K-Pop Diva Ailee Sees Goods Leaked Online

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Mon, Nov 11 - 8:32 pm EDT | 5 years ago by
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In the world of K-Pop, Ailee is one of the biggest names. She’s not only extremely talented musically, she’s also pleasing to the eye. Earlier today, she had to deal with a scandal after a series of nude shots hit the internet. A statement from her camp admitted she is indeed the subject.

Look below for 9 pictures regarding the Ailee situation. As you will see, her body is absolutely amazing.

Although she was born in the United States, she went to South Korea and became a star. As for this controversy, her people are blaming her ex-boyfriend Daniel Lee, a man who now works at the media outlet that leaked the uncensored story.

Here are the images — click the right arrow to view the whole gallery and to see everything:










(source: imgur.com)

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  • as

    wheres the uncensored bro

  • Beautiful Korean Artists

    It’s unfortunate for Ailee for her to go through with this. I wish her all the best and I’ll forever support her!


  • parkMartini

    lol sucks for her. talk more about this on http://www.parkMartini.com

  • Lim

    These pics are so great. She has nothing to be ashamed of. She’s BEAUTIFUL.

    I just love her even more now!

    • Aileeber

      Agreed. Nothing is wrong with the human body. Especially one that is perfect in every way. I was jealous before now I’m really jealous. Literally everything about her body is perfect. Wow!

    • Ray Devons

      Are you replying to yourself? …

    • Jing

      Now imagine every teens who idolized her, go “have some fun” with their boyfriends at underage, and took some “cool photos”.

    • tonkotsu

      i know! she should do porn now!!

    • Sky

      In the actual society show your entire body is a taboo thing specially in the asian culture, they dont really care about she is beautiful, there is a lot of beautiful bodies in the world… I think she was a bit wrong with the photos, but she is so talented :/

  • yoicoy

    I disagree, she’s ugly, I’d prefer western body especially from Ban*Br** network :P

  • aishhh

    i can’t believe it,,, y she take a picture like that,,,it’s her fault not the person who leak that picture… I’m so sorry for her,,, :(

    • tch

      u…..must be a troll…how is it not the fault of the person who leaked them. why dont’ you send some private photo (nude or not) to a friend/bf/gf and then after u break with them they decide to spread the private images.

    • Livingston

      Who did she think would look at the pictures. Pictures are for viewing. She did this to herself. From what I hear, this was not some friend. She was trying to get into the modeling business.

    • P 627

      she got scammed. and you should get shot and your bloody head put on a spike while they take your ragged body and burn it burn it till charcoal black

    • P 627

      obviously you need to get shot lol

  • Hammy

    Stuff like this always happens to famous ppl, ur past tries to pull u down. Btw, at least this isnt bad to what happened to the famous HongKong actor Edison Chen. Ailee can still get through this.
    This may be embarrassing for her, but what if it actually helps her? Like reveal her beautiful body to pose for model?

  • Guest

    can someone give me ailee nude to my email? sinx@daum.net

  • yawww

    She’s not supposed to posed with this pose at the first place. I take that as her fault.
    But the one who leaked these pictures has way bigger mental problem.
    How can u leaked such a “private” collection.
    What is going on with people nowadays =_=”
    It’s definitely no good to Ailee’s career.
    However, I wish all the best for Ailee.
    Despite all this nude things, she’s still gorgeous to me <3

    • Ana

      it’s not her fault, she trusted someone who turned out to be an idiot. Isn’t she supposed to trust anyone? what if you told someone something personal and they tell everyone? is it YOUR fault because you trusted them? of course not.

    • Chin

      It is actually your fault because it’s your personal responsibility for picking who to trust. Short of your own parents, anyone is fallible – especially in the case of naked pics. This is not the first naked pic scandal in the past decade. Who usually leaks them? EX BOYFRIENDS. Come on, it’s not new.

      If it’s just your average chick, they’ll just fap for a few days and go away. You know why ‘exposed nudes’ are such a big deal these days? Because of the blokes/chicks on the net who can’t get laid and who all are morally upright and have OPINIONS

  • PoRKchoP

    I’m sorry to say that it is partially her fault. If she had looked further into this so called “agency” before posing nude and a sexual way, she wouldn’t have ended up here. Also the leaker and scammer is a horrible person.

