Was Tyrese Gibson Genuinely Grieving or was it all FAKE?

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Wed, Dec 4 - 12:04 pm EDT | 5 years ago by
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There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Tyrese Gibson and the way he publicly grieved for his close friend Paul Walker’s death. Do you think celebrities are given more attention for grieving in public? Are Tyrese’s feelings genuine? Watch this week’s episode of The EveryJoe Podcast and join in on the discussion! Also, check out which celebrities are chosen in our game of “Wed Bed Dead”.

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  • carynflo

    I don’t believe your Latest news. can you tell me please where got this news. I want to verify news. At this time there are two news appear in the market. one is shared you and another i have already.

  • Alexandra

    You can’t judge people when they are greiving – people all react so differently

  • maverick

    Elle Vega.. WED WED WED

  • disqus_XC7woDjlbQ

    it wasn’t his fault that doucebags were shoving cameras into his face… i don’t think it was staged at all… him and Paul were friends on and off set – that crew really was like a family… i think people need to quit creating controversy and exploiting this tragedy with tripe like this..

  • disqus_S3dm7hSsL4

    whoever wrote this lame story i wish them death. Fkin losers. You fake ass wannabe amateur websites just say anything.

  • Christopher Rains

    If you see the outtakes from the Fast and Furious movies it sure looks like he and Paul Walker were close buds. He didn’t ask for the cameras to cover him. Elle Vaga should think about how it would feel if they lost somebody they worked with closely and then had people question how sincere they were with their feelings.

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