Why Melissa Bachman Deserves Nothing But Praise

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The internet is currently trying to destroy Melissa Bachman. The female hunter posted an epic lion kill on social networks and a revolt ensued. A petition to ban her from South Africa is gaining momentum. She has even been forced to delete her Facebook and Twitter accounts due to the backlash. However, I’m here to tell you this woman is being treated unfairly. In actuality she’s a hero.

(Scroll down the page to see 18 pictures of Melissa Bachman, who calls herself a hardcore huntress. She’s also the person behind the hunter show Winchester Deadly Passion.)

First of all, if she were a man, no one would care about her hunting prowess. But because she’s breaking gender stereotypes, the general public is up in arms. Also, the fact that she’s drop dead gorgeous doesn’t help fend away those (especially other women) who are jealous of the life she leads.

Secondly, there is nothing wrong with hunting. She did nothing illegal or immoral. Humans are alive today because they learned how to hunt and kill bigger, faster, stronger beasts. Melissa is simply celebrating the spirit of our ancestors.

And finally, this is a blatant case of speciesism. Nobody cared when she was killing turkeys, alligators and deer. But when she starting taking down lions, zebras and bears, then suddenly everyone cared. Speciesism in the animal world is akin to racism in human society — and just as despicable.

Check out the images in this gallery to celebrate what this woman has accomplished. Click the right arrow to begin:

Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman

Melissa Bachman


(source: melissabachman.com)

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  • jude bond

    Melissa Bachman is a vile despicable waste of oxygen using animals to enlarge her oversized ego. Using a machine to kill an animal isn’t an achievement – its the act of a coward. I have read so many comments on British newspaper websites here in Britain that sum Up what should happen to this sub-human

    • Brenda

      I hope you don’t eat any meat at all because that would make you a hypocrite. Animals killed by hunters are killed more humanely than any other animal. They also roam free in life. if you eat beef or chicken, you can rest assured that it is stuffed in a small space for its entire existence, fattened up with chemicals so it will get abnormally large, and then slaughtered in a horrific manner. So, if you eat either of these meats, you are way more vile as you support this industry and this treatment of animals.

    • Brenda

      I hope you don’t eat any meat at all because that would make you a hypocrite. Animals killed by hunters are killed more humanely than any other animal. They also roam free in life. if you eat beef or chicken, you can rest assured that it is stuffed in a small space for its entire existence, fattened up with chemicals so it will get abnormally large, and then slaughtered in a horrific manner. So, if you eat either of these meats, you are way more vile as you support this industry and this treatment of animals. You have an oversized ego if you eat meat and would make vile comments like this.

  • Jackal

    What a ridiculous article. Throwing out the gender card as if the backlash is due misogyny rather than disgust at a ‘persons’ actions.

    The reference to speciesism is also laughable. On the terms this article was written is it somehow ok to hunt humans to ensure non discrimination.

    If she or anyone else really wants to ‘celebrate the spirit of our ancestors’ how about picking up a spear! Maybe a lion would then be accused of speciesism.

    • Ntchwaidumela

      I bet this article is intended to troll readers. I doubt the writers was being serious.

  • christine

    God Damn her for her arrogance and treatment of animals. I wish her a miserable life and a painful death.

    • Embarrassed Independent

      You hypocrite! “Miserable life and a painful death”
      Such a statement clearly displays to everyone just what level of intelligence and forethought you use on a day-to-day basis. Maybe you should be careful about recommending people to be euthanized because you might just win that vote.

    • Nick Naccari

      You are the Hypocrite. You write as if evil is good, disgusting is something to smile about, and Earth is a throw away planet. Coward, face against evil for what it is, ugly through the bone, her face is a definition of evil, ugly, abuse, selfishness, vainglory, and pathetic selfishness. Nazis smiled killing innocent children, you and Bachmann deserve to suffer 1,000,000,000,000 times for each of these rare beauties killed needlessly in selfish vanity. Your children would be fun for her to hunt, don’t you get that?? Evil! And those that like her evil are scum too, just by the true definition of disgusting.

