Guadalupe Shaw, 14, Arrested For Bullying a Girl to Suicide

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This is one of the most shocking crimes you’ll ever read about. A 14-year-old named Guadalupe Shaw from Lakeland, Florida has been arrested and charged in connection with the Rebecca Sedwick suicide. Not only did this teen allegedly bully her classmate to death, she then went on Facebook and bragged about it. Unbelievable!

(Look below for 9 pictures of Guadalupe Shaw, who also uses the name Guadalupe Borgen on social networks.)

On Facebook, she said: “Yes I know I bullied Rebecca and she killed herself but I don’t give a f***!”

Who knew pure evil would be found in the form of a 14-year-old little girl? If guilty, let us hope she receives more than a slap on the wrist for her heinous actions.

Here are the images — click the right arrow to view the entire gallery:

Guadalupe Shaw


Guadalupe Shaw


Guadalupe Shaw


Guadalupe Shaw


Guadalupe Shaw


Guadalupe Shaw


Guadalupe Shaw


Guadalupe Shaw


Guadalupe Shaw

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  • kitkittles

    Truly one of the saddest stories I’ve ever heard. I can’t imagine the pain Rebecca’s parents must be going through, and will continue to go through forever. You never get over a lost child, ever. In recent years I’ve seen an unprecedented number of truly evil people, people I would call soulless, and this young lady Guadalupe is one of them. I hope that life will awaken her dead soul one day and when she has children of her own, she will then understand what she did to this girl and her family and feel true remorse. But on second thought, I honestly believe a person like her should never ever have children.

    • Yeb Bebe

      So as a lady, on behalf of all other ladies, would really appreciate if you didn’t refer to this monster as a lady :)

  • Caroline

    I don’t get all these 12-14 year olds all over social media. All have “boyfriends” .. what the heck. It’s horrible that this young “lady” is so cold hearted that she didn’t feel anything for the other girl’s suicide. Just horrible. I’m not sure what the police should do with her.. she’s so young.

    • Yeb Bebe

      Uhm 14 is NOT that young. My grandmother had a child she raised by 17, and my grandfather was working two respectable jobs as a teenager. a 14 year old knows exactly what they are doing. as for not knowing what to do with a 14 year old who breaks the law? really simple….it’s called prosecuting them and putting them behind bars. You don’t get to viciously harass someone for years and then say “OH WOOPS I’m 14 y’all”

  • GuateNY

    Good God these female bullies get fuglier every time I see a new story about them. Que asco, Tan feote.

  • LochGates44

    There’s no hope for this little sociopath.

    • Yeb Bebe

      Guadalupe needs to be sent to jail in a prison cell adjacent to her hood rat mom and her ghetto dad. Her whole family is gutter trash filth. This little monster is going to get knocked up, be on welfare (on our tax payer dollars) and contribute NOTHING to society. Wish a natural disaster would hit her trailer park and BAM…her dad, mom and herself are gone..and really…they won’t be missed. Ugly looking cock roach.

    • Raygirl

      Better yet, a serial killer or mass murderer. Down with her, make sure we get another one these animals off the street!

  • Starlanique

    What about the little monsters like “Cody Tran,” who actually “liked,” this post. A lot of parents need to be contacted.

    • Rain

      Cody Tran
      18 hours agoSo,
      In the past day, I’ve been called “A heartless asshole”, “Scum” ,
      “Messed up in the head” , “Funny looking face” , “Grinning Turd.” and
      many more, by alot of people who don’t know the real me. Who don’t care
      about how I feel, because I liked one status and my name happened to be
      the one that showed, and the news didn’t bother to blur out. I “liked”
      Guadalupe’s status, and also called her out. I
      regret liking it now, even though it was a mistake. But because of that
      one mistake, I felt like shit for the past day. I never knew Rebecca in
      real life. We only video chatted a couple of times with other friends.
      Why would I be one of the kids to bully her? Why would I support
      Guadalupe? I liked her status? I didn’t really like it! I was just
      trying to get it noticed! But w.e. You guys think what you think. You’re
      basically judging me because of one mistake. If you get to know the
      real me, you’ll find out that i’m one friendly kid. I care about other
      peoples feelings more than I do my own. But you guys will never know.
      Judge me if you want. You guys are just basically pushing me towards
      suicide. But who cares right? Cause I’m a heartless asshole, and scum to
      the earth.

    • Librarian53

      Why would you like a comment like that evil girl’s? You should feel bad because you hurt people with your actions. Apologize and try to be extra kind to balance out your karma.

    • no hope

      ^ exactly. you all have horrible karma coming your way. Learn something from this and use it for the absolute good.

