Darckobra Shows Wife to the World in “The Playroom”

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A lot of craziness is happening already in “The Playroom” on PS4 with help from Twitch TV, but nothing compared to what Darckobra did. He and his wife were drinking beer by the case. Eventually she passes out. What does he do? He gets her nude for an audience of thousands to see.

Thankfully, we have proof! Scroll down the screen to see 9 pictures of the wife who starred in the legendary incident in “The Playroom”. Unfortunately, the account belonging to Darckobra12 was banned by Twitch.tv — so we won’t be seeing any repeat performances.

Obviously, Sony doesn’t want their PS4 being used in this way. Hopefully they don’t take drastic steps that limits what users can show. Besides, if she doesn’t have a problem with it, what’s the harm?

Anyways, here are the images. Click the right arrow to view the entire gallery:

Passed Out Wife

Passed Out Wife

Passed Out Wife

Passed Out Wife

Passed Out Wife

Passed Out Wife

Passed Out Wife

Passed Out Wife

Passed Out Wife


(source: imgur.com)

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  • Método Perfecto

    Jajaja! Yo lo vi en vivo! (Y)

  • Anon

    Are you kidding with this? She was passed out. She could not say “sure honey, strip me on camera for the world to see” so he did this without her consent, which makes it sexual assault.

    • anony

      she was telling him basically she would have no part in doing those things on camera, i was there watching while she was still awake (i left before all this took place). plus all the people in chat telling him to do it (they need to perm ban those idiots as well cause they talked a drunk guy to do this to his passed out wife). He does not deserve her in the slightest, she needs to ditch that loser.

    • utera

      Jesus Christ, you act as if your wife tickled your balls while you were intoxicated or almost asleep/passed out she just raped you. Theres a certain amount of implied consent in a relationship.

    • idiotslayer

      you idiot. theres a difference between consent to have sex and consent to take pictures of you naked and put them online. good thing losers like you cant get women anyways

    • utera

      You must be joking, its a valid complaint about such situations because everything is black and white these days, if an 18 year old sleeps with a 17 year old he is a sex offender and child rapist for life right? Guess that’s what knee jerk hysteria folk like you like, that’s the world you create. He was a douchebag sure, but its not rape.

    • ducklesworth

      Implied consent? Are you high? No such thing. You get a yes or you don’t do it, plain and simple.

    • Nihilarity

      There is no such implication of consent. If he’d had sex with her while she was passed out that would have been rape, legally and morally.

    • nithin

      If your wife’s passed out, and you have sex with her, thats still rape?

    • JonBonVonConYon

      so many idiots …..like you…she WAS NOT passed out but whatever people….this world is full of retards like you so is pretty hard to be against the majority…

      PS: dont bother replying me cause im not in the mood to delete trash notifications and emails….

    • tony sutton

      Lololol… Someone sounds jealous.

      If you choose to get drunk with another drunk individual who has an attraction to you, YOU are responsible for whatever happens. If it was a drunken man who was seduced by a drunken female, you’d be singing a different tune. Double standard wielding sexist.

      Enjoy the downvotes, you jealous little virgin.

    • ANSI060 .

      the losers here who are actually trying to justify this rubbish are worthless and pathetic.
      I am not now nor have I been a virgin since I was 16, but if a person said “not to do something” drunk, high, sober, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend “doesn’t really matter WHO THEY ARE” if they say not to do it, and you do it. It’s assault.

      If you think it’s not and think this is ok, you either need to be in jail or you need someone to beat you with in an inch of your life for treating people like they deserve no respect and like you have some type of possession over them.

      You do not now or EVER have the right to make a person do anything they don’t want to relationship, marriage or not.

      It is ILLEGAL and for a damn good reason.
      IF you feel you do have the right, it’s because you are pathetic and a worthless human being.
      This is not an argument this is a fact!

      And idiots trying to justify it are actually MORE LIKELY to have either raped someone or force someone to do things in their lives against their will and need to be beaten, avoided, or gotten help for.

    • 2SHADES

      Just because you REPEATEDLY made the mistake of going out to gay bars, got hammered, passed out and woke up with a Louisville Slugger up your bung, doesn’t mean your mistakes need to translate to everyone else.

      You’re a completely mindless FOOL! You’re not even a REAL MAN.

      A real man protects a woman & her honor, ALWAYS! Which is why I date successful intelligent and beautiful women and you date… well, let’s be honest—you’re left to spreading peanut butter on your small, shriveled, sack and your dog goes to town.

      End of story!

      You’re weak, spineless and pathetic… at best!

      Grow up, dumb-ass! Idiots like you the very reason why we have politicians who outlaw everything that could be good and fun, because morons like you need to destroy it!

