Alicia Ann Lynch and Her Terrible Halloween Costume Ignites Backlash

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Sun, Nov 3 - 6:46 pm EDT | 5 years ago by
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We’ve seen some horribly insensitive Halloween costumes this year. However, Alicia Ann Lynch dressed up as a victim of the Boston Marathon bombing takes the cake. In no way is this costume funny or even mildly entertaining. Shortly after she posted proof of her dumb idea on Twitter — username SomeSKANKinMI – people starting roasting her and digging up dirt.

alicia ann lynch boston marathon victimLook below for 23 pictures of Alicia Ann Lynch, many of which show her nude or wearing next to nothing. Prior to this incident, she was active on Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook but has since deleted all her social networking accounts.

People even found out that she lives in Bay City, Michigan after previously living in the city of Saginaw. She has been fired from her job and she is receiving death threats. Even her parents have come under fire. The 22-year-old is an extremely beautiful girl but this was such a bad move that I can’t feel sorry for her.

Here are the images — click the right arrow in order to view the entire gallery:

Alicia Ann Lynch

Alicia Ann Lynch

Alicia Ann Lynch

Alicia Ann Lynch

Alicia Ann Lynch

Alicia Ann Lynch

Alicia Ann Lynch

Alicia Ann Lynch

Alicia Ann Lynch

Alicia Ann Lynch

Alicia Ann Lynch

Alicia Ann Lynch

Alicia Ann Lynch

Alicia Ann Lynch

Alicia Ann Lynch

Alicia Ann Lynch

Alicia Ann Lynch

Alicia Ann Lynch

Alicia Ann Lynch

Alicia Ann Lynch

Alicia Ann Lynch

Alicia Ann Lynch

Alicia Ann Lynch




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  • keepit100percenttruth

    With all the backlash Alicia recieved for her boston boming costume, i’m surprised she didn’t reach for the “blame the patriarchy” excuse as a ‘get out of jail free’ card to excuse her actions. She comes across as someone dumb enough to do it.

    • Jarvis.

      Actually, she claimed she’s a rape victim & also that this story was getting blown up mostly just because she’s a woman.

      Pathetic twats.

    • keepit100percenttruth

      Because shes a woman? LMAO! what a joke.

  • nigglegibber

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  • gadgetstan

    That’s a boob job. Where does a girl like her get enough money to get one?

    • Judas

      Fake boobs don’t squish like that. You can tell they’re real.

    • jay94

      she has huge nipples and stretch marks. It’s not a boob job. It’s from having a kid.

    • gadgetstan

      I disagree. Those are fake as hell. They’re way too round and perfect.

    • Barn Leecounty

      wrong, they aren’t round at all. they’re long and saggy. fake boobs do not sag

    • Barn Leecounty

      boob jobs aren’t saggy. you’re a moron or gay if you think those are fake

  • DonDesi85

    fukin hot!

  • trondar

    She is really hot!

    • jackg

      fake boobs, chubby tummy, huge tats…pass.

    • ferret_man

      Realy realy hot!

    • Barn Leecounty

      mediocre at best

    • jay94

      she has a flat butt, stretch marks, muffin top, huge nipples, and zits on her boobs. she only has a nice size chest because she had a kid, and I’m pretty sure that’s all you used to validate your response to this article.

    • Patrick

      I agree she is hot.

    • Jack

      Did anyone mention she’s hot?

    • H4BAF

      I did when I said I wanted to put a load in her.

    • Barn Leecounty

      you’d put a load on anything that has a vagina.

    • H4BAF

      That all you got hick?

    • LLL

      I love those titties!

    • bobby

      did you say where cause i do too but im not goin right after someone else in the same hole

    • Barn Leecounty

      did anyone mention you have low standards?

    • Mr Derp

      Why would they? She is hot. Her costume may lack taste, but im sure she tastes just fine.

    • Tune

      Hot? this girl is on fireeeeee (Alicia keys voice)

    • Barn Leecounty

      you must be dating one ugly chick if you think that’s hot

    • Tune

      lets see your girlfriend Mr. she’s ugly.. we’ll be the one to judge

    • Faggot Jesus

      Barn here would sure change his mind if there was a thick sweaty dick swinging between her legs.

    • LaughingATuRN

      damn you must get some really sad play, cuz she is all flub and ZERO sexy

    • gunner

      Said the gay man

    • Barn Leecounty

      said the dork who’s never been with someone hot

    • Your_Mom

      Awful sideboob and stretch marks. This 22 year-old has some city miles on her.

    • Aquabrother

      “Either you were big and got small, or you were small and got big. Either way, we fuckin.” –Katt Williams

      I’m just glad you don’t want a piece of her.

    • trondar

      What? Any thinner and she would be to muscular…although you probably like that muscular manly type eh fagat.

  • WazzamatherwithU

    That’s 100% boobjob… seeing the pics explains her saying she wouldn’t have problems getting a new job… there are lots of pimps who can use one like her..A hole is a hole right…?…

    • Pete Porter

      Having met her in person, I can assure you, those are 100% real.

    • Pete Porter

      I hope she sues the hell out of the company that fired her!

    • honeybey

      i’m pretty sure if she sues them she wont get anything. a company can fire any employee that makes them look bad. && she honestly she makes them look like shit

    • jake481

      Her company doesn’t want her representing them …and I don’t blame them. If this girl truly thought this was funny she’s a sociopath and I wouldn’t want her working for me.

    • gadgetstan

      Her company also is known for employing a lot of terrible people. I shake my head at some of the people that they hire.

    • almond

      I’m not sure what the labors laws are like in Michigan, but this could be a lengthy process, and it may take time before anything is done. Maybe, she should try to network and find other indirect forms of employment.

    • jake481

      She can go ahead and sue her old company, but she hasn’t got a leg to stand on ….coincidentally just like so many of the Boston Marathon Bombing victims.

    • almond

      Was she your girlfriend or something? Hmm, I wonder how she’s like.
      If I was an employer, I would hire her if she could do the work, since I wouldn’t care about her expressing her liberty, regardless on whether the custome was agreeable or not. Also, there are plenty of ways of finding employment indirectly, so I don’t thing she would have a huge problem if she’s motivated.
      Oh well.
      I would not surprise me if people several months from now just forget about the entire thing and end up ranting about something else. Just you watch. The same people giving her threats probably do it to a bunch of other people, and have more severe issues.
      Eithe way, the general trend is that people will forget and watch the next viral cat video, etc.

    • almond

      Was she your girlfriend or something? Hmm, I wonder how she’s like.
      If I was an employer, I would hire her if she could do the work, since I wouldn’t care about her expressing her liberty, regardless on whether the custome was agreeable or not. Also, there are plenty of ways of finding employment indirectly, so I don’t thing she would have a huge problem if she’s motivated.
      Oh well.
      It would not surprise me if people several months from now just forget about the entire thing and end up ranting about something else. Just you watch. The same people giving her threats probably do it to a bunch of other people, and have more severe issues.
      Eithe way, the general trend is that people will forget and watch the next viral cat video, etc

    • Alom

      You work with her or something? So, she’s single? I was just curious.
      Hopefully, she’ll find good employment somewhere. You just have to get creative.

    • Pete Porter

      I hope somebody beats the shit out of the person that posted her pictures!

    • jay94

      Her nipples are huge and she has stretch marks. It’s not a boob job, it’s from having a kid

    • H4BAF

      I’ve never met her, but you can tell from the picture those are real.
      Then again, who cares if a hot chicks big rack is fake or real?

    • Don

      Uh, me. Fake boobs suck.

    • Jason rice

      have you ever seen a pair of boobs before??? those are NOT fake…

    • Barn Leecounty

      fake boobs are not saggy and droopy

  • Alex Browner

    Everyone needs to get a clue on humanity. EVERYONE has made bad judgments in their lives. This Alicia is no exception. For all those who are stupid enough to threaten her life….Grow the F*** up. She was wrong for dressing up like that but you threaten to take a life?? If she had the time or funds she should press charges for threaten her life. Btw that is illegal in some states. If stupidity was punishable by death over 90% of the Human race would be put to death. And for her to lose her job over this???? That’s as classless as her dressing the part.. Again if stupidity was punishable by termination the worlds unemployment would be past our nations deficit….. The term let sleeping dogs lie comes to mind. This girl obviously knows she was wrong. She has said she was sorry, however Sorry might not cut it for most of you, but remember that when you do something dumb and when you express your sorry for doing what you’ve done, I hope your act finds sorry isn’t good enough. Then you’ll find out what this girl has….. Stupid is as stupid does (favorite quote form the Gump)

    • Juliet

      Bad judgment is driving drunk and getting a DUI. This woman is tasteless and classless.

    • lol internet

      Did you really just imply that a tasteless costume is worse than driving drunk?

    • jhasdguf

      Probably reads the Daily Mail over her morning toast and moans about everything so she can pretend to be upper-middle class in her own mind. This kind of article attracts a lot of those people.

    • JoMamma

      I think you are totally wrong on this poster…….

      …….there’s obviously no toast, she’s gone gluten free, gluten is for the lower class.

    • Kevin Gresham

      LOL seriously.

    • Hmm

      Yes. Millions of people drive drunk, everyday.

    • Caseyy

      Juliet you are a fucking idiot

    • jhasdguf

      Yeah. Is that so bad? People who worry about appearing tasteful and classy are disgusting. They don’t deserve death threats, but they are infinitely less worthy of life than people who are a bit dumb. Hell, they are worse than people who just have a sick sense of humor and do things like this deliberately.

    • Kevin Gresham

      Getting drunk and driving is pretty damn tasteless and classless to me. It takes a real disgusting person to get hammered and go drive a 5000 pound weapon with the chance of KILLING someone. Do you re-read your own idiocy?

    • Jeff

      Driving drunk could mean you’re at a .09 BAL, it doesn’t mean you’re necessarily “hammered.” The point being you can make a mistake by having literally one drink too many. Bad judgement. Doesn’t make you a bad person. Dressing up in this costume, putting your drivers license on social media, as well as naked pictures is not bad judgement. It’s ridiculously stupid. Not just one instance, but many instances. I rank stupid worse than bad judgement.

    • Tune

      You are an idiot.. won’t even explain why your statement is so idiotic..

    • jhasdguf

      No. You CAN’T. You are either one of those people, or you are such a shut-in that you’ve never met any.

    • Me

      She’s 22 and just plain stupid. She should get jail time.
      You Alex, should spend time on a jury, or in a MORGUE before you stick up for such an idiot.

    • Kevin Gresham

      Did you just say she should get jail time for exercising her first amendment right? And then go on to say that Alex should basically end up in a morgue. You sir are the one who should get jail time. Purely for being such a god damn idiot.

    • Guest

      There is no freedom of speech anymore dude. Read up on your news.

    • jack

      Is she molesting a child in the picture? fu*k no as*hole. I agree slightly with Alex. You mr. me. need to shut the hell up.

    • Alex Browner

      Is that your asinine way of a threat? So in your mindless post you type such as I should be on a jury or the morgue. Interesting the morgue.. aside from posting behind the guest. You feel someone with their own view should lose their life? Such innuendo is no more wrong and classless. Your feeble mind thinks she should be in jail or dead for dressing up for Halloween.. How many Muslim should be upset and wanna kill people or have them lose jobs over when people dress like Osama Bin Laden??? Oh that’s different…. BS.. Then myself only one of many people who has the common since decided to post a moral statement should be in the morgue… In everyone’s eyes the two boys that did this bombing are bad people??? Right? They were wrong for taking lives and are looked on as such. So If you take their frame of mind then look at all you mindless monkeys posting someone should lose their lives are in fact so overly misguided you are a blemish to society yourselves. Matter of fact the difference of these boys and you? They did such a shameful thing you people write about and committed the act that is the catalyst to the problem in which these posts derive from. These killers took the actions just like your mindless dribble and did such by take lives. Are you willing to step out of the shadows of the internet and be the same scum as these killers? Or are you going to hide behind the keyboard and post mindless posts. The girl was wrong. She has paid for it ten times over. Move on. Dwelling is only showing how deep your shallow minds grow.

    • Mark Weinreb

      i know you wrote “let sleeping dogs lie” but they shouldnt lie all over her naked body

    • Ben Dalton

      yeah jerk there is a difference between what you are talking about and having no class. This would be right out there with making fun of Holocaust victims, supporting the KKK, joking about school shootings, etc. There is bad judgement and then there are just things you shouldn’t do – as in having no common sense. I suggest this skank has no common sense and a really fucked up moral compass, she didn’t just have a quick moment of “bad judgement”

  • CΞSΛЯ = MC ²

    And you maggots post her nude pictures to prove what point? Oh yeah! I forgot, this is the fastest way to push women to commit suicide. Nice job you humorless website administrator. I hope your website name can fit her tombstone too. And you people, who´s ass h0l3 is soo tight that you cannot even pass gas or take a joke; I say to you… Get Over It !!! If this was Jimmy Kimmel cast, you´d be laughing your butts off right?

  • Guest

    Jump on the ferry and come over to Canada.. I’d love to have a hot nanny and would keep you out of the spot light for awhile :)

  • 1hiphophiphop

    Aww c’mon guys. These pics ain’t shit! Woman are showing way more and getting major deals off if it. She is really really dumb for doing what she did but death threats are ridiculous. Her apology means nothing because she knew it was wrong before she dressed that way.

  • Leo

    that’s not a boob job, that’s fat, droopy.

  • Rosie

    How on earth would you ever think that’s a boob job? Yeah, they’re big, but fake tits are perky; they don’t sag down to your navel. Seriously, those are some sad boobies.

  • Steve P.



    • Jake481

      Oh F you.

      This has nothing to do with being politically correct. I know people who were badly injured in that bombing. A neighbors little boy was blown to bits and 283 people were injured. HA-HAH, huh?

      This girls problem is she’s too good looking. She’s never met with any disapproval. I bet everyone in work laughed in front of her and was horrified behind her back.

    • Sean225

      You’re right. Let’s lynch her. It won’t change what happened but i’m sure it’ll make you feel better. When tragic stuff happens, its always best to redirect our rage at something stupid like this. Grab the pitch forks. rabble,rabble, rabble.

    • Name219

      That has nothing to do with Jake’s point.

    • jake481

      Where did I say she should be lynched? Are those our only options, either completely ignore her outrageous and insensitive costume or KILL her? I don’t want her killed, but she most certainly needs to learn a lesson. She has the freedom to express her utter disdain for the victims of the marathon bombing by wearing that costume and I have the right to condemn her for it. Her boss has the right to fire her because he doesn’t think she represents his business and you have the right to have your head completely up your ass and come to her defense.

      None of this is an endorsement of any death threats. that’s illegal.

    • Bob

      Brilliant response.

    • BazingA


    • Kevin P

      come on man, something this insensitive and egregious…a lesson has to be taught. America has no shame anymore. I mean, I still think about the kid that was killed while standing with his family. Blown the F up. It’s mind-boggling how someone could ever think this was remotely appropriate, and begs the question, what makes a person think it’s ok to dress as Trayvon Martin with a bloody hoodie, or a runner in the Boston Marathon after the bombing, or any of the other “costumes” you see these days? It’s because there’s no shame. And this girl has obviously been told that she can do no wrong with all the pics being dug up. Yeah, let’s not lynch her, but lets not ignore the abject insensitivity around these things either.

    • dwinkle

      Thousands of people dressed up as Treyvon this year. The offensiveness is what makes it funny.

    • whiteboy

      Nobody cares about another dead nigger…..

    • sdafsd

      Nigz tried to shake down the folks who make Skittles because they claimed Trayvon’s death resulted in a sales boom. Anything to make a buck for your crummy “civil rights” organization, right?

      Nothing says civil rights more than a land rover in the driveway.

    • jake481

      Thousands? Really?

      Don’t imagine for a second that “thousands” of normal people dressed up as Trayvon Martin this year for Halloween this year. Anyone who did that is just as big an A-hole as this girl.

    • Derp Derp

      And where do these people live – Derp Island?

    • Claire

      Where do you people draw the line between teaching someone a lesson and bullying them?

    • Kevin P

      Beats me…bottom line is that social media is ubiquitous, and common sense should prevail should you not want to be bullied. if you don’t want to be called out and bullied on social media, which is the obvious outcome of doing something insanely stupid and posting it for all to see, then don’t do something insanely stupid and post it for all to see. Once you open the door to it, there’s no shutting it down. Common sense.

    • William_C_Diaz

      How is it ‘insensitive and egregious’?

      And I bet that either Treyvon Martin and/or George Zimmerman costumes were quite popularr this year too. If I went out, I might have capitalized on an ability to get in the close range of his arrest picture with makeup etc,

      At around the same age, Prince Harry wore a Nazi uniform for Halloween, as a serving officer in the military. He still serves.

      Your sense of outrage is way overblown and a fie ample of why reflexive responses are quite often wrong.

      Have a great day!

    • wahey

      THIS exactly! Prince Harry wears a Nazi uniform and pretty much nothing happens to him… Justin Bieber shows a huge lack of respect towards Anne Frank and yet nobody really minds… I don’t think she should have been fired over her choice of outfit.

      Yes it was distasteful but don’t we all make mistakes? If I’d been her boss, I would’ve gone the route of dragging her to my office, doing a whole load of shouting, making it clear that this was her first and last warning and that she better not do anything stupid like that again – but firing her?


    • sdafsd

      Are Halloween outfits supposed to be “appropriate”? What is “appropriate”? You know that word is highly subjective and therefore an arbitrary belief.

    • White__Rabbit

      Losing her job and learning that her insensitive mocking of people who were hurt and died in a terrorist attack is not appropriate is a good life lesson. now maybe she will stop skanking it up on instagram and focus on growing up a bit more. She does after all have a child to raise.

    • Jake Roberts

      Oh you so can criticize her and then pinpoint exactly why she is what she is? Get real.

      My personal opinion is that she probably didn’t think this through, and it can translate to being tasteless, but one of the great things about living in America is we have free speech. This is an extension of free speech and should be protected without fear of having your voice suppressed.

    • jake481

      Have you heard something about her being arrested and prosecuted? Then her right to free speech hasn’t been curtailed.

      So many people have absolutely no idea what Freedom of Speech means. She absolutely has the right to express herself …so does everybody else in this situation. She has the freedom to experience the repercussions of her speech.

      How about the people who were outraged by her costume? Don’t they have the right to say they were offended?

      How about her boss? Doesn’t he have the right to fire this woman because he doesn’t want someone with such bad judgment representing his business?
      ..and don’t bother trying to say the people with the “death threats” are squashing her freedom of speech. What they’re doing is illegal and I hope they’re prosecuted.

    • Jake Roberts

      Let me preface this by saying I’m a current Law student, so I like to think I at least have an average comprehension of First Amendment Rights.

