Report: Karl Pierson is the Arapahoe High School Gunman

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Online reports have identified Karl Pierson as the gunman in the Arapahoe High School shooting. He was a student at the school and was on the speech and debate team in addition to the cross country team. The shooter reportedly wounded three classmates before turning the gun on himself and committing suicide.

Scroll down the page to see 12 pictures of Karl Pierson, who has been named in multiple reports. Friends describe him as a nerdy kid who may have been bullied. However, they also insist that he seemed like a nice guy who simply made a tragic mistake.

As for a motive, the speech and debate team coach reportedly docked him a couple days ago. When he went to the school today with a shotgun, he was asking for the coach — who is also the school’s librarian, Tracy Murphy.

We’ll keep this story updated with the latest news. In the meantime, take a look at these images. Click the right arrow so you can view the entire gallery:

Karl Pierson

Karl Pierson

Karl Pierson

Karl Pierson

Karl Pierson

Karl Pierson

Karl Pierson

Karl Pierson

Karl Pierson

Karl Pierson

Karl Pierson

Karl Pierson



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  • SO_SAD

    Colorado House Rabbit Society
    Hi Everyone!! Thanks to all of you who donated, Karl Pierson’s plans to build a “Remembrance Garden” for the Colorado House Rabbit Society as his Eagle Scout project are well under way- he’s raised $600! He still needs $100 in order to make this happen.

    If you would like to help financially, make checks to “Karl’s Eagle Scout Project,” and mail them, as soon as possible, to:
    Karl Pierson
    9116 Sugarstone Circle
    Highlands Ranch, CO 80130

    Thanks to all of you who helped out, we wish Karl success with his project!

  • Humble Guru

    How the hell do you get more than 10 feet from your car with a shotgun in hand? Especially at a school, especially in Colorado? Armed guards should have been on him like ugly on feminazi.

    • wasd

      Armed guards in Colorado because of the stereotype? Yea cause that’s actually how it is.. (not)

    • Humble Guru

      I live in Colorado, I know how it is. For some reason this shit keeps happening here. So, schools need to get serious about security. When you create a gun-free zone, you have no choice but to guard every entrance with guns. Schools want to assume all responsibility for children’s safety, yet don’t want to have armed guards. Funny, they don’t seem to mind armed guards around their money.

    • Beverly Hughes Savage

      My husband spent 25 years as a high school science teacher and he wants to offer this correction: Schools today are being used as the default everything. It is very convenient for society to put all responsibility (and therefore blame) on the schools. Schools definitely do NOT want to assume all responsibility for children’s safety, or many of the other duties that are now being put on them by default.

    • Humble Guru

      Its not just schools, Beverly. ANY establishment that restricts your ability to protect yourself has just taken over that responsibility for themselves. Since children cannot defend themselves, the adults in charge are tasked with that responsibility. To say a building or campus is a gun-free zone implies those in charge will defend you in the case of an attack. If they cannot or will not protect you, then you have a God given right to protect yourself. Simple.

    • Guest

      But THERE WAS AN ARMED GUARD RIGHT THERE AT THE SCHOOL when this kid shot that poor girl in the face.

    • Guest

      You know there WAS an armed guard at Arapahoe High School, right? With a gun. In the school. In other words, NOT a “gun-free”

      Columbine High School also had an armed guard on site at the time of the 1999 shooting. Again, NOT “gun-free” – you live in Colorado??? Really?

    • Humble Guru

      Yes, I really live in Colorado. It WAS in fact a gun-free zone. Just as an airplane is a gun-free zone, yet there may be an armed air marshal on board. Individuals are prevented from carrying weapons and as a result the security guards are responsible for all individual’s safety therein.
      So its a big school, too big to effectively secure with a few armed guards. Perhaps they need to rethink how they manage security at large schools.

    • Jim Aroyo

      Some of you are just plain idiots.