  • krish

    Hi ailee i am not fan but i love your voice.i think you don’t need to be sad with such things.be strong…time will cure you.힘내새요…

  • hello

    wtf someone actually wanted to see more of this pics?! this someone is on the 9th pic where they show ppl commenting on that site on the pic… srsly? how can that person do this?! i hate that person

  • Stop

    It’s really terrible enough that Ailee has been scammed and this past incident had to be brought up when her career as a singer is receiving great response. I would urge the author of this article to take down such uncensored photos as it can be detrimental not only to the artiste’s career but also her emotional well-being. I am not even a fan of Ailee but by sharing these leaked photos, you are not doing everyone a favour, just rubbing salt into someone’s wound. Please spare a thought for the victim and respect that her job is to be a k-pop idol and not a model posing in the name of art. Your thoughtfulness would be greatly appreciated.

  • keeks

    oo please. She took them for her boyfriend and hes a dick who leaked them because they broke up. Shes gorgeous, it wasnt for the world just her boyfriend. I just wish they dont make up crap about her trying to be a lingerie model, please. All y’all who are proud of your bodies have done this for your bf. Get over it. I’m sorry for her but she’ll be aiight.

    • Mae Xia Boyes

      Nope, she was involved in a scam.. Know your facts, an underwear company asked for nude pictures so they could see if she’d make a good model, after they’d been taken she heard nothing from them so she went to the police but they couldn’t do anything as they hadn’t enough evidence.

  • lol

    look like some pinoy/indo maid onli

    • mindy

      hey what the fuck are you talking about??? watch your mouth… or else I will fucking staple on it.!!! such a stupid mind you got out there…

  • Jerry Sandusky

    Where is the uncensored pics?

  • Ka’ Kim
  • https://twitter.com/brianheartsyou brian ~

    Are you fucking kidding me? Daniel Lee deserves to get sued for this! Fucking scumbag!

  • 王八蛋


  • guest

    honestly speaking though, i think it’s kinda her fault. like you shouldn’t even be taking these kinds of pictures in the first place, like she should have some respect to her body and not just go showing it off. If it really was to her ex-bf, she should have known better though, you really can’t trust people. these types of things happen alot, so people shouldn’t take pics like this, cuz they will get leaked. i know she didn’t know about her career then, but still it’s just not a good idea, and it’s slutty and trashy. i know the pics were meant for one person, but that’s not how it turned out.
    Regardless, she’s still really talented and a good singer, and i hope this doesn’t take a toll on her career.
    but i have lost all respect for her :/

    • http://www.myspace.com/belindashort belindashort

      There is nothing wrong with taking nude photos, especially for your boyfriend. If you think there is a problem with this, you are screwed up in the head. Its not slutty or trashy at all, its totally normal and MILLIONS of people do it all the time, they just don’t get them leaked when they are famous by people who are jerks. If you lost respect for her, your respect isn’t worth much.

    • guest

      well the fact that these photos were leaked does make her seem slutty and trashy, like she could even be a role model for girls, and that’s not something she should have done, because it leaves a bad impression. i don’t think that you should ever take nude pics and send them to anyone, cuz it’s honestly the stupidest idea ever because they can get leaked SO EASILY and you have no idea who will see them, or who they’ll show them to(when you break up or get in a fight). this kinda stuff should just happen when you’re together, in private where it really can’t really be leaked publicly and where you have no proof of it.
      with this being said, of course that guy is a jerk and he really shouldn’t have done it, but it’s her fault also, cuz you should never send nude pics cuz they can get leaked so easily.

    • Qian.

      Can you not? She trusted him. Not only was the trust gone, he even trampled over her by posting these up online. Can’t you at least feel for her? Sure, you call that stupidity, but isn’t that what relationship does to everyone? And the fact that she has to take these pictures, actually shows what a sad relationship she was in. Because, like you said, she could have shown him her body in private, instead of taking pictures. Yet i believe that because of the fact that she’s a celebrity makes it difficult to meet up often with her boyfriend.
      I’m not saying that you’re wrong. It’s just that, by saying “i hope this doesn’t take a toll on her career” and “I have lost all my respect for her” contradicts since one affects the other. I don’t see the point of you hatin’ on her anyway. This could have happened to anyone, but sadly it impacted her more due because she’s a celeb. And I’m not saying you should go back to respecting her. I just hope you can understand and feel for her predicament.

