Video Game Developer Bans YouTube Criticism, Sparks Boycott

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If you develop video games for a living, here’s a story on what not to do. Stephane Woods, the CEO and founder of Wild Game Studio, apparently didn’t like a YouTube video by well-known critic TotalBiscuit that gave his game a negative review. So what did he do? He banned the video by claiming copyright infringement on YouTube. The backlash to that decision has been swift and devastating.

(Look below for a gallery of reactions to what Stephane Woods and Wild Game Studio did.)

This was simply a really dumb move by the CEO. By most accounts, the game in question — “Day One: Garry’s Incident” — is terrible. There are ways to deal with such criticism but to ban a negative review via unscrupulous means? That’s low — and won’t go unpunished.

Gamers around the world have immediately called for a boycott on any product Wild Game Studio makes. Some have even gone a step further and said they won’t buy anything from any company that employs Stephane Woods.

In today’s world, critics play an increasingly important role. They are our first defense against poor products and scams. People like TotalBiscuit should be saluted — not silenced.

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  • Andrew

    Fuck Stephan Woods! Youtube must support their critique video reviewers and stand up for a fair online knowledge base provided to the gaming community!

    • truth sayer

      Amen. While the CEO and the game company suck — YOUTUBE is just as much to blame. Stop being lazy and find a better way to police than just to give everyone the power to claim copyright infringement at the drop of a hat.

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