Was the Jean-Claude Van Damme Volvo Commercial Filmed in Reverse?

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This viral Jean-Claude Van Damme video is awesome. It’a a commercial for Volvo that shows off the stability of the steering of their trucks. In it, JCVD does the splits between two tricks. The footage is awe-inspiring — and it looks quite dangerous.

However, many are now wondering if this commercial is a hoax. The theory is that Jean-Claude Van Damme filmed the video in reverse. In other words, everything we see actually took place backwards.

Take a look and tell us if you think it’s fake:

I’m not sure if we’ll ever know the truth. It’d be safer if it was indeed taped in reverse. But regardless, the end result is really damn cool.


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  • JGray

    You can see his pant leg slip off his shoe when he does the split, wouldn’t happen if filmed in reverse. Plus Volvo claims this system makes backin effortlessly and take any friction from the wheel, you can actually watch some guy do it and explain it on YouTube. Lastly, it’s JCVD, I mean c’mon ’nuff said.

  • Linda Giles

    Looks real. But why are the truck drivers on opposite sides. Looks fake.

    • Linda Giles

      Oops! Ok, looks like there are two drivers in each truck. Maybe it is real. Or maybe they’ve fooled us all.

  • Jeff Gaddy

    Even the best truckers or stunt drivers would need constant steering adjustments to keep a trailer moving straight, but none could drive backwards for that distance, at speed, with the precision needed for this stunt. This video was absolutely reversed. But to me, that does NOT mean it’s a fake. If there was any “faking” happening, it was hiding his safety harnesses, but I think the feat was REAL… except he started in the splits position and they drove the trucks forward, amazingly well, too.

    • TheRealZeroy

      the entire purpose of the ad is to demonstrate the dynamic steering of the Volvo trucks – its not reversed (Sun Rising backward, pants pop back in shoes? Obvious securite risk also by going forward: he could ran over). No this is done for real in one take with platforms behind mirrors (visible by the way), the only thing likely not real is the speed at which it was done then played back maybe.

  • Shunt driver

    I am making my living driving truck in reverse and it is not possible to drive truck in strait line backwards. Not a truck with trailer attached. You need constantly correct it with sterring wheel.
    I think it is real but film driving forward. End result is great either way.

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