  • Melissa Bachman

    She is not evil she is in ignorant

    • Brenda

      I hope you don’t eat any meat at all because that would make you a hypocrite. Animals killed by hunters are killed more humanely than any other animal. They also roam free in life. if you eat beef or chicken, you can rest assured that it is stuffed in a small space for its entire existence, fattened up with chemicals so it will get abnormally large, and then slaughtered in a horrific manner. So, if you eat either of these meats, you are way more vile as you support this industry and this treatment of animals. Ignorant is not realizing that hunters are the ones that started all conservation efforts.

    • blackcatlover

      She’s killing trophy animals (even endangered ones) for sport, Brenda. Have you not read the articles on her???

    • Secret Squirrel

      News Flash!!!
      It legal to hunt these animals…. don’t like it then change the laws. Until then put on your big kid undies and suck it up cause there is a lot more you probably should be worried about.

    • huntthehunters

      What a total prick you must be. Seriously mate, you must be an absolute twat to think that. For fuck’s sake don’t have children.

    • Karen Deppe

      It is nonsense to say that hunter started conservation efforts. People that care about animals disappearing did. Melissa Bachman does not hunt because she is starving. You need to read the articles and her interviews again.

  • alien99

    This cunt should be hunted and shot

  • Julia E.

    Melissa Bachman shoots for fun, not for food, and since in sport both party’s know they are playing, this is indeed immoral. As a female European journalist I’m amazed by the blatant ignorance of this “piece”: her gender,how she looks or the species she shoots are not a factor. Nor is this the first time someone shooting for fun causes a wave of anger: NBC recently cancelled “Under Wild Skies” , and the response of its host was equally ridiculous, comparing all who don’t agree with hunting for sports to Hitler- talk about ignorance. I have to wonder about the writer: I found only one with this name who calls himself writer online, who “likes unicorns”, which would explain a lot. The solution presented online- a petition to deny M.Bachman access to South Africa- will however of course not stop her from hunting, and since I do realize that the European view on hunting (and guns for that matter) is very different from the American view (and from the African view of course, let’s not loose sight of the context here), I would propose just taking away her passport and let her hunt whatever the US allows her to hunt, under the laws of that country.

    • blackcatlover

      Don’t want her here in the U.S. either!

  • The Eternal Footman

    Grow up.

  • blackcatlover

    Men are going to love her, of course, because she’s got big boobs.

  • Mungo Park

    Holy Jesus who shoots zebras!! It’s 2013!!

  • Bill

    She is receiving backlash because hunting for sport is largley antiquated. Not to mention what is happening to the population of big cats how they more than likley should be put on a species at risk list. To say that she is a hero is assinine.

  • Isoflex

    The people that defend horrible-discussing-vile people like Melissa are just as horrible-discussing-vile themselves

  • KC

    A hero? You are as asinine as she is. Your dopey, misguided spewage has as many holes in it as her head does. She is nothing but an arrogant, delusional, narcissist who gets her jollies killing. Your rhetoric of speciesism is ignorant. Comparing turkeys to lions ? You jackass, the killing of anything is wrong when for thrills, but these are endangered animals you stunned moron, you know, close to extinction ? You, her, or any male want to prove how “heroic” you are ?? Toss the guns and go in on equal terms. With what you were born with. No one ever takes this up. Says something right there about the “sport”, the “heroes” and your bullshit.

  • Needs More Bloodsport

    Maybe Melissa Bachman will one day turn her attention to the most dangerous game of all. I’d pay to watch that as a reality TV show on cable!

  • Daniel Alexion Demetro

    What’s making me laugh is the fact that every single one of you think you have a right to say anything at all. And before you all begin, no, I am not a redneck born and raised in the backwoods of Texas or Louisiana that grew up shooting at squirrels for fun.

    So many of you claim that lions are on the endangered list, but an article by National Geographic clearly states that lions aren’t even close to being endangered, more or less extinct. See http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2013/09/130902-african-lions-not-endangered-big-game-hunting/ for more information.