      Now let me address your misguided rebuttals point by point:

      1.) People do have the right to express displeasure in her decision to wear such a costume. 99% of the people have no idea what went through her head though and why she decided to wear it. To blindly condemn an action without any inquiry into why it was done or the reasoning behind it is quite dangerous. This opens the grounds for blindly rejecting anything done by anyone that doesn’t conform with personal preference simply because a group of people doesn’t like it. I’d rather hear her side and chalk this up for what it is, a silly mistake by a young girl, than call her out as a horrible person, when I do not know her at all.

      2.) I believe her boss should have the right to fire her. I don’t think he should fire her simply because of her decision to express herself the way she did, on Halloween no less, but if having her as an employee is bad for business and publicity then from a strictly prudent perspective, he does have that right.

      3.) People who are making the death threats surely are attempting to quell free speech, but so is everyone else that would rather have an individual not express herself, than to express herself in a way that people do not approve of. Your argument allows for the open disgust of gay couples or interracial couples simply because some people are not comfortable with that form of expression. There was a time when expressing such a relationship in public was grounds for open retribution, but what would we say to someone who acted that way against such a couple today? Maybe one day people won’t be judged so severely for some harmless expression. I long for that day.

    • Joe

      ” I’m a current Law student”
      Congratulations. You can dress yourself without getting your dick caught in your zipper. Points 1 and 3 prove that you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. If you by some miracle manage to pass the bar I imagine you’ll be chasing ambulances at some point.

    • Sheeplover

      Good job on not actually saying how you agree on points 1 and 3.

    • Jake Roberts

      Yawn. Personal attacks lacking substance are so basic and commonplace among comment boards that I shouldn’t even dignify this with a response, but the boards are dead…I only stated that because if you read the post I was replying to, he made a claim that I did not know what free speech was. A common reaction to a question of credibility is to develop one’s ethos. Supplying credentials is quite a common method for doing this.

      It’s easy to just say something is wrong without offering any examples or your own intelligent insights, but clearly your disdain for lawyers is clouding your otherwise impeccable judgment. My apologies that my response did not meet your standards.

    • Thumbs Up

      Just got a raise!

    • jake481

      Jake do you realize that EVERYTHING of substance in your 1-3 points post is in complete agreement with every point I’ve made?

    • Jake Roberts

      Not true. My problem is that openly criticizing a person just for expressing themselves is an open attempt to suppress freedom of expression.

      If the public can openly ridicule someone for merely expressing an idea, then in the future people will not want to express any ideas that they believe in, but feel others might be offended by.

      In turn what you’ll have is people being too afraid to express themselves for fear of public ridicule, which is by definition an unconstitutional suppression of freedom of expression.

      If instead of creating a mob mentality against an individual, people took the time to see why she did what she did, and then expressed their opinions in a respectful, if still opinionated manner then we have no problems. With reactions like the one happening here, people will now be afraid to express themselves on Halloween for fear of a public firestorm due to blind and misinformed hatred.

    • Emma

      Hi, Jake.

      I think your argument is poor. Number one, you’re assuming that she had a reason to dress the way she did for Halloween, and you’re suggesting that we “[take] the time to see why she did what she did.” Do you honestly believe that she had some higher purpose for choosing her Halloween costume? Do you think she put some metaphorical thought into her outfit? I hope you’re not so misled as to think that there is any reason which would excuse such insensitivity. Second, you suggest that we “[express our] opinions in a respectful, if still opinionated manner.” I happen to believe that this is what we’re doing. Next, I’d like to touch on your argument where you foresee that “people will now be afraid to express themselves on Halloween for fear of a public firestorm.” I agree that the internet makes it much easier for people to ‘gang up’ on others, so to speak, but what you’re talking about has been around for as long as the United States has. There has always been opportunity for people to be attacked for the way they choose to use their freedom of expression. Perhaps this has stopped some people from utilizing their freedom of speech in the past, but that’s impossible to prove. Likewise, it would be quite difficult to prove that our distaste for individuals’ actions that defy our own moral codes would hinder others from utilizing their freedom of speech.

    • Jake Roberts

      Your thinking is too narrow. It’s not about whether, in this specific case if she had a purpose or not. But to jump on someone so severely because we find her expression distasteful sets the precedent for this to continue to happen. If she intended to be distasteful and mock the victims, then sure she deserves chastising, but if she just thought it was a smart costume choice, or that she was honoring the victims, then however misinformed she was, she does not deserve the response she has gotten.
      Her costume did not harm anyone else. Yes, it may have offended a large number of people, but the normal reaction for such is for those offended to not want to be associated with her. Such a loss in respect or in friends is likely to hurt her enough that she’ll learn a lesson. That doesn’t change the fact that she has the right to act however she so chooses so long as she is not in violation of the law. For people to say that she cannot do something that is legal, and if she does hers and her family’s lives will be threatened and her personal information will be exploited is a direct violation of the First Amendment, and to argue otherwise is fallacious.

    • jake481

      Wow …your post very clearly states that people should be free to say whatever they want UNLESS they’re responding to something they find is offensive. If they’re offended they should be made to suffer in silence because only the person saying something offensive has that right to express themselves.

      None of this comment is an endorsement of death threats , they are illegal and not covered by freedom of speech.

    • Thumbs Up

      You’re hired!!

    • jake481

      “This is an extension of her free speech”. We agree.

      I don’t doubt she’s had death threats. Making death threats is illegal and these people will be prosecuted and she won’t be. There, her free speech is protected, just the way it’s supposed to be. Someone doing something offensive and provocative is going to result in them offending and provoking people.

      Her motivation is completely immaterial. What could we learn by her reason to dress up like that? If it’s a halloween costume(which it is) for a halloween party (which it is) we ALREADY know her motivation.

      You say this was a “harmless expression”. Care to prove that? You’re a law student, have you studied the concept of “emotional distress”? Do you honestly think the hundreds of people who were injured won’t suffer some emotional distress after being mocked and reduced by a halloween costume?

    • Froot Loops

      Jake481, I see what you’re saying, but at the same time people should get over it. The way she is getting flamed online could lead her to harming herself. Look, she obviously didn’t think this through and she didn’t mean to hurt those people, or else she wouldn’t have deleted her social media accounts. I’ve heard jokes about the Earthquake that happened in Haiti and I actually lost a cousin who was there on vacation, and you know what? I didn’t go around flaming and bullying those people. I simply ignored them.

    • Thumbs Up

      She has the freedom to experience the repercussions of her speech.

      Good point!!!! How about you give us your First, Middle, Last name and a pic of you so I can send you a package of crap in the mail and call your parents/relatives because I find your actions & comments distasteful?….I’m waiting…..

    • twirk313

      both you and Jake have good points but now u sound like a angry guy who has nothing better to due than argue. quick-side note im in the self employed industry and i have given out my info over the internet like this to non believers who would swear up and down its a scam until they did their own research

    • jake481

      Boy, you’re awful at this.

      but here’s that info … I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

      Your Mother
      148 Your Mother’s Mouth Lane
      Your Mother’sville 02164

    • pewp

      Jake, these people are simply on here to argue. They don’t care at all about either side of this. You are right in your statements. They just want to argue. Don’t worry about them, and don’t worry about trying to explain something of this depth to them. They see the world in black and white. She dresses as a Boston bombing victim, people get offended, because it’s offensive, and they jump up and say “Oh, I”m tired of hearing about all of this PC nonsense!”

      Yeah, I am tired of hearing about PC nonsense, too. But this isn’t about being PC. This is about families who lost loved ones, who have the freedom to look at this chick and say “Man, that hurts my feelings, and I’m disgusted with this bitch.” Not about being PC.

      Simply put: You can’t out argue them, because they are too stupid.

    • jr023

      she did something tasteless but it was not that terrible that she was fired and her life threatened the people threatening for something that only offended some group are the same as the terrorists that did the murders its the same mentality and it is frightening that there people like this

    • Thumbs Up

      No F You.. dude is right! Your logic is so narrow.. guess we should go around threatening people who dress link cowboys and Indians, army men, or how about the Saddam Hussein costume??? Oh that stuff not matter when it’s not in your backyard figuratively speaking.

    • jake481

      I never said she should be threatened.

      What on Earth do cowboys and Indians, Army men or Saddam Hussein have to do with this? None of those examples are VICTIMS. The costume mocks the victims from that day. Sadam Hussein deserves to be mocked, these victims don’t.

    • Thumbs Up

      You’re missing the point. Indians (Native Americans) <– PC Term,

      have been slaughtered by 'Americans' but people still dress up as them. 'Army Men' (Military men & women) get bombed everyday in countries we have no business being in. Still ok to dress like them! 'Saddam Hussein' yes..was a bad person and killed thousands if not millions of people. Ok, to dress like him!

      My point here is exactly like I said! You're being Narrow Minded. Everything has to be PC now. Just ask Daniel Snyder and the ‘Washington Redskins.’ Just ask anyone who disagrees with ‘Obama Care’ if you do you’re a ‘Racist’….. What happen to 1st Amendment! Seems like if you use it now days you’re persecuted! (End of Rant)

    • jake481

      How is her freedom of speech being affected? Are you under the impression that “freedom of speech” means you can say whatever you want and no one has the right to respond? Why don’t the people who are offended have the right to express themselves?

      No one has the right to threaten her life, but they absolutely have the right to let her know they think she should be more sensitive and not so self absorbed. Her costume mocks the victims of that bombing. If you mock someone you better be prepared for some outrage.

      I’m blown away you think people who want offensive names eradicated are the narrow minded people. It makes no sense at all. But lets forget about all of that for now. It has nothing to do with this conversation.

      I’m not angry about this costume because it’s not PC. I’m mad because my neighbors kid was killed and a co worker still has shrapnel in her knee and this costume mocks and diminishes those people. There were two nuts with bombs and guns running around my hometown blowing people up and shooting people. It’s not something I’ve got a whole lot of humor about and neither does anyone else around here.

    • Thumbs Up

      Are you under the impression that “freedom of speech” means you can say whatever you want and no one has the right to respond?

      First Amendment also mean ‘Freedom of Expression’ Never implied you never had right to respond.

    • Theodore Dubsky

      Yeah.. no he’s right. She is no different than a comedian making 911 jokes. I want this to be perfectly clear

      She has done -nothing- wrong.

      What she did was in poor taste, executed for shock value, and it’s just too soon for some people so they react. Saying it is in poor taste is executing your right to free speech, and you’re welcome to do it. But that’s not the problem. The problem is people finding her pictures online and circulating them. The problem is people sending her death threats. The people who have done those things are criminal. They have done something wrong, and worthy of consequence. She has not.

      (I would consider the photo circulation a cyber-bullying charge, or potentially more depending on if security measures were bypassed to acquire them)

    • MrLoki88

      With Freedom of Speech comes accountability and consequence.

    • Simon C

      Accountability and Consequences are like Karma.. they don’t exist. You have freedom to do what you want, say what you want etc. Just as the opposite side has freedom to put you in jail, fire you from your job, arrest you.

    • sdafsd

      So you just admitted you have a strong personal bias that you can’t overcome. Your opinion is worthless.

    • jake481

      So the dope who’s complaining about “whining muslims” thinks someone is displaying bias?

    • sdafsd

      You sound like a muslim whining about their prophet being mocked.

    • James Jude Reyes

      It’s not about being Pc man. It’s about manners. Trust me Im usually all for speaking your mind, brutal honesty, all that stuff, but this costume along with other things, like saying the N word, It strikes a sensitive chord with people. If you cant understand that, the you my friend, are a lost cause.

    • Thumbs Up

      Really… You don’t say the “N” word or wear a costume.. dude a costume because “It strikes a sensitive chord with people” I’m offended by bigger women wearing tight yoga pants, but I’m not going out and putting them all over the internet with their address etc… I’m a lost cause? sounds like you’re one of what they call ‘Sheeple.’ Guess you’re right I should Tip Toe around things that strike a nerve! Black people can whiteboy, cracker, etc but that’s not “Stinking a Nerve” what’s your logic there?

    • James Jude Reyes

      It’s not about sheeple , or anything of the sort. The point is is that certain things like that offend people. Why you cannot grasp that concept is pretty hard to understand. Should her address have been posted and all that riff raff? Sure. Shes the dumbass that put it on Twitter. I dont feel bad for her at all.

    • James Jude Reyes

      She is almost as Bad a Kardashian!!!!

    • James Jude Reyes

      Ultimately, this is the kind of a response she should have expected. If she could not forsee that, then she should just stick to suckin dick.

    • Thumbs Up

      Just when I began to believe you were halfway intelligent, you make this completely judgement comment… what a shame!

    • POK1234

      “completely judgement comment”…lol

    • James Jude Reyes

      Lol!!! It is a judgemental comment. I guess you dont see the point Im making. I, Had a right to judge. correct? Just as she, based on your arguement has a right to dress up, post pics, yada yada… It’s all about resonsibility. Though as Americans we have a right to say, publish or practice whatever we desire, within the law of course, most of us are not responsible enough to wield that freedom in an effective way. She unfortunately is learning that lesson the hard way. Thank God neither one of us are Her.

      With Great freedom, comes great responsibility
      - Eleanor Roosevelt

    • jr023

      the same Roosevelt that was encouraging her husband to become a american dictator

    • Jake

      You seriously don’t understand how the “N” word and cracker are any different? Or how likely they are to potentially strike a nerve? Have you studied American History at all?

    • jake481

      Stop trying to make a point by making equivalencies. You suck at it.

      This has absolutely nothing to do with being politically correct or fat women in yoga pants or army men or cowboys and indians black people and crackers. This is about one woman mocking a bunch of people who were injured and killed through no fault of their own.

    • jake481

      Wow, what a coward. Changing your name to guest after making dozens of idiotic posts on this subject.

      At least you must have been convinced how enormously wrong you were to become so embarrassed you’d change your name.

    • William_C_Diaz

      Not true. I dont understand it and I am a big fan of many of the same things you are. It is a costume, worn by a fairly inconsequential young lady, that was worn in an example of boneheaded bad taste. All in all, it is no big deal. Everything is offensive to someone, but to even waste time on being bothered by something as trivial as a poor clothing choice by some random chick in the middle of a city that most people only (vaguely) remember from what goes through their head when they try to remember how to spell ‘Saturday’ (and only if they are over 40).

      In contrast to that, in my state (Virginia) we had an election, where one of the candidates wanted to outlaw blow-jobs and where as a consequence of the election, I will now qualify for Medicaid.

      I say we as a nation have to cut the stupid girls who are willing to post nude pictures of themselves on the internet a little slack and redirect that pent up frustration on the people who are trying to turn the US into a theocracy.

      Have a great day!

    • Emma

      I agree that we’re probably spending far too much time and effort talking about this “inconsequential young lady,” but it’s a bit of a stretch to “cut the stupid girls who are willing to post nude pictures of themselves on the internet a little slack” Why does she deserve slack? Because she’s stupid? It seems illogical for us to be any less harsh on stupid people than we are on smart people. You encourage us to “redirect that pent up frustration on the people who are trying to turn the US into a theocracy.” Could you please point me in the direction of anyone who’s suggesting theocracy? From what I’ve seen, people are just merely suggesting that we have a right to express our offense at her poor costume choice. I haven’t seen anybody suggest any legal or governmental repercussions.

    • William_C_Diaz

      The ability of a society to be outraged and inflict punishment on its own is referred to as ‘extrajudicial’ and can include things like death threats or actual violence. There have already been threats, must there be violence over something so trivial? The fake outrage supports the actions of people who would go to such absurd extremes, Jered Laughner comes to mind.

      There are any number of people in the news, including the GOP candidate for governor, who have advocated a ‘christian’ interpretation of the Constitution, which if enacted in whole would result in an effective theocracy. Many of these states are also members of the ‘Old Confederacy’, so there is both a long history and complex pathophysiology.

      Have a great day!

    • volkerball85

      Native American costumes are frowned upon, because that is making a mockery of a group of downtrodden people. When it comes to soldier costumes, there’s different kinds; is it someone just dressing up as a soldier? Or are they dressing up as a soldier killed by a suicide bomber or something? Hint: one is okay, the other is going to piss people off.

      The bottom line: this girl had every right to be an idiot and dress up like this. Similarly, everybody else has every right to disapprove and make their feelings known. Freedom of Speech does not mean freedom from the consequences of being a stupid asshole.

    • guest

      but people do NOT have the right to threaten her and her parents life.

    • volkerball85

      No, they certainly do not. Those people should be beaten with shovels.

    • William_C_Diaz

      Freedom of Speech does not apply to illegal speech, however and some of the ‘disapproval’ has crossed that line. Being annoyed by someone’s costume doesnt permit you unlimited outrage.

      I read a story somewhere where 2 girls (in England) dressed as the Twin Towers and won some prize in a contest somewhere. Why dont you look them up and harass them, to maintain consistency?

      Have a great day!

    • motorwulf

      Haha, “I read a story SOMEWHERE where 2 girls (somewhere in England) won SOME prize in a contest SOMEWHERE. Cool story bro, but your complete lack of any relevant details means it’s obvious bullshit.

    • William_C_Diaz

      You are an idiot. Please feel free to use the search terms implied in my comment, and the story pops right up.

      Have a great day!

    • jake481

      Actually I read the same article. 2 sisters won a halloween contest dressing as the twin towers with planes crashing into them and burning.

      I can’t help but hope they get twice the treatment this girl got.

    • wahey

      We in England don’t have the same mentality as you guys. If they dressed as people killed in the London tube bombings then yeah I guess some people might get mad but 9/11 is a USA thing for the most part so I wouldn’t expect much of a backlash if I were you.

    • H4BAF

      I saw the article as well. William is not making it up. If you don’t believe any of us here, go Google it. Not like they don’t have search engines.

    • Drew

      Said by someone who neither lives in Boston, nor has actually experienced real tragedy.

    • Werdtoyourmother

      Clearly you don’t live in Boston.

    • Joe Smith

      But someone can dress like a witch when people were stoned to death and burned alive being accused of being one in Salem

    • jake481

      Boy …I can’t believe how awful most of you are at drawing equivalencies.

      What does a witch costume have to do with a costume mocking real living people? The hundreds of people who were injured and the double digit amounts of amputations?

    • Guest

      32,000 (estimate) American soldiers kills and many more missing limbs.. but yet you’re not protesting about that! What about them soldiers who died so you can shoot your mouth off? Show me the comments where you protest that!

    • jake481

      Why would I be writing comments about American soldiers in a forum discussing a woman who dressed up as a Boston Marathon Bombing victim?

      Commenting on that particular subject HERE wouldn’t make any sense.

    • jr023

      is this our men? or the terrorists we lost way too many but not that many . and yes Obama should have all out troops out of Afghanistan instead he wants 10 more years of our people there

    • Joe Smith

      Those witches were real living people at one time and still have living relatives and died a worse death that the few here did.

      So if we wait until these people involved are dead, you say it is ok to make fun of them then?

      So in few years a jew in a deathcamp costume will be ok since anybody that was alive that was in the camps will be dead? What? No?

      She was stupid, don’t get me wrong, but to make death threats etc is just too much, freedom of speech, even when tasteless and moronic, is freedom of speech.

