GIF: Knowshon Moreno’s Tears Can Drown Small Children

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I thought I had manly tears — until I saw this GIF of Knowshon Moreno. The running back for the Denver Broncos was overcome by emotion and started crying as he listened to the National Anthem. His eyes then unleashed a shocking river of tears.

See for yourself:

knowshon moreno

I’m not sure if I’m amazed, scared, jealous or mystified. I know I feel some type of emotion — I just can pinpoint it.

Knowshon Moreno’s NFL football career hasn’t been very noteworthy. But it appears as if he has found his calling. All he needs to do now is cry on command and he’ll be a hit. Take that talent on tour and charge people to see the flood. I’d shell out some money to see that live.

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    I haven’t seen anything that wet since my high school GF

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