Cassie DePecol Dazzles on the Discovery Channel

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Prepare to fall head over heels for Cassie DePecol. She is featured on Naked and Afraid as the Discovery Channel launches the new season. Not only does she show her primitive skills during her attempt to survive the harsh wilderness of Panama, she looks magnificent while doing so.

Scroll down the page to see 21 pictures of Cassie DePecol, who has all it takes to become a star. You will undoubtedly be impressed by what you see in the premiere episode of Season 2.

Before her escapades on television, she lived in Washington DC and worked in the sustainability field. She’s a world traveler, a humanitarian and simply a very interesting individual. In other words, she’s the perfect girlfriend.

Anyways, here are the images you have been waiting for. Click the right arrow in order to view the entire gallery:

Cassie DePecol

Cassie DePecol

Cassie DePecol

Cassie DePecol

Cassie DePecol

Cassie DePecol

Cassie DePecol

Cassie DePecol

Cassie DePecol

Cassie DePecol

Cassie DePecol

Cassie DePecol

Cassie DePecol

Cassie DePecol

Cassie DePecol

Cassie DePecol

Cassie DePecol

Cassie DePecol

Cassie DePecol

Cassie DePecol

Cassie DePecol



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  • dave d

    She’s totally worthless…… horrible personality refuses to get along with anyone and plays the victim throughout the entire episode. Manu russle and forest are the only reason she made it to the end…..

    • effinmatty

      That woman is a joke. Oops! I meant “girl,” because no real succesful business-owning woman acts like that.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Cassie is a total b*tch and a self serving c#nt

  • julian

    Cassie has a nice ass and i want to be friends with it

  • Chancer1

    I hope she pulls her head out of her a##; guess she is a Villain or a complete dumb ass wanabe

  • Megan

    She would die! That’s so sad, couldn’t start a fire, never got food, tied sticks together, seriously that was a joke! I’m just glad the others took care of her. You know it wasn’t fake because the others were all honestly pissed!

  • AJ Ciafre

    This Bi#ch was annoying. Her attitude makes her look ugly. I couldn’t stand to look at the girl by the end of the episode. It was amusing to listen to the crap that came out of her mouth.

  • Jo

    How did she even get on the show!?

  • Evil Ed

    Useless tw@t…they should’ve let her starve. Another entitled youth that’s been pumped full of self-esteem with zero skills to back it up.

    • AJ Ciafre

      I couldn’t have said it better!

    • effinmatty

      It’s unfortunate she and others like her have become the poster child for our generation. I have many friends who are truly successful business owners that are some of the hardest working, most self-sacrificing people I know. It made me sick to see her say the shit she did, because all she did was reinforce a stereotype. A true business owner is a leader, who will take the bullet for the team. She would have withered without her team, and it’s disturbing to hear “a business owner” (as she called herself) say that she “doesn’t do team work…[she works] on [her] own.” Disturbing. Selfish. Worthless.

  • Lord Fyr

    I couldn’t watch after the first hour, her personality was just so awful. Not to mention her “primitive skillz” her daddy taught her were non-existent. I feel for her partner. Guy comes on the show and wants to enjoy himself and is paired with an awful human being.

  • sundancegigi

    I watched the show. How did she get picked? She had no wilderness skills and was lazy. She came across as entitled and would’ve died if it wasn’t for the others. I would’ve left her. I don’t think she learned anything from it. She probably still thinks she did well. Manu said she was a casualty of war. She’s a casualty of a new generation of self centered young women who think their looks makes them admirable even in areas where they have zero ability.

  • jworthle

    I agree with everyone. Was she picked simply because she was a blonde cutie? I had her figured the moment she started complaining cause forest was sharing some knowledge with her. Then when he was trying to get food and she was like, “we have 21 days here…we don’t need food NOW.” SERIOUSLY?? You don’t wait til you are hungry (which is exactly what she did) to start looking for food.

  • Missy

    That girl sounds like a spoiled brat throughout the entire show in my opinion. It’s one thing to not know what you’re doing and be willing to learn, but it’s another to not know what you’re doing and crow about how you’ve traveled the world and know how to do this and that. Just sounds like a spoiled girl to me.

  • Lucid

    Made for interesting television. I would suspect her attitude was something picked up from the entitlement club infesting washington DC. to her credit, she did level with the team… even though she looked quite comfortable half heartedly paddling that raft. a learning experience I’m sure of it.