    • .

      “Yet i believe that because of the fact that she’s a celebrity makes it difficult to meet up often with her boyfriend.” this was before her debut, so i’m pretty sure she could meet up w/ her bf..

    • nana

      this is k-pop, which is basically a rip=off of light hip hop/rap made palapable with asian singers. there’s no talent here. Kpop makes britney spears look like Madonna.

  • Kor-azy

    It just sucks for her right now but she shouldn’t let this bother her even though it is really personal. Being in show biz is hard and there will be more scandals that come along the way because people just want to raise a single person to fame just to take them down one by one. Ailee fight on because we are standing right behind and stay beautiful :D Keep singing beautifully because we love you for your personality and voice and not your privates :D

  • ultimate kill

    the title said uncensored. lol

  • macoy

    don’t have a problem with pics, but i do have a problem with her people lying about why they were taken. she was young and she did it for some guy no reason to lie about it

  • macoy

    and these pics were taken 4 or 5 years ago, her body isn’t like that now. trust me.

  • kyapumba

    I am a big fan of her but seeing these photos are kinda immoral. I’ll tell you what there’s no good for this. I’ll support her though but as her fan i am not just gonna tolerate these acts. All wrong. As her fan,i am not just gonna compliment her through all the way when i know she has mistakes. She won’t be notable without us,her fans so she should be more thoughtful. I dunno if she was really telling the truth or not about these photos but one thing for sure…..it was not a good example for her fans except for those who wants. I’m sorry just expressing ailee. God was watching you while you were doing it. Such a big sin. Fighting!

  • kyapumba

    I am a guy,and as I saw her photos, I was unhappy and disappointed. No offense but most men will see those would get easily liked it but me no. Behind your adorable and smiling looks,you can dare to show off your entire body?what’s good with that?very unlooked for ailee.



  • girlartist

    well as an artist, i believe nude bodies are a piece of art. So, i give her respect for risking herself to even send pictures like these. Whoever leak her pictures out has no morals or consciences whatsoever. I think he should rot in hell.

  • mindy

    Everyone did some fault. We cannot blame her. That picture was taken before her debut so people just ignore it. Yes, private part was shown but think seriously. Women have that and all people came from there. We all have a mother right?? I hope that people will have mind to think to ignore Ailee’s situation and forget the past but focus on the present. What is more important is that she is KPop star now. And that nude pictures might damage her career but we should not pull her down more. If we or you are in a right mind.. you should try to cheer her up not just by judging her and pulling her down.

  • American girls are so easy

    Ew..I never thought she’d be stupid enough to fall victim to one of these kind of scandals…….but hey, she IS american. -_-

    • Guest

      Don’t lump all Americans in this category !! We are not the only country that does this. Asian countries do it to just because it isn’t released to the media doesn’t mean shit

    • People are just rude

      So rude. Not all Americans do these type of things, but after all she IS asian too. Remember that pal. -_- And before you said something back about me being america, well I’m not sweetheart, nowhere near it, I just hate when people think a entire country is like something because of one thing or person. I been to amercian for whole year before and I can tell you not all there women act like this, some have class, but before you reply. She did these pictures for her BOYFRIEND not for the world to see, and please change your name from american girls are so easy because sweetheart they ain’t anything near easy, most of them are rather hard to get (Go to american and find out for yourself!) unless you’re talking about the sluts, which let me remind you every dang country in the world has, not just america. So get off your high horse and face the facts, sweetheart!!! -_-

    • nana

      american girls are the most demanding and asexual women outside of the muslim world

  • Aozora

    I think that there’s nothing wrong with these photos whatsoever. IMO, feel free to agree/disagree, she was taking photos for her boyfriend at the time. She was young and also a bit naive at the time. There’s so many people out there who take photos for their significant other because they’re that intimate. How would she have known that she would be famous? How did she know these were going to be leaked? And besides, she has a beautiful figure! Regardless of her looking different now, she still looks beautiful! I don’t understand how you can say that this is her fault/or she did this to herself. I know your thoughts, but I don’t get your thought process/feelings. How was she supposed to know that she was going to be a role model for so many people? Isn’t the fact that her fans supporting her and her trying to overcoming this hard time show that you can be strong too? Doesn’t that also make her a role model? She still got on stage and accepted her reward while her fans cheered for her and supported her as she cried.