    And still more of you are claiming that this woman needs to be ‘hunted down and killed like that lion’. Seriously? Is this what we’ve come to as a culture and species? Damning a person because she happens to enjoy a single sport that someone feels is morally wrong? News flash, you’re one person out of seven billion, on a single planet out of eight (or nine, depending on how you feel about Pluto), in a star system out of one hundred billion, in one galaxy out of a hundred billion, and you (not to mention that single lion), are enormously insignificant.

    Hunting for sport has been around for billions of years, and only now do we see that not managing it can have serious repercussions for the ‘victims’, as many of you seem to think the animals are. Another newsflash, an animal is not self-aware, and therefore cannot even consider itself a victim. While I’ll agree that the sport needs to be managed, condemning this woman for doing something that no one would have batted an eyelash at if she didn’t have a vagina seems idiotic. Next thing you know we’ll be going after females that fish and begin burning them at the stake.

    And while I know this will have no effect on your erroneous views, I couldn’t stand idly by and watch you people run like the cattle you are, always following the leader of some news broadcast that felt hurt. Stop being a parrot and grow a pair of views thta the media didn’t give you, you dumbasses.

    • Richard

      We do have the right to say what we want. Sorry, stopped reading there.

    • Alessio Sa

      your statement “hunting for sport has been around for billions of years”
      I guess you need some history lessons.
      Yhis is not about her, it’s about ritch people going on safari and destroying everything that was bult the last 20 years.

      but you have the right to give your own distinctive opinion.

    • Ivan C. T.

      You are wrong and misinformed. The Lion is on the Red List of threatened animals marked as vulnerable, ok not endangered but for me it still looks like that Lions are the wrong animal too shoot just for fun. IMO no Animal should be killed just for fun.

    • huntthehunters

      You really are a fuckwit aren’t you? ‘Hunting for sport has been around for billions of years…Billions of years? ‘ Really? Let’s face facts, Bachman’s demise would immediately embellish this planet. Let’s pray for that.

    • intira

      Well, don’t you consider yourself somewhat intelligent. Needs more work, but you are coming off as a lvl. or two beyond high school.
      Now, while I won’t even comment on your superior estimate of how long hunting has been around, I would like to say that your misinformed spewage of what you think You know as the insignificant little spot that you are is that the latest scientific research is putting animals up to the sentient level. I’ll wait while you look that word up. No you are not included.
      I do Not agree with the “kill the hunter” mentality, it does nothing but ruin the argument.
      The fact that she has a vagina has nothing to do with this, idiocy knows nothing of the male/female differences.
      Any hunter killing for kicks is an arrogant misguided prick with a bloodlust that has also been proven to lead to the “getting off” of the person doing the killing.
      Let’s now look at your definition of sport. A child of 8 can take a weapon on a tripod and scoped and kill the target. Ooooh, now there is something to be proud of. Do tell, wth is wrong with you ?
      A sport is generally determined to be a confrontation of two or more sides trying to out do each other on Equal terms with Equal loadouts. (Sorry – gear) I’ll try to use easy terms for you. Thus the Challenge of a sport, and the reason for trophies/bragging rights.
      When all these macho he-man types of either sex, drop their high tech armament and go in one on one as they were born, like their targets, I think we can consider this problem solved.
      I believe that this proves all points. Without the superiority of a sure win, there would be non of this. Go ahead, argue.
      As for the mentality of either side and listening to a reporter, try and think.
      The media is pro govt. and pro hunter. We don’t need to jump on any band wagon to see the filth putrifying on the tv and in pictures by these demented psychotics.. Yes, ifg you were up on the latest, which has been known for some time, but anyway, these backwards “people” are being profiled (see above re- the getting off) (no, up ^ ) as narcissistic w/ serial killer tendencies due to the rush and gratification obtained by “the kill”.
      After all this, the more you argue, the more ignorant you make yourself seem, but I am sure that won’t bother a highly intelligent sub-species like yourself.
      I am done with you now.

