How Larry Barnett Had Murder Plot Ruined by Pocket Dial

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My grandpa literally takes three hours to send a two line text message. That’s why I’m not surprised at all that 68-year-old Larry Barnett allegedly ruined his own murder-for-hire plot by accidentally dialing the intended victim during the midst of a conversation about the forthcoming killing. After listening in for approximately 90 minutes, the lucky to be alive man called police.

Shortly thereafter, Barnett was arrested and now faces a number of charges including conspiracy to murder. He owns Legend Motor Company in Jonesboro, Arkansas, which is a used car dealership. The man who he was plotting to kill was reportedly his former employee.

Police found evidence that the murder plot may have already been set into motion. Thankfully, this accidental pocket dial saved a life.

larry barnett

Better luck next time, gramps.

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  • Mike Birch

    I just got a juicy pocket dial this weekend. It’s funny when you find out how someone really feels by an accidental dial.

  • George

    LOL what a stupid way to get caught

  • maverick

    People should lock their keypads when not using their phones

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