    • Emma

      First of all, I don’t think Jake is making any death threats. Secondly, if someone dresses as a witch, they are not necessarily dressing up as someone accused of witchcraft in Salem. Those poor people did not wear capes and pointed hats like Halloween costumes. Also, witches were around before Salem. Comparing witch costumes to the Salem witches would be like comparing someone dressed as a marathon runner to a Boston bombing victim. It isn’t the same. What’s offensive about her costume is that it makes specific reference to the Boston bombing. Any costume that made specific reference to a person stoned to death in Salem would be just as revolting, but I’ve never seen a witch costume that specific.

    • Joe Smith

      I didn’t say Jake was making death threats,the rest of your comment is not worth responding to

    • Jasson

      People die in more brutal and painful ways every day but no one gives a shit because it doesn’t receiver media attention.

      Please get the fuck over it. Yes it was stupid and tasteless but get over it.

    • jake481

      What does the fact that other people die every day have to do with this conversation? If your brother had lost his legs, like so many people who were there, would you laugh off her costume or would you feel like it mocked your brother? Now think of all those people who were injured and their relatives and loved ones, do you find it so hard to believe that this costume was belittling and mocking to them?

      If she has the right to express herself, then why don’t the people who were insulted by her mocking costume get to express themselves?

    • Thumbs Up

      Man… NO ONE SAID YOU CAN’T complain of Disqus.. he’s just saying get over it. Why not complain about present issues like your own government killing millions of innocent people with drones in other countries everyday?? Like I said before.. you don’t care because it’s not in your backyard. Can’t fix the past! why not do something about the future?

    • Motorwulf

      Killing “millions” of people with drones everyday huh? I gotta call bullshit on that. How long would you say this has been going on, these millions dying? Do you have any idea how many drones it would take to take out a million people a day? Do you check the shit that’s pouring outta your mouth or just mindlessly repeat the same rhetoric you hear from like minded idiots. Who’s the sheep now moron?

    • jake481

      Why would I complain about about our government killing millions of innocents (do you believe our government kills “millions of innocent people with drones every day”? You’re as delusional and ignorant about foreign policy as you are about Halloween costumes) in the comments section of an article about a woman who dressed up as a victim of the Marathon bombing?

    • patb

      I’m very concerned about our government’s policy of using drones to kill. But saying “millions every day” kind of undermines the real issue, don’t you think? And kind of OT, too. Our drone war has nothing to do with this chick’s tasteless costume. But now that I mentioned it, here’s my take. Get over it. It was an awful decision, no doubt. But fire her? Threaten her with rape and murder? Go after her parents? Those people are the true monsters. What she did was, as tasteless as it was, protected legally. The actions taken by those threatening her — criminal.

    • Emma

      Sorry, but that’s totally irrelevant to this thread. You can’t rationalize her Halloween costume by saying that the government is worse. It just is a totally illogical argument.

    • jr023

      where have millions been killed by drones details needed

    • Jasson

      There are thousands of people who dress up as slaves for Halloween. Rarely do you see a black person cry about it. As a matter of fact most of them find it hilarious. Please go home.

      Why should this be any different when slavery was 10000x worse than this?

    • jake481

      Thousands? I’ve never seen a single person dressed as a slave on Halloween.

      I’ve been alive and attending Halloween parties in several states all over America for over forty years and have never seen one of the thousands of people who dress up as slaves every Halloween.

    • Jasson

      Awkward moment when we had a slave walk at CSUCI. Darn someone didn’t look hard enough 8^)

    • jake481

      The “Slave Walk” I see referenced for CSUCI is an anti slavery tour about the shameful history of slavery.

      Are you claiming you have a halloween parade where people dressed up as slaves?

    • Jasson

      Does a bunch of college students in frats doing this really surprise you that much? Also when is this anti slavery tour I haven’t heard of it.

    • jake481

      I just Googled “CSUCI slavery walk” there was absolutely no mention of fratboys dressing up as slaves and having a parade on Halloween. In this day and age when Sororities having a “Ghetto Party” gets national news coverage I don’t believe it happens.

      So where exactly is this “Slave Walk” where “thousands of kids get dressed up as slaves”?

    • Jasson

      Someone seems to forget the “ghetto party” got so much attention because it was at a high ranking school that accepts less than 10% of its applicants. People expect more from them than from a little school in southern California that accepts over half.

    • Leroy Jenkins

      Her parents are beaming with pride right now.

    • Theodore Dubsky

      People are offended by a lot of things. You have the right to be offended. You also have the right to be offensive. You do not have the right to teach her a lesson, and your assertion that “She’s so pretty she’s never had to deal with negative attention” is frankly absurd and highly sexist. I’m glad you’re not defending the death threats, but the internet community, especially Twitter, Reddit, 4chan and so forth are not scions of justice.

    • steve Fowler

      Grow some thicker skin…I’m offended so I need to lash out and make someone’s life a living hell…get over yourself….it was a damn halloween costume….not an al qaeda manifesto….I didn’t see such a backlash when rolling stone put the bomber on the cover in photo befitting a rock star.

    • jake481

      Well then, you weren’t paying attention. There was a lot more national outrage over the Rolling Stone cover.

      All those people missing limbs, did they need to grow a thicker skin? She absolutely deserved to lose her job, because her boss wasn’t happy with her representing the company …here she is posting photos from a company party that creates this kind of controversy.

    • Broadway

      And it’s whose job to show her some of that much needed disapproval?
      Not mine.
      Millions were killed in countless horrors- even children, life goes on. Laughter goes on, etc. The only thing that never goes on is America’s ability to mature or get a little brighter.

    • jake481

      Fine’re not offended. Great.

      I don’t think she should be hounded into an early grave but I believe anyone had the right to register their displeasure and her boss had the right to fire her.

    • Jm

      Halloween is suppose to be scary. Traditionally people have DRESSED UP AS DEAD PEOPLE.

      Unfortunately a lot of AMERICANS are willing to crap all over somebody and try AND RAGE THEIR OWN PROBLEMS AWAY BLAMING someone else.

      That’s what Halloween is and this is America. No one would complain if you were Steve Irwin or Michael Jackson, YET freak out at someone as a generic runner.


    • jake481

      Steve Irwin, Michael Jackson and the Boston Marathon bombing victims …any idea which one is NOT like the others?

      Steve Irwin and Michael Jackson were public figures who spent their lives trying to make themselves famous to make a living.
      The Boston Marathon victims were private citizens taking part in a sporting event. They weren’t trying to get into the public spotlight, they were blown into it by a couple of nuts with a bomb.

      I think it’s safe to say 90% of the people who post here have no idea how to draw equivalencies.

    • xD

      If only the people you knew could of ran a bit faster :(

    • jake481

      “could of”?
      Get an education. Then come back and try to match wits.

    • dwinkle

      People joke about tragedies all the time. It doesn’t make them any less tragic, or the joke less funny. Remember the guy dressed as the dirt covered office worker in front of ground zero?
      And for your information, when you’re attractive, you get disapproval from people on a daily basis. Unattractive women hate you, men consider you an ornament, and people take great pride in attempts at humiliating you, like this article.

    • William_C_Diaz

      I guarantee you that people dressed as terrorists, pimps, serial murderers, the KKK and Nazis this year, just like there is every year. Some of the costumes are clever and some are in poor taste, in good faith and in not so good faith.

      It is a costume and much like comedy, the humor of something is contextual, but one of the problems in this country is the loss of proportion in the pursuit of evaluating context. How much punishment is reasonable for someone who does something boneheaded and legal?

      Have a great day!

    • jake481

      Thing is she’s receiving punishment from tons of people. Each one might think they’re being perfectly reasonable, but collectively she’s being beaten to a pulp. I’m sure the people doing the really outrageous stuff (death threats, harassing her parents) are a very teeny minority and while I believe she should have gotten the message loud and clear that it’s not cool to dress up as a victim of a terrorist attack she shouldn’t have to fear for her life.

    • Kevin Gresham

      You know what it is? Mob mentality. And everyone jumps on it likes its gold. With things like twitter mob mentality is getting pretty crazy. And people have plenty of time to waste sitting on twitter making death threats, its ridiculous.

    • Jason rice

      you sir are what they call a ra-tard

    • Thumbs Up

      And you sir are what they call uneducated with a response like that! Can’t even come up with a rational response.

    • James Jude Reyes

      I agree. Mr. Rice K. G. Is a vagina. Her vagina.

    • dwinkle

      Well, I guess you showed him.

    • Thumbs Up

      Girl wears ‘Boston Bombing’ costume… 3 million Tweets and comments!
      Government spies on Americans and destroys “America”….. *chirp, chirp chirp! Trendies I tell ya!

    • jake481

      Go to the Huffington post. There are literally millions of posts about the government spying on Americans ….what’s that got to do with this subject?

      You’ve mentioned this over and over again. Does outrage over her costume somehow negate outrage over other subjects?

      In other words …what the F are you talking about?

    • cmv1202

      You mean Obama spying right?

    • dwinkle

      I don’t see any evidence this began with Obama.

      Bush was just as much a Statist.

    • ShimShimminyShimShim

      You sound mad, and a little crazy, stop stalking people freak.

    • dwinkle

      Nobody reads the Huffington Puffington post. There are ten times more people aware of this stupid costume than the fact that the government is violating the 4th amendment and recording billions of phone calls a month.

    • jake481

      You really couldn’t be more wrong. Everyone is outraged about the government spying ….and what does that have to do with this article?

      Why would I be commenting about Government spying in a forum discussing this girls costume? Why would anyones outrage over this costume mean there’s no outrage over spying?

    • Bucko

      With people like Alicia Ann putting all of their information for the world to see online, who needs government spying? This girl should be made a textbook case of how NOT to treat one’s online presence. That said, its probably better people are talking about it; since I would only hope this might inform other stupid, self-impressed people to show some humility and make better decisions. The whole “anti-PC” crowd really gets on my nerves. This isn’t about being “anti-PC” – this is about being a decent human being.

      So yes, Internet, I hope you talk the sh!t out of Alicia Ann. There are millions more stupid people out there just like her who could stand to learn a thing or two about rational decision-making.

    • jake481

      I’ve honestly never met a passionate enemy of the “PC” movement who didn’t really just miss calling black people ni@@ers.

    • lilly

      black people call eachother that, so what are you getting out of it? most don’t care anymore……..

    • Coraddo

      “most don’t care anymore?” CONGRATULATIONS on being an uneducated ignorant shiftless ghetto ho. We need more black women like you in the community.

    • stupocalypto

      Perspective buddy. You all seem to get more angry about a stupid outfit, that the constant degradation of your rights,

    • yo yo

      yall are what make it popular, by yall i mean sensitive people who are ready to make a world changing comment on here lol….i saw that pic a while back and this is what i honestly thought ” what the hell is she wearing, ohhhh haha, thats fucked up but good idea, nice legs too, next pic” and now i see a revolution on here and shit lmao

    • yo yo

      duh idiot, its on your cell phone which is in on you 95% of the time that you are awake….lol you must have been born in the 60′s, get over it already

    • James Jude Reyes

      No. Some people just have manners man. I dare you Say the N word really, really loud in the middle of Oakland, Ca and see if your train of thought makes sense.

    • Thumbs Up

      Dare you to say Cracker in the middle of Portland, OR. and see if your train of thought makes sense!

    • James Jude Reyes

      Thumbs up, You operate with contrary-mind. I am beginning to believe that you argue for the sake of argument. Look. It’s not about race, rights, or freedom of speech.,It’s about sensitivity. Do I have the right to get 3 white female friends of mine, throw some chains on them, throw on my best Kangol and walk around on Halloween teling everybody Im dressed up as Ariel Castro? Absoloutely! Would that choice of costume probably piss people off? Of course it would! Yeah man we all have the right, but in good taste my friend.

    • twirk313

      i would dress up like this for Halloween but i know it would be wrong but tbh who gaves a #$@# wat anyone thinks the most i would do is be smart about it and know what type of party im attending

    • James Jude Reyes

      You’re right. If you were in the right environment. It wouldnt matter.

    • jake481

      Wow…so you so embarrassed yourself you changed all your posts to “guest”?

      That is incredibly cowardly.

    • volkerball85

      Tell that to Martin Richard’s family.

    • lolnoway

      None cares if American’s die. Bitch is hot, that is all I care for. There will be other bombings and shooting. But none will care. I’m actually happy that American’s die in those.

    • volkerball85


    • Steve P.


      The Titanic was made into a ride
      I’m sure there are still survivors of the holocaust around are comics supposed to stop telling jokes about Hitler/Jewish people cause one of them might be offended?

      I knew people in the Trade Center I’ve heard comics do bombing jokes and I laugh bc IT’S COMEDY

      There’s all sorts of tragedy and things out there that hit close to home for many many people and you could think things are wrong n chose to be offended if you like but keep it between you and your family don’t go try to infringe on mine or this girls right to do things.

      I’m sorry but to me freedom is more precious and valuable than to just throw it away out of fear of offending and not being pc. There are plenty of insensitive costumes out there every Halloween, some guy was walking around dressed as superman with a wheelchair strapped to his waist was it insensitive and tasteless ABSOLUTELY could it offend some people? SURE CAN should he have been not allowed to wear it or afraid to wear it? ABSOLUTELY NOT

    • volkerball85


      How does this make it okay to dress up and mock them? How does this have any bearing on the situation at hand? It’s about standards. It’s about life being hard enough FOR the people who have gone through tragedy without seeing braindead assholes like Lynch dressing up in random costumes to make fun of them. It’s about the idea that people should know better than this, and that nobody should be defending someone for being a piece of shit.

      “don’t go try to infringe on mine or this girls right to do things.”

      Please read, very closely, because people like you can’t seem to get this through your heads:


      Nobody is forcing you to be quiet. Nobody is passing laws to silence you. All they are doing is expressing disapproval of what they see, which is completely within their own rights of self-expression. So when you say “STOP INFRINGING ON ME!” what YOU are trying to do is stifle other people. YOU are demanding they stop having an opinion, or at the very least, to stop expressing it. You are demanding that nobody hold you accountable for the things you say or do, and that’s just not how it works. Are some people taking things too far with this girl? With the death threats and harassment of her family? Absolutely. Those people can go straight to hell, because that’s never okay. But otherwise, if you say and do stupid things, you’d better be prepared for backlash from people who dislike it. There is no constitutional amendment protecting your ego from criticism.

      “I’m sorry but to me freedom is more precious and valuable than to just throw it away out of fear of offending and not being pc.”

      Dial back the melodrama. People being offended at this stupid asshole’s costume isn’t some slippery slope that’s going to somehow lead us to 1984.

      The bottom line here is that we would all be a lot better off if we were more capable of stopping for a minute, and thinking. Of putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes. Of realizing that our actions and words have consequences, and I don’t just mean people getting angry. I’m talking about the fact that when you wear something like this, you are spitting in the face of everybody who was involved in that attack. Everyone who died, everyone who was maimed. These people have suffered enough, what in the hell does doing something like this accomplish, other than showcasing just what an idiotic, self-centered piece of shit one is.?

    • Dustin

      Hooray!!! :) Thank God someone out there isn’t a total degenerate. Thank you Steve P.
      That is all.

    • Dustin

      By the way, love the pictures. Except a couple of course. Not into the bestiality Like most Americans now-a-days.

    • Brent Coe

      it’s not offensive. it’s a 20-something year old, who goes by the name someskankfrommi, trying to get her 15 minutes of fame by poking fun at people who got killed while taking part in a charity event.

    • jake481

      “trying to get her 15 minutes of fame by poking fun at people who were killed while taking part in a charity event”.

      When you put it that way I guess it does seem a little ridiculous to get so upset about it.

    • jogger

      that was beautiful.

    • REN

      Oh right because it’s ok in your tiny, little, limited, brainless, heartless, F***** up world that idiots like this bitch go around mocking the dead and the severely injured!!! Do YOU even realize people were grueseomely killed and many lost their legs??!!!!! How would YOU like it if it happened to someone you loved???!!!! Just when I thought when she was the idiot, you’re an even BIGGER, insensitive D-bag than this chick!!! Trying to act like it’s no big deal what she did. Seriously, WTF is wrong with you???!!!! MORON!!!!!!

    • REN

      If only I could give you 20 thumbs down for your insensitivity, you FKN idiot!!! Karma is a bitch and it will come back and get you BIG TIME for your STUPID comments!!!!!! You hater!!!! You talk about it being disgusting because some of us actually have a FKN heart and CARE about innocent lives lost???!!! YOU ARE THE DISGUSTING ONE!!!!!! MAJOR IDIOT!!!!!

    • Steve P.

      If you bothered to read my other posts I knew people that died on 9/11, I’ve lost my father to a massive unexpected heart attack, my mother to cancer that should have been treatable but guess what I still laugh at comedy when they use fat/heart attack jokes if they’re funny. I still could laugh at a joke a comic might do about 9/11 even though it’s a shitty thing that happened bc I know it’s a JOKE and meant with no malice just something completely unexpected and extreme it doesn’t make me insensitive it makes me a fan of good comedy. My brother is gay and happily married some people are offended by gay people, a man laying with a man it sickens and disgusts them but does that mean he doesn’t deserve to be happy and with who he wants to be with bc YOU might be offended? Go ahead I’ll wait for that answer ………. Btw I still laugh at gay jokes (when they’re actually funny and not hack) and so does my brother as a matter of fact one of his favorite comics is Louie CK who recently came under fire bc of some of his gay jokes, does that mean bc some gay people had a problem with him that my brother should boycott him? Or is he allowed to be an individual and his own person and decide what’s offensive for himself?

      Was what this girl did shitty? ABSOLUTELY but we’re allowed to be shitty human beings if we choose that’s our first amendment right nobody should be fired or sent death threats bc they OFFENDED SOMEBODY that’s not a viable reason for termination

    • jake481

      If someone takes a picture of themselves in work in a costume that creates national controversy …they’re going to get fired.

    • jay wiltshammer


    • Compy

      Offended at a stupid commercial depicting a white man dressed up as a Mexican to sell salsa isn’t offensive, yet people complain. This was a terrorist attack on defenseless people. 4 people died including an 8 year old boy. This costume was in poor taste, as well as your brilliant comment. I suppose you would support somebody dressing up like the Sandy Hook shooter. You sir, are an asshole & I hope you get hit by a bus today.

    • Steve P.

      Stay classy

    • Paul Berkemeier

      On one hand, a competition do do stupid things and get attention. On the other hand, a competition to puff up your pretended indignities and prove yourself the most eloquent or enraged in your being offended. Behind the curtain of both, you find a lonely little troll.

    • whiteboy

      Steve you ignorant slut..It was a terrorist attack..Fuck you and your CAPS LOCK!

    • nick

      you are soooooo RIGHT!!! i guess you wouldn’t be offended if your FATHER was the one who died in the Marathon. RIGHT?????

      Make a really good joke when someone in your family pass away on that day ya!!! you are AN AWESOME PERSON!!!!!!!!