  • Teppo

    Wow wow wow <3

  • Kenneth Morrow

    She’s a babe, but a total loser as a survivalist. I think I would have tossed her over a cliff.

    • Shelly

      I hate to tell you but she is a total loser a a person.

  • Frtiz

    Worthless. They should use her to attract the sharks so the rest can survive.

  • Bobby

    She should have used her d! c k-sucking skills to earn her keep. If she has any.

  • walt

    cassie is a typical connecticut b*tch and im glad they put her out there

  • Will

    if I found myself on a jungle island with a bitch like her I would rape her repeatedly for a couple days, beat the shit out of her and run off. BUHAhahahahahah!

  • Lee

    Wow! How could you suggest we would love this pitiful, worthless girl? Many all the way!! Plus she(Many) survived Dengue Fever contracted while doing the show.

    • Lee

      Sorry folks! Auto correct. “Many” should be Manu!

  • Flashy

    That phat azz and thick legs were her only contribution to the show.

  • Brian

    WHOEVER WROTE THIS ARTICLE SHOULD BE FIRED!! What a freakin imbecile!! How in the heck could anyone this dumb actually be employed and allowed to post on your website? Stephen Kersey has officially made me NEVER return to this website. This is the dumbest article i have ever read. Completely inaccurate. Stephen is a clueless loaf who doesn’t deserve to own a computer, much less actually post to the Internet. How pathetic. Cassie is the most excruciatingly pitiful peice of garbage i have ever witnesses. They should hve left her dumb self in the rainforest. She doesn’t deserve to be a part of society, and anyone stupid enou to write this article (lookin at u Stephen) is obviously too dumb to contribute anything to society, and has officially caused your website to lose a customer.

    • John

      I tottally agree. What a dumb bitch. She should be burnt at stake.

  • kaitte

    Cassie was the worst representation of a woman survivalist and gives woman a bad name. She was useless, self-righteous, lazy, and just overall pathetic. She had the audacity to remark at one point that Forrest could use to lose 20lbs… had she recently looked in the mirror? She would make a horrible girlfriend for all the reasons I stated in my second statement. She is someone who is poison to a survival situation and most likely took the opportunity away from someone much more deserving. I am disappointed in the Discovery Channel for choosing her. My props to the rest of the cast for tolerating her as best as the could and more so to Forrest who kept her alive instead of leaving her to wallow in her own self pity. Manu is a true woman and redeems the mistake Discovery made with Cassie. My favorite moment in the show was when Russell called Cassie and her lack of survivalist skill sets.

  • Charlie Patterson

    I know that you never leave your wingman, but she would have been own her own FAST with that obnoxious sense of self-entitlement. That Russell fellow was a good guy putting up with her AND sharing his resources with her! I definitely would have showed my ass with her spoilt whining miss priss shite!

  • Bandit1066

    Who is the idiot who said she would be the perfect girlfriend? She is a total drag, and would likely be the same in any “relationship.” If she is ‘perfect’ for anything, it would be for “Biggest Loser.”

  • Josh

    Having lived in DC for 13 years, she is the epitome of the self-absorbed women there. I’m not saying all because there are some really incredible ones there. But, she shows the vapid environment prevalent there (in men too). On the other hand, Discovery made a perfect choice. The other 3 in the cast were very good. The only way this show survives is to have someone so debilitating it makes 3 good people struggle. They need to have either equally marginal people working together or good and terrible people. Imagine if everyone was 7.5+? Might as well watch Les Stroud.

  • Gray Liddell

    Feminist self-esteem run amok. The fact she could never turn her harsh light of analysis on herself says a lot about our woman centered times(check out Bill Burr and ‘gold digging whores’).
    At the very end I was suspicious of her mea culpas, I think they rang false and she was just saying the words to excuse herself politely. This probably has worked for her before as she looks great all done up in the purple at the retrospective. Good luck to the guy who marries her.

  • Greg Ferreira

    I have never seen a bigger loser ! She talks about her so called survival skills yet contributes nothing at all except complaints and negative comments! So immature, lazy and insecure!

  • Tanya

    I personally know Cassie and the show made her look completely opposite of how she really is. It was all for ratings. Cassie is a very sweet, very hardworking, honest, compassionate young lady. I’ve known her for 14 years and I know of the many triathlons, and travels she has done around the world. Don’t be so harsh on her when you don’t know her. She is not a spoiled brat from CT as they portrayed her.

