Teacher Jaime Climie Put on Leave During Probe

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A teacher at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy in Ohio named Jaime Climie has been put on leave after nude footage of her has been found online. She says she doesn’t know how the goodness hit the internet but the school is apparently investigating the matter. In the meantime, she’s out of a job.

Scroll down the page to see 9 pictures of Jaime Climie, who is regarded by friends, family and colleagues as a kind, generous and loyal woman. At the end of the gallery, we’ve placed a nude look at this amazing teacher.

Personally, I hope she isn’t fired. It appears as if an ex-boyfriend is responsible for the leak. if that’s the case, her life shouldn’t be ruined. Instead, she should retain her job and then she can counsel others on the dangers of ever taking an explicit selfie. Terminating her would be a terrible decision by the school.

Anyways, here are the images. Click the right arrow to get started. Remember to scroll to the end to see everything.

Jaime Climie

Jaime Climie

Jaime Climie

Jaime Climie

Jaime Climie

Jaime Climie

Jaime Climie

Jaime Climie

Jaime Climie

Jaime Climie

Jaime Climie

Jaime Climie


(source: imgur.com)

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  • carynflo

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  • Charlie

    Just another perverted woman who wants to expose herself for whatever reason, no big deal, that’s what women with no class do these days, just look at the magazines as you stand in the checkout line at the stores, to me they are a turn off not turn on.

    • Joseph Hart

      Nothing wrong with her taking the selfies……. she is very attractive.

    • shame

      Nothing wrong? She was having an affair and sent them to her married affair partner. They’re all screwed up. Two families lives turned upside down.

    • Winston Smith

      My day is better for having seen her tittays. She is performing a service and should be thanked. Women with higher social value will retain their value or even have their value increased by her outing.

    • Monty Burns

      Brilliant! Well said.

  • Nick Weller

    What a SLOB!

    • Mike Harmon

      Morality lesson from a public school graduate.

    • Just-Get-The-F__CKING-ROPE

      Act like a whore get treated like one.

      Career Toast

      Reputation Toast

      Marriage Toast

    • brilea

      What do you have against public school graduates?

    • brilea

      Hold on… So not virgin = slut? WOW, you’re stupid.
      How many of your fathers can say they were virgins when they got married? Bam, slut fathers!

    • shonat

      Through evolution women are evolved to not have multiple partners due to pregnancy. Women feel more empty and less emotionally satisfied when having one night stands etc.

      So women who get banged every by multiple men are seen as weak and pathetic, i.e a ‘slut’.

    • Winston Smith

      No it’s simpler. Women can get laid any time. Men need either money or social value to get laid. Therefore women who don’t have high standards have low economic or marital value. Fin.

    • shonat

      That is true also.

    • SwaggerMcJagger

      Citation needed.

      Seriously, what you just posted is the biggest bs I’ve read in a while.

    • primalrage

      It’s basic sexual evolution. What you just wrote is like saying ’2+2=4? that’s BS, citation needed’.

    • Winston Smith

      A key which opens any lock is an amazing key. A lock that can be opened with any key is a shit lock.

      Good night and God bless.

    • SwaggerMcJagger

      Women aren’t fucking doors

  • Mike Harmon

    What do you call it when teachers are held to no moral standards at all? Public school.

    • Really?

      Dude CHCA is not even considered a public school …dude your comment is ridiculous. Teachers who work for CPS have to have a hell of a lot more certification than teachers you’ll find at a private school. The makority of the cases in the tri-state have been neighborhood/private schools. Did you go to a Public School?

  • wargamer1969

    Typical mid 30s single chic, teachers are the freakiest trust me. This one is no surprise, she looks good and gets lonely, likes it in the keester, I would love to pound that deep a few times, but shes not a keeper.

  • http://second-amendment.tripod.com/ daveca
  • http://second-amendment.tripod.com/ daveca

    she can council others”

    Get some counselling on SPELLING

    its counsel..

  • JLR

    I clicked to the end and saw censored pics. Meh

  • JSain

    Why Johnny Can’t Read,…..he’s too busy masterbating in class.

    • bensidran

      The irony of your post is delightful.

    • Winston Smith

      Learn to spell

  • Caldw

    Sad to see… Think she was fired for helping students get alcohol in Springboro. Heard she was working at Local strip club too when she was in Springboro (pre enhancements) lol…

  • Paul


    well that MILF has nice tight body I would like to bang. ; )

  • Philip Michael Hunt

    Why should a woman as beautiful as this one obvioulsy is not show the world exacty how beautiful she really is?

    • Nigel Hornbean

      “Why should a woman as beautiful as this one obvioulsy is not show the world exacty how beautiful she really is?”
      That make no sense what so ever!
      Do you have an English translation for it?

    • Monty Burns

      I think what he meant to say is, “Why shouldn’t a woman who is beautiful but not really, not show the world how not how beautiful she really isn’t when in fact she IS to the world that thinks she’s NOT.” Does that clarify? :)

  • Alduin
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  • jb

    mrs.climie was the best 5th grade ached i have no idea what happened to her

  • NLK3

    Censored? Fuck it… Still nice. I meant to make a file for sexy teachers.

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