    • Luke Daly

      I disagree, I think the world is starting to get used to sick jokes and horrible content. Why can’t people be classy and dress up as a witch or a monster instead of dressing up as victims of a terrorist bombing. It’s sick.

      Also Steve P, if your friends or family died in the Boston boming im pretty sure your comments would be different. Although because the Boston bombing didn’t affect you, you preach about the world becoming “SO PC IT’S DISGUSTING”.

      Grow the fuck up.

    • Steve P.

      I knew people in the towers which where 3000 ppl were killed and I’m still more than capable of understanding that as insensitive and appalling as this girls costume may be she still has the right to wear it without fearing for her job or her safety. I mean we still have freedom of expression in this country weather people like it or not and free expression/speech doesn’t just cover friendly speech it covers ALL SPEECH/EXPRESSION. It’s times like these a situation where someone is offended where people who still believe in our freedom should come to the forefront and say “even though I may find this disgusting and sick she still has the right to do this”

    • brodie659

      You’re right she is free to say what she wants. Just as her employer is free to fire her (most jobs are at-will employment on both sides) and people are free to mock her on the Internet.

      I’m guessing you have also never taken a law class because the 1st Amendment does not apply to “private” life – it was written to not allow government to censor citizens. So don’t pretend you can go around saying what you want without repercussions.

      As an example, if you took out a billboard stating incorrect facts about me, you can be sued for libel if they are false statements. So it is not an umbrella to say or do whatever you want.

    • jr023

      your examples are flawed if i own a business i cannot discriminate in many aspects . also the law on libel and slander
      do not apply to groups only to a person or business a group say
      red head transvestite Hungarians i can call them anything but if i slander or libel a specific person in that group to cause his reputation to suffer that would be actionable

    • Steve P.

      And do it without fear of repercussion

    • Steve P.

      Read my post where I go into detail and explain the exact meaning of my comments as well as list examples of my meanings

    • yo yo

      yea yea fuck your mother

    • Mia003

      Why are you so offended that we are offended? Get over it. It’s are right to get offended at what we went stop telling others what not not get offended by when your DA is offended by us being offended you us all Cap lock letters. lol. Why you all offended that people posting photos of her nude that she already posted on internet for all to see her nasty whorree pictures of her saggy breast and stretch marks.

      Why isn’t she laughing at her death threats? I thought she thinks it is funny when people get murdered. She wants to laugh at real people and children that got murdered and leg blown off make fun of them then maybe she would laugh and think it’s funny if it was done to her. If her family was murdered or got their legs blown off would she make a custom of it and laugh about it? I bet not! Evil selfish heartless bastards only care when it happens to them.

      She is beyond evil and mean cruel. I can’t imagine how bad this hurt the victims that have been through so much since the attack almost dying and losing limbs and the ones that lost children, brother or sister. I don’t think they would think this is funny making fun of their relatives horrible murder and injuries. She is the worst kind of bully and devil to make fun of people that died and got their limbs blown off.

      What is this world coming to if this behavior is consider ok and acceptable. She is a evil monster and horrible human being you really have to have no soul think of something like and want to do that to the victims and hurt them. I am not saying people should give her threats but tell her about her disgusting evil self, I am surprised she did not laugh at the threats since she thinks death and maiming of innocent women, men and children is so funny. So got the attention she wanted and I don’t feel sorry for her at all. This hurt the victims so bad and so did it when some people stood up for her and said it was ok for her to make fun of what happened to them. You all think this is ok what are you going to do next make fun of rape victims and children that get abused by pedophiles. I guess anything goes now and no one has a heart expect for standing up for and condoning evil.

    • Steve Stupid Idiot

      Steve P. .. you are STUPID “better yet you picture look stupid ”
      your face is stupid !! you think stupid ..
      .. people die and others lost body part .!!
      i am not close minded person but she is Stupid just like you .. !!

    • Coraddo

      Hey fuck u. And don’t tell me what i should and shouldn’t be offended by. I hope there’s a gas explosion in your house and your legs get blown the fuck off. And then i won’t be offended.

  • Get Famous Darling

    Funny costume, people are way to serious. Alex Jones says terrible things about false flags, our own government hurting us. Leave this pretty girl alone. Halloween is a day of offending people and getting a rise out of others. You violent people are treating her like she actually physically hurt someone.

    • Get Famous Darling

      P.S. she has a great body…sorry for looking Alicia, but everything is pretty tasteful and hot. I am guessing that 1/2 the people with camera phones have a pic or two they would blush if got out. no worries darling

    • Barn Leecounty

      her body is saggy

    • jake481

      Yeah, hilarious.

      283 people were injured and a little kid from my neighborhood was blown to bits. You’re the reason why this girls moral compass is so out of whack. Because she’s so good looking she’s never had any real criticism.

      If you want to be provocative then don’t cry when someone’s provoked.

  • Katie

    Just another slut looking for attention. Nice role model for children out there. I bet in a few years you’ll be really proud of yourself that you put nude pictures of yourself for all the world to see. You got what you deserved.

  • Steve P.


    • nunyadang

      First, Please stop yelling, Second, she did not do this privately, she did this publicly, then posted a pic. It was a public act, and a public post, and the public responded.

      As another commented pointed out, freedom of speech is a two way street. She is free to be a douche bag and I am free to call her a douche bag.

      Now the other douche bags calling for this girls rape and her family to be murdered, those dudes are big douche bags!

    • Juliet

      I think attention whore is the more appropriate term.

    • Jack

      I’d do her!

    • Barn Leecounty

      of course you would. you’d do much worse too

    • thew

      Your analogy is fucking awful.

    • jake481

      If your plan is to be provocative, then don’t be surprised if you provoke someone.

      I knew people who were injured in that bombing and my neighbors son was killed. Dressing up like one of the victims is tacky, insensitive and just mean spirited.

    • Kevin Gresham

      You sure love to brag about being there and constantly bring up your neighbors son, the little boy that EVERYONE knows about. You sir are a fake.

    • jake481

      No one brags about being from Dorchester, @hole.

      Go crawl back under your rock.
      Why the hell wouldn’t I mention my neighbors son ..or my coworker who still has shrapnel in her knee and will limp for the rest of her life?

    • Jason rice

      i understand what your saying trust me. With that being said, if a family member of mine was killed in the boston bombings, I would have a hard time letting this one go. You’re exactly right we all have freedom of speech and expression but sometimes people should just have better judgement. Especially since this just happened a few months ago. I don’t agree with all the backlash but she kinda gets what she deserves MINUS the death threats….

  • Steve P.

    What happened to free speech and rights to your beliefs? Free speech doesn’t just mean free to say only non offensive things or things that are politically correct. If you truly believe in free speech and the first amendment YOU SHOULD BE DEFENDING things like this bc THESE ARE THE THINGS THE FIRST AMENDMENT ARE THERE FOR IN THE FIRST PLACE

    • ferret_man

      Well said

    • Just saying

      The people responding have the same right to express their opinions as well. It works both ways.

    • DH

      Not when they make death threats. Moron.

    • jake481

      Has she been arrested? Her freedom of expression hasn’t been infringed. She has every right to say and do what she wants. It amazes me how many people have no idea what “freedom of speech” really means.

      Free speech means you’re free to suffer the consequences of your speech too.

      How about her employers freedom to not be represented by this balloon head? How about the victims and friends of victims who are outraged by her costume? Don’t they have the right to say something? I don’t agree with the death threats, but if she had walked through my neighborhood in Boston I don’t think she would have walked out. My neighbors son was blown to bits in the tragedy and 283 others were injured.

    • Sean225

      Good to know that if she wore that in your neighborhood you guys would kill her. I guess its no surprise that the actually terrorists who blew your neighbors son to “bits’ probably came from the same neighborhood. Apparently that’s how you guys deal with stuff you don’t like. They didn’t like things so they planted bombs and blew people up. You don’t like some random person in Michigan dressing up as a bombing victim so you want to kill her. Wonderful neighborhood you have.

    • guest219

      Evidently you have problems with reading.

      Jake clearly said he doesn’t “agree with the death threats.”

      Please read before making dumb comments.

    • guest819

      U should read b4 u make a dumb comment. Jake clearly said if she walked through his neighbourhood she never would’ve walked out. Is that not a death threat in it’s own right??

    • Jason rice

      guest819….are you really that fckn stupid to insult the person above you when you clearly misquoted jake…. in case you cant read let me copy and paste what he said..

      “I don’t agree with the death threats, but if she had walked through my neighborhood in Boston I don’t think she would have walked out”.

      can you show me the death threat? all i can read is that she wont WALK out…..

    • Kevin Gresham

      SHE WONT WALK OUT BECAUSE SHE WOULD BE KILLED. How retarded are you people? That IS a death threat.

    • Jason rice

      Actually its NOT… you are interpreting what you think he said. but there was actually no death threat. Maybe she would have crawled out…. or rode in an ambulance….

    • jake481

      Hey Kevin, ever have a real tragedy happen in your neighborhood? Ever have some loonies literally running around and tossing bombs, blowing up little kids and injuring several hundred people? If someone walked around that same neighborhood dressed up in a costume that mocked the victims do you think it might inspire some REAL anger?

      Nobody here has much of a sense of humor about that day and making fun of the victims wouldn’t end well.

    • Kevin Gresham

      In what way did you idiotically interpret that in some other way? You think he meant she’s going to run out instead? Maybe crawl out? No, that she wouldn’t make it out at all. Which means A DEATH THREAT, on behalf of him, or his neighbors.

    • Jason rice

      its YOUR interpretation….. not mine… stop being a vagina…. if someone killed your family member i’m sure you wouldn’t be happy with this chick and what she did… he just stated the obvious and never said he wants to kill her… all you guys are fckn mouth-breathers…..

    • Aquabrother

      You’re an idiot. He said he doesn’t think she’ll walk out. Two parts to that.

      First, he doesn’t claim to know what would happen to her. He’s making a guess. Guesses are not facts. Guesses can be based on past occurences, or based on nothing at all.

      Second, Jason is correct. That’s YOUR interpretation. She could ride out in a police car after enough angry 911 callers report her wearing a tasteless costume and pissing people off. That’s public disturbance and she CAN be detained for that.

      Also, you’re an idiot. I don’t think you should continue speaking. No, that’s not a death threat. No, I did not say I’ll cut out your tongue. Take the dildo out of your butt and put your glasses on. Read. READ. Don’t reply, just read. Then read it again. Wait 24 hours. Then read it again.

    • jake481

      Kevin, you’re too stupid to take part in this conversation.

      I never made a threat, I was discussing probability. I don’t doubt for a second if she walked around Dorchester in that get-up someone would take a poke at her. It’s simply too provocative and people’s memories are still to raw.

    • jake481

      How was that a threat? It’s a discussion of probability. Believe it or not no one here has much of a sense of humor about that day and someone walking around in a costume mocking the victims would inspire some real anger.

    • Kevin Gresham

      Are you stupid? She got fired from her job over her first amendment right. And I doubt you even live in Boston. GTFO.

    • Jason rice

      i’ll quote the good ole boy from boston….. Billy “red face” burr…. Go fck yourself

    • Jeff

      Kevin, you’re an idiot. Read jake481′s comment above. Maybe you’ll learn something

    • jake481

      What about her employers rights? Doesn’t he have the right to fire someone who he doesn’t feel represents his business properly?

      Why do you think I would lie about living in Boston? There’s about 3 million people who can say the same thing.

    • Kevin Gresham

      “Lol i dont agree with death threats. But i will make one on behalf of my neighborhood without actually saying I would do it.” Real smart.

    • Pete Porter

      Does anybody know where she worked? If nobody knows where she worked, than please tell me how her company was effected. I hope she sue the hell out of the company for wrongful termination. Clearly she was allowed to wear the costume at work. She wasn’t fired until people complained about the picture. I don’t see any company logos or signs in the photo. So, I fail to see how the company was adversely effected.

  • normal human being

    damn you cats who think she is hot must have ugly GFs/wives. disgusting….her twitter handle pretty much sums it up

  • Neil

    She looked almost as good as the fake actors that played victims during the bombing.

    • Guest

      Yeah, cus everything you read on conspiritard sites is true. Are you suggesting that the very same space-lizard/illuminati agents that slaughtered 3000 Americans on 9/11, have suddenly become too squeamish to blow up a few real people at a marathon, and have to use actors. So, it’s 100% certain that ONE of those conspiracies is not correct. (Actually, it’s certain they both are, but I mean an absolute mathematical certainty)

    • jhasdguf

      Yeah, cus everything you read on conspiritard sites is true. Are you
      suggesting that the very same space-lizard/illuminati agents that
      slaughtered 3000 Americans on 9/11, have suddenly become too squeamish
      to blow up a few real people at a marathon, and have to use actors? So,
      it’s 100% certain that ONE of those conspiracies is incorrect.
      (Actually, it’s certain they both are, but I mean an absolute, inarguable,
      mathematical certainty)

  • Amanda

    Are you guys serious? As someone who lives in Boston and experienced this, this girl was making fun of a terrorist attack. Plain and simple. She knew how disgusting it was, and she deserves everything she got. Anyone who thinks otherwise is an embarrassment.

    • sniper jones

      the old adage goes “two wrongs dont make a right”. embarrassing is attacking a young person for a poor decison. threatening death and ruining somebody’s life isnt really justifiable in this situation or any for that matter.

    • guest219

      Agree completely. Everyone involved in this story is an idiot–Lynch is an idiot and the people making death threats are idiots.

    • jake481

      I haven’t heard a single person defend anyone making death threats. I can absolutely understand the outrage and every person making an angry comment or even sending her an Email denouncing her as an empty headed little unfeeling twit are just as well within their rights.

    • jake481

      I’m from Boston too. The people who don’t see anything wrong with this are the same people who never told this girl any kind of criticism, because she has nice boobs. she’s probably never heard a word that wasn’t positive and because of that she’s become this empty headed sociopath.

  • Amanda

    Oh, and by the way, this girl was defending her actions and saying it was FUNNY and that she’s not sorry up until this went viral. She’s sorry she’s getting backlash; she’s not sorry for what she did.

  • Lew

    Freedom of speech and expression Americans say this all the time.How can you be so hypocritical.Bad taste for sure,but this is what freedom to chose allows.The ppl who make the threats are no better than the guys who planted the bomb. Thats terror

  • Steve P.


    She wore a shitty costume but SO WHAT that’s what freedom of expression is for freedom of speech ect, that’s why the first amendment is in place it’s not just freedom of expression as long as it doesn’t offend somebody. As a matter of fact free speech/expression is in place so that people HAVE THE RIGHT TO EVEN IF IT OFFENDS OTHERS. Is it tasteless sure but is being tasteless a reason to receive backlash like this and be fired from your job the answer Is an astounding NO.

  • Buster McKnuckles

    I find it amusing that people get more upset over this than they do about things that actually matter.

    • scott

      I agree what about the way this country is run by Dems and/or Repubs. We need to get term limits and demand doing the right thing by us peoins,LOL.

  • Sizz

    I would get angry but I’m distracted by her hotness.

    • almond

      Great point here.

    • Barn Leecounty

      you distract easily. nothing hot about chubby 22 year olds

    • Sizz

      I understand. Young, raven-haired, six footers with perfect tits aren’t everyone’s type.

    • Ben Dalton

      that’s not a perfect chest – looks like fake over inflated water balloons to me…

    • Mr Derp

      You clearly have never seen fake tits before, because they look nothing like that.

    • Elroy Jennings

      The point is they are nice

    • Mr Derp


    • Elroy Jennings

      Fake or lab grown they taste the same and those look DAMN good

    • Nite

      them ain’t perfect. iv’e seen much better!

    • Thumbs Up

      (Disclaimer: This is my Ignorant comment for the day) Barn Leecountry, I would love to see a real pic of your Super hot, skinny, 40-50 yr old girlfriend/wife then if you not think this “Chubby 22 year old” isn’t cute.

    • Robski

      Well you seem oddly fixated with her. You’ve left an embarrassing number of comments on this post, all of which have been badmouthing her appearance. Just move on and quit being so bothered with other people’s opinions on some random young woman.

      Also, she’s hot.

    • Creolechiick

      I agree because I am thirty-two years old and I’m in better shape than what I am seeing lol.

    • disqus_TDfFIlrxof

      you must be gay, she is damn hot. i’d do her anyday

    • John

      She’s solid and definitely bangable. I’d give her a 7. But come on, she is nothing special.

    • Creolechiick

      Ok so you find her stretch marks on her abdomen; thighs; breasts and a small saggy ass to be hotness lmao. Your standards are REAL low buddy if she got you hard over that. Sizz, you are the most desperate guy I have seen on here. She’s a whore so do what you want with her lol.

    • almond

      Don’t be jealous.

    • Creolechiick

      Jealous of what lmao? I am established and I gross well over six figures. I DO NOT have any children . . thank god and I live in a million dollar home BY MYSELF. I own two vehicles and there is NO MAN supporting me at ALL. If you saw me in person you would just eat your words. I have MEN and WOMEN approaching me on a regular day basis to the verge of harassment. I am very attractive, in fact, I look ten times better than her with a physique that women envy. I know some women right now that are having a breast augmentation procedure because they want their breasts to look like mine lol. The funny thing is my breasts are REAL. I am thirty-two years old with a REAL career while most women today, only accomplishment is being a “housewife” lmao. I earn and spend my OWN money. I’m a Harvard graduate so why would I be jealous? Exactly, she may be the type of girl that you want because you seem like trash yourself, but YOU could NEVER have a chance with a woman such as I. :) I will not waste my time with you so if you reply to this comment then you will be ignored. I do not have time to waste on a “nobody” that most likely resides in a trailer, lusting over sluts on the internet like this one. Take care. :)

    • mark

      you really can’t be fucking serious… Sounds like a spam bot

    • MarryMeAlicia!

      I agree… I don’t see how anyone but a eunuch has a free hand to type with after those HOT pics! I hope she gets a modelling contract out of all this– it might teach all the Twatters to stay the hell out of other people’s lives!

  • MyVickInABox

    OK Bad decision on costume ok…mistake move on. She is f’n hot!!!!!! Love them large nips and natural boobs!

  • Steve P.

    @just saying

    I’m not saying not to express you’re opinion but as far as being offended by a costume come on people got nothing better to do? As a society we’re all going to crumble and already have started to crumble under political correctness and the fear of offending everybody and their mother’s it’s a joke. Most people complain just bc they want their voices heard cause they’re self righteous and self important and think they’re the ones that matter when in actuality they’re the minority. Unfortunately in this country we cater to the minority and let their voices rule over that of the majority

  • MouthofMadness

    The bombing costume was funny and this bitch is fine…All of you need to stop being sooo sensitive…As americans do you know how many people we MURDER overseas under the banner of “freedom” and you want to express outrage at this? FUCK YOU…Those kids didn’t do it either…So fuck all of you and hope that one day you can fuck a girl as hot as this..BLESS YOU hot stuff don’t worry all this will blow over soon and it will be on to the next one…People have sitcom memories..Don’t worry…

    • Barn Leecounty

      get over yourself. terrorism and murder isn’t something people need to stop being so sensitive about. she should have been fired and the company was right to do so. So because America does unethical things its ok to mock other American citizens who were killed? yeah that makes perfect sense. youre a dumbass.

