10 Shocking Richie Incognito Sr. Quotes

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The NFL is looking into bullying accusations involving Jonathan Martin and the Miami Dolphins. In the meantime, Richie Incognito has been suspended during the investigation. Now it appears the embattled offensive lineman has a vocal supporter who is trolling the internet: His father! Senior has been caught red handed posting on the FinHeaven forum as “idrd1994″ — and he has said some astonishing things.

Look below for 10 quotes from Richie Incognito Sr. You won’t believe your eyes.

Why do we think idrd1994 is his dad? First, he only posts about the Dolphins offensive line. Secondly, he posts frequently with inside knowledge of his son’s former teammates. Third, he talked about having a New Jersey upbringing, which fits the truth. Fourth, he says he lives in Arizona, which again checks out. Fifth, the birthdate he gave when registering with the message board matches. Sixth, an old online profile connects the username with his real name. Oh, and finally, “idrd” are the combined initials of his two sons and wife.

So, yeah, unless someone has been plotting to set him up for years, it’s him.

Without further ado, here are the explosive quotes. Click the right arrow to view the entire gallery:



(source: nfl.com)

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  • damnson

    That explains why Richie is such a damaged human. A father like that will scar you for life.

    • holee water

      Exactly. When someone is as agree as Jr. is, it’s usually something that started at home. This is proof.

  • dreamjeannie

    The father is a complete disgrace and, obviously, the apple does not fall from the tree. I hope shameful fatboy is banned for life from the NFL along with his despicable father. Who the hell do they think they are anyway?

  • Gregory Timmons

    Tsk, tsk! The father is even more stupid than his dumb ass son. Poor wife and mother…

  • http://www.facebook.com/dumpsternewark joe decelles
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