    • Guest

      There was indeed an armed sheriff’s deputy assigned to and at the school – he was in a different area of the building initially from the shooter (it is a large school). He responded quickly, but not soon enough to save Claire Davis.


    like ugly on feminazi…are you serious…so every school…that cannot afford to feed the poorest kid a lunch..should hire some gun toting idiot to protect them from a student who looks like Charlie Brown…they are more likely looking for someone who looks BROWN, Charlie..or black for that matter..seems the shooters of multiple schools are white dudes who look just like the student body…who are those Armed guards supposed to look for, exactly?

    • Yabi Dereje

      Who brought race into this at all? Why are YOU bringing it up?

    • Guest

      u sound like a racist idiot

    • Soka Sema

      There are no hungry children in the USA, the poorer the kid the fatter the kid in the USA

    • Humble Guru

      Kathy, are you Barack Obama’s screen name on here? Seriously, everything is about race with you, huh? Well, were sick of it. NOBODY CARES!

    • Marty

      The Armed Guards are supposed to be there so there are no victims like this poor girl

    • Guest

      There was an armed sheriff’s deputy at the school – he ran from another part of the school toward the shooter immediately but was not able to protect Claire Davis..

  • Yomamo

    Hubbard bubble pop twerk Yoloswag #swerve

    • plark

      It’d be awesome to just beat you to a pulp.

  • jbgoldcanyon

    He was a socialist or did you forget that part?

  • eagleville

    Was he a chess player? See photo toward the bottom

  • Soka Sema

    Looks like the brave gay teacher used two students as human shields then ran away

    How could a librarian be the target of some kids revenge?

  • disqus_5BjuwWas2g

    “However, they also insist that he seemed like a nice guy who simply made a tragic mistake.”

    Students think this? Rewind.
    A nice guy simply made a mistake?
    Are you kidding? No, he’s a white young boy. Boys will be boys.
    A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. Let’s watch another John Wayne Rambo movie.

    Let’s get this clear. Nice guys kill people – all the time.

    Why keep reporting same old, non productive….OMG, people are shocked by that fact that a ‘normal, nice guy’ kills people… because we’ll never find the solutions if we can’t face reality.

    Monsters aren’t real. Humans are.

    Men, young boys are human. We are dealing with human behavior here.

    Next, it’s certainly true not all male students are school shooters, but nearly, if not all, school shooters are male.
    The majority white. It matters just like it matters if they are black or female, old or young. Not it shouldn’t,
    but yes, it does because we are all treated differently based on our skin color, age and sexual body parts.

    And lastly, a mistake? Seriously, students think this young boy (not yet full adult) just made a ‘mistake’?

    I think this isn’t just a individual error – like oops, I made a mistake that killed someone. That’s
    how young white boys have been treated – after the shocked loved ones slither away in shame.

    It’s a underlying belief about violence and being a man compounded and complex….
    and thinking that definitely needs adjustment – FOR ALL OF US.

    He just made a mistake is traditional thinking for some privileged men – unless they are MONSTERS
    and we fictionalize them.

    So let’s get real. I think the mistake lies, not just at one individual or it wouldn’t be repetitive, but a system of privileges and punishments and male emotional competence about violence and human relationships itself.

    Some Males still need to learn to do their own laundry, cook a meal and along with that they need to learn how to do their own emotional ‘work’ , yes, WORK, for the human family that involves caring for others by a way of being that is more
    fully human. Not mythical manhood.

    Someone who cares for others does that -cares- and not this.

    I hate seeing children hurt, scared and killed. It hurts me.

    On that note, I’m done. Off to enjoy a cozy, let it snow day and my own little grand-boy is going to be here!
    Come on, my grand-boy needs a better world and that means you men need to fix your problem of violence NOW.

    • Pat

      what the hell did I just read

    • what

      What are you talking about

    • Jim, A TRUE patriot

      You have just read the ramblings of the NEXT school shooter.

  • Truth hurts

    I’m sorry but good nice people don’t kill people. Evil hate filled people kill people…I’m glade he took his own life. He was obviously a lose canyon with many issues. These kind of people don’t just crack one day this is an evil person who deserves no sorrow or recognition. Weither the girl he brutally shot lives or not he killed who she was that day so fuck him.

  • wick


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