    Stay strong, Ailee! <3

    • :)


    • Well..

      Even if you aren’t famous, taking nudes is not a good idea if you don’t want it to come back and haunt you.. especially with the internet practically nothing is private any more. Beautiful or not.

  • JhyeongPark

    i hope ailee get well soon.


    What a scumbag boyfriend she has.

  • Michelle

    honestly i think its Ailee’s fault, first of all a girl who has class wouldn’t take nude pictures..like yeah okay there’s “nothing” to be ashamed of. Unlike her i treat my body with respect, like my own temple i don’t go showing every part of it to people. its like a girl walking outside in a busy street with a bikini on what would you think? like put a shirt on? and for those of you saying its not her fault she gave it to an ex bf who decided to post it…um did you not hear the story correctly? David Lee said he didn’t do it. Ailee was asked by a friend over facebook but apparently that friends account was hacked. Who takes nudes for friends over the internet no question???

    • Guest

      Are you fat ? Are you single ? Then I guess you wouldn’t understand her then. I’ve never done it but the fact that you say this like ur some saint is irritating and I think you should grow up. That’s just like saying a person who gets married makes a sex tape and gets divorced and it gets leaked is there fault right ? You sound stupid

    • guest

      To be honest taking nude pics is a bad idea all together. Even if you aren’t famous… it could come back to you. Same with sex tapes. People know their are risks when they do such things so yes–it is partially their fault.

      Now, morally I personally am not for it but they do say if someone’s to take nude pics they shouldn’t have their faces in it for such reasons..but if it was for a modeling company she should have went elsewhere instead of lowering herself in order to get the job (which she obviously didn’t need, because she is extremely talented).

      She seems to be working through it, which is good, and I hope her young fans realize the situation and the mistake of it all and don’t turn against her music OR don’t think it’s okay for their private business to be out there.

  • marria

    to be honest, the guy shouldn’t have leaked it, he didn’t have the right to since she trusted him, and hey did she know he would?! so it isn’t her fault, though it would of been avoided in the first place if she didn’t take the pictures…but it was her choice, like everyone else she can do what she wants, and has a beautiful body (no homo). Love her to bits, her personality and music is what matters, not her personal affairs <3

  • eleven11

    SHE’S JUST AS HUMAN AS WE ALL ARE!!!!!! Dont try to act all like you’ve never done anything wrong in your life before. Celebrities are so often labeled as ” PERFECT ” that people forget that they make mistakes too. So shut the fuck up and take your judgmental ass somewhere.

  • stand up comedy
  • Kayla

    Wow it’s kinda sad how you guys are saying it’s her fault she should’ve not sent it, I’m not saying it’s not her fault or anything but that was meant for her boyfriend which she thought she could trust, if you guys never had a relationship then obviously you wouldn’t understand because who expects their other to just show the world like she trusted him and everybody does that you guys are just saying this because you’ve never had a relationship and those of you saying I lost respect she didn’t even mean it for the whole world and it’s sad how you guys say your not her fans anymore because a true and loyal fan would always support through the toughest times.
    Don’t worry ailee everything’s gonna be fine love ya!!

  • A

    there’s no big deal.. it’s supposed to be a private photo.. and besides she came from US.. posing that way is nothing there,,,she’s georgeos still :_)

  • pornotaku

    i dont get why some people keep blaming her well im not talking about you guys,i mean,to be honest she has the right to take pictures with any pose she wants,she was not the one who posted it in the internet right?problem solved its not her fault….besides,those pics are amazing actually :p

  • Unknown

    I love her tits <3 hahhaha I want to see her body today not the past :))
    I love her :))

  • Unknown

    I want to fuck with her 10x <3

  • moar


  • Guest


  • HeatDynasty

    is there a video???

  • asxdcfv

    where i find the nudes

  • Vee

    If you take nudes of yourself, then yes you DO get some of the blame. I thought it was common sense by now that these types of things come back to bite you in the ass– not even if you’re famous but even in the “real world” of everyday folks it can easily turn on you. Yes you should be proud of your body but why is modesty something that’s been thrown out today all together?

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