Ask EveryJoe: Help! My Wife is Cheating on Me — And It Turns Me On

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Johnson Jones answers your questions about relationships, dating, sex and anything else that has to do with chicks. Contact him at to get your question answered.

So, I’ve found out that my wife is cheating on me. I put a secret camera in our bedroom and it turns out she’s banging her ex-boyfriend while I’m at work. But instead of being mad, I’m actually turned out. In fact, every night I masturbate to the footage of those two having sex. Is this weird? — Skip in Boston

Uh, yeah man, that is def strange. Most men would look to grab a shotgun in a similar circumstance. You grab your penis. But, listen, there’s no reason to manufacture drama simply because you think it’s what society expects. As long as it doesn’t bother you, go ahead and let it continue. If and when you tire of another man stuffing your wife, kick her two-timing ass to the curb and then get those videos ready to use as bargaining chips during the divorce.

I have this new girlfriend who loves giving me blow jobs — but only in public! It’s great and disturbing at the same time. When we drive by a park, she’ll have me pull over so we can get out and she can go down on me. But in my bedroom, she acts like my penis spits battery acid. How can I get her to bring that outdoor passion into my bedroom? — Anonymous in California

Easy solution. First, invest in an HD webcam. Then, sign up for one of those websites where pervs watch other pervs have sex. Finally, turn on the cam and — bam! — your girl will be salivating. She’s one of those chicks who needs a hint of naughtiness to get in the mood. Pro-tip: Invite over some of her friends and then make moves. She’ll be dragging you into the bathroom to get freaky in no time. If you’re lucky, she might blow you right there in front of her friends.

Hey, EveryJoe. Can you give me some advice? My wife is a kindergarten teacher who never curses or raises her voice. She’s literally an angel. But when I looked at her search history on her laptop, I was shocked. She watches more porn than I do! And it’s all interracial gangbang porn. I love her and she’s perfect in every aspect but this really bothers me. What should I do? — Edward in Toronto, Canada

Bro, no sweat. It sounds like you got yourself a good wife. Don’t do anything stupid. Let her have her slice of freakiness in her life. That gangbang porn could just be her way to blow off steam so she can keep her innocent appearance to the outside world. Stop snooping on her laptop and let her keep doing what she’s doing. That said, be wary if large groups of men routinely visit your home while you’re away.


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  • scooter

    Holy crap. I can’t believe that anyone would actually like their wife to cheat.

  • Tyreeke

    Man – these dudes be crazy.

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