    • Rain

      btw, i am not cody tran. i saw this while searching for his facebook. your free to track my i.p if you want.

    • Rain

      i admit idk if his apolgize is sincern or just an excuse to get out of trouble, but what ppl are saying to him how is it any different than bullying? i know bully deserve a taste of their own medicine, but what happen to being the bigger person?

    • Raygirl

      America tried to be the “bigger person” which is why we we’re in the messy situation we’re in now. If we hadn’t sought justice a long time ago, there would have been a lot less problems.

      We should at least start with our future, that is our children, or whats left of them.

    • Yeb Bebe

      Oh please. This fool here. Anyone on facebook longer than 5 minutes knows clicking LIKE means you not only agree with the post, but you LIKED it. He got caught and is trying to back track. This ghetto Guadalupe apparentally has a lot of friends trying to feel sorry for themselves this past week. EVERYONE’S trying to play victim but there’s only ONE true victim and that’s Rebecca!

    • jalah

      it was wrong to like her status but its good that your admitting that it was wrong to. and just because you did one wrong thing doesn’t mean people should call you names.

  • Stink Finger

    This girl is just a piece of trash. Her parents out to be put in prison and she should be Institutionalized for the rest of her life. She’s just going to grow up and terrorize people. Psycho/Sociopath!

    • catthecat

      Your screen name is Stink Finger and you’re throwing accusations around? Oh my.

    • Tiffany

      Go get a dictionary and look up the word, “accusation.”

  • Serena

    What disgusts me even more than the bully herself are the 30 other bystanders who LIKED this status. Cold, heartless people. It’s too bad they can’t lock her up for this.

  • Guest

    from the looks of it the Shaw parents have no clue what their little beasts are doing…. the sister is just as much of a bully as “Lupe” as she calls herself.

    • KK

      I have no idea what that even says…

    • Yeb Bebe


  • Shaffer

    looks like the Shaw parents have no clue about what is really going on and are lying about checking facebook pages…. it appears that Guadalupe isn’t the only fighter in the family, sister Chelsea is too.

  • SmallKrum

    Ugly, nasty, trashy beeotch. Too bad SHE wasn’t the one to jump off of a building.

  • SundayBest

    This little troll is ugly as hell! What ever made her believe she was “better than” Rebecca Sedwick? She’s truly homely, has short little dwarf legs and a nasty personality to boot. Yeeeks! No wonder she was bullying Rebecca! She couldn’t hold a candle to her — and she knew it!

    • lana

      not to mention the mismatched clothes and dire need of a haircut

    • Yeb Bebe

      lol her Guadalupe’s parents down voted your VERY ACCURATE comment about their heathen child.

    • dina

      She bullied her because she knew Rebecca was better than she is. She killed that poor girl to make her trashy self feel better. She was insecure and she will never amount to anything.

  • jayson

    future food stamp recipient, she’s like a birthday cake, everybody gets a piece. Her and her skank sister

  • momof3

    She needs to go back to the country she came from..

    • dave riley

      Wow thats pretty poor taste.

    • dustbunny

      And what country would that be??

    • Rada1

      Which ever s.pic country she’s from.

  • Betty LaFlor

    This little demon should be in prison or a group home. Her parents are obviously in need of social services, they raised and let loose a monster onto the rest of society.

  • lana

    This Guadalupe (Wtf with the name) will peak in Jr. high /early high school and life will be pretty hard after that. so many people out there tougher than her that aren’t going to put up with her b.s. and she will learn that fast. Her parents remind me of the mother of the Boston Bombing brothers still claiming her sons innocence. She will either have a prison number before she hits her twenties or she will mess with the wrong person and something horrible will happen. Then she will spend the rest of her days trolling the internet trying to re-live her glory years

  • renee

    MAJOR problem here is the parents of Shaw. They are in denial, that will do their daughter no good. She deserves shaming and punishment for her actions against Sedwick. Or… she will never learn. She will remain a wicked person.

  • John Knox

    I hope she gets cancer in her face.

  • jcaz

    scary world we live makes me worry for my kids.bullying is a serious problem and shouldnt be ignored.those bullies need to go to counselling or theraphy.if they dont feel guilt or pity over a tragedy like this then something is very very wrong with them.

  • Nohope

    Rebecca was so much more beautiful then this piece of shit kid who is apparently an animal and not a human being. Karma is a muther fucker….and it will come back hard on these 2 kids, which would be well deserving. We all know they will eventually land is prison, probably for life, for doing something similar in her adult life. Evil people are everywhere and no doubt she is evil. What worries me most is that Rebecca didnt just delete her facebook and move on with her life after changing schools. Also that so many people liked Guadalupe Shaws post. The youth of today is disgusting and it should horrify all of us who are adults that this world will someday be ran by them.
    Hopefully the bottom line is this: while Rebecca is now a beautiful angel living in peace, all of these assholes are now being bullied for what they did to her, thus receiving exactly what they dealt.

