14 Reasons Why You Should Support Prostate Cancer Awareness Month During Movember

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One of the best ways to induce the masses to become aware of bad diseases and cancers is to assign it a seemingly arbitrary concept and market the hell out of it.  There’s pink ribbons for breast cancer month, which is October, and now we have No Shave November, for prostate cancer awareness month.  This is a great way to use these sly marketing tactics in the name of good.  And that’s just ONE reason why you should show your support and partake in Movember – an entire month dedicated to ditching your razor, waxist, and laser hair remover and a fantastic opportunity to grow out that porn ‘stache (as well as other bodily hair and the hair on your head) you’ve been dying to try out and have it be socially acceptable.

mustacheSource: sxc.hu

Here are 14 more reasons why else you should participate:

  1. You get to dress up like a hipster all month long – and it’s not even Halloween.
  2. It times nicely for those that will be applying for Santa positions in December.
  3. You’ll have Instagram material for daysss…
  4. Gives new meaning to the term “Dirty Sanchez”.
  5. You and your friends can place all sorts of zany bets (i.e. whose will be the longest, shortest, ugliest, get the most phone numbers, etc.).
  6. It’s a great excuse to join Pinterest and start a mustache board.
  7. You can house a nest of baby birds in your beard, a la Peter Griffin on Family Guy.
  8. Penises are important, and you should support that.
  9. You have an excuse not to shave and your girlfriend can’t complain.
  10. Scruff is sexy.
  11. You have an excuse to Google Image Troy Palomalou.
  12. Your apartment will be super clean from all the extra vacuuming you’ll be doing.
  13. You and your girlfriend can have bushy seventies sex. (Role play!)
  14. If your girlfriend wears pigtails, you can both have handlebars.
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