Dylan Sprouse Sees Personal Footage Leaked

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Former Disney child actor Dylan Sprouse is all grown up. For proof, someone leaked uncensored views of his adult body. Since the footage was clearly him, he had no choice but to go on Twitter and admit to it and apologize.

Scroll down the page to see 9 pictures of Dylan Sprouse. While being in the nude has to be embarrassing, it’s also a good way for him to get his name out there.

On Twitter, commentary was mixed. Some said it’s apparent he has a big penis. Others say it’s small. I guess you will be forced to judge for yourself.

Here are the images — click the right arrow to view the entire gallery:

Dylan Sprouse

Dylan Sprouse

Dylan Sprouse

Dylan Sprouse

Dylan Sprouse

Dylan Sprouse

Dylan Sprouse

Dylan Sprouse

Dylan Sprouse


(source: twitter.com)

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  • Mark Warneke

    There aren’t any nude photos in this post. There are only three photos of Dylan, all topless. The other four “pictures” are just screen shots of tweets made by fangirls.

  • Justin Bieber

    Uh, first of all it’s 3 photos not 9, you headline-writing fucks, and secondly yes you DID censor them, because the third photo does actually show his dick. Just google it and you’ll see the real, actually uncensored photos on other websites.

  • chicken



    what is he doing to it?????

  • Shana

    Is it me or does he have a massive one

    • w0t

      is that a massive one? then i have a beast.

  • N

    This is piss-poor journalism and whoever told you to write this should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Joshua Dylan Tribble

    It says 9 uncensored pics. Not 3 pics of his belly and 6 of 12 year old girls in awe of his chode.

  • Joshua Dylan Tribble

    Seriously wtf is wrong with these girls?

  • tatiana.popperz

    It said nine uncensored pics. There’s three. Two of his upper body and one of him in underwear. Uhm. I wasnt the only one expecting to see more was I

  • bob

    ok you cant even see anything so why rare you saying that got a I one or a small one.

  • christopher maresca

    I would love to suck him off and swallow his load

  • G S

    All he needs is my mouth wrapped around it and it will grow and grow and grow. Squirt. Yummy.

  • esdrwrds


  • John Dugan

    Sprouse’s package is admirable for its health as well as size. Men neglect health, but it’s important. Using a first class penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help with dry/flaky skin, loss of sensation, odor, etc.

  • kyle

    He might not be huge but he not small he avg size he has a ok body he got nothing to be shame of beside him cumming on his self

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