Video: Richard Sherman Makes Meatballs Infused with Gushers Candy

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On the field, we know that Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks is one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL. Off the field, we know one thing for sure: He loves Gushers! He simply can’t get enough of the candy.

So when he and his brother — Branton Sherman — set out to make meatballs, they had to find a way to incorporate Gushers. And they did! They actually followed a recipe that involved infusing the meat with two pieces of candy each.

Watch the video to see how they did it:

That’s some extremely entertaining stuff. The chemistry between Richard and Branton is palpable … and those meatballs don’t look half bad. I’d eat it.

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  • Corey A.

    Disgusting! Gusher should be eat on their own. And meatballs.. only with very good sauce.

  • Desmond

    What a nut! I love it!

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