    • hunters suck

      Hey Dan, do the world a favor…….pull your lower lip over your head and swallow.

    • Alice Susan Harding

      Lies, lies, lies, lies. That’s all you people know. Well guess what, there’s too many people who don’t listen to your stupid lies. How many species have already been HUNTED to extinction. CHECK THE FIGURES, RETARD. Go to Lion Aid and other sites and you will see that from 200,000 there are reckoned to be around 15,000 at the most. Most of those are being bred for canned hunting, taken away from their mothers at an hour old, and as they ought to suckle for six months, often don’t have such good health. Out of 55 African countries, 25 have already declared the lion extinct. You heartless retards.

  • manni

    melissa bachmann is the sweetest women ever

    • huntthehunters

      Fuck off Manni you complete cunt. Fucking asshole.

  • Wolfkano

    Stephen Kersey: you freakin ‘tard ! Which is the achievement to kill an animal with such a telescopic sight !

  • R. Barrick

    Defending this behavior is ignorance. I bet her parents taught her such disrespect. Don’t get mad at the comments against this type of activity, try to evolve…the world would be a better place without your ignorant behavior.

  • udaman

    PAPCBS…Pansy Ass Politically Correct Bull Shit.

    • Nick Naccari

      Of course you would defend the Nazi, as a Nazi you would see nothing wrong with killing so many innocents, when it is the evil one deserving to be hunted and stopped in it’s pathetic tracks.. Painful death isn’t enough punishment for Bachmann or scum who support such selfish destruction of the last reming beauties of wildlife left on an entire planet. You think this is a throw away planet? Selfish swine. , I will pray tonight she dies slowly, painfully, and comes back to life as a worm that gets half stepped on so it dies slow deaths, 1,000,000,000,000 times as her eternal damnation. Be careful who you stick up for fool, you get in the same evil boat, you go to the same destination. Kill any kids lately? I wouldn’t be surprised if she did, just for fun.

  • Not a stupid

    You are stupid, she is hunting for pleasure and recognition not for survival…IDIOT

  • Not a stupid


  • Epyon

    I have forward her site some hackers who like to hunt riffle-trigger-happy-gun-toting-inbreds life support systems for virginas/penises who think that by killing a black bear or lion is a sport what F***ing time are you people living seeing pictures of my family member hunting lions in the 1920′s is one thing seeing people actively killing endangered species is entirely different. Consider this Hackers are hunters too we hunt people like you!

  • Karen Deppe

    I am getting really angry with people defending Melissa Bachman. I believe that she is getting all this antagonism not because of the fact that she is a woman. It is because she kills creatures for pleasure and is so happy when she does it. We animal lovers find it repugnant because we care for animals and cannot understand someone who gets so much enjoyment from hurting them. I believe the reaction would be the same if she was a man or a women. I think it is possibly more disturbing that she may have children and pass on those values to them. It is frightening that she kills what she finds beautiful.

    • Country living

      Seriously???? You’re “really getting angry at people” because they don’t agree with you… Oh and then you go off making a self-righteous remark hoping she doesn’t have kids to pass her “values” to. OMG!!! What are going do now … cry??? Here’s an idea, how about you grow up and get out of that metro-fantasy world you’re in and realize that life isn’t fair and you don’t get what you want all the time. Regardless of what you think is right or wrong the facts are people hunt for food and yes people hunt for the sport of it as well! Oh, guess what else Karen… (This will fry your liberal noodle) humans have been doing it since the beginning of time! But then again if you (and the other ideologues as well) don’t want to face the realities of the world… then that’s fine… cause your place in society is secure because every city block needs one of those “crazy cat Lady” in it.

