son with an endless amount of love.

Her new boyfriend has been arrested for the attack that led to the hospitalization. Doctors indicate the toddler isn’t showing any brain activity. If life support is pulled, sources say the mom wants his organs donated to help save the lives of other children.

We offer our heartfelt condolences.

Here are the images — click the right arrow to view the entire gallery:

Ashley Doohen

Ashley Doohen

Ashley Doohen

Ashley Doohen

Ashley Doohen

Ashley Doohen

Ashley Doohen

Ashley Doohen

Ashley Doohen




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  • PrincessLynne


  • Frank

    lynne, shut your fucking mouth

  • disgusted with irresponsibilit

    Really!! She is the GREAT mother? OK, so how do you explain the fact that her son is no longer with us? I see by ALL of the pictures, that she is devoted to her appearance and attractiveness, so where are the pictures of this devoted Mother that left her child with a maniac and obviously a child abuser? It’s GREAT to talk to youth about bad choices, but she is not a child and obviously has not learned that lesson yet. Sorry about your reality, and so very sorry about that POOR young child that was never given a chance to grow up and be productive! Hey Mom, please think about the last minutes of his healthy life, and maybe you will understand what the reality of BAD Choices really means.

    • MAC

      She can also think about that check she WAS getting ever month.

  • Sorry 4 AP

    That coalburner is actually pretty hot!! AP droppin’ loads all over…how many kids does he have anyways. How come the people in the TC never knew about this child….AP is like royalty here. Sounds like this was a hush hush sort of deal.

  • Vinny Hagen


  • Guest


  • Passadumkeagah

    That is why one has to choose who they f*ck (and for many, eventually marry) very, very carefully. I call it the “Tragedy of Attraction”.

  • Pumpkinseven

    She didn’t protect her “meal ticket” very well. May that poor baby RIP. Used and abused from birth till death.

  • Michael Gillespie

    Heartfelt condolences? Race traitor whores deserve what happens.

  • Marilynn

    So, let me get this straight, the baby is dead because mom’s boyfriend beat the little guy to death, & so why exactly do we need to see these pics of mom in her bikini? Can someone explain this to me, why we give a wet monkeys ass about her pictures (notice that not one of those pictures include her son) ? For my taste the ONLY thing we should be concerned with is memorial to that sweet little boy.

  • Prime90

    i had a feeling she was white. these black “athletes” seem to be possessed of jungle fever. i bet this chick is upset she can’t get that child support check.

    that little baby is in heaven now.

    • John Cram

      That’s a heck of a lot of arm chair psychology for one idiot. Let’s see we have racist, judgmental and then try and cap it off with imaginary. You must be a religious type.

    • Cr

      Mr. Cram, You are right on the money!

    • JSmith

      It was racial prejudice, not racism. We have to reserve that for the real issues of racism.

      Prime90 is “attempting” to speak to this fetishism between Black Mandingos and White women, that does exist, and is very common (especially among rich athletes). When any women suggest that they just love any specific race (for whatever specific reason), at the expense of other races, or that’s all they are choosing to date/sleep with, it’s not just cultural preference, it could be a sign of racial prejudice. I don’t blame anyone for being a little frustrated for having a problem with it, especially Black women, who very much see the overt inequality in dating.

      And given the fact that Peterson just found out that after two years, he had a kid, suggests to me that she may have been a groupie on the hunt for a cash cow. Not to mention this “mixed child” was around this insecure white dude (who felt the need to beat it to death), it’s not presumptuous to put on the table that the killer might have had some racial insensitivities. If it’s wrong, so be it, but we’re not that far along in race relations to not investigate that; or even the mother instigating the attack.

    • Prime90

      and you must have left your brains where you last sat.

      everyone knows about the white girl groupie looking to cash in on the stupid black athlete who is o so happy to be the center of attention by a while girl. :- if these athletes had 1/2 a brain, they would run in the other direction. unfortunately for society, they were raised like animals and therefore have not the slightest compunction about making a baby and moving on.

      that child was doomed before its life really began.

    • adamHolland

      Go Cram some in the john.

    • gene fugget

      how did you come up with all this attitude ?

    • Paris Kardashian

      I sorta assumed she was of light complexion. Yeah, she must be in mourning. Not sure how many chances you get to “win” a meal ticket good for at least 18 years…

      Awkward situation for AP. Has to pretend it affected him not too much and not too little. Dude should learn to put a cover on it. Can’t have my Vikings dealing with these distractions…

    • Prime90

      this dude is a clown. there are condoms of all kinds out there. he helps bring a life into the world and… smh nvm.

      some humans just don’t get it and never will.

    • Popeye Americannews

      He’s a multi-millionare superstar, he can have any body he wants as many times as he wants and lots and lots of women throw themselves at these guys because, well, they are trying to get pregnant for that big payday you mention.

    • Prime90

      black men, like this one, is not interested in using protection and i doubt he is done with his lust for white women. expect to hear more in the near future.

  • corbyh

    “If life support is pulled, sources say the mom wants his organs donated to help save the lives of other children.”

    That’s a sure way to have his life support pulled.

  • telleroftruth

    Things won’t bare well for her. Too many bad decisions and now a death from this decision.

  • Lynn Robinson

    It doesn’t matter wat her nationality is..this is 2 parents who lost a precious innocent child….God bless u both an no u hve a lil star dat shines over u both

  • edan

    She sure is hot enough. When’s the last time Peterson saw her or the kid? Black athletes and very hot white girls. What a mess.

    • thrsalimit

      he had nothing to do with the mother dating a serial abuser..what the hell is wrong with you asshole

  • Strom Thurmond

    Disgusting whore.

  • Joe Mamma

    Prime90 is right on point. Who cares what you find ” politically correct”, if more people called spade a spade the world would be a better place. Wonder what color the new boyfriend is…….. Fuckin mud sharks.

  • george smith

    I thought she was white she was afraid to say she slept with a black now lol what happened dumb bitch …



  • Bca

    Black men can’t help it if white women are dying for some real penis.

  • Popeye Americannews

    Details are surfacing in Sioux Falls. She didn’t know who the father was until the step dad left and a paternity test was taken. Rumor is that she was a stripper at Scarlet O’Hara’s Gentlemen’s Club in Sioux Falls. If her last boyfriend choked the baby because he was Peterson’s, may he rot in hell. May he rot in hell, regardless.

  • adamHolland

    Now I aint saying shes a gold digger, but she aint F*** with no broke…..

  • vikingsfan

    Pretty sad that a parent who has a restraining order against a man who has had a previous record of abuse would leave her 2 yr old child with him… Yes its a sad situation for any parent to deal with, personally I think she couldve prevented this from happening… My heart goes out to
    AP, as for the mother.. you should also be charged with child neglect!!!!

  • George Frederick

    YEAH KINDA figured she was a stripper or a prostitute , kinda goes with the Vikings mentality.

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