University of Iowa TA Makes Embarrassing Mistake While Emailing

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Sending email can be dangerous, just ask a teacher assistant at the University of Iowa. The TA accidentally attached the wrong file to her email — and the result was epic. Instead of attaching the answer to a question, she attached a ZIP file that held a handful of GIFs showing her and her boyfriend having cyber sex on Google+ Hangout.

Look below for 9 pictures from this awesome accident. At the end of the gallery is a video that was put together using the GIFs — and it’s uncensored! Watch it while it lasts.

The TA is a pretty Asian lady. The boyfriend is also appears to be of Asian decent. Students in her Iowa class report that she has avoided talking about what happened — which is about the best course of action you can take after an email mishap.

Here are the images. Click the right arrow to view all nine — and don’t forget the unedited vid at the end:



Click here to see the uncensored video!
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  • Fo Realz

    I don’t get how you make that huge of a mistake!

    • eduardo

      Nobody said it was huge LOL

  • Gary Neal

    Crazy! She’s taking the right road – just pretend it didn’t happen.

  • What the hell

    How about you load the video somewhere we can actually watch it.

  • offline

    Video is down.

  • beta57

    Why are you passing on these images? She clearly hasn’t consented to their distribution.

  • Free Iphone Now!


  • Yellow fish

    The youtube is gone, I’d suggest reuploading somewhere that allows nudity

  • DB03

    Anyone have the video saved?

  • Big Jon

    Hoax, There are no pics.

  • Poor math student

    I guess you probably should shop using your fingers to count at that level

  • Dumb

    Hosting an “unedited” sex chat video on youtube. BRILLIANT.

  • Nuno Guerreiro


  • Marcus

    That’s got to suck for her; she had to have been half-asleep when she sent this.
    [other topic, no video???]

    • jomes

      there is a huge lack of people posting alternate video links. 2 questions:
      -is this 2013?
      -is this still the internet?

      If so, there’s really no excuse for this.

  • Maxim Kovolets

    1. The youtube video’s deleted.
    2. There are no GIFs.
    3. You’re an ass. Fhuck you and your clickbait.

  • Joe

    I don’t understand how these pics are NOT on the internet. They are all censored.

  • Maxim Kovolets

    Keep deleting comments but not removing the link to the non-existent video you stupid fagggot.

  • JasonB

    How is this embarrassing to her if I can’t find the uncensored pics online. The internet is failing.

    • DIRK

      Laughing my arse off. Let me know when you find them.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Where are the photos? You know, the real ones.

  • Steve

    What unedited vid?

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