    • Yeb Bebe

      No need to disrespect animals, animals are much better than these monsters.

  • Aces

    Please stop saying the ‘youth of today’.
    The technology merely makes it more transparent and helps egg on vile behavior.

    This is a timeless quality of humanity. Sociopathy. And stupid low grade sociopathy at that.

    I was bullied relentlessly as a kid from age 9 to 13. I was shy and easy pickings.
    Then I suddenly blossomed at 13 into someone considered attractive on purely shallow basis.
    Then the bullying stopped.
    It did make me rather incredulous at how insane and vicious kids can be unless one is considered cool. Being super skinny and attractive overnight launched me from being ostracized to Popular for no good reason.

    But dear Rebecca was obviously lovely looking, so the basis was pure animal jealousy.

    These kids actions are not excusable. The older I get, the less I believe in redemption.

    I think they need to be sent to a desert island. Live like the animals they are.

    Instead of being pulled out of school, the parental figures should’ve sued the hell out of everyone connected.

    Plus paid some people on Fiverr to make their own videos about how horrible these nasty children were and then release them on 4chan or Reddit.


    why say she was wrong when some of you are sitting here bullying her. not saying that i support her, but it’s still not the right thing to do.

    • Yeb Bebe

      Oh STFU Guadalupe. Your ugly, homely, ghetto hood rat ass got caught. NO ONE feels sorry for you or your filthy parents.

  • Harlowrose

    This type of person is not made overnight, they’re born that way. At some point humanity is supposed to kick in and you get a conscious, but it never happened with her.

    • DustBunny

      I agree. Send her to Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Oh & the other girl looks like Linda Blair in the Exorcist. Scary face.

  • electricity

    I feel actual hatred looking at this girl’s photos and reading about her family, which isn’t normal for me. I would love a chance to hurt her. If someone is ever stupid enough to have children with this evil waste of carbon space, I hope to God someone does to her offspring what she’s done to someone’s daughter.

    • hold_it_right_there

      That’s a little too far, then you’d be repeating the cycle again and again. Just those two.

  • sony2005

    she is ugly both outside and inside. She is a waste of space and so is her trash family. Seriously, some people should not reproduce because they just end up pooping out excrement like this ugly little sociopath.

  • hollynoel68

    When anyone looks at Guadalupe Shaw’s photo they are staring into the face of a heartless, disgusting, filthy murderer. Anyone who posted comments saying that others in this discussion were guilty of bullying due to their comments about her needs a reality check. I think the soulless little pig’s facebook page should be opened to the public so all of America can let her know what a wothless, waste of a human life, piece of trash she really is. My son was bullied and had to change schools because of it. I hope these girls step out of line again so poor Tracie Norman can see real justice for her little girl.

  • Ray

    If Guadalupe and those involved get convicted beyond reasonable doubt for terrorizing this girl’s life, I hope that justice is served. May Guadalupe be cast into the pen and receive ten of what she gave to Rebecca before she took her life. May the inmates tear her, violate her, and scrutinize her from limb to limb, to every last strand of hair behind penitentiary steel. May her mother, arrested for child abuse and neglect, be cast into the same pit, never to see how her daughter is doing and be subject to the same fate, and be treated like a rabid dog who should have gotten that abortion. May reality strike those two like an angry thunderstorm out in the cold. May they suffer slowly, painfully, and until their very last breath where death will seem like the very last comfort they will ever receive upon living in this earth. Such dogs are worth no more than the dirt I tread on with my shoe. The rest of us are above such rabid scum in all aspects of life.

    • Bullies_are_scum123

      May those slamming, and echoing doors be the only music they will ever hear in their lives.

  • Matt real

    She deserves an ass raping

  • dina
  • Squirrel71

    Her and Katelyn Roman( the other little bitch who bullied) are pieces of trash. Guadalupe in particular is garbage- she bullied Rebecca out of jealousy, because you can tell by pictures that Rebecca was a pretty girl. Guadalupe is ugly, both inside and out.

    Here’s hoping that both of these wastes of oxygen get bullied themselves. Kudos to the person who released their names to the public.

  • Rebecca

    I’m way prettier than gaudalupe so I hope that she insults me so I can bully her ass off!

  • Berek

    She should be sent to juvenile jail period. No questions no nothing throw her ass in there she needs to be punished. When she’s too old enough to be put in juvenile send that bitch to jail.

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