  • Steve P.

    I’m not saying you can’t be offended or anything like that I’m saying people shouldn’t be calling for this woman’s job/head just because of being offended it’s when you do that that you’re curtailing somebody’s freedom which is wrong THAT is what I’m against

    • jake481

      Thanks for letting me know I can be offended.

      I wouldn’t send her a death threat, because those are illegal and counter productive. I’m happy she lost her job though ..because she has probably never been forced to experience any ramifications for her actions because she’s good looking.

  • Steve P.

    If you’re offended fine but don’t make death threats and look for heads to roll so to speak just because you don’t like it

  • Joker

    I know what I’m going to be for thanksgiving.

  • Juliet

    Attention whore in so many ways.

    • Breast Friends

      She certainly got my attention, I’m like a deer in the headlights ;)

  • whocares buttface

    “The 22-year-old is an extremely beautiful girl but this was such a bad move that I can’t feel sorry for her

    Read more:

    So that’s why you re-posted her nude photo’s on your shitty little article? So hypocritical get another a job Stephen.

  • Aniyah Sydney Renne Tifari

    Someone perhaps her parents maybe even a co-worker or boss shouldve pulled her to the side and and explained to her that her costume will offend many people! We are all held accountable for our actions and the choices we make. its so unfortunate for her she made a bad choice. Its not cool to mock a terrible event where peple lost lives and are emotionally scared for life. THINK BEFORE YOU ACT! show some compassion!

  • TJW

    What a lucky dog.

  • BobOdette

    she got fired from her job because of a halloween costume – that’s messed up

    • BobOdette

      this site sucks

    • Barn Leecounty

      no she got fired for mocking a tragedy where many americans were killed. and its an employers right to fire who they want. you have obviously never had a job before. Most companies have a code of conduct policy and you can be fired for violating it. Mocking a terrorist attack would qualify at most places of work as a violation of code of conduct and most places would have fired her…and rightfully so. whats messed up is idiots like you.

  • garypage2


  • jhasdguf

    Funny how the people most outraged by things like this are always the
    most evil, conniving, devious, back-stabbing hypocrites ever to get
    dressed up for church.
    What the Hell? So she’s dumb and insensitive, so she should lose her job and have her life threatened? I remember working in a call-center the day after 9/11 and being told not to laugh at jokes we heard from the customers. There were hundreds. My colleagues shared them on break, even the management did. Sit in a bar for a few hours and, unless it’s totally dead in there, you will hear cruel jokes about black people, disabled people, ginger people.

    During the blitz, joking about it was how many people kept their moral up. And, let’s face it, the blitz made the Boston bombing AND 9/11 combined look like a minor traffic accident.
    Hell, if a tragedy was far enough in the past – the Titanic, for example – you can joke about it and not even get a dirty look of the stuck-up snobs who call for blood every time they get a little offended.

    • joe

      what kind of fucking call center do you work at that people would call and tell jokes about 9-11

  • John

    Someskank is a fitting name.

  • John

    WOW! She is a SERIOUS SKANK! Her parents must be proud.

  • Patrick

    she made a bad choice in wearing a costume that was tastless. as for the person who found her pictures and posted them for all to see.. newsflash she took the pictures so if you think she will be embarrassed? Wrong.

  • socali

    Id tap her.

    • joe

      gay men say tap your funny!

    • socali

      idgaf. Dont tell you wouldn’t smash on that.

  • beatfien

    All she needs now is a reality show and she will be well on her way

  • Justin

    I don’t think its that bad- it was a joke that went wrong. Be mad at the people that caused the bombing not at someone who picked a bad Halloween costume. Its ridiculous that she was fired from her job. Tasteless, classless, bad judgement whatever- its not that big of a deal.

  • Micky

    ohhhhh. so really its just some slutty, trashy girl who wanted some recognition to try and catapult her into amatuer porn or something. I get it now. Makes sense.

    • joe

      amateur?????? not in this great country. reality T.V.! WTF you know better!

  • H4BAF

    Ok, I REALLY wanna spill in that hottie.

    • joe

      what your coffee or beer or something?

  • Odessa_Cubbage

    Meanwhile the US government attacks civilians through pointless invasions and drone strikes yet the general public treats that as a joke

  • Dmitry Vitamin D Owens

    I think she’s awesome and sexy as hell. People need to lighten the fuck up and learn how to laugh at anything and everything – some of the greatest humor is and has always been crude, tasteless and tactless. Hit me up, Alicia! ;)

    • Barn Leecounty

      it doesn’t bother you because you or your family weren’t affected. if you had a family member killed I doubt you would “lighten up”. and if you think she’s awesome and sexy as hell you have never been with an attractive woman before.

    • alicia

      easy to tell someone to lighten up when you’re not the person affected

  • dilly89

    I’d still fuck her

  • I Need This Uncensored, Pronto

    The blur’s in the way of my enjoyment.

  • Huge Hefner

    Next stop, Penthouse. Those p-spreadin’ bastards!

  • D Hawkins

    I think most of us guys just forgave her.

  • ha ha

    I’m sure the fact that she’s kind of attractive is probably why some of the ppl are cutting her some slack. I’m sure if she had a body like a whale & a face like an otter, I’m sure they wouldn’t be so understanding. With that said, she’s pretty damn hot.

    • Barn Leecounty

      she isn’t close to being hot

    • john doe

      alot of people said she is hot cause she is so stop replying she isnt you are just making yourself look like a jealous fat girl

  • Ben Gazi

    I would do her…..So would Jay Leno…He found his wife after the Boston Massacre.

  • Bob

    Anyone find any of the photos uncensored?

  • November Echo

    She likes to show off those tits. I wonder how she would feel if they had been injured in the bombing.

  • sassndance

    there was nothing wrong with her costume. all the people who sent death threats to her and her parents need to be burned at the stake. she should not have lost her job either.
    sadly there are too many narrow minded idiots in the world. this costume was a tribute to the people who got hurt not a joke.

  • sammy

    With the expansion of technology in human life and daily activities, many people are getting away with violations of the first amendment. Death threats are in violation of the amendment plain and simple. This is a case of stupidity and immaturity. She is young and it was Halloween. She threw judgement out the window to have some fun. That is all it is. There are many worst cases just like this that haven’t garnered media attention and surely isn’t the last. You know what is also stupid and vile is the fact that some human beings believe that they are honoring those victims who were killed, by calling death and grievous bodily harm. That is hypocritical and down right disturbing that someone would type such a thing, review it, and submit. The worst thing is that they get more than a hundred likes.

  • Better Memories

    Anyone else masturbate and not get off?

    • Barn Leecounty

      just you

  • Gabriel


  • Meekrob

    Nice pair.

    • Barn Leecounty

      if you like saggy

  • Paul Houser

    perhaps this is a sick publicity stunt for her to get camera time to publicly admit her wrong-doing while at the same time she’ll end up putting her star on the map.

  • RealCrankyCitizen

    This Young Lady Really Steams Up My Glasses.

    • Barn Leecounty

      which doesn’t take much for a person like yourself

  • Drew

    I support all the Boston community as a whole however this is some distasteful revenge. The girl won’t get a job again at least

  • TrollMRE

    Troll more please. Its obvious who lives in/ around Boston and who doesn’t . She has the right to express her 1st amendment but that only goes so far. Same reason she can’t wear a t-shirt with racial slurs on it pertains to this. She was a dumb $hit for wearing the costume and by posting it online should be told how stupid she was. If a teacher gets fired in Florida for being a swimsuit model she should get fired for being offensive ( yes this is highly offensive/ insensitive and if you can’t see that get a clue). Death threats and harassing of her parents should absolutely not happen.

  • Derek

    Wtf is that a happy tree friends tattoo. This girl is clearly not in her right mind

  • November Echo

    She seems to enjoy showing of her tyts (deliberately misspelled). I wonder how she would have felt if they were injured in the bombing.

  • Kurt Steinberg

    She’s just a kid. Obviously what she did was tasteless, but does her life deserve to be ruined? She should have dressed up as Trayvon Martin and then nobody would have cared.

    • Barn Leecounty

      22 isn’t a kid. She’s an adult. And part of being an adult is being accountable for your actions and suffering the consequences of poor decisions.

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  • Jorge

    Love Her Ass…Yummy

    • Barn Leecounty

      yes, the cellulite on her saggy ass looks fantastic!

  • JohnnyLasc

    Meh. The bitch looks better in her tasteless costume.

  • John Chamblee

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  • Adenhart

    Tasteless costume. She needed to wait a few more years to do it!

  • Ed Monix

    Hey @VividCorp @naughtyamerica @pornstartweet Sign this lady up
    She made a bad choice,but u can give her a 2nd chance

  • mike

    Crazy bitch but she has some huge tits.

  • Annie Kiser

    eww….zit on her tit in #13. Gross.

  • .45 ACP

    “The 22-year-old is an extremely beautiful girl but this was such a bad move that I can’t feel sorry for her.” This is exactly the opposite attitude we should take. The first step for her is to accept her apology and allow her to continue with her life as she is now a wiser person for her mistake. Let us not forget, far worse outfits are worn by others without consequence every year. The ones that truly concern me are those who wrote the death threats and the insensitive comments. Alicia will recover from this and be a far better person for the experience versus those who made the insulting comments. Apparently these social media sites are not doing a very good job at teaching social skills and their parents are too concerned with themselves to do anything either. But you are correct about one thing…minus the tattoos (not something I find attractive), she is a very beautiful young lady.

  • Bobonthis

    she is totally hot, and has a sense of humor. how many jokes floated around about the space shuttle disaster? some people just need too get a life. quit making a big deal out of nothing. I think it was funny, even tho she coulda picked another marathon maybe… too late, get over it jerks. I think they should send her too my room, I’ll spank her…

  • Marc

    Good thing she has one hell of a body. I’m sure no one would hurt her. Look at her boobs, look at her ass. Please people forgive her for being stupid. We are all stupid at a certain point of our life. We would rather go and make love to this beautiful innocent girl.

  • Dew Schbag


  • puffing420247 .

    Soooo…. my question is, are those bad boys real?

  • Michael Cherry

    i’d be her body guard anytime,

  • Arno Wolfgang Arnadeus

    she asked for it and received…..

  • Ben Dalton

    skanky ass trash….

    • mma138dotnet

      valid point ben dalton.
      thoughit surprises me that you are able to post so articulately with your head crammed so securely up your own ass.

  • mma138dotnet

    hot girl, great sense of humor, would bang

  • mma138dotnet

    BJJBJ supports her 100% because she has pretty feet

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  • mma138dotnet

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  • otto

    Not gonna lie. Nice rack.

  • www

    she didn’t hurt anyone the people who started the crusade against her brought it to the attention of thousands of people who would never have known about it otherwise it was a dumb joke, but she didn’t deserve so much bullshit, the attention people gave it spread the hurt much more than she did

  • Alex Browner

    I’d really like to know where in ANY of these post that there is a question on her not having bad judgement?? I think everyone including Alicia acknowledges that she was wrong… My post are to all the death threats and imprisonment… Everyone of the people that post threats would indeed be OMG why are you posting that in me if they were involved in anything someone else didn’t like. To the parents of children how would you feel if your child was being threatened? While Alicia is not my daughter, if someone was wishing ill on any of my children wouldn’t have to worry about threats…. They make movies on the pain someone would feel for pursuing anyone of my loved ones…. Take into consideration how easy it was to find her just as easy to follow an IP address to find you…. Like I said people should move on…. Bridge is burnt… I’m sure she will no longer dress for Halloween in a tasteless costume again… And the comment let sleeping dogs lie… You probably have those photos in your spank bank…. Just saying.

    • cvxxx

      I hope to hear of arrests and the family suing. Also the employer should sue too. They lost an employee due to lynch mob actions.

  • Tune

    Bad judgment on her part, but why are people so damn sensitive these days? must be all that processed foods… Are they really sending her death threats and trying to ruin her life over a stupid mistake? Lord have mercy. Some people are truly bored.

  • Shemp Newb

    Can i sign up to rape her??

  • Shaun Odenbach

    Ugh.. I gotta agree Steve P, TO A POINT. She made a shitty move, yes, and for that, she’s a bit of a scumbag. HOWEVER. It was ONE shitty move. If it’d been a re occuring offense, THEN Id say she’s a worthless waste of flesh. I’m sure a lot of you lost friends in the bombings, family, whatever. I’m sure SHE had friends who were injured. And we’re not thinking, this MAY be some kind of tribute, albeit slightly twisted. Anyways, my point is, we shouldn’t hate her AS MUCH as we are. She made a dumb move. Call her a stupid bitch and move on, don’t dwell on it. If it comes out that she’s laughing at all of us and doesn’t care that she offended people, THEN we can turn her into a sacrifical lamb for our ruthless agressions. Until then, though, move the fuck on and stop being so over-dramatic about it. We don’t know the full story behind it. Really, we’re just bullying someone we presume to be a heartless bully. I know some stick-up-his-ass morally correct person’s gonna say I’m wrong, and that’s fine. However, some people will probably agree with me too.

    • joe

      just saying. do you know the young lady? maybe this is the dumb snatch’s 23rd bad move. you know?

    • Shaun Odenbach

      I watched The Philip DeFranco Show. that’s how I heard about this; He showed comments FROM her, she’s already incredibly regretful.

      No, I don’t know the “dumb snatch,” however, no one’s dumb enough to do soemthing stupid on THIS magnitude and expect to live longer than a day.

  • cvxxx

    Perhaps the entire Congress should get to doing their job so people are not so uptight. It is all the upsetment that the political spectrum has put forth that has the citizens upset so they scape goat the woman.

  • Mister Bill

    She is pretty. And pretty effin’ brain dead And she’s THICK. A product of the entitled generation (Buffalo Wild Wings, Milkshakes, burgers, high-calorie lattes, etc.) Check pictures in the 50s/60s/and early 70s of women her age. NONE of them look as thick as she does. Keep ordering LARGE FRIES America! You’re entitled to suck down all that starch and all those calories. #PATHETIC


    sorry but i’ve had shits i cared more about thant the boston bombing

    • mma138dotnet

      lol + ZZZZZZING!

      Ive had some aggressive shits that caused me more pain the the boston bombing as well.

    • joe

      you must take pride in your shit.

  • mila

    her parents must be so proud that this is how their daughter spends her time…taking naked pics like a common whore and disrespecting people who lost their life.

  • m@ybs

    I bet she’ll be doing porn real soon. One way to stop the death threats… the rape threats though might increase.

  • jim

    this is her moment to become a freaking star!! run with it, honey. with a body and face like that, you could become the next farrah abraham. $$$$ ahead!

  • James Jude Reyes

    She’s def attractive, but you can tell from these pics that shes the female version of a douche bag, She probably one of those B’s you meet in a bar and then shortly begin to understand why serial killers exist.

    • joe


  • James Jude Reyes

    Get her Elijah Wood!!!!!!

  • joe

    hey I look at it this way. she did it F%%K her let her deal with the fall out. Dumb bitch! lol. Don’t post your contact info on line or your folks so people can find it! DUH! Dumb bitch! people do this crap and they know in cyber world they will be found out in 5 seconds. Why she do it? she’s a cyber star. 15 mins. of fame. she now go do porn because you have no job make 40 flix in one week you will be fine. Dumb bitch! If you are so worried about mom and dad and your friends around you tough S%%T you did it you deal with it! hey would luv to get her wasted use her all night pass her around with some pals.(sure it would not be a 1st for here). Then dumb her skank (that’s her screen name). ass naked in a field some where and leave her there. Oh yea and post it! LOL. Dumb silly Bitch.

  • Blue Guy

    She may be a scumbag, but GAWD DAYUM

  • Steve C

    Would bang..

  • joe

    And all you guys on here sticking up for her. don’t worry she won’t and never would F**K YOU!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Marks

      Okay, but you’re included.

  • Ralph Kootz

    those breasts look fake as fuck and nasty. She obviously did it to get attention and got more than what she bargained for. Be careful what you wish for.

  • Erin

    lol then she tried to play the “oh it’s because I’m a woman” card.

    No, skank, you just got OWNED.

  • Elroy Jennings

    Nice Rack

  • Wes Doobner

    That is the best revenge. Post naked pictures of her online for the whole world to see. That will teach her. lol

  • Wes Doobner

    This is the best thing that’s gonna happen to her. She is probably now gonna get tons of offers to star in porno movies. That is every young, hot girl’s dream.

    • LustingForAlicia

      I would sooooo watch those movies! She’d be the hottest latex nurse EVER, and it would be the first porn I actually paid for in years!

  • Wes Doobner

    OMG. Pic # 16. She has a kitty tattoo on her right butt cheek and she is watching “South Park” on TV. lol

    • almond

      Yeah, that was my favorite pic.

  • Steve P.

    @James Reyes

    That’s completely different and you know it that’s HATE SPEECH AND LOOKING TO INCITE A RIOT, a Halloween costume (unless it’s a Hitler or KKK costume) isn’t hate speech and in itself shouldn’t be considered as something one would start a riot over. Your comparison is uninformed and inaccurate

    • Thumbs Up

      Steve P I have agreed with you so far… but even IF someone wants to wear a Hitler/KKK costume they have that same right as Alicia Ann Lynch. Just my opinion! Not saying it’s tasteful… but they have the right.

    • jacemace

      perfunctory logocracy and pseudo cryptic semantic iconography.

    • Thumbs Up

      So you read a lot of religious & art books… and love computers? Cool.

  • Steve P.

    @thumbs up

    I’m not saying she shouldn’t have the right I’m just saying that could be considered inciting a riot and would be and should be considered more offensive than this girls costume based on the shitty awful history of those people

    • Thumbs Up

      @ Steve P.. please just click “Reply” instead of making a new comment.. hard to respond if I not go through all the new post.

  • Canadian Expat

    She got the exact response she was looking for, do you think if she’d dressed up as a Disney Princess you’d all be talking about her? No such thing as bad publicity as they say. The distasteful costume was just a vehicle to get noticed.

    • trondar


  • jbone

    Well, at least these stolen pics can help her get a new job…in porn. I’d bookmark a few streaming vids of her on thugs n jugs.

  • SupportAZ .

    If she had just appeared on the Howard Stern Show with that costume it would have only ignited bursts of laughter and never gotten any press. Congrats to this girl for getting lots of free press. Maybe now Larry Flynt will offer her a deal.

  • Mike S.

    Wow! She’s gorgeous!

  • Nick Hodgson

    Very attractive and clearly just a playful and creative girl. She is not a sicko, she just has a different way of dealing with crap. Everybody has different coping methods. Why the ***k would you attack her relatives?! They have absolutely NOTHING to do with her costume choice! Death threats are less classy than her outfit. I have seen much worse than this anyhow! Wishing death on someone is way worse than dressing up as an injured person. You need a complete morality reset if you want someone to die for as little as this.

