Eminem Raps Out an Apology to His Mother on “Headlights”

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Rather than cleaning out his closet, Eminem is burying the hatchet with his mother Debbie Mathers. In a really surprising move, Slim Shady has decided that it’s time to apologize to his mother. In fact, he’s actually paying tribute to her in a new track called “Headlights.”

The song, which is featured on his MMLP2 album is inspired by his “overwhelming sadness” as he watched the headlights of her car drive off after the last time he saw her.

This is an interesting turn since on his 2002 single “Cleanin’ Out My Closet” he went do far as to say that he hoped she would “burn in hell” and even referred to her as a “selfish bitch.”  After filing a $10 million lawsuit against her son, citing slander, Debbie settled for $25,000.

“Headlights” begins with Eminem rapping “I went in headfirst, never thinking about who what I said hurt … My mom probably got it the worst.”

He continues on to say ”Now, I know it’s not your fault, and I’m not making jokes. But ma, I forgive you, so does Nathan yo.”

In a very mature and touching moment, he acknowledges her struggle to provide for her boys as a single mother: ”All you did, all you said, you did your best to raise us both,” he raps. “Foster care, that cross you bare, few may be as heavy as yours. But I love you, Debbie Mathers, oh what a tangled web we have. And I’m mad I didn’t get the chance to thank you for being my mom and my dad. So Mom, please accept this as a tribute I wrote on this jet.”

His remorse extends even further – he no longer performs “Cleanin’ Out My Closet” during his shows and says that he cringes “every time it’s on the radio.”

Listen to Eminem make amends on “Headlights”:

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  • Corey A.

    People still listen to M&M?

    • Mike


    • willh

      biggest selling artist of the decade, where have you been

  • Desmond

    Dude you can just retract all the shit you say about your mom by writing another song

    • Paul

      true you can’t make it go away but you can ask for forgiveness and make peace before it’s too late to. such a touching song.

  • 44 year old women

    I have loved Eminem forever and still listen to him most everyday. I am a 44 year old women who struggled with addiction in the past and I love this song and listening to Eminem’s lyrics that touch on real life issues.

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