    • Ramon

      bah, the only weak, spineless and pathetic idiot here is you. Get the fuck off your silly beta male white knight charade, women need no protection in stuff like this, they are entirely capable of being responsible for their own acts.

      Double moral sexist retard.

    • 2SHADES

      “Bah”? What, are you a f–king sheep? You tool!

      Don’t be mad at me because I actually have morals & values & LIVE them, and you’re nothing more than a weak, girly, skinny pants-wearing, spineless dolt.

      I can only hope that you don’t procreate, we need less idiots on the Planet, and you’re one idiot too many already, let alone any of your so-called progeny!


    • JazzHands

      What real man types UGH? What’s next? OMG? Wtf. Get a life wo/man.

    • This is fact

      First what does this have to do with him going to a gay bar if this is a mistake for you to have this the only possible way to meet men if you’re “mistakenly” gay, so I’d say you’re the one that is retarded. And second if she says she won’t do this in front of a camera she simply don’t wants to! I’d say too, that it’s sexual assault when she’s drunk and asleep. Even if they’re married or in a relationship this doesn’t necessarily mean that he can do with her what he wants. It’s still sexual assault when she is not strictly given her “yes” or when she isn’t in the state do say it. But in this case it seems not only to be sexual assault but also the violation of her privacy. It’s her and ONLY her decision if material like this goes online. I wouldn’t just leave him I would sue him for none less than a thousands of dollars.

    • SeaSaltSora

      “Enjoy the downvotes, you jealous little virgin.”
      Funny how you’re getting downvotes too. Also, assuming he’s jealous doesn’t mean he is. He’s telling it how it is. For all you know he probably already has a girl. There’s also nothing wrong with being a virgin either especially if you’re young. :P

    • Mark Gore

      Actually, I got 45 uptokes. Agreed, but he’s probably not THAT young. 17 should be the absolute maximum for remaining a virgin.

    • William Zhang

      17 years old WTF?Who loses their virginity the year they are age of consent? I havent heard anyone that want to lose their virginity that early. Unless your planning to have a baby. Do people just lose their virginity like it nothing?

    • Cody

      Yes…They do… You probably live a very sheltered life.

    • rr

      White knight tool.

    • michael

      nope he marry to him she cant charge him with rape sadly

    • Andrew

      Are you kidding me? Of course she can. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marital_rape

    • tony sutton

      LOL what? She CHOSE to get drunk on fucking camera in an intimate setting with her horny husband. Whatever happens, SHE is responsible for it. Plus, she’s his fucking WIFE. Spoken like a true virgin/barely experienced person.

      It wouldn’t even be sexual assault in your naive mind if the genders were reversed. I see the politically correct feminazi crowd have succeeded in brainwashing you. Tard.

    • noobslayer

      shutup you little rapist. I found you on youtube you pathetic person. Your voice is horrible, you are ugly, and no girl would sleep with you anyways. Michael sampson. You look like you have down syndrome anyways. such a skinny pathetic loser. If anyone wants to see him just go to youtube.com/xwishfirex

    • ANSI060 .

      Actually Tony,
      if you’d like to look it up, if a wife or any other person tell you NOT TO drunk sober or otherwise it’s illegal. Even if you’ve had sex with the person six hundred billion times if they say no and you still do it (striping them publicly included) it’s against their will and ILLEGAL.
      If she chooses to press charges she will not only win but probably have Sony backing her up.

      In Short,
      You are wrong.
      Married or not you cannot OWN a person or make them responsible for your actions after they simply say “no.”
      It’s their body, not yours you only have the right to say “what will or will not happen” to yourself not others. And a piece of paper doesn’t change it.

    • tonysuttonisarapist

      here is tony sutton the rapists facebook profile https://www.facebook.com/tony.sutton.5602

    • Bob

      Why do you hate women so much, Tony? Was your mother a cunt who emasculated you and made you feel like less of a man? Because that’s the only kind of limp-dicked pea-brained pricks who generally use ridiculous made-up words like feminazi and thinks that a fat loser groping a ruffied prostitute (THAT’S NOT HIS FUCKING WIFE!) on a webcam is perfectly fine behavior for a normal well-adjusted member of society.

    • paulinpittsburgh

      She clearly was not passed out and you’re just parroting the anti-male propaganda that’s accompanied reporting of this . You can clearly see from the pics alone that at various times she’s moving and adjusting her legs and arms to hide her naughty bits including at various points both her feet are in the air and off the ground as she’s doing so.

    • Pat Lane

      She pretended to be passed out. Jesus.

  • EveryJoe writers are rapists

    “Besides, if she doesn’t have a problem with it, what’s the harm?”

    Every Joe condones RAPE. Plain and simple. Only reason I was here was for this article to see what the fuss was about. Never coming back.

  • witness

    I was watching this live and she was in on it. You could hear them talking to each other while the camera was black. When the camera came back on, she was naked and “asleep”. But it was a show and certainly not anything illegal.