    • joe

      rather see her be creative in bed giving me head! i’m sure shes good at that. then again maybe not? lot of hot chicks are like fish. as for her folks. dad passed the seed mom bore the child. fuck them. that’s there problem! maybe just maybe from the looks of it they didn’t do that good of a job in the old up bringing. you think there proud of there girl?

    • Nick Hodgson

      Okay let’s see here. Sexism, poor grammar, no explanation on the fish comment, ignorance & vulgar language. Yep, you sure sound like an expert. Let’s listen to what you have to say on raising children.

  • Sam

    Those some nice Tiggle Bitties!!

    • Jon Elmer

      You mean Tig Ole Bitties

  • Brad

    The girl has a pretty face BUT she is only 23. She will be kicking those knockers around like soccer balls in a few years and pushing 200 pounds.

  • John

    If i had big saggy T**s like that i certainly wouldn’t post pics online. YUK

    • trondar

      you are deffinitly a women or a gay…no hederosexual man would say YUK to that

  • Zionistout

    Nice boobs. Pretty face ad one helluva troll. LOL I dig it.

  • …..!!!!…..

    o man this girl is smoking.. nice big titts aswell

  • steve Fowler

    I went as the goldman boy who OJ slaughtered shortly after the verdict…white preppy shirt with tie and fake sllit throat with a pair of sunglasses in my top pocket with a yellow note attached saying Return to (OJ’s ex wife)….I got a lot of disgusted looks at the party I went to….but I didn’t give a damn…if you are offended, well get over yourself!

  • MarryMeAlicia!

    Now I’m really pissed at Alicia, because she made my keyboard all sticky!

    Twatters stuck in social media land deserve to get offended… if you stare in your neighbors window you might not like what you see…. get a life of your own, and don’t decide it’s your job to judge everybody else.

    My best friend was in that marathon and her letter to Alicia said “I forgive you for not understanding the pain of that moment, or how hard it’s been to move on”.

  • Guest

    i would hit it

  • Frank Richard

    to Alicia Ann Lynch don’t listen to most of these people hun. Last time I checked we were living in the UniteStates where we have the right to speak how we like, write we like and dress how we want. it’s amazing how many people don’ mind infringing o those rights as long as no one is infringing on their right……..go figure

  • Lawyer in Ohio

    It’s freedom of speech. A costume based on current events, not an endorsement of terrorism.

  • Harry Ola

    She’s hot as hell! I’m going to MI!!

    • Jon Elmer

      Think those tittys are real, Harryboy ?

  • moe

    shes really hott i dont like her costume but other then that shes hot

  • Larry

    I cant believe how insensitive people are. Does anybody realize that there are things that shouldn’t be joked about. This stupid ass made a joke of something, and now is paying the price of having her head totally up her ass. I am no angel and have a sick sense of humor but, I know that some things have repercussions. Posting something, and knowing she was going to get a response for being so cute, well that blew up in her face. She deserves what she gets, she’s a spoiled little bitch and I don’t feel bad for her. Threatening her and her family is not right, her parents are innocent by standers who probably wish they pulled out. they do not deserve what they are getting.

  • Broadway

    This chick is a HONEY and everyone else needs to get a life.
    Posting her ‘private’ pics and firing her or preventing her from getting jobs is way too big a price to pay for a (perhaps) tasteless attempt at Halloween humor.
    This country is f’ked and it has been for a while now. People have no idea what they’re doing to their own ‘Rights’.

  • Joe Staloch

    You can disapprove all you want but, she shouldn’t have lost her job over this. She can, and will, sue. She will collect unemployment, get a settlement for unlawful termination, and could make a strong case for pain and suffering resulting from the media attention brought on by the termination (because lets be honest it’s not a story if she doesn’t get fired).

    • jake481

      She hasn’t got a leg to stand on (just like so many of the bombing victims coincidentally) if she considers legal action after being fired. She posted pictures of herself IN WORK in a very inappropriate costume. These pictures created national controversy. The boss felt she didn’t represent his company properly. You get fired for that sort of thing.

  • MIK

    Leave her alone! She’s a hottie and looks like a fun girl!

  • D.B.

    Yes, her costume was indeed out of line (akin to dressing up like a 9/11 victim) but the death threats and what have you are way overboard.

    Now based on the pictures above that she took, I do see Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler or another adult magazine giving her a call sometime in her near future.

    • Jon Elmer

      I see meth addiction and internet porn in her future

  • kingwebster

    #16 Is a very telling picture. She has a tattoo of a happy tree friends character which is a cartoon about animals dying in horrible ways and South Park which makes fun of everything. I just find it funny.

    • Jon Elmer

      That pink creature with whiskers, located on her ass, is a “happy tree friends” character ? I did not know that

  • Whaaaa, I’m offended.

    Now you all know how I feel. Every year for the past 40 years I have seen countless insensitive children dressed up as ghosts happily running through the neighborhood having a good time. To be so disrespectful of the THOUSANDS of my ancestors who have DIED is reprehensible to me. We should ban Halloween right now before any more people have to endure the trauma of being offended!

    • tre

      false equivalence

  • betaray100

    Who looks at that carnage, death, suffering and blown apart limbs and thinks “LOL! What a great Halloween costume!” Seriously!

  • Barney

    Yes, It was in poor taste. But looking at her photo’s, she looks young and immature and probably didn’t even realize how insensitive this was. We all make mistakes when we are young and hopefully she learned from this. She is hot thought LOL. Now, I’m sure someone will find offence to that statement. That’s the whole point here. People are to PC today.

  • Tyler Richardson

    Who can still be mad after seeing her naked? Shame on you; do you want to let the terrorists win?!

    • I saw that (those) too

      it’s a shame I can only give this comment 1 upvote. It deserves many more. She’s SO hot!

  • do they speak english in what?

    I get all the anger, she made a bad call on the timing of the costume. As a Bostonian, I can understand being offended, but death threats (to her and her family)?? She pulled a public bonehead move, she heard about it (almost globally), now let her lick her wounds and move on. Despite the stupidity of the move, she seems to realize that it was not the best of ideas. Maybe next year she’ll think ahead when planning her costume options. (plus, she’s an absolute knockout… can’t find much to complain about other than her costume choices)

    • joe

      a knockout for a skank yes! your funny so being a hottie makes it all good. so she are anyone else can do whatever. “wooo fuck it dude she’s hot! I’d fuck her” and her mom and dad he passed the seed she had her fuck them there problem! think there proud of there little hottie? look now days its fight fire w fire and that’s what people are doing. that’s what we have come to upping the ante! hey she got her fame. soon she will on the today show CNN fox CBS morning then porn. that’s what I am waiting for! don’t worry your head she will be fine.

    • She’s got obvious talent

      Dude, settle down, skanks are people too.

    • do they speak english in what?

      Interesting that the only part of the comment that resonated was about her looks. There were a couple of other things mentioned in the comment, about her bad judgement, and the possibility that she’s got some common sense to think before she acts next time. My opinion of her looks has no bearing on my opinion of her actions. She did wrong, she’s hearing about it AND lost her job. I think between the internet thrashing she’s receiving and the instant need for new employment, life has handed her a whole lot to think about. Not worried, just hopping online and providing an opinion like all the other folks here.

    • joe

      just saying “plus she’s an absolute knockout” what’s that have to do with anything? and yes I got your other points.

    • do they speak english in what?

      You’ve got a point, Joe. It has absolutely nothing to do with making my point, only my testosterone taking control of my fingers for a moment. Unfortunately, I’m cursed with an impulse to notice (and most times comment on) what I find pleasing to the eye. I’m sure she’s got a repulsive attitude, much like what James Jude Reyes mentioned above – “She probably one of those B’s you meet in a bar and then shortly begin to understand why serial killers exist”

  • Vag Owner

    i’m pretty surprised at the sympathy people are giving to her. it was a very calloused thing. sometimes pc is best.

  • Reasonable American

    Here is the bottom line people. The costume was tasteless and she made a mistake and needs to know that. AND we all have an opinion and they are ALL valid. The real travesty here though is that the girl instead of learning a lesson and growing the F*!dge up has to have death threats made to her, lose her job and have her life altered potentially for a long time because of a damn halloween costume in poor taste. This has gone too far. AND THAT is the damn truth!

    • SuperStar

      I’m tired of reading people saying that it was just a mistake or poor judgement on her part. She’s an attention whore! She dressed like that for attention and for some lols. Just like the skanky pictures that she posts…it’s all for attention.

      However, I do think the death threats are ridiculous. Who I feel sorry for in all of this is her parents and her family. She is an absolute embarrassment, not only for the choice in her costume, but her self proclaimed skankness and posting her nudes all over social media sites because at the end of the day, all she is is a person with a disgusting sense of humor and is just a pair of tits with nothing else to offer anyone.

  • Zeke Teke

    This is why I leave as small a digital footprint as I can. I think people are NUTS the way they put their lives (and bodies) out there for the entire world to see and know.

  • Paul Vazo

    que buenas ubres las de esta wila

  • jay

    she’s hot and stepped over the line with poor Halloween costume choice. She’s 22 and not bright, but I’d date her.

  • Rod Quigley

    Is there a backlash, or were these planted false stories? Wh provided her cellphone pix? Who provided he address? And the social networks…who needs them if this is the result. It is everyone’s 1st amendment right to dress or act in anyway they please…but don’t worry “Stephen”, I do not feel sorry for you. You do not deserve your freedom or your rights and what you are trying to do to yourself…maybe you deserve that!

  • tony c

    But is was okay when people dressed up like the unibomber

  • Alfredo Cartagena

    Seriously, you assholes find this so terrible that you make death threats? Whomever is destroying her life are really terrible humans. Half the costumes I see walking around are in bad taste, but no costume is worth destroying anyone’s life over.

  • sucka punch

    I would def do them titttttiieeesss

    • Jon Elmer

      Think them t!ttys be real ?

    • Jon Elmer

      Think them t!ttys be real ?

  • Kingofallmonkeys

    So, this is what it is like when you give computers to monkeys.

  • Sam

    I think the reaction was SO WAY exaggerated… As Steve P. said: People need to stop being offended at everything!

  • steve warner

    I cannot believe the threats that are happening to this foolish girl. Some of you are worse than what she actually did. Way overboard. She admits she was insensitive. But to continue to threaten harass and post her photos makes you much worse than her. It was a bad choice and from her photos and huge tattoos, she has made a few more bad choices for such a young age. Remember Time Magazine put one of the killers on its front page. To me, that is so much worse…But again, Time Magazine did herald Hitler in 1936.

  • Pammyjo

    Apparently she is into beastiality as well as being a dumbass

    • Nunya

      That thought popped into my head too after seeing her pictures with her dog. She can’t even take a picture with an animal without slutty it up?! lol. Yeah, she’s got A LOT to offer someone.

      Not only are those tattoos HORRIBLE, she has a pig nose and is in a dire need to get her eyebrows waxed.

  • andres herrera

    she’s sexy.

  • David James

    The masses will vote for Obummer and pick on a chick who made a poor decision? Shame on you!!

  • Bob loblaw

    I don’t see the difference between her costume and people who dress up as Taliban or terrorists. Oh that’s right…we’re Americans, so much better then everyone else in the world and OK to make fun of non Americans. People need to get a life

  • Andres Perez

    I want to see her in a porn movie, could be excellent.

    • curt


  • curt

    her brain is just the size of her nipples, if only it was the size of her boobies she would have been a genius!

  • BillyBEAT

    I got $100 says she gets a porn offer

  • John


  • Kalvin

    Don’t apologize Alicia, you live in the United States and that was your right to do that, don’t let these people take your rights from you.

  • piglips

    This chick should get into porn.

  • disqus_PcuUOAi3Y2

    a bitch with a sick sense of humour and a bangin body… we need more of these girls!

    • Guest

      There’s already some in society, no?

  • Derp

    A great rack! But, you look at those tattoos and the Twitter handle SomeSKANKinMI and you see obvious mental issues.

  • TheFreeStuffArmy

    Chick is very hot. Very cute. Nice breasts and butt. Tooooo bad about those tattoos though.

    Can we all admit tattoos are done…it was a bad mistake.

    • MC

      Tats on a girl are sexy, All but the tramp stamp

  • raven

    why the pixels?

  • Aliciaishot

    Who cares about the costume. Did you see those t***s? This girl is HOT! Hopefully she goes the way of Farrah Abraham and makes a video. :)

  • Bill Conol

    yeah shes frigen hot

  • Nunya

    Well, she sure was on point in choosing her Twitter name. Just another dumb ho, posting her skank ass picture all over the internet. Gosh, must be an extremely proud moment for her parents and family. Not only does she think it’s funny to make fun of a tragedy, but she’s a whore to boot. Karma usually takes care of situations such as this.
    What an embarrassment she is to her family.

  • Zain

    The only part of this article that should have any sympathy is possibly the individuals who pursued her for making bad choices. However it is unfortunate that so-called “Social Media” does not contain proper filters to insure this type of incident does not occur in the future. Additionally if this is the way to draw attention to one’s self by posting racy and often semi-nude photographs, this in addition to the offensive costume is in poor judgement.

    I have maintained for years that “Social Networks” will be the downfall of morality and decent conversation in the coming years, anyone can post without the slightest hint of accountability from either the site creator or the companies that control them. In closing however I must agree with the world becoming far too invasive. It is starting to seem like “George Orwell’s book 1984″, where all our actions are either scrutinized or posted for internet fodder. At least this blogger Stephen Kersey is earning his pay for reporting what is perhaps on every news or entertainment site.

  • Steve

    Damn she is stacked!

  • Buddy Tokken

    I want to know what company fired her for freedom of speech and expression. I want to boycott them, send them letters, send their customers letters and let them know I will not support any company or employees of a company the tramp on first amendment rights.

  • SkankHunter

    She is VERY obviously an attention whore. I wonder if this is enough attention that she so desperately craves. lolol

    Just another stupid ho.

  • Prince Humperdink

    I’d sure like a piece of her. oh yeah!

  • AreYouSerious?

    You know what I’m way more offended by than her costume? The fact that a site that considers itself a news provider has no problem posting up nude pictures of this poor girl, pictures that have LITERALLY NOTHING to do with the story about her costume.

    FUCK YOU GUYS. That is all.



  • Dick Kumzinya

    I see a Hustler layout and a porn movie in her future.

  • Scott

    Maybe she was trying to show respect for the victims of the marathon; Like when you see those human statues in the most random places to memorize some person in history.

  • Guest

    Yeah she could be mocked and get verbally scolded by people and what not, I completely agree. But death threats to her AND her parents!? Like come on, thats just out there. Its disgusting on both fronts. And circulating nude pictures of her? Like that is just immature. The disgusting response to her, is largely over shadowing her disgusting gesture because of how far people took it.


    She must be sick in the head– and that poor puppy is almost licking her nipple. THAT IS BEYOND DISGUSTING. She needs to seriously stop….

    • BigDaddy99

      … i wish i was that puppy!! :-)

  • Billy

    Nice Rack

  • grevyturty

    Another tattooed moron from the retard generation. Hope she dies.

  • Father Dick

    Who took the pictures?

  • Ron Hanforth

    It’s less about what she wore and it’s more about values, respect, and human decency. A concept that is totally lost on you card carrying morons of the idiocracy who just want to jerk off to her.

  • Madhat

    My sis works for Dept of Child and Fams in one of the most dangerous cities. There are over 1500 child molesters in the city and most are 2-3 time offenders. She can’t even get to all the cases because funding is low. Where the fuck do people get off wanting to lynch this girl because she was too dumb to see how wrong the costume was. Like the other guy said popularity and over sensitivity leads to horrific acts from the public this is how you start a genocide. Work to prevent horrific crime who the fuck cares about the victims now research “The Killings Trees” get sensitive to that since no one ever paid it much attention and 6 mill people died.

  • Madhat

    Get sympathetic to this if you have so much free time

  • Lago

    woah, thats pretty funny, “heres this bitch who was offensive, heres 23 pictures of her nude.” news has never been so interesting.

  • zj sky

    she is a piece of ass – her transgression has been forgiven

  • Jeremy

    It’s horrible how she is being treated! Feel bad for her! Oh, by the way, here is a gallery of nude photos of her circulating the internet.

  • Gypsybling

    iOS funny how in image 21 she has no tat on her left arm

  • nilbud

    Ugly tats

  • James

    All of you frickin Libtards need to stop getting offended everytime you read or see something. This girls costume wasn’t the best choice of costumes but it was her choice and she is clearly within her constitutional rights to do so. Its bad enough she lost her job over this but to be persecuted by you idiots is ridiculous. Yall are probably embarrassed because she is a hot girl with a sense of humor and you cant stand up without breathing hard.

    • Nottheusual1

      Yeah – libtards need to leave her alone so Republitards can exert control over her vagina.

      They’re probably embarrassed because they had to lobby hard (pun intended) to make sure Medicare covered Viagra.

    • Dwain Meyer

      Too bad they weren’t in control of your mother’s.

    • Nottheusual1

      Tardin’ it up — show your good side!

    • keepit100percenttruth

      I wasn’t offended but i admit that I thoroughly enjoyed knowing she got threatened over it and her idiocy didn’t go unchecked.

    • exboyracer

      We feel offended because we can feel how it would feel to be a friend or relative and see this — it is called empathy and wingnuts are notoriously unaware of what empathy means — that is why the appear so cold and heartless – thank you for being an example of that lack.

    • Dwain Meyer

      It’s your parents who should be offended (or at the very least, disappointed).

  • Ronster R Ruiz

    thanks for the nude pixs Alicia Ann Lynch

  • BigDaddy99

    I was somewhat offended, then I laughed a bit, and then I was about to be really pissed off….and then I saw how sexy she is and guess what??? I think she needs intensive inpatient therapy with Big Daddy over here and I’ll teach her ALL the lessons she’ll need to be a future leader of America, if you know what I’m saying…..

  • dwinkle

    and you’re posting them why?

  • KennyStigma

    The people who are offended by this ate probably the same people that laugh at racist or rape jokes. Stop being all self righteous and get your head out of your ass.

    • Dwain Meyer

      you first

  • bob

    nice stretch marks

  • johnlschindel

    Nice tits, pity about those godawful tats!

  • Guy Smiley

    She’s a sweetie. : )

  • Proessor Hubert J. Farnsworth

    Ruining a girl’s life over a fucking Halloween costume? i don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  • snoebay88

    I could do that,more than once.

  • Doobie Brothers

    It’s just another tattooed freak with no morals. Move along, nothing more to see here.

  • Ant

    ok fine she’s an idiot and did something stupid. she got fired and publicly humiliated. why the fuck are you trying to ruin her life by posting her nude photos on your site? you’re much worse than she is.

  • DonnyBoy

    This dumb bitch deserves EVERY TERRIBLE THING that happens to her!

