What Killed Psychic Sylvia Browne?

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The most well-known psychic in all the land has graduated to the afterlife. Sylvia Browne died today at the age of 77 in San Jose, California. A cause of death hasn’t been announced — but that doesn’t stop us from speculating using our fledgling psychic abilities.

(Look below for Twitter reactions and pictures of Sylvia Browne.)

Considering that her family was by her said, we can probably rule out anything like murder, suicide or drug overdose. Although we don’t know for sure, something like cancer or a heart attack is much more likely. In fact, given her age, it could have just been natural causes.

Here is some more speculation — hit the right arrow to view it all:

Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne

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  • believer

    Damn, those comments are harsh.


    • Adriana

      People do not like to be deceived so harsh comments for a fraud.Lets hope she now sees the error of her ways and is not suffering too much.

  • hahahaha

    Shouldn’t she have predicted her own death and then avoided it.

    • wongtong

      She wasn’t actually psychic, dumb ass.

    • Adriana

      No, she wasn’t.And why she chose to be a fraud is a mystery.Perhaps she had a need for attention, to be somebody.

  • labraun

    Wow. Is this Correct-Hate by the loving, caring, and benevolent or just the
    new Uncivil Society at large?

  • Hope

    OMG, These comments are shocking…If you don’t have anything good to say, please don’t say anything.

    • EP_2012

      Only bad things can be said about this fraudster who deceived grieving parents for money.

    • Adriana

      Normally I would agree with you. It isn’t good to speak ill of others.However, when someone is willfully deceiving others and doing harm rather than good, then people need to be informed.It is unfortunate Brown got away with as much as she did.By the time she left this planet she left more than enough evidence that she was a fraud.

  • Bob

    Too bad there isn’t a hell for her to go to.

    • adriana

      She might very well be in a dark place for she was a fraud and did much harm to others by her deceit.

  • Carmen

    Maybe she didn’t get all predictions right, as no one can. Only God truly has all the answers. What gets me is these dirty, vulgar comments by some low-life’s who probably can’t spell their own names and the only word they know anything about is the word “fuck”, most likely because that is the only thing on this earth they know how to do. These ignoramuses are truly stupid in every way, not to mention hateful. I hate to read these silly comments that are done in the most hateful, vengeful, vulgar way.
    There’s a saying that you should not talk ill of the dead – maybe you crazy nuts should think about that; fate has a way of biting you in the butt when you least expect it and it may happen because of your derogatory and disrespectful remarks. Be careful, you could end up in “hell” yourselves, which probably is exactly where you dimwits belong.

    • Adriana

      Dimwits? Because they express their belief she was a fraud? Normally I’m against speaking ill of others but when someone is doing harm to others by pretending to be psychic, saying someones daughter or son is dead when they aren’t, giving advice on health when she wasn’t a docter,etc, then I think people need to be informed.One such person did this with a site called stopsylviabrown.He gave many examples that proved she wasn’t psychic and could be downright nasty as was her staff. stopsylviabrown is an eye opener for anyone who is sitting on the fence about her.From what I’ve read and seen of her in videos (there is one of her telling a woman her husband drown when he died in 9/11.Another time she tells a couple their daughter was shot.She wasn’t, she died of unknown causes.And of course there is the case of Hornbeck and Berry.) She wasn’t psychic.Her failure rate was extremely high.It started when she gave a party to friends and read the tarot card.Her husband asked her how she could lie to people like that.We will never know why Brown lied about being a psychic.Perhaps it was borne out of some deep need for attention, to be somebody.By the time she died (she couldn’t even get that prediction right) she proved to the world she was a fraud and gave psychics a bad reputation.I think Brown was unhappy, perhaps deeply so.She even said life is a hassle.It would be interesting if she could come back through a medium to tell us how her life is now, but then who would believe her.Lets be charitable and hope she did not end up in a dark place for all the lies she told.

  • Patrick Williams

    To all those HATE MONGERS out there…KARMA’s a Bitch and now that you have spoken Ill of the dead You now have one hell of a Karmic debt to pay, I Knew Sylvia as a writer and she had a heart of gold. I have been a Psychic Medium for over 30 years and I am known as the “male Sylvia Borwne”, Now does that mean I’m a “fucking con artist?” I dare ANYONE out there to come to UTICA, NEW YORK and say it to my face….If you can prove that I am a con artist beyond a reasonable doubt I will Pay you $5000 CASH on the spot….Patrick Williams is my Name.

    • Intuitive Tara Kandece

      THANK YOU!!!! Sylvia is my hero and these comments made me cry. I do what I do to give back. God gave me this gift and I share it. I love Sylvia always will. xxxx

    • D

      I only have one thing to say to your statement….Forget the court system…God knows everything! We are only here for a short time, then….eternity is forever….

  • Faith sawyers

    Disgusting and ingornant people making these comments!

    • Adriana

      More ignorant are the people who believed she was psychic.The poor woman had issues and did more harm than good with her lies.

  • Monica foley

    Sylvia Brown was and still is a wel known psychic that is dearly missed and i wish i met her i just know that for some reason i have a special connection to her on this side and that side she checks on me and she reassures me that i have a guardian angel and that there is a god and she is very sweet and she has a sence of humor she knows how much i love her on this side and on that side
    Monica Foley
    10328 Gulley street
    Taylor Michigan 48180

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