Durango High School in Las Vegas Dealing with Social Media Drama

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The faculty at Durango High School in Las Vegas, Nevada is dealing with an incident that involves social media. A female student was at her locker stripped down to her underwear when fellow students started recording. The material was then uploaded to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Look below for 9 pictures of the incident that local media is classifying as “nearly nude”. However, as you’ll see, the student is wearing basically what amounts to a bikini.

Initial reports indicated she may be in special ed classes but that theory was debunked. Then it was insinuated that she was bullied — but her classmates have done interviews saying that wasn’t the case.

If it turns out she was innocently (or playfully) just trying to change clothes at her locker, it’s probably best to let all those involved get off with just a warning. The moral of the story: Social media is powerful, so think before you act.

Here is the gallery — click the right arrow to cycle through all the images:



(source: twitter.com)

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  • Ho Lee Fook

    you have to strip for gym class, it doesnt mean people have the right to photograph you….. pervert voyeurs need to be locked up.

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