Terrence Howard Blames Robert Downey Jr in Iron Man Casting Scandal

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(source: io9.com)

Terrence Howard has made a name for himself over the years in films such as Hustle & Flow and The Butler, but it’s his short-lived stint in the Iron Man franchise that continues to keep people talking.

After Howard appeared as Col. Jim Rhodes (Rhodey) in the first movie, fans were surprised to learn that Don Cheadle would be replacing him in the second and third films. Rumors have swirled for years but the actor recently told Vulture: ”The person that I helped become Iron Man… took the money that was supposed to go to me and pushed me out…  I called my friend… and he didn’t call me back for three months.”

Howard reportedly wanted to make the same as the franchise’s star, Robert Downey, Jr, which, most people would agree, is a bit ridiculous. The truth is that the series continued to do well without him, as predicted.

The thing that is truly interesting about this story is that earlier this year, many articles reported that Terrence Howard was the highest paid actor in the original 2008 Iron Man film. Naturally, after it performed so well at the box office, it makes sense that they’d have to renegotiate his contract — and settle up with RDJ since he was grossly underpaid for his work. On top of that, there were rumblings that director, Jon Favreau, was unhappy with Howard’s performance.

When he was promoting his film, Dead Man Down, Howard was vocal during press events saying that Iron Man killed his career.  He even went so far as to say: ”I love the fact that ‘Iron Man’ put me on a world stage and tested my strength of character… [but] I had to start all over: went from making $6,000,000 a movie, back to $60,000 a movie.”

It’s interesting because just a few years ago, Howard told E! Online: ”It was a wonderful split and I know that they’ve done well. Robert Downey Jr. was born to play that part.”

Which version are we supposed to believe?

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  • deacon

    He’s just a bitch.

  • Xavier

    I don’t care who makes what money, but I love the Iron Man movies.

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