  • uknoimright

    Go ahead, delete my comments. You are still disgusting filth and the fact that you censor me only proves it.

  • Keith

    Omg seriously why is every one flipping out about the costume. Get over it she was creative.

  • Keith

    Omg seriously why is every one flipping out about the costume. Get over it she was creative.

  • Keith

    Omg seriously why is every one flipping out about the costume. Get over it she was creative.

  • Dreadlord

    Poor girl. I’d like to apologise for the rest of humanity. You don’t deserve this. You did nothing wrong.

  • Dreadlord

    Poor girl. I’d like to apologise for the rest of humanity. You don’t deserve this. You did nothing wrong.

  • Dreadlord

    Poor girl. I’d like to apologise for the rest of humanity. You don’t deserve this. You did nothing wrong.

  • Keith

    I to she should pose for FHM, MAXAM, PLAYBOY, THIS is or BEAUTIFUL WOMAN.

  • Keith

    I to she should pose for FHM, MAXAM, PLAYBOY, THIS is or BEAUTIFUL WOMAN.

    • Bob Sanders

      Exactly. That’s where we’ll be seeing this woman again in due time.

  • Keith

    I to she should pose for FHM, MAXAM, PLAYBOY, THIS is or BEAUTIFUL WOMAN.

  • Bill Marshall

    If I were her I would tell the world to EFF off. Maybe it was a mistake in judgment but too effing bad… Obama LIED to the country hundreds of times about Obamacare . why don’t you sleuths find his college records and release those.
    With knockers like that she will be just fine….

  • steven noyb

    Her tits are SO huge!

  • Alan

    She said she was sorry and she openly apologized for what she did. I HAVE to admit, that I would NEVER have even conceived THINKING about making this type of outfit which is in absolutely terrible taste, but some people make mistakes. She apologized and lost a lot for what she did….. why doesn’t everybody just leave her alone

  • Rikki Doxx

    Sure glad she covered up her nipples. Good grief what that would have done to some liberal PC guy ….

    • jake481

      Are you really under the impression that “liberals” are against nudity?

      You’re barking up the wrong tree Rikki.

    • Rikki Doxx

      Some people don’t understand sarcasm. There are some that it actually needs to be spelled out to them. Such as yourself I suppose.

  • KidCorporate

    If she was an old school rapper her name would be Stretch Markie

  • David

    I suppose she can get a job as a stripper. What she did was stupid but people sending her death threats are idiots as well. All you have to do is simply just bash her on twitter calling her a moron, that is plenty enough. Of course this woman posting pics like that since it is public well that is her fault.

  • Steven Rhodes

    I wonder if she dates older men?

  • Dennis

    While I was never really into the whole death threat thing I can’t see why a sensible person in the world would show this moron any pity over the repercussion. She made an incredibly senseless, stupid, disrespectful decision and then did the only thing possibly more stupid, she posted what she had done on the internet. It’s not about being ‘butthurt’ or ‘overly PC’. What she did was tasteless and while it doesn’t really make a difference to me personally, I think it would be safe to say anyone who was there that day probably wouldn’t get much of a chuckle out of the costume.

  • HumorHasnoLimits

    I understand that the Bombing was a horrific incident and I understand its fully that it was a very unfortunate thing but she wasn’t making fun of it. She was being creative, look at what happened, everyone is shitting themselves over her costume, and if it weren’t for this incident I wouldn’t of know of this beautiful lady, leave her alone.

  • Booya

    Why would they repost her nude pictures on here? This web site is just as bad as the bullies who are lashing out at her!

  • TipsyBartender

    She still pretty hot tho. Loving the rack.

  • Egotic

    Nice boobs.


    Why is no one talking about how great her boobs are

  • Kwodwo Moore

    The people saying she deserves to be fired, threatened and to have her curvy and attractive ass pictures strewn all along the internet are a sad lot of individuals. She dressed up as a survivor of the Boston Marathon Bombings. Most people not in Boston or those who didn’t lose anyone FORGOT about the Boston Marathon Bombings, by dressing up as a survivor she inadvertently brought attention to the victims of that bombing.

    She didn’t do ANYTHING on the scale of the fucking assholes dressing up as Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, and I barely batted an eye at them. To see people throw this girl out to the sharks over something that actually brought AWARENESS to a tragic situation in a non disrespectful way is sickening. People saying she needs to be taught a lesson are living in the dark ages and, I don’t care how old you are, you are part of what is wrong with this society. People like you get angry over things that are trivial and actually helpful, and wholeheartedly support the most vile and sinister shit known to man. If this girl was unattractive I am willing to bet money that there would NOT be as much of a ruckus and an uproar about her costume.

    I’m not going to wish death or any other type of nefarious thing on any of you, because that would be stooping to your level. I will say this though, I sincerely hope you are able to see why your reactions to this situation are mean spirited and vile. Hopefully way before you’re on your deathbeds.

    • dannyvice

      OMG, are you for real? Why do idiots always justify bad behavior by pointing to someone else’s bad behavior? Stop it already.

      And just who are you fooling by suggesting that everyone has forgotten about what happened and needs this young lady to remind them by dressing up as a victim?

      And WTF does her looks have to do with it?

      I suppose this is trivial to you, but it’s not trivial to those families who are still agonizing over death of their loved ones.

      One last thing. You are hardly ideal person to be lecturing others about “what is wrong with society.”

    • Kwodwo Moore

      I did not justify her behavior, I compared her behavior to actual derogatory and distasteful behavior. We do not live in a vacuum, all of our judgements on right and wrong come from COMPARING. I will stop being a logical and rational person when you stop being human, and since you can’t ever stop being human I think I’ll be doing it for quite some time.

      I didn’t say she did it to remind people, nor did I say that they NEEDED her to. I said that most people who were not directly affected by the Bombing forgot about it. Her looks have a lot to do with it, since everyone slamming her MENTIONS her looks. And so what if she wants attention? That’s no cause for threatening her and her family, nor for saying she deserved to be fired. Times are hard, and getting fired because people complained about a costume you wore that wasn’t even disrespectful is complete and utter bullshit.

      No, I’m THE ideal person to lecture others about what is wrong with society, but the truth of the matter is people in society will condemn someone for doing something “terrible” but support the terrible things other do because it suits them to in that moment. I’m not going to try to figure out what you meant by your last sentence… I hope it has nothing to do with assumptions you have made about my person, because you would only be furthering my last comment.

  • MarsPlanet

    Internet pitchfork mobs have gotten way out of hand. Yea it was a dumb costume, but it doesn’t warrant the reaction she’s getting. The internet just loves being mad at someone…one day it’s paula deen, then it’s Hollywood Stuntz, then it’s Rolling Stone, then it’s this girl, etc. Eventually they’ll get bored tossing torches at her and they’ll wait for the next thing to blow out of proportion. It never ends.

    And on a more serious note…AMAZING FUQIN RACK

  • Bhig Bhad Wolf

    She’s only 22, and has that bad of a boob job? That’s sad. I bet her original breasts were just fine. Oh well.

    • Kwodwo Moore

      You have no idea whether or not she really had a boob job; there are plenty of real boobs that look like hers… only way you’ll know for sure is if you feel on them.

  • Claire

    Life-long Cambridge, MA resident here. I was born in the beautiful city of Boston and consider it to be my second home. The marathon is very special to me, as is Patriots’ Day, when Paul Revere and William Dawes ride through town. I know people who were injured and a woman I work with was the aunt of one of the women who died.

    But enough is enough, people! Yes, the costume was disgusting and tasteless but sometimes people do stupid things. There are far worse crimes that people on this earth commit that they don’t have their lives ruined over. What do you people want? This poor woman to commit suicide or something?

    The point has been made – and beaten to death – that it was in extremely bad taste to dress up as a marathon bombing victim just six months after the event happened. Plastering compromising and embarrassing pictures of her on the internet will not teach her a lesson. The lesson was taught when the pictures of her in her Halloween costume were released on the internet; the further release of information about her, pictures, etc serve only to make her even more miserable and have NOTHING to do with her poor choice on Halloween.

    • Kwodwo Moore

      Thank you for being reasonable. Far too many people fighting a needless battle right now.

  • Dem Feels

    For a city full of supposed “tough Irish”, people from Boston sure get their panties in a knot about the stupidest crap. Not to mention bending over for the police state without a peep. Tough Southie? Yeah, next time I run into one of them, I’ll make sure I have tampons on hand for them.

  • Bruce Miller

    Awesome tits.

  • tolerance

    Extremely beautiful? Not to my eyes. Check out Kate Upton if you are partial to the well endowed. Oh well, à chacun son goût.

    In any case repugnant as her t-shirt escapade is, death threats are way out of line.

    • maniacbum

      kate upton? are you batshit insane? she is fucking ugly skank..

    • Bob Sanders

      Comparing Kate Upton to your average 22-year old skank in the midwest is like comparing a Lamborghini to a souped up Pontiac G6.

  • John

    Already holding her tits up and squeezing them together to make them look good at 22 isn’t the best, neither is a flat arse and stretch marks. You can tell by the photo’s she loves herself and is fuelled by attention. She clearly wanted the attention, but now she’s got the wrong type, she’ll probably start crying.

  • Will

    Wow, after seeing how good her giant pillowy tits look naked, im actually on her side now. Looks like the “backlash” is on you guys #TeamLynch

  • clutch.crgo

    What qualifies you to determine what’s appropriate, Stephen Kersey?

  • William_C_Diaz

    I think it is really unfortunate about the overreaction to a costume in this girl’s case. However, it is likely that she will be given an audition for a career in media soon and will enjoy a new and exciting job as an ‘on air’ personality.

    I want to say she has my full support in expressing her 1st Amendment rights, up to and including being double penetrated by achondroplastic dwarves with garden vegetables.

    Have a great day!

    • Bob Sanders

      What “media” company is going to give some 22-year old skank who alienated one of the nation’s largest media markets with an incredibly short-sighted and tasteless halloween costume? If by “media” company you mean porn or skin rag, then you’re likely right.

    • William_C_Diaz

      Did ‘…double penetrated by achondroplastic dwarves with garden vegetables’ tip you off?

      Have a great day!

  • blacks ARE retarded animals

    daamn she got some nice asssss tits!!

  • Emma

    It blows my mind that people are defending this moron. Sure, she has freedom of speech, but where does the Constitution say that Americans have freedom from backlash? Do death threats take it too far? Absolutely. Does posting her nudes take it too far? Maybe. But most of us (who are thinking rationally) can admit that this costume took things too far. It isn’t funny to joke about innocent people being attacked. It would be just as disgusting if she dressed up as one of the kids from the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting or a slave or something. You say that being politically correct all the time is overkill, but shouldn’t we have some sort of respect for our fellow Americans? I honestly don’t think it’s too much to ask for people to just think a little more. Do Americans have better things to be concerned with than what this idiot wore for Halloween? Of course we do, but still, what she did was fundamentally wrong, and we have the right to say that just as much as she had the right to wear the costume in the first place.

    On another website, I saw some local news station interviewing a woman who dressed her young son as a KKK member for Halloween. People are outraged over that as well, and rightfully so. Why is it okay to be insensitive just because the first amendment protects freedom of speech? Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s ethically or morally correct. Don’t be so defensive. I haven’t seen anyone here rallying for her arrest. She’s gotten death threats, yes, but the majority of us who are offended are not threatening her. There’s no need to look at this through any sort of political or defensive lens, and there’s certainly no need to justify her actions by citing examples of other offensive Halloween costumes. Someone used the example of an Indian costume. It might be morally wrong to trivialize a culture whom we oppressed for so long by dressing up like them for Halloween, but how on earth does that make it right to dress up like an innocent victim of a public bombing?

    I am from Boston, and so I have probably seen more heartbreak because of this bombing than Alicia had, since she lives in Michigan. I’m not here to threaten her or belittle her character. I’m here standing up for the people whose lives were taken or severely affected by the Boston Marathon bombing. I have no interest in either defending Alicia or seeking revenge on her. My concern is for the people who did nothing wrong that are being trivialized by this argument. Her Halloween costume was offensive, and rationalizing her actions by saying that the government spies on Americans really doesn’t make any sense. That’s a different issue entirely.

    Before you defend people who belittle victims, remember that these victims need to be defended too.

    • jed

      This makes sense, but do you think she should be literally punished for this? Getting fired because of a halloween costume is ridiculous, and that firing was surely fueled by this mob mentality of acceptable self expression. That’s the dangerous part of all this backlash.

    • Kenneth Edward Polley

      Well I am offended when I see a homosexual couple out in public holding hands and what not. It is disgusting! They need to face punishment as well!

  • claus

    Wtf?! she was just a bad joke, people are just jealous because she looks so hot !!!

  • jed

    Talk about internet lynch mob. Simmer down folks.

  • jed

    Also kind of ironic that her last name is Lynch. Just noticed that, but that doesn’t mean that you should!

  • matt

    She does need some kind of punishment for an action like this. Her parents may tear her a new one, she lost her job, and she will be terrified of social media for probably ever. It should have never have been dragged out to this extent. I don’t disagree with the nude photos, I’m sorry, but death threats, threatening her parents, releasing personal information? What would you have for a punishment that she has not already taken? What can you do that could possibly devastate this girl anymore? All these people with their death threats, hacking and pleading for more punishment are no better than the stupid idea that spawned all of this. Everyone has made dumb choices in life and this was a bad one for her that she will live out for the rest of her life. It is now time that we become grown adults and, not forgive and forget, but forgive. Place yourself there, as her parents, as her friends, as her, it won’t be forgotten, but let’s not push to the breaking point and have something truly devastating happen.

  • Paul Berkemeier

    When does her “reality show” start?

  • Manly tears


  • ghostof6884

    Most likely, being in Michigan, guessing it may have been a silly shot at the Red Sox beating the Tigers in the playoffs. Certainly tasteless, but I would imagine she’s just not that bright–but kinda hot. Can’t see her having a problem finding a gig at a low rent topless establishment.

  • JCS

    Next Halloween they should sell “Rape Victim Alicia Ann Lynch” costumes. I bet she’d get a laugh out of that.

  • Realty Bites

    Huff Po should be renamed Huff POS….its the biggest rag on the planet.

  • Lionel Leutz

    attention seeking whore. she’ll probably get a show on E! or MTV in no time. She just needs to sleep with a rapper and she’s in.

  • YEAH!!

    I like how she is pinching the nip in all of her boob pics!! DAmn Girl is hot!!

  • Matthew James

    She probably did this on purpose to get recognized. I see a sextape and porn career in the future…

    • Bob Sanders

      At the very least some skin rag will throw a bunch of cash at her. While she may be upset she lost her job, she isn’t that upset because the attention is what she wants. Exhibit A: All the nude and half-nude selfies she posted all over the interwebs.

    • Bob Sanders

      P.S. I would pound the shit out of her.

  • crush

    actually this costume is nothing compared to those british girls who dressed as the twin towers blowing up… not to mention they won the competition (thanks for the support britain). I can understand how people think we need to stop being offended so easily or to relax, but on the other hand, think about it. every halloween costume is usually a fake being (witches, jason, zombies, vampires). these costumes now get pretty personal and ignorant. its the equivalent of your mother dying, and myself going to the party as your dead mother… would you enjoy me mocking your mothers death by dressing as her?

  • chindi

    I love u alicia…wot a body u have to die for

  • Bob Hope

    I’m more concerned about the censors.

  • chindi

    hats off to your lovely body…just heaven….on my side I have an ugly wife cobra minglani…I’m an idiot I know… I did not deserve anything better….:-(

  • guest

    Average girl too chubby to wear a regular cute little costume so she does this and still gets the attention she desperately seeks.

  • chindi

    last time when I saw my nude …. I started to laugh only as I have not seen anything as that funny … But Alicia you are a wonderland….now I don’t want to ever see my wife again….:-)

  • chindi

    last time when I saw my WIFE aka COBRA MINGLANI nude …. I started to laugh only as I have not seen anything as that funny … But Alicia you are a wonderland….now I don’t want to ever see my wife again….:-)

  • Kenyanmessiah

    Bad skin, chunky, bad boob job, some kind of Downs thing going with her eyes… yeah you guys drooling over her teets are sad. You know internet porn is free right? You don’t have to settle for trashy street whore in MI. Back to the story; She’s an idiot, but the people threatening her…. they are scary.

  • chindi

    where are my comments :-(

    • chindi

      where are you by the way …

  • main switch

    She didn’t mean what she said

  • White__Rabbit

    Wow what a shining example she is setting for her daughter. how to be a internet attention whore 101. I see a pole and clear heals in someone’s future.

  • eryary

    I want her to bring back her tumbler page and facebook and other social media so she can post more pics. WOWZA!

    • yo yo

      lol hell yea

  • The Devourer of Dimensions
  • Bucko

    With people like Alicia Ann putting all of their information for the world to see online, who needs government spying? This girl should be made a textbook case of how NOT to treat one’s online presence. That said, its probably better people are talking about it; since I would only hope this might inform other stupid, self-impressed people to show some humility and make better decisions. The whole “anti-PC” crowd really gets on my nerves. This isn’t about being “anti-PC” – this is about being a decent human being. And what she did was – bar none – royally and pathetically stupid.

    • Bucko

      Let’s be honest – the girl took a photo of her driver’s license, then nude photos, then – Jesus Christ – TWEETS(???) this obscenely offensive photo. And people want to say she’s a “victim”? Uh, sure guys.

  • Just saying

    Is anybody going to mention that she’s got great tits?

  • Tiffz0rz Kaplamyan

    Firstly, the girl did a stupid thing, but it was no reason to make rape and death threats. In fact, if a GUY had done a similar thing, he would have been seen as insensitive asshole, nothing more, nothing less.
    Secondly, if any man has sent Alicia Lynch hate mail about what she has done, up to and including a rape threat or a death threat, then masturbated to her nude pictures, he is a sick person who I sincerely hope never breeds. I know there will be many who did, but they disgust me almost as much as Ms. Lynch’s insensitivity to tragedy.
    Thirdly, these things are done in America NOT because there is no shame, but because our culture fails to treat other people as human beings. Those who sent Ms. Lynch rape and death threats do not see her as a person; she did not see the Boston marathon victims as actual human beings. The lack of sympathy or even in certain cases empathy exists primarily because of an overly self-important entitlement complex that has been cultivated by corporations and big business. Encouraging someone who makes 30,000 dollars a year to want to live as a millionaire and think he or she is entitled to something for nothing has created a hideous self-absorption that overrides better judgment.
    Our popular culture largely consists of scripted “reality TV” where human beings are ridiculed for their plights and differences in a voyeur circus designed to alleviate the immediate desperation needs of a miserable populace. We pretend like a child (Honey Boo Boo) is a subhuman creature because of circumstances into which she was born and had no control over, and proceed to mock and bully her under a false veneer of “care.” If half of our country had half the care we claim to for one another, we would not have fapping vigilantes threatening to murder the family of a misguided soul whose head is too far up her rear to know how to act with dignity and respect.
    The ultimate truth is that our culture thrives on hate dollars… images posited in media to make us feel unworthy, unattractive, and less than those who are rich, thin, blonde… whatever the narrow view of “perfection” currently is. Many of us are so miserable that some of us have to subversively take out the pain of our own seemingly pointless lives on another human being’s ridiculous but not criminal mistake, to the point of wishing that person dead.
    I ask that we look at the deeper social ills of reposting nude photos of a young idiot “just because we can” in a viral fashion as a response to her stupid mistake. What point are we trying to make? Feeling like we can own her because we can see her half-naked body? Feeling like we can shame her further because she is “that kind of girl?” (Lots of girls post half-nude photos and never make such ridiculous faux pas). A greater worry is why some people will masturbate to any person’s photos while simultaneously vilifying and denigrating them on a public forum. The twisted emotional logic leads those people to still want to have sex with people they hate… and that kind of bizarre sexual aggression is not good news for their future partners.
    We need a huge cultural overhaul, period. We can’t seem to play well with others and it’s getting too criminal.