    • Nick Naccari

      Your children if hung as trophies on Adolf Hitler Bachmann’s wall,would compliment her evil trophies of selfish destruction, vanity at the expense of the last resource, egoism and a pathetic personality that love destruction that is worse than worthless, and of course you would still defend the Nazi, as a Nazi you would see nothing wrong with killing so many innocents. Painful death isn’t enough punishment, I will pray tonight she dies slowly, painfully, and comes back to life as a worm that gets half stepped on so it dies slow deaths, 1,000,000,000,000 times as her eternal damnation. Be careful who you stick up for fool, you get in the same evil boat, you go to the same destination. Kill any kids lately? I wouldn’t be surprised if she did, just for fun.

  • fatwillie

    She makes me feel like I am not part of the human race. what kind of a person would do this just for sport, then with great jubilation remember it by splattering photos of it all over the place? what kind of female is she? I have met many women in my life, all very feminine, and none would ever think of doing this. as a matter of fact it would bring most to tears, if you spoke of it. what kind of a women takes pride in the killing of an innocent creature of God not for food or out of hunger, but for sport and bragging rights? now miss Bachman a real dare, a real challenge for you how about you enter the hunting area armed with what only your prey has make your kill, and then brag. Perhaps that time of fear short or long that you have before the creature gives you a taste of your own medicine will somehow convince you, your an ass. and at least the animal when it kills and eats you will not pose, smile or get gradification from the sport of it, it will be doing so out of survival. I am disgusted in you for even thinking you are human, and especially a female. oh wait maybe I have it wrong, maybe you wish you had a set of balls, and were not a woman, but a man. even a man that would kill for just the sport of it and take pride in doing so is a piece of trash, a soulless piece of garbage.

  • Niki

    DESPICABLE article.Shame on you.

  • jjj

    I am not against hunting. My father was a hunter and he would kill a deer to feed his family. Nothing wrong with that, but killing Lions, tigers and Bears (oh my) for the “sport” of it is just disgusting. I would feel the same if the women doing the killing was ugly as hell or a good looking/ugly man. People who do this are ASSHOLES!!! It is not ok to put humans in a field and shoot them so why is it ok to shoot these beautiful animals? And humans may be alive today b/c of hunting animals but the animals were not killed to hang on the wall, every part of the animal was used. Who ever wrote the above article is a jerk for trying to justify this behavior, and making it about her looks. Give me a break. She may be good looking, but standing next to the beautiful lion makes her look very unattractive.

  • Sn00ze

    i’d like to hunt her and hang her boobs on my mantle

  • Jason Eckroate

    This woman and people like her are barbaric idiots, and they do nothing that is respectable or defensible. Trophy hunting is wrong pure and simple. There is no excuse for this happening in this day and age… This article is so ridiculous that this has become my first and last visit to this site, because anyone who’s willing to print this kind of trash on their website is obviously not worth my time.

  • Bryn

    I just hate this egoistic bitch,may a lion or bear kill and eat her.

    • Alice Susan Harding

      Unfortunately she is not alone. There are others like her. Huntress Livy is one and there is a sick “Extreme Huntress” competition with a vid on Youtube. They are so egotistical it’s vomit-making. Wouldn’t be so bad if they actually had anything to be proud about. They are pathetic sick twisted losers who belong locked away where they can do no harm.

  • Riya

    I agree, hunters – one thing. Killing lions, tigers, bears – completely different.
    That Lion has an amazing life, he was able to live until his age. Fight his fights. What a beautiful lion. She is freak, and sicko. And disgusting human.
    Hunter will become a pray.

  • Fabienne

    This has to do with gender??? Never read such an idiotic article in my whole life. WTF do you know what people’s motivations are?

  • Alice Susan Harding

    Whoever wrote this article is a complete duh-brain who needs glasses. Melissa Bachman is about as attractive as pile of dog turd and the same applies to her inner beauty which she doesn’t have. A five year old can point a gun and pull a trigger.
    There is nothing brave in it. The animals are defenseless and she is a cowardly murdering lying psychopathic like the rest of the psychos that do what she does. Like so many others, I wish her and the rest of the sick bastards who think killing is fun would go and find another planet to destroy and leave this one to people who treasure wild animals and only kill to eat.