    • rorschached

      Riiigghht. They edited out every single time she contributed, worked hard and made an effort to get on well with the others and share the workload .. and cruelly kept those rare, rare times where .. she didn’t get any food for the others, made a fish trap that had no hope of working, couldn’t start a fire or stay awake to make sure it stayed alight, waited until the last day before apologising for behaving like a spoilt child and living off their skills and efforts. Those film editors are awful, awful people, aren’t they? Quick question – do you think people always act the same no matter what situation they are in? Is it so hard to believe that someone can be sweet, kind, hardworking etc. in the comfort of civilisation .. and a bitch in over their head when put in a challenging and brutal situation?

  • Flash Jorden

    I initially thought the very same things everyone has already said. Then I decided to look at it from a different angle. After watching many episodes of Survivor, how the folks without the skills make it to the end, it gave me the thought that Cassie did similar. The goal was to survive 21 days. Not thrive, not earn a gold medal, not to be held in high esteem by others, but to last 21 days. There was no requirement that you do on your own. She used her skills and ability to survive by relying off the work, skills, efforts of others. Which she did. Was it the most eloquent, socially acceptable way? No. Did she survive naked and afraid for 21 days in an inhospitable environment? A resounding YES! Would I ever want to take her on a camping trip? Unless we were lovers, Hell No! And I’d even have to think long and hard about it even under those circumstances!

    • Linoge

      That’s not relying on survival instincts, that’s relying on the good nature of other humans. If it was a real survival situation, going on for 21 weeks or months and Cassie was just another mouth to feed she would have been abandoned. Indeed, they almost abandoned her there only for Manu.

  • Guest

    Don’t be so hard on her, you don’t know her

  • Dingleberry Johnsson

    fall head over heels? hahaha

  • Lynne

    I think she’s a pathological liar and lied to get on the show.

  • Ron Curtis

    The truth is we are all spoiled, entitled and selfish. So who are you to judge ?

  • Jaime

    Ummm perfect girlfriend? Did you watch the show? Whoever wrote this article or agrees with it is a complete moron.

  • lemueldoherty

    She may have a horrible personality, terrible people skills and is a “joke”, but she’s got a great body. Put a sock in her mouth and let’s have some fun!

  • Oscar Benigsen

    I just saw this at a friend’s house. Fascinating. I actually think Cassie would have been fine with a different partner, one who was less autocratic and more participative. Her skills were adequate, but unfortunately she was unable to deploy them. That was because she was done in on the very first day.

    When Forrest spent more than an hour talking about plants and possible edibles, instead of quickly building solid shelter, and when as a result of this error both Cassie and Forrest nearly froze, and were drenched in rain, receiving no sleep, I think Cassie began to lose confidence in her partner. We must admit, Forrest talks a lot, too much for my taste. Simply hearing him go on and on about nonsense when they had suffered during the night, for no good reason, seems to have caused in Cassie a wish to be rid of him. Cassie was obviously so angry at that point that she preferred Forrest to simply leave and hunt for himself.

    That was a mistake. If someone is willing to hunt for you, you always accept – graciously. When Cassie needed to deliver fire for the group, she had no strength. It was not that she had no skill. She certainly did. It was that she was spent– due to her lack of food and water. Overall, Cassie’s mistake was that she did not put the bad experience behind as soon as possible so that she could work with what she had.

    Forrest, on the other hand, could have been a better leader. He might have seen the problem in his partner and helped to mitigate it. I think, for example, had he just shut up a bit about the things he wished to say, and instead asked Cassie’s opinion about what they should do, and had he then worked with her to achieve it, things would have gone much better.

  • John Davise

    She is wonderful, absolutely beautiful and very courageous. She stood up to everybody and was herself. I would love to meet her. Ummmm

  • John Davise

    To all of you crude, mental midgets who criticized Cassie, I suggest psychiatric treatment. You want to attack me? Bring it on!

  • Frank Sanders

    I felt bad for Forest. He really had what could be a great experience ruined by this girl.

  • George Edie

    All I can say is “Wow.” I thought I had seen b1tchy women before but this one takes the cake. This is the type of gal most everyone would look the other way if a man slapped the crap out of her. She wants to be a know-it-all big shot, let her and don’t bail her out when she realizes what a waste of space she is….

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