  • Tal

    SENDING A HUG TO THE GIRL. Sure it wasn’t cool, but it’s nothing comparing to what was done to her.

  • אקונה מטטה

    So there is no one who disguised himself as an Arab? Ugh Hgztm can think what has been done! Excused and dismissed her from it taught her a lesson you are not God it is not your right!?

  • Hans Erik Kratholm Rasmussen

    America…… :-(

  • Johanna

    This is sick! and I’m not talking about the poor girl… what the hell??
    why are you publishing her naked photos all over the internet? this is more sick then what she did! you are crazy!

    • Bob Sanders

      That’s what happens when you upload hundreds of half-naked and naked photos of yourself to the interwebs, moron.

    • yo yo

      what happens?

    • yo yo

      you should be happy moron, especially if you get to see them…….shes beautiful anyways, lol hmmm i see a porn career in her near future

  • Steve P.

    It’s amazing to me all these people completely missed the point I was making than act as if they’re all so much more intelligent and such better people than I am, to CLARIFY my point was as follows:


    People don’t just stop at one thing this woman weather anybody likes it or not is FREE to dress and represent herself HOWEVER SHE PLEASES it’s called FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. I’m NOT saying people should be happy about it I understand this was a tragic terrorist attack HOWEVER how is anybody here okay with her losing her job and having her livelihood taken away? How are people here calling for her rape/death/beating and not seeing anything wrong with that awful behavior? How is it okay to lose your job for something that you’re supposed to have the right to do? How is it okay to lose your job because someone on the Internet who you probably don’t know and never met in your life is offended?

    I’m sorry but if you need examples I’ll give them:

    In the 40s people found rock and roll OFFENSIVE they tried to ban radio stations from playing that type of music and sponsors boycotted the stations do you know what happened? It was ruled illegal and against our first amendment rights, now imagine for a second that RR music was banned cause SOME people the MINORITY of people were OFFENDED wouldn’t that be injustice? How different would music that you listen to everyday be?

    If that’s not a good enough example here is another:

    There are still many people out there who find Gay people offensive, find Gay marriage/relationships OFFENSIVE, find interracial relationships OFFENSIVE what would you people do about that? Should Gay people be slaughtered? Fired from their jobs for being Gay? Not be allowed to be open and free to be what they are? I mean it’s OFFENSIVE to some minority of people so it would be only right to take action wouldn’t it? YEA I DIDN’T THINK SO

    I understand things hit closer to home for some people but you also have to think about the consequences of your actions because if you are calling for this woman’s job for finding her costume offensive than in the future of you do something that offends another person and you get in deep because of it just remember back to this situation and how you did the same to another person who’s supposed to have the same freedoms as all of us.

    • jake481

      Show me the people trying to ban wearing this costume.

      Her boss fired her because she took a picture in work that outraged thousands of people. He doesn’t want her representing his company.

      Is it your position he shouldn’t have the right to fire an employee that he feels doesn’t represent him well?

      She has every right to wear an offensive costume. The people who are offended have every right to voice their feelings.

      None of this statement has anything to do with death threats or violence. Those things ARE NOT protected speech and expression.

      Do you really need this explained to you again?

    • Steve P.

      If he fired her because people made a big issue of her costume he’s wrong, if he just rode it out with her it will blow over within 2 weeks and everybody will have something new to be outraged about forgetting about this incident moving on to the next one as if this never happened.

    • yo yo

      but that’s his choice, i wouldn’t “ride” it out with her either, for what? just because you are free to do something doesn’t make it right to do. In actuality people are free to kill themselves, that doesn’t make it ok……. plus that incident scared the hell out of alot of people and its not like it happened years ago so, she messed up by promoting it on a social outlet and at work but she did get the attention she was seeking so i don’t see why you care soooo much, she could easily be a model now that her face is out there and like you said people will forget and move on……call this publicity 101

    • Steve P.

      You don’t see why I care? WE SHOULD ALL CARE because next it’ll be something else than it will be something you do or I do. It’s called a “slippery slope” these things don’t just end at one thing it continues all the way to the point we have to fear wearing or saying ANYTHING THAT REMOTELY OFFENDS ANYBODY being forced to suffer the consequences of losing our rights to be individuals and our first amendment rights.

      Make no mistake about it you may believe the first amendment is only a government issue but when bosses start firing people for things like costumes it’s a form of censorship and financial punishment just for exercising your God given rights

    • yo yo

      lmao they do that to keep people happy, man. You cant go around calling people niggers, faggots, wetbacks, cunts, and etc. because of freedom of speech, that could cause life threatening conflicts … she did. lmao if you notice people aren’t generally offended by Halloween costumes cuz we see girls and guys dressed in the skimpiest of costumes, but they dont bring up memories when people got bombed and killed this year, at least wait a year after the tragedy……and you are right sir, we should care, but not about this attention seeking lady. lol also when you start a job there is usually a section stating the can terminate you with or without a reason at all that you have to sign. i doubt that the boss fired her for the costume, rather than the weeks of drama that surrounded it

    • Steve P.

      The examples you listed aren’t relevant and I give you credit for being more intelligent than to believe that’s what I’m talking about bc it’s hate speech I’m not talking hate speech or inciting a riot I’m talking about people being able to get other people fired bc of them being offended and making threats. Like I said in an example I gave, some people find the Gay community offensive should Gay men or women lose their jobs bc people who are offended by that call up or write their bosses over the fact they have a Gay employee on staff?

      Where is the line drawn?

      It’s a shitty costume people obviously have the right to be offended but she also had the right to wear it and NOBODY should suffer the loss of their livelihood or be financially punished for offending people.

    • yo yo

      so you are saying i can wear a satanic necklace and braclet with the devil as the charm to work, and thats ok, lol nooo. because it means something else its NOT normal to wear that shit AND its NOT normal to mock the death of people struck by terrorism, plus work is not a place to express yourself, its work……….lol i dont know where the line is drawn because in New jersey they are giving tickets and jail time to people who are sagging their pants so i guess thats why i dont feel to sorry for her that much and plus shes very pretty lol……..

    • Kwodwo Moore

      “so you are saying i can wear a satanic necklace and braclet with the devil as the charm to work, and thats ok, lol nooo.”

      It is as OK as someone else walking into work with a cross on their neck and wrist. Unless you are dealing with the public (Whom most of the time are assholes that you’re trying to get to spend money with you), you cannot be told not to wear something if it isn’t mentioned in the dress code.

      She didn’t mock the dead, she dressed up as a survivor of the attack. If work isn’t a place to express yourself then take off all jewelry (including your wedding ring) when you go there. If its not supposed to be for expression then no one should be allowed to express anything at all. Your argument is invalid and the only reason it makes sense to you is because you are speaking from a deeply entrenched bias.

    • Steve P.


    • yo yo

      lol what bias? and i know damn well if someone was wearing some satanic stuff i would not have a friendly convo with them, i’m not saying that i couldn’t but i’m just not digging that shit period cuz that my right as a human being….Sooo you think the survivors want to be mocked?…ok ok look i understand and support freedom to express yourself, i get yalls point but please jump off your high horse. So she can express herself anyway she wants and people just got to deal with it, but her boss cant express himself by getting rid of her? people cant express themselves by being upset? its a two way street…. lol OMG im bias please, i hate when people say they have the right to do this or that but when i do or say something about it, my rights go out of the window, and all they talk about is their right to do it, lol I HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS AS THAT GIRL, SO DOES HER BOSS, AND SO DOES STEVE P……….. common sense: the ability to think and behave in a reasonable way and to make good decision….lol Alicia didn’t have it, so why have her work for me?

    • yo yo

      also i dont approve of the rape and death threats she got, no women let alone person should have to go through that

    • Kwodwo Moore

      You have the same rights as anyone else, until you start infringing upon theirs. You have the right not to speak to someone wearing satanic jewelery, you also have the right to tell them that it offends you. You don’t have the right to force them to take it off, nor do you have the right to fire them because of that. You can make up some bullshit reason to fire them, or you can catch them when they fuck up and fire them, but you can’t fire them because they wore a piece of jewelry that didn’t break dress code.

      I am not defending Alicia’s intelligence (You have to be pretty fucking stupid to think that no one is going to take offense to that), nor am I saying that she shouldn’t have been fired. Her boss decided to fire her because she was not deemed to be worthwhile to hold on to. What I am defending is her right as a human being not to be sent death threats or hate mail. I also think the people who contacted her employer are some really scummy people. Why would you mess with someone’s livelihood over something you found offensive? That isn’t an eye for an eye, that’s like taking someones limb because they touched you.

    • yo yo

      i agree

    • yo yo

      plus a group of gays didnt get bombed this year, if i lived in boston i would be complete outraged by this costume, just cuz i feel like she trying to disrespect us and bring up memories we are trying to cope with for the rest of our lives

    • Steve P.

      No they didn’t but how many Gay people were beaten sodomized n killed over the years in the street? How many still walk around and listen to themselves getting mocked and ridiculed?

      I think it’s ridiculous to be given tickets and jail time for boys they wear their pants bc it’s unconstitutional, and YES unless there are rules written into your job contract or told to you when you’re hired that there’s a certain dress code and certain things are unacceptable YES YOU SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO WEAR THAT STUFF. I’m Catholic and just like I can’t be told I can’t wear my Cross why should somebody that wants to wear a pentagram or whatever have the same right to wear their piece of jewelry?

    • Steve P.

      That’s what ALWAYS happens, people find a new cause or new thing to be offended at and move on. … did Jay Z end his relationship with Barney’s when Sharpton and others in the black community were screaming about boycotting the store? No he didn’t and for a week people were trashing him n threatening to boycott his music/clothing line for not doing so but guess what it feel to the waist side and nobody is mad at Jay Z anymore and life is going on nobody stopped buying his music or clothes and it blew over

  • bookdog

    I can see that she is a proponent of puppy love. Every man should run not walk but run from this batshit crazy chick….

  • Leroy Jenkins

    Gotdam! Lookit dem t-ittays!

  • Me


  • Johannes W. Odijk

    Nice boobies, cute butt.

    • yo yo

      lol thats the only reason i clicked on this, yet i had a worthless chat with a guy talking about rights. lmao all i wanted to do was see her ass and tits,they were great, i would give her a job…lol after she gave me one

  • DERP

    I like her style.

  • Drew

    @ Steve P. Oh, so this is a “PC” issue is it? Next time tragedy inevitably strikes your personal life, I hope some random stranger makes a Halloween costume out of it. You f-ing a$$hole.

    • Drew

      And hi from Boston.

  • Drew

    @ Steve P. Ah, so this is a “PC” issue, eh. Next time tragedy inevitably strikes your personal life, I hope some random stranger makes a Halloween costume out of it. I’m sure you’ll be singing a different tune.

    • Steve P.

      How about reading all the other stuff I wrote and catching up bc I left detailed explanations as well as examples of what I’m taking about along with things that have affected me.

  • JimiMiddleFinger

    Fucking Moral Fags! Die in a fucking fire!

  • joe

    she’s so fucking hot.

  • Guest

    Wow, not only is she a stupid, thoughtless cunt, but also a ratchet whore posting naked/half naked selfies online. Not surprised she got fired after her job realized that she wasn’t in fact an adult like she portrayed herself. Women who want to be taken seriously in the business world don’t post pictures of themselves like that online. How can you reach age 22 and not realize that anything you post online is there PERMANENTLY, even if you delete it immediately, and no matter how much you scream “freedom of speech” it can and will be used against you. Double standard or no, taking off your clothes for strangers does not bode well for a solid career in the future. We’re not talking one slip or indiscretion either, these are multiple photos she posted. Between that and the stupid costume, she got what she deserved. If you want to be treated like an adult, ACT like one.

  • SaneGirl

    Wow, not only is she a stupid, thoughtless cunt, but also a ratchet
    whore posting naked/half naked selfies online. Not surprised she got
    fired after her job realized that she wasn’t in fact an adult like she
    portrayed herself. Women who want to be taken seriously in the business
    world don’t post pictures of themselves like that online. How can you
    reach age 22 and not realize that anything you post online is there
    PERMANENTLY, even if you delete it immediately, and no matter how much
    you scream “freedom of speech” it can and will be used against you.
    Double standard or no, taking off your clothes for strangers does not
    bode well for a solid career in the future. We’re not talking one slip
    or indiscretion either, these are multiple photos she posted. Between
    that and the stupid costume, she got what she deserved. If you want to
    be treated like an adult, ACT like one.

  • Kelsey

    She wanted attention… she got attention. Just not he type she wanted. No reason for her to boo-hoo. It’s a risk you take when you wear a provocative costume or when you blast out nude photos of yourself. Eventually someone blasts back and uses your images against you. Sh*t happens. She only has herself to blame for the shi*t that rolled down hit and has run her over.

  • Dion

    I like how her Twitter name was “someSKANKinMI”. How fitting–with apparently the pics to prove it. Her Twitter name was as “classy” as this costume. Seriously, with all these slutty pictures, she couldn’t have just dressed up as something slutty for Halloween, like most stupid college-age girls? Or was that not “PROVOCATIVE” enough?

    Clearly, this girl is young, dumb, and has a LOT growing up to do. Death threats aside (needless to say, that’s inexcusable), I hope this outrage and fallout was a very rude awakening for her. She wanted to dress up as a real-life nightmare–well, now she’s living one.

    It’s easy for people who have no connection whatsoever with the event to say “lol, it’s just a costume, get over it” or cry “PC Police!”, but I have many friends in Boston, especially in Watertown, where the manhunt was focused. I feared for all of my friends’ safety on that horrible week. Since when was fictitious horror and tragedy not enough for people on Halloween? We have to imitate *real-world* horror for “likes” and attention now? Between the Trayvon/Zimmerman costumes, Jessica Black and her KKK 13-year-old, those two British girls as the burning Twin Towers, and this, I’ve had enough of Halloween. These sick people and all you apologists for them make me sick.

    • Dion

      Also, I can’t help but wonder if she has so many apologists defending her because she’s a young, pretty white woman, who happily, skankily showed off her T&A to the world. I wonder if as many people would be defending her if she were a man? Especially a black man? Classic internet “white knighting”.

    • Steve P.

      Do you make everything in your life come down to race? Most people MOST are defending her bc she has a RIGHT to FREE EXPRESSION no matter how DISTASTEFUL. The First Amendment wasn’t put in place for friendly loving and respectful words or expression ONLY, I would argue that those who truly believe in freedom of speech/expression will defend ANYBODY coming under fire for a matter like this regardless of their offense to it bc THAT would be showing you TRULY BELIEVE IN THE SPIRIT OF FREEDOM and you’re not a hypocrite who just believes in “free speech as long as it doesn’t offend me”.

  • meh

    a lot of bs comments on here…does anyone else think’s she’s hot?

  • Cory Montgomery

    I wouldn’t say she’s “extremely” beautiful

  • Disappointed

    This is disgusting. Yes, the girl made a mistake. It was in extremely poor taste. But to do THIS to her? She already lost her job and fears for her family’s safety. Where are the dick photos of people dressed up of Trayvon Martin? I don’t see the same kind of backlash for that. People need to learn to control their actions and emotions. Lead by example. Sad, sad world…

  • lester jones

    republicans and conservatives and bible thumpers are harrassing this poor young women. shame on you

  • H4BAF

    I don’t care how offensive her costume was. (And it was, no doubt) I still want to bang the living sh*t out of that hottie.

  • trevor

    First of this isn’t that big of a deal , second off there is only one photo on this site of her and she has clothes on. Third off who wrote this article, go back to school and learn how to write. jesus Christ the writing is bad in this article. Pursue another carreer.

  • trevor

    Professional writers don’t use terms such as “this was such a bad move” that’s how 15 year old girls talk… are you a 15 year old girl? like you know whatever lol retard

  • Geoff Sandham

    if you’re going to target somebody with death threats, make it a molester rapist or woman beater not a stupid 21 year old ditz.

  • Sara Parker

    Crazy topless girl accidentally shot in the locker room

  • Sara Parker

    Miley Cyrus Is X-Rated In Leaked Video – Fox News

  • Slippy Magoo

    WOW, great tits

  • Sieg Hail

    Cools story bro…..
    lets wait for someone to dress like a 9/11 person to see what is the reaction…

  • Direll Alexander

    Folks are sad, they are more mad at the girl who made a costume than the ones who did the act, and what is even sadder Is that she did not hurt 1 living soul just made a costume. You people suck you are willing to ruin the life of this girl and then will claim to be good fearing, its clear you are not god fearing, nor do you live by that principle.

  • perfect world

    Society always tell people just to be yourself don’t be something your not, or being true to yourself don’t be a faker just so you can be accepted, and the day you try to express youself or be yourself you get judged and ridiculed by society and everyone who jumps on the band wagon of ridcule and pass judgement on you a bunch of “GODDANM HIPOCRITE ASSHOLES”

  • boob lover

    dumb chick with bad tatts but she’s got a nice squishy body :)

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    Wow…..nice big tits…..she deserves forgiveness…..and a porn contract…

  • bucky

    the sad part is that people who tormented her most likely laugh at 911 or holocaust jokes

  • EJ

    But no one’s killin the guys that did it.

  • Chat

    nice tits

  • Meh

    I like the costume…who gives a shiz!…grow up

  • DR.SJ

    I think her pics are very nice, although the fact that her pics were Exposed due to many people being “Butt-Hurt” about her poor choice of attire, is wrong. And they’re wrong for that, I mean really…sure it was way too soon but how do we know many other choices of attire for occasions such as Halloween isn’t wrong, let’s say someone dressed up as Osama Bin Laden as a joke or ‘just because’. Maybe even JFK, isn’t that alone insulting? I think “yea, it was too soon” or perhaps “she should’ve really thought it out first before fully committing to the choice of attire”. So there’s my piece of input, I think people who weren’t the Actual Victims of the Boston Bombings shouldn’t be getting Offended and for those who were…well we’ll just leave it to them

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