Meet Roger Rodas, Driver in Crash that Killed Paul Walker

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While we’re all mourning the premature death of the famous Hollywood actor, let’s not forget about Roger Rodas. This man was a race car driver, business owner, humanitarian and much more. He was a close friend of Paul Walker and the two also were partners in the business world. R.I.P. to both of them.

Scroll down the page to see 7 pictures of Roger Rodas, a 38-year-old originally from El Salvador who lived in California. In his day job, he was a financial adviser.

He was behind the wheel of the Porsche GT that crashed and exploded into flames. Paul Walker was in the passenger seat. Both died within moments of the accident. May their loved ones find peace following this terrible tragedy.

Here are the aforementioned images. Hit the right arrow to view the entire set:

Roger Rodas

Roger Rodas

Roger Rodas

Roger Rodas

Roger Rodas

Roger Rodas

Roger Rodas



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  • gthangy

    the fast and the foolish

    • unknown

      True………just to prove what they couldnt drive. Responsible

  • Sandy Fox

    I was so shocked and sad to learn of this accident. Am sorry for his family’s loss, for all who knew and loved Mr. Rodas. I read that he was a great humanitarian, and obviously an awesome, wonderful person. Saying many prayers, keeping you in my thoughts. R.I.P.

    • ArgleBjargle

      “…obviously an awesome, wonderful person.”

      Tell that to Paul and his family & friends.

  • Lori

    So sorry for the loss to both family and friends
    Sending prayers and keeping all in my thoughts
    Rodger and Paul may you R.I.P

  • donnalea

    Thats way racing is done in a safe place… racing is on the track not the streets lucky enough no other lives were taken to prove such a foolish stunt… the finally stunt…what a shame…….Rodas is responsible for a such a loss … #notasmartracer

    • Mr. Midnite

      No more 2 Fast movies, such a loss………………………………………… (By the by, Walker was the partner and fellow racer, in other words: He did the Same Stunts, probably even in that same car.)

    • westcoastGG

      You don’t know if it was driver error or a car malfunction. So stop blaming people when you don’t know JACKSQUAT. The Porsche Carrera GT, although a supercar, was a 2005, 8 years old – which is ancient in the racing world, and could have had faulty engine parts, suspension parts, old tires, etc. etc….
      RIP Walker and Rodas

  • FriendofRR

    To do anything but pray and send love to the children and families of theses two men is a shame. Not time for blame game donnalea

  • ArgleBjargle

    The fast and furiously burned…two lives toast because someone had to be irresponsible.

  • Norm Simpson

    Having more money than skill and brains is never a good combination. It’s just a good thing he didn’t kill other people.

  • Cynthia Midas

    Sometimes we act without thinking first…something could have gone wrong with the car.
    We will never really know…of course they had to be testing it out. That was mentioned in some of the news comments. They were two intelligent guys, I just do not understand why they made a choice to race. It was just meant to be and it is real and so sad. I do say they because I am so sure it was both of them…I think surviving such a horrific accident would not be worth living. May the lord shine the light on their souls and may they rip. Prayers to the children and family for their loss. They were both genereous and loving human beings they were happy @ the event and proud. From one moment to the next gone…

  • Valerie Peters

    Something stinks about this whole horrific accident!!Did anyone SEE them speed?? why would somebody recklessly speed away from a charity event?? Dont believe everything the news says,,,,Question it……

    • V

      They weren’t speeding away from a charity event….he was letting some of his friends drive his car & this time in particular something went wrong….this happened BEFORE the charity event.

  • Jacqui Dunbar

    People need to keep some opinions to themselves as they have no idea of the events.
    2 people lost their lives and both did a lot for Charity.
    Ignorant people at this time really need to think of the people they left behind and think of their hurt. You are really disgraceful to think what you do.

  • lina duque

    Only God knows what happen..

    • dimkoooooooooo

      huiny nesew’, pizda tupaya

  • Dimasik

    Pidor ebaniy. mraz’ ubogaya… rot ego bil.

  • dimanchek

    vi 4e suki, axyeli 4to-li??? ti esli ewe raz udaliw moi koment, ya tebe eby4ky vinesy. i mamky tvou viebu!!! i voobwe vsu tvou sem’u virejy… suka blyat’

  • dimulichka

    ya gluboko izvenyaus’. viwlo nedorozumenie… vo vsem vinovat Kail’… No vi vse ravno pidorasi))) azazaza) a net, ne vi vse, a tol’ko on!!!

  • dimulichka

    laik mne, suki!!!!

  • Eddie242424

    For gods sake some of you people need to get off your high horse. Who doesn’t haul some ass once in a while. Rip walker and rodas

  • AllMighty

    They were attacked by Aliens or talibans, that’s for sure.

  • Sandy Fox

    You know what? They BOTH were wonderful people. Both made the decision to get in that car. A horrible, tragic accident, but, not our place to blame or judge the man and I don’t think the family will feel that they should either. The driver lost his own life too. That’s our Creator’s right, not ours. His family will make their choices about how they come to terms with it. They were both humanitarians. Obviously wonderful. Friends with each other. Doing what they liked; together. And both got in that car. Accidents happen. I expressed condolences. Roger Rodas’ family shouldn’t have to feel bad over what happened, nor feel that their family member should have. They lost him. I totally agree with the comment of As FriendofRR: “To do anything but pray and send love to the children and families’ of both men, just isn’t right. We don’t have that right. And I stand by MY comment.

  • anen

    Live fast die fast

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