  • Roberto Lucioli

    she has the same disgusting smile in every picture!!!

  • Joeri De Ridder

    to the one who wrote the artical: go and feed on melissa’s pussy you cunt eating asslickin’ fuckwhore! these people need to be slowly eaten by lions and vultures! please die melissa!

  • melanie read

    how stupid …who ever wrote this is stupid fool, people are outraged because this vile filthy woman is hunting beautiful endangered animals its fk all to with the fact she is female…its because shes a hunter!! stupid stupid …killing for fun is wrong and immoral and this horrid excuse for human being needs to turn the gun on herself along with all other hunters male or female!..this is just a stupid excuse to vindicate what shes doing!! i hope she feels the hatred she deserves. BITCH

  • tahmina

    This is absolutely disgusting. First off playing off the gender card was way stupid. Whether it was a man or woman who murdered an endangered species people would’ve been bashing on her. And immoral??! It is completely immoral and should be illegal. All of your points (including racism?) are completely ridiculous. What are you even thinking? Please shut up and keep your inconsistent comments to yourself. Also her ancestors hunted to survive…she obviously has plenty of money (funding her own despicable show)so go buy food.

  • Lazerstrat

    This is a specious argument based on a lack of knowledge and accompanied by made up words like ” speciesism “. I’m sure few people would agree that she’s ” hot ” or that she’s ” celebrating the spirit of our ancestors “. Our ancestors used to kill each other with impunity but I don’t suppose that you’re advocating the ” tradition ” of legalised murder . This is a sycophantic and unbalanced piece of trash hack journalism .

  • Michael Jessom

    Ha! What a hilarious piece of writing from a brainless idiot. I hope you’ll one day wake up and realise what life is all about. So shallow, I pity you.

  • Steve

    She is a Loser and her Fake smile goes along with her FAKE BOOBS!

  • Steve

    The problem with her is she tries to become a celebrity because of her hunting skills….Killing animals for sport is senseless..what other skills does she have besides pulling a trigger…People like this have big egos with little brains!!!!

  • Theo Stall

    AMazing how many IGNORANT idiots you are. A hunt like she posted pumps about $50,000 into the economy of South Africa. And you morons that talk about “eeating”–ALL the meat killed in hunting South Afroca feeds thousands and thousands of poor South Africans. YOu can”t take the meat out or import it–so its given to the poost or bought for food by others. As for tha animals, in called CONSERVATION to preserve the species. BUt you ignorants know nothing about that either.
    Pathetic—you are all blindly ignorant and pathetic.

  • Henni

    Are you fucking retarded? She is a monster and you are an asshole!

  • Michelle

    Up in arms about Melissa Bachman killing for a status? Oh please! Please shut up. It has nothing to do because she is a woman as a trophy hunter. It has nothing to do with the fact that she started killing lions, zebras & bears as well as other animals. It has nothing to do with her looks and people maybe jealous? What the hell kind of drugs are you on? This isn’t about hunting. Hunting is a survival trait we learned as humans to eat and have clothing to keep warm and was respected. There is nothing wrong with hunting. What Melissa Bachman is doing is shallow, pretentious and wrong. All for showmanship and misguided glory. NOT HUNTING! Get over yourself. What an idiot, and so is Melissa Bachman. I’m glad people are bringing her down. She deserves it. Next!

  • Rick Donaldson

    Why does this sociopath have to keep killing the same species over and over again? Same disturbed shit-eating grin posing with dead gators then more gators and crocs, more bears, zebras – is this stupid piece of shit trying to single handedly cull natures most spectacular species. What’s the satiation point for the mentally ill on animal death? How does this thing finance this endless foray into sating her illness?
    This thing and her ilk imagine themselves facing great danger and barely overcoming their imminent death at 500 yards with a .375 H&H magnum. Ooooh.
    How does piece of shit not see the splendor of these giant bears until it kills them.
    This thing thinks these animals are improved by being dead?
    I look forward to reading about her obit.

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