    • Ramon

      I don’t think you understand the implications of what you are saying:

      Women are always the victims of a men, they, under any circumstance, are responsible of their acts, this applies ten fold when they are drunk, furthermore, it is unheard of that a woman enjoys voyeurism or any other form of sexual deviation, that is reserved for men only.


    • random


    • Kanguro

      oh noooes… a naked woman!!!
      Come to Vegas and then tell me how much it was to get that sentence across the girls on the strip :P

    • Kanguro

      Btw… I do love how you say that its unheard of a woman that enjoys voyeurism… apparently you have not been with a lot of women.

    • Tom R. J.

      It was sarcasm. Hence the “/s” at the end there. He was stating the opposite of whatever he wrote after the first line.

    • dorkgeniuz21

      Whats more sad is that now shes a part of the internet and her kids will someday see this stuff and think their dad was an idiot…lol

    • FA_GUY

      Including the sound of the video, she was asking to be displayed nude and basically used that poor guy to get her 10 minutes of internet fame and got him banned from the gaming comminuty in the process which I’m sure he loved (not). It’s incredible that we’ve gone from a society of women struggling for their equal rights, to a society of women taking advantage of men and sexual inequality in the other direction. Dispicable.

    • vcvcv

      Sarcasm really is hard to understand for some people as it seems…

    • malik2720

      lol if you had a childhood like mines you wouldve took back the “women are always victims of men”

    • http://www.twitter.com/_DanielHaze Haze

      (!) = Sarcasm

    • Ava

      “But it was a show and certainly not anything illegal. ” It is plenty illegal. First, are you saying all of the viewers of the incident were over the age of 18? Did twitch/PS4 comply with USC title 2257, verifying that all models appearing {nude} were 18 at the time? Does the area in which they were streaming from have laws against distribution of pornographic material? I am going to go ahead and say he/she/they have broken plenty of laws here, and this incident could be the setup for a HUGE lawsuit.

  • This is a PUPPY!!!


    • x Platinum

      yup thats her name

    • Emma Nems

      ROFL! Happens every Saturday.

    • This is a PUPPY!!!

      Maybe I should get a PS4 now…

    • Emma Nems

      I hear it’s a lot of fun. This guys wife thinks so too.

  • x Platinum

    this was the best stream evaaaa she was hot af

    • Anthony Evans

      umm no she was nasty

    • paulinpittsburgh

      Personal taste I suppose, I thought she was pretty tasty looking.

  • David B

    You are showing naked images of a woman, taken without her consent. What does that make you?

  • paulinpittsburgh

    You really didn’t need to hear the feed to know that she wasn’t “passed out” as claimed as some of the still clearly show her feet are not on the ground and she’s either pulling her legs up or adjusting them to conceal the more prohibited bits. Indeed, I’m not even sure why he got banned judging from what I see in these pictures as there’s a lot more exposed on typical night of prime time TV than is on display in most of these pics.

    Her bottom, legs, shoulders, part of one nipple not much else.

    • Sir Asdfghjkl


  • Qoaa

    I was not passed out, I was awake we wanted to prank and won, and already created another account

    • guest

      When is the next prank?

    • Sir Asdfghjkl

      Can your next prank be you bending over in front of a camera with a bag over your head?

  • Sir Asdfghjkl

    Oh my god, these feminists are a comedy gold mine! ROFLCOPTER!

  • jabbathefahqq

    and THIS is exactly why cameras and video games should not coexist.

  • MiamiGoon

    twitch is only for gaming related videos, not these lowlifes, that’s why they removed it and made a big deal. I’m glad this douche fatboy is banned. Because of him everybody else can’t use twitch with that playroom game anymore.

  • Dexxa

    Feminazis everywhere

  • Um

    But.. you can’t even see her, sure she’s naked, but this isn’t even “porn.”

  • JazzHands

    I heard there will be a subchannel to plAyroom called “share your wife”. About time.

  • jpick

    id say maybe ps or twitch should just put a mature filter for 18+ so the kids wont be exposed instead of banning people…..because people by a product they should be about to do what every they like

  • anon

    The head line should read ‘husband sexually abuses his wife’. His husband took advantage of his passed out wife by stripping her without her consent.

  • Ivan

    looks like Edmund McMillen lol

  • Garnium

    I don’t know. I don’t think this is okay at all (a man stripping his wife publicly without consent) but on the other hand, it doesn’t really show her breasts or vagina at all. I personally think it looks more like a work of art, but I still don’t think that doing that it okay.

  • Jon
    • Mike

      Cam girls try all sorts of things to get followers. It was just a clever marketing strategy. So you morons that think this man sexually abused this woman clearly have no clue what